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  1. This one? Wow to the price, but I may have to budget for that whenever I do get back out there as it's right up my alley. It'll be another thing to schedule a day for, and another activity that again suggests I cannot possibly limit my stay to anything less than two weeks. Given how costly that trip would be I am definitely leaning more towards putting a little money aside here and there over the next four years and going in 2021 for the 50th Anniversary celebrations at WDW/Magic kingdom. This begs the question of whether I can wait that long to experience Star Wars land as I think I'd like to try and avoid ride POV videos/spoilers for that new area...etc (I really only watch videos like that now from time to time as I know my next visit is so far away). I may see how much it would cost to fly out to California for 5 days or so in late 2019 and visit the Anaheim parks. There's so much I love about Disneyland vs Magic Kingdom I must confess, but the problem is I benefit more from a longer holiday like the Florida trip would be since I have to travel across the Atlantic to get to either of these places. That said, if I timed a California visit for October/November it could be reasonable (though God knows what the value of the £ will be in 2019. Ugh). I've never seen the Nightmare Before Christmas mansion makeover so I could do that in 2019 and then enjoy the classic version again in 2021, although if they time WDW anniversary celebrations to begin the precise month of the park's original opening then it won't be until October of 2021 that any of that stuff kicks off in Orlando anyway, so maybe I'd go to Florida in May of 2022 as I'd expect celebrations to run into the following year if they indeed began in the fall of 2021, and I need the classic mansion experience on at least one of these trips, damn it!
  2. The editing lost me for about five or ten minutes until it clicked and I realised what I was looking at and the narrative the dots were being connected. I thought "oh you clever bugger" of Nolan when that happened actually. I should add that Dunkirk is also one of, if not the loudest films I have ever heard (in a good way). Can there be much more than twenty minutes of dialogue in this film?
  3. Related: I desire a Porg army to do my bidding.
  4. Bought it earlier. I'll grab the other two as well as they're so cheap and I'll always want every little morsel of content for this game. Would LOVE it if they can licence more from Universal (Jurassic Park dinos and vehicles would be amazing).
  5. First DLC announced, and it's licensed content! So the next obvious question is.... just how deep can this licensing agreement with Universal go?
  6. Dunkirk - Nolan's practically made a silent movie here. Expertly constructed edge of your seat stuff but I'd encourage anyone to see it on the biggest screen with the best sound that they can as I don't think the film will hold up as well in the home. It's a true modern definition of cinematic if you can see a 15perf 70mm IMAX film print which was breathtaking. The Prestige remains my favourite Nolan film.
  7. Excellent channel. Thanks! The original EPCOT always fascinated me. The Walt's Tomorrowland Disney Treasures DVD from years ago has that whole original pitch on there. Another good channel: DisneyParkVideos - Another large collection of old Disney park promotional videos
  8. I shall follow you, John Boyega!
  9. Oh wow. These were exclusive D23 posters: The EPCOT one is especially great. What a shame non-attendees can't have that.
  10. Shortlist of some of my favourite park related Youtube feeds. Disney World Resort & Universal Orlando DIS Unplugged - Their best content is arguably the best/worst videos they do which could be quite helpful if you're planning a Disney World trip and want to maximise your time by knowing what to do and what to avoid when it comes to rides/shows, dining...etc. ResortTV1 - Nice channel providing lots of construction updates, park walkthroughs, ride walkthroughs and park livestreams. The hotel tours are particularly good and a few of them brought back a lot of memories. TheTimTracker - Great couple with park walkthroughs, resort restaurant reviews, construction update videos and some livestream q&a's...etc. They cover both Disney and Universal parks. Disneyland Resort & Universal Hollywood Fresh Baked - Fun group of people covering Disney park update videos, videos about park history and secrets, livestream q&a's...etc Misc Defunctland - Mini documentaries about old Disney and Universal attractions. MartinsVidsdotNet - A Gold mine of fan made documentaries about Disney park and old ride history (with some Universal stuff too) featuring many full ride through videos of attractions as they once were. WDWparkvids - Another treasure trove of park videos and ride videos from years pas, including promo videos, ride POVs, music and audio announcement spiels. Anyone have any favourites?
