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  1. You're tearing me apart, Lisa!
  2. Hit 30 on my gladiator today, just working out the prerequisites for the paladin job now. People love a tank and I love to tank, so a good fit. I've been pleased that people can give commendations to players if they like the cut of their jib in a group and I've picked up a couple. First three dungeons were fun - I had a good time and there are some fun boss fights (one giant ooze you have to keep dragging into blast zones until you blow it into several very small oozes that you can actually damage). I'm on one of the low pop servers so I also got 1 million gil and fifteen days free game time just for hitting 30. Nice incentive!
  3. Yeah, that joke brought the house down when I saw it too.
  4. I did! I played around with a bunch of it but didn't get very fair. Your sentiments echo my own, it's a great take on the series.
  5. I think this might be the best MMO I've played since WoW and I played a LOT with my ex-wife. It's got a solid framework and I'm never wanting for something to do. I've definitely gotten my month's worth out of it.
  6. The Sidewinder is very much a beginner ship, from the little I played. The only thing I liked about it versus the Hauler was the manual landing. I found the Sidewinder was much more responsive while the Hauler was likely to take six times the nudging to get it into place. I do miss this, but man FF14 has its claws in me something fierce.
  7. The Big Sick - fantastic movie. The semi-autobiographical story of how Kumail Nunjiani from Silicon Valley met his wife. Lots of great laughs, the romantic stuff was good, the acting was spot on - I liked something Ray Romano did! Great for a date night and well worth catching. It also had the best/worst 9-11 joke I have ever heard; it killed in the theater we were at.
  8. The crafting system is a little nutty, but I like it a lot. Really asks a lot of you though, but creation is much more interesting and involved versus, say, WoW.
  9. So this was $15 in the PSN sale and after my brief week with Elite, I had a huge MMO Jones and I couldn't resist. I quite like this game so far. It has the repetitive back and forth of most MMOs, but the wealth of different things to do is neat. I'm excited to get into crafting as I've heard the system is ridiculously complex. Big question if I'll bother paying for anything beyond my first 30, but so far I really dig it. It controls pretty handily with the controller too.
  10. I eat too much bread. There's a local bakery in town that makes a jalapeƱo and cheddar loaf that I eat on its own once or twice a week as it is the most salty delicious thing ever. And local bagels on top of that. Mercifully I run a lot so I can sneak it in as carbs, but it still takes a toll
  11. The amount of red meat I eat has dwindled over the years. We've been eating a bit more because we have an amazing recipe for tamale pie that we love, but outside of the odd burger I might eat it 7-8 times a year.
  12. Preorders in for Charterstone and Magic Maze. Ah spending!
  13. Yeah, I have to get my head around using the local fuzz to my advantage. I have really been just travelling point to point with trade, not tucking into the mining or other ships hanging out with scans. I wish the damn modules didn't cost so much. But I suppose that's the point
  14. Cool. I'd like to at least piggyback on a couple bounties for a couple CGs just to make the money from the low tiers, honestly. I'm in the bottom 100% for the trading goods one this week at least and hopefully that'll bet me a few credits. I've got 600k credits on hand and the Hauler is MOSTLY ready for basic exploration, so I may give that a shot after the long weekend.