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  1. Dunkirk - Agree with Dan to see it on the biggest screen with the best sound, cinematography is excellent, especially the aerial shots, there's a lot to like here from a technical perspective, however I was left wanting more from the narrative standpoint, the non-linear story telling was distracting for me, at times it was hard to determine what was happening when. Very solid film overall, but not my favorite film of the year or even in my top 5.
  2. The Star Wars Show revealed Kylo Ren's TIE today, The TIE Silencer, looks like a mix between Vader's Tie and a Tie Interceptor
  3. Thanks for the shot, really shows how close Star Tours will be to Galaxy's Edge in Orlando. Also, I had no idea that side of the AT-AT wasn't covered/completed.
  4. Not sure how complete this list is, but here are the 70MM theatres in the States for Dunkirk Sadly I'm not near one now, but glad to see I will be when I move to Colorado next weekend.
  5. Dunkirk is getting great reviews so far and is being called Nolan's best film by some, going Friday night.
  6. It's going to be hard to watch this film with Carrie gone.
  7. Watched this last night an enjoyed it, will have to check out Seven Days in Hell next.
  8. Ron Howard hasn't be shy about posting behind the scenes stuff
  9. Thanks, I didn't read they weren't going to release it, do you think they will show something new for Thor or Black Panther at Comic Con?
  10. Here's the Panel, footage cut out, maybe they will release it next weekend at Comic Con?
  11. Not Star Wars related, but new Marvel Land And Marvel Hotel for Disneyland Paris