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  2. New TMNT Arcade Cabinet coming

    The one here has plenty of regular games as well, but Iwish they had some more older stuff like TMNT, Simpson’s, X-Men, SF, MK, etc. Pinball would be nice as well.
  3. I don't even consider Dave and Busters an arcade. All they have is bullshit ticket-generating micropayment sleazefests of mobile game conversions.
  4. Did anyone here post on PoliGAF? If you did, and you know where they ran off to, could you please share? Thinking of starting up my own forum for politics but I want to gauge interest with that community first.
  5. New TMNT Arcade Cabinet coming

    Nope there are still many arcade places out there believe it or not.
  6. They usually hold some back for online sales. Will definitely try to get it,
  7. and you still have more posts than me, spammer.
  8. More Elfman goodness! 3xLP is a mondo on exclusive (boo). 2xLP variant for general sale in November.
  9. Bums me out to see DisneyQuest like that. I spent a decent amount of time there between 1996 and 2002, and periodically visited it since. What are they doing with that space again?
  10. New TMNT Arcade Cabinet coming

    There are several places near me that we can do arcade, video, vr games, go karts, laser tag, mini-golf all in one building called Scene 75.
  11. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has a huge base. But if you look at how competitive European teams have gotten in the Olympics I can see it.
  12. Missed you guys too. I don't know why I've been gone for so long.
  13. Arsenal win 5-2 and had appears coincidence? I think not. I've missed you had
  14. I'll help you out, Frank: We're fucked and soon we're completely fucked. If we survive it, we might be slightly less fucked after that for a while.
  15. New TMNT Arcade Cabinet coming

    Isn’t Dave and Busters the only place left to play arcade games.
  16. Our defence is just so bad, but Lloris did keep Spurs in the game which is weird writing when it was 4-1.
  17. What a game, Dele Alli just ruined my prediction, though.
  18. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

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