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    •   This one?   Wow to the price, but I may have to budget for that whenever I do get back out there as it's right up my alley. It'll be another thing to schedule a day for, and another activity that again suggests I cannot possibly limit my stay to anything less than two weeks. Given how costly that trip would be I am definitely leaning more towards putting a little money aside here and there over the next four years and going in 2021 for the 50th Anniversary celebrations at WDW/Magic kingdom. This begs the question of whether I can wait that long to experience Star Wars land as I think I'd like to try and avoid ride POV videos/spoilers for that new area...etc (I really only watch videos like that now from time to time as I know my next visit is so far away).   I may see how much it would cost to fly out to California for 5 days or so in late 2019 and visit the Anaheim parks. There's so much I love about Disneyland vs Magic Kingdom I must confess, but the problem is I benefit more from a longer holiday like the Florida trip would be since I have to travel across the Atlantic to get to either of these places. That said, if I timed a California visit for October/November it could be reasonable (though God knows what the value of the £ will be in 2019. Ugh). I've never seen the Nightmare Before Christmas mansion makeover so I could do that in 2019 and then enjoy the classic version again in 2021, although if they time WDW anniversary celebrations to begin the precise month of the park's original opening then it won't be until October of 2021 that any of that stuff kicks off in Orlando anyway, so maybe I'd go to Florida in May of 2022 as I'd expect celebrations to run into the following year if they indeed began in the fall of 2021, and I need the classic mansion experience on at least one of these trips, damn it!       
    •     The editing lost me for about five or ten minutes until it clicked and I realised what I was looking at and the narrative the dots were being connected. I thought "oh you clever bugger" of Nolan when that happened actually.    I should add that Dunkirk is also one of, if not the loudest films I have ever heard (in a good way). Can there be much more than twenty minutes of dialogue in this film?
    • Related:     I desire a Porg army to do my bidding.
    • Just watched ep 1. Really good! Great setup. It's hard not to compare the basic ethos to Breaking Bad, but I think it compares favorably. It's certainly no copy.    Definitely going to keep watching.    Not quite airtight in every way. But a great start. 
    • Dunkirk - Agree with Dan to see it on the biggest screen with the best sound, cinematography is excellent, especially the aerial shots, there's a lot to like here from a technical perspective, however I was left wanting more from the narrative standpoint, the non-linear story telling was distracting for me, at times it was hard to determine what was happening when. Very solid film overall, but not my favorite film of the year or even in my top 5.
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