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  2. He does. I wasn’t sure if this was the only one though. He does a number of these around E3 and can repeat himself from time to time. Despite him acting candid and off the cuff, I’m sure he goes in with “talking points”
  3. Definitely worth sharing. I believe this is the interview in which he places a desire for emphasis on frame rates in the next gen.
  4. I'll let you off... this time. Since the imported posts still put one of mine as the first I simply cut and paste my original thread intro and edited a couple of my earlier posts that you carried from the xbox thread to avoid repetition so it's OK.
  5. Phil Spencer’s yearly GiantBomb E3 interview is a good one, as usual. It’s always refreshing how candid Phil is. If nothing else, I remain excited to see what an Xbox division lead by Phil will produce.
  6. What I heard: Those posts seemed so on point with the topic to add them here. I wish it'd let us choose the first post.
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  8. I'll cut and paste my original first post into the first post that now leads the thread. Should sort it out. *edit* done.
  9. Fnarghhh but that’s messed the first post around damn youuuuuuuu!!!
  10. Moved all the next-gen talk from the Xbox thread here.
  11. JTello

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    You forgot Toy Story! How does the same company with the Toy Story pedigree manage it miss the mark. It may be unfair to grade on such a curve, but I'm unabashedly doing so. Aside from some fun with Jack Jack, this movie fell flat. I've always wanted an Incredibles sequel, although I didn't know what I wanted from one. Unfortunately this isn't what I wanted. It just feels detached, like the passion that fueled the sequels in the other franchises like Toy Story and Dory is a bit lacking. There were times that the movie was going on being sort of preachy or all feeling sad (like an emo teen on a bummer bender), and I'm wondering what 'what the hell is this.'. And the end (I'll avoid spoilers. Kinda dumb. I'm pretty sure a regular old person might have been able to save the day with enough ingenuity.) Meh! I'm sure it'll continue to do fine in the spirit of this challenge. It's just the bigger picture of how this movie will likely be looked back on. Significantly less endearing than it's predecessor, imo.
  12. Will this be all cloud-based, or might it work like steam's device where you stream from you PC or another more powerful Xbox. That would be kinda cool if they came out with a $70 thing, or cheaper, that can give you access to your powerful device in another room without physically having to move it there. I don't trust the cloud stuff, except for X-com and other turn-based games.
  13. foogledricks

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    I keep hearing that the incredibles has less heart than its predecessor. That's sad given that its those sentimental moments in Nemo and Up that made me love them so much.
  14. I suppose the obvious analogy is the PC-I can buy any game I want on Steam on any PC I want, but if I try to run something like AC origins on my 4 year old ultrabook, it's going to run like crap. I don't tend to run a lot of "high end" stuff on mobile-is there ever an indication of "hey, this might not run well on your phone"? With a 3 tier Xbox ecosystem, I suppose you still only have 3 HW configs to test on, and if developers have the option to say which of the three they support (low, med, high) they could reduce that footprint. Nintendo got into a little bit of this where there were 3 or 4 games that only ran on the "new" 3ds line, and even going back to the N64 expansion pack, there were reasonably clear indications that the game supported/required it. I do like the idea that a game could support multiple console versions on the same SKU though. You're already seeing it with the X enhanced stuff, so the fact that your games will not only run on future hardware, but run better with more content, is a huge plus. As for streaming, I wonder if it's an all or nothing decision. Think back to the original crackdown 3 reveal and the idea of supplementing local processing with cloud-would that be possible on a bigger scale? What if you could take an Xbox S, and use both the local and remote processing? For example, if you loaded the game scripting, hit detection, input processing, AI etc on the local hardware (possibly using the GPU for compute to eke some extra power out), but then rendered the graphics in the cloud and streamed the video, could you not theoretically get a much better looking game that doesn't suffer from some of the input lag problems that streaming games have? There's obviously still a problem where you have to react to what you see on screen, but you're not necessarily waiting for the upstream lag in processing your inputs. The thought here is to make the S version of the game look like the Scarlet version assuming that you have connectivity.
  15. Carlucci

