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  1. Voltron episodes will be coming faster in 7 episode chunks.
  2. Walton Goggins has been cast in Ant-Man and Wasp. Pease be the villian.
  3. I plan on doing a double feature on Saturday. War of Planet of the Apes is a definite. Now I need to choose between Baby Driver and Dunkirk, dunkirks reviews are making me lean that way.
  4. So Disney is doing a rerelease of Lion King on all platforms, but no 4K version.
  5. Glad to have the show back. That first scene had me laughing the entire time, as you just know what was gonna happen.
  6. My plan is to go in a few years to Florida when the newer attractions open. I have never been there.
  7. Yeah they will, those are the big things at their SDCC panel. I would also expect more news on Ant-Man and Wasp.
  8. They said they are not going to release it. The first trailer will be in Nov with Thor.
  9. I listened to Shenmue three times today. Glad to finally have a copy. May pick up the uncharted collection next month, in one order with all the other soundtracks coming out then. If Bioware ever clears out that Mass Effect collection I will hop on it as well
  10. Black Order unveiled and they look terrific.
  11. Yesss bring it, sci-if/fantasy is my favorite stuff to read . Been working my way through Brass again.
  12. Oh I have seen them, even tried to watch a second time. Like BvS and SS. No, just no.
  13. Homecoming and and Spidey 2 are at the top, then Spidey 1. That's all they made.
  14. Yeah they screwed up the timeline somehow. I know from comments by Feige that The films from now to Infinty War 2 are during the months after Homecoming and Spidey 2 is the first film after which is his next school year.