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  2. Sloppy as hell but at least an attempt to fix continuity. The number of shuttles et al was hilariously over done. The casting for the Enterprise crew was superior. Would much rather stay with Pike next season.
  3. So uh, remember when you go off to college, four years pass by, and when you come back home you're like, "uh, that girl grew up. This is awkward." That's what this episode felt like.
  4. Tackled one of my outstanding titles that I’ve never beaten but really should have a long time ago. Castlevania Bloodlines in the history books!
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  6. So I played the first chapter of LOTR and I really enjoyed it, but I failed It was because of a stupid decision I made. Instead of moving quicker across the board, I tried to do a search on a token, which I knew was not going to push forward the story at that point. I failed the search the first time with Legolas, and instead of moving on, did the same thing again. So I had no choice but to keep Aragorn with him, as Legolas on turn two got a bunch of damage on him. The enemy phase that happened right after that was the biggest jump up the threat level, and things got bad from there. Had to use a bunch of readied skill cards/inspiration to take down enemies because of bad draws . I was still close to finishing, as were up to the last turn before failure, but the game kicked me in the balls. The darkness phase killed Aragorn with a 3 fright card draw, which turned into 6 because of card effects, and then worst draw from my deck for successes during his last stand. So Legolas was all alone. I was able to search the base token twice, but I got zero successes both times, and had nothing to help. Oh well, I will play Chapter 2 tomorrow night, and get revenge I will give broader thoughts as I play more, but here are a few quick things The strategy involving the skill deck/draw for successes really works well I made a few mistakes the first time I started, so I began again. The entire map was different, and a few changes were made. Very nice to see this on the app, as MOM first layout was always very similar on multiple plays I am playing solo as two characters, but I kind of wish I did at least three. That way Legolas could be more Range all the time, and I do not have to use him so much for doing clues and such. So after that my niece beat me at Roll for It , and Lolipop challenge, so I should give up gaming all together
  7. Christopher Robin - I had three glasses of scotch by the time they get to that scene where Christopher Robin sits with Winnie the Pooh and talks about being lost. I cried. I rewatched the scene recently to see if it was the scotch. It wasn't. Skyscraper - This was a lot of stupid fun. It does try to be Die Hard, but that doesn't bother me a bit. Jupiter Ascending - It wasn't a wasted afternoon, but there seriously wasn't anything better to do while I visited my parents this past weekend.
  8. Thanks fellas. Interesting. My TV viewing habits are very similar, in that they’re practically non existent. I don’t watch daytime TV and we of course live in an age of everything we do want to watch being pretty much available on demand to watch whenever we please. I suppose the news is typically the only thing I might throw on randomly throughout the day. My expectation is that I will likely hold on to my LG E6 OLED until 2021 before deciding on what to move up to. It’s actually holding value rather well having been the last truly great 3D TV. I’ve been living, reluctantly, without surround sound for almost seven years now and I’m no fan of sound-bars, so it’s fascinating how you rethink a view of what’s immersive when you only have a visual centrepiece to rely on to pull you into content. I know pretty much what I’d want audio wise whenever circumstances might present themselves, but display wise I tend to feel 55” was a compromise when I’d have rather had 65,” however I do wonder if even 65 would cut it in future. That’s why I try to keep up with what’s happening with projectors, but I think for me I may always cling to the dream of leaving owning a projector to a day when I might be able to have a dedicated room (it’s just that with each passing year that day feels all the less likely to emerge, so there is temptation to compromise and throw a pj in a living space someday).
  9. Ed's experience is almost exactly my own. And I'll add that drawn regular-old venetian blinds are just fine for daytime watching. No TV except the projector.
  10. I don’t have surround, just stereo off the TV, so I can’t comment on the dynamics, but like all Disney discs I’ve had to ramp up the volume. Civil War looks great. Some minor banding in the skyline in just a couple of shots but that could well be my LG showing its age. Some black crush again too but not as distracting as I found it in some Winter Soldier scenes.
  11. How's the sound on the Captain America UHDs? I know I can CRANK THEM, but still...
  12. I’ve used a projector as my TV for about 15 years now. I’m on my 3rd projector in that time. I’ve also lived in 3 different apartments in that time with varying levels of light control. Where I am now, the “AV Room” (houses my computer, music setup, consoles and projector) is roughly 20’ x 10’ - the pj projects on the long axis of the room. It’s about 17’ from the screen. I have blackout “curtains” (really just cloth) that I can lower when needed. I was never a big TV watcher. I’ve never been the type to leave a TV on in the background. And it suits me to watch only evenings/night time. If I game in the afternoon, I will darken the room.
