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  1. Yup, Ps4 Pro, it's had no issues with many things going crazy on the screen at once.
  2. 334 kills, my highest solo on a run I think... Necromancer is a lot of fun.
  3. Oh my, this is SO good. I wasn't sure what to expect from just watching some gameplay, but when you actually get a hold of this new character. Amazing. Love the attacks, the voice, everything. I'm just finishing up Act 1 again, and couldn't be happier. New monsters, new areas for Adventure mode, plus, they added Trophies, and more importantly, CORPSE EXPLOSIONS! Best thing ever.
  4. I also bought Until Dawn and Playstation VR Worlds. I show that Shark demo to everyone that comes over, and it's so worth it for their reaction, but I hated having do put that disc in for one thing... this was a good deal.
  5. Agree, my favorite as well. I never felt weak or fragile, I loved the combat.
  6. Both Darksides 1 and 2 re-mastered, a combo for $19.99, on the PSN store now.
  7. You're memory and knowledge of this series is staggering. I appreciate the recall!
  8. Perfect, thanks, Romier. I do remember some of that. I guess I just wasn't sure of the end-result. Him being chained up in the trailer here just didn't ring any bells.
  9. Excellent, I also preferred the 1st game over the sequel, but the sequel is still a great game. I never thought we'd see another one. I still never understood why War was blamed for starting the conflict, he was called, even if it was by false means. I can't remember if Death commented on that in the 2nd game or not.
  10. Same as me, Ending A through E and some others mixed in. But the A - E are the only real endings with the full story, E being an insane Credit sequence that was really unexpected. I won't Platinum this one, unless I do the "store" cheat, it's just too much for me, but I do plan on playing it again.
  11. Really shocked to see no one playing this, then again, with so many good games out, I can understand, I just now got to it. In a word, Amazing! The game is NOT over after your 1st play through, and actually, you need to play 3 times before you get all the information, but you're not replaying the same game each time. I can't really say more for fear of spoilers, but it's an awesome experience, the story