    My Atmos Experience

    For father's day, my son gave me the Atmos-mixed blu-ray of Hans Zimmer: Live in Prague. It's fantastic! Incredible music from everywhere. It also doesn't hurt that ALL of the female musicians in his orchestra were smokin' hot! I'd say must-buy if you have Atmos, and must see, even if you don't. Carlos.
  16. Jurassic Park Mondo arrived, and I am in heaven . Listened a few times yesterday. The color of the vinyl looks very nice as well.
  17. Angry the Clown

    Soundtracks, Soundtracks, Soundtracks

    Took delivery of Alien3, Roger Rabbit and also Back to the Future 2 this morning (BTTF2 came out an age ago via Intrada but I needed to grab it). Still need to put aside funds for E.T, Close Encounters and Die Another Day.
  18. PS5 and XB2 will both use Ryzen, no doubt. I just worry about Sony's focus on PSNow, but post-E3 we also know MS are working on a streaming service of their own now too on top of the BC they are offering, so MS really have raised the bar here on every level which is going to make it difficult for Sony not to offer the same options. One can only hope that behind closed doors, the reason we've not seen PS1 and PS3 backwards compatibility on PS4 (and not nearly enough PS2) is because they are working hard to get that content emulated on a next gen system, as I assume there is no other option for Sony but to emulate previous libraries given the architecture changes to their systems over the years.
  19. Graeme, they could probably do it pretty easily. Particularly if the S and/or X stay around as a budget model. I can already walk into HMV and buy Black Panther on DVD, Blu-ray or UHD, knowing that UHD players will play all three, Blu-ray players only the first two, and DVD players can't cope with either new title. You just have to allow Publishers to continue releasing Xbox One games.
  20. Microsoft are totally going to want to stick with backward compatibility going forward, yes. They've invested too much in making the far more complex emulation of 360 hardware on x64 work to give that up, and the idea of one application building for Windows or Xbox easily is one they've been pushing hard as well. There's no way the Next Xbox isn't another x64 chip. Over in Sony land I can't see them moving on from x64 either - their TV division may be doggedly sticking with Android, but it's widely regarded as an unresponsive mess. At which point the only reason to not do BC support is because they don't want it there. Which I can believe they'd do, but I hope not.
  21. I personally think that if either company says this generation of games won’t play on the next system, it’s a completely daft decision and basically a non starter for me. I no longer see playing old games as backwards compatibility, but as just letting me play my games. The changes to these systems are no longer the architectural leaps that they were from generation to generation, and the gaps in the games themselves is continually diminishing. I just wrote and then deleted quite a long rambling of how I think things may develop. But the more I thought about, the more unsure I was about everything. I think there will definitely be more cross generational software, but I also think developers need to be able to take full advantage of the new hardware without being limited by the old if they want. But then there are those that won’t need it, and would be happy for their games to work on systems old and new. How that will all be controlled and marketed and messaged by the platform holders will be interesting to see. The road I was seeing after I wrote what I wrote was: Game A works on the NewXbox, the X and S Game B works only on the NewXbox Game C works on the NewXbox and the X, but not the S. Game D (Let’s call it FIFA 21) has a version that will work only on the NewXbox and another version made for the X and S, but will also work on the NewXbox since it’s an X/S game, but is not as good as and will not play online with the NewBox only version. That seemed like too many variables and confusion.
  22. Graeme

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    I think Incredibles will have some good legs. Successful Pixar films usually do, it’s getting good reviews and good audience scores. I wasn’t super crazy about Finding Dory, and it just kept chugging along to the top spot 2 years ago. I’m pretty confident (now) it will probably be #2, unless Jurassic World completely surprises me.
  23. I have *zero* inside information on this, but I think that's an utterly fair theory, and it's what I'm expecting. MS keeps talking about iteration, moving away from hard platform launches, and their software platform this gen matches that - generous BC, cross machine software, etc. It's how people expect their phones to behave. I don't know how to sell it, but I think it's the future.
  24. NickC

    Ant-Man and the Wasp

    Tickets Available Tomorrow.
  25. Yeah current films in your library will be updated with Atmos like they were updated for 4k. Disney have streaming 4K on Vudu, they just don’t like Apple with the free upgrades, and same price as regular HD. Eventually it will change.
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