  13. Good Lord. I'm struggling to beat the secret boss. (I can get to the last sequence of the last phase, but the pattern is more than I can handle.) I cannot comprehend a world in which I'd be able to defeat him without taking any damage. Edit! I replayed it with my wife, and that made the final section a cakewalk. Got it on our first try. Still don’t think 100% is in the cards, thanks to the boss battles, but I think we might do everything else.
  14. I was looking to use two of the 98” models as a pair of computer monitors. I’m not so sure. They still lump the ZF into the premium master series branding with the 8k ZG sets and AG and AF OLED sets. The problem with the F was they introduced the filter to enhance viewing angles, which meant having to drop the backlight master drive from the ZD, but with the ZG they have managed to combine both the filter and backlight master drive tech, possibly due to the larger sizes allowing for more control behind the panel. I’d still be surprise if the 8k models can get as black as the ZD but we’ll see soon enough. They’re due in June/July. Still want to know what’s going on with Sony’s weird implementation of Dolby Vision. Since last year’s sets had the X1 Ultimate chipset I’m expected no difference this year with DV. I still think Panasonic will be the ones knocking it out of the park this year performance wise, particularly on their highest end model with the custom panel. Just a shame there’s no 77” from them (or HDMI 2.1 until next year’s models).
  15. Impression I get is that Sony have given up in the ZF9’s ability to deliver top-end quality and are concentrating on OLED up to the massive sizes that LG don’t have panels for.
  16. Alleged leaked North America pricing for Sony’s 2019 TV lineup: https://hdguru.com/leaked-pricing-surfaces-on-2019-sony-master-series-tvs/ Obviously of particular interest this year are the two 8k/HDMI 2.1 backlight master drive LCD displays. The 85” will apparently come in at $12,999 which seems reasonable (though I stress “reasonable” purely in context of what you’re getting). The 98” behemoth variant however will apparently command a $70,000 price tag which is extraordinary. We do often seen a huge discrepancy where a seemingly modest increase in screen inches can command an excessive price increase for whatever technical reason, but a $57,000 increase for an extra 13” is is really quite.... something. I’m extremely excited about these models though. I doubt we’ll see a ZF9/Z9F replacement in 2020 for their top end 65 and 75” LCD displays which would be a shame as pulling the backlight master drive from those over their infamous ZD predecessors was clearly a mistake, and no 2020 sets of those sizes would mean another year of TVs in that lineup without HDMI 2.1 models. Perhaps feedback of the F series would in fact prompt them to design and release a replacement sooner than they might have otherwise anticipated however.
  17. Ed, I meant to ask. Is your projector going to replace a TV since you’re going to game on it? I’m always interested to hear about people who forego a TV entirely for a projector and whether it’s worthwhile (and practical if in a room with ambient light and if going with a non-laser based pj given lamp life limitations).
  18. Fun how you can see the track inside the giant eyesore of a building for Guardians of the Galaxy. Seems the walls will be patched up soon:
  19. These movies were always one step ahead. 😀 I mean that sincerely though in many ways. This is the first time I have watched the Cap films back to back and it’s quite brilliant how well they flow even if you don’t watch the other MCU films that came in between. Will spin Civil War tonight.
  20. Plus, “I will now assassinate one of the world’s most talented surgeons because this computer says he might learn magic in the future” tells you just how dangerous the code is.
  21. So you’re not still at the point where you can use the “I’m checking it’s suitable for her!” excuse? We’re also booked for Sunday.
  22. Ah, much better! I found one battle I didn't complete in the Light Realm (the first map). Also, it turns out that you have to do the individual fights with Galeem and Dharkon on the final map in order to get 100% completion, not just the battle where you fight both of them at the same time in order to get the True Ending.
  23. And done! It feels real good to have finally finished "World of Light" with one caveat... That 0.49% I haven't completed is going to bug the shit out of me. I can't figure out what I might have missed. My guess is that there are a couple fights I didn't do. I could try to go back and find them, but some of the maps are so big though that it would be hard to pinpoint exactly where they are.
  24. I thought I posted one a while ago. I will post one again once I get to straighten things up. Bit of a mess down there.
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  26. Did we ever get a pic of your collection?
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