  11. The park apps Disney and Universal have for phones are really nice. I downloaded them just for the hell of it and it's fun to see things like the wait times. 100(!) minute wait for Rock n' Rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios at this very moment. 😮 Just 20 for Star Tours.
  12. Yes, I defended E.T in another thread recently and wrote about how much I love that forest queue, so I take back what I said about BTTF having my favourite Universal queue as E.T topped it. The ambient effects, the smells.... Just great. Apparently Spielberg is the reason the ride remains in the Orlando park, and Universal should have some gentle stuff, so I hope it isn't going anywhere once they start work on Nintendoland (it even went through rehab some months ago).
  13. Well I guess I can forgive them for imitating Blade Runner THAT much if they're literally going to go so far as slapping Rutger Hauer in it. Do we know much about the devs?
  14. What would freak your kids out at the Universal parks? Just the higher intensity of Universal's rides in general? I'll clarify... I don't mind long waits for certain rides. My ideal max wait would be around 45mins, but if the queue area has good theming, music and nice air conditioning...etc, then sure I don't mind 60-90min waits. Short rides with long and uninspiring queues, like Peter Pan's flight, are perhaps the kind I'd look to get a fast pass for whenever I go back. In the past though I would make a brisk walk towards my absolute favourite rides at park opening so my first rides of the day would never take long. At Magic Kingdom I'd typically go immediately to the Mansion, then come back down through Adventureland for Pirates, then up to Splash Mountain, then Big Thunder. Similarly a well timed Main St train could get me and my dad swiftly to Frontierland where we'd start with Splash and Big Thunder. I don't know whether I was just a patient child and happy to queue if necessary, or whether the sense of anticipation when waiting was enhanced by the fact I was a child at the time. I'm rather sad I don't yet have kids of my own to take and experience it all through them, although if that day comes that's going to be even more expensive than the trip for two I'm currently planning for. My adult trips to Disneyland in the early 2000s typically came around November so I was never in line that long, but when I was I was never bored. I just love the theming, the music...etc in a lot of the classics rides. I'd still be smiling if I ever had to stroll for 90mins through the queue to the Indiana Jones Adventure (I never had to whenever I went, and actually wish I did have to wait a little longer when I was there as there is so much to see in that queue). I'll wait as long as it takes for Haunted Mansion, but in all fairness you never have to wait that long for omnimover based rides as they're designed so perfectly to get 1000s of riders through per hour. That's something I loved about so many of the classic EPCOT rides actually, most were track based dark rides so 45min waits were about the max average. Back to the Future I was always happy to wait for if necessary, chiefly because it was one of my favourite rides of all time, and also because there was actually a lot of great original video content to enjoy while you were standing in line even before you got the the boarding area video stuff. Great music playing in that queue as well (fragments of the scores from the films, some 50s rock...etc). The Simpsons ride seems to have good queue stuff from videos I've seen, but eh... damn them for taking BTTF away. It probably had the best ride queue content of a Universal Studios ride of that era. Jaws was good in the way Jungle Cruise is good as you could see fragments of the ride, watch boats coming and going...etc and there was an all ground great atmosphere to get you in the mood. I remember liking the grotty New York queue for the old Kongfrontation ride at Universal too. From videos I've seen Universal seem to have excelled themselves with the Potter ride queue theming. I'd have to give myself a good understanding of fast passes as they did not exist when I last went to Orlando, and when last in California the parks were never busy enough for me to need to acquire any. I'm still not 100% sure how they work. Today of course we're blessed with park apps on our phone which show ride wait times, so there's clearly a lot of ways now to manage what you ride and when if you do a little research ahead of time. Those new Star Wars land rides I can see commanding 90min+ waits for their entire first year of operation for those without a fast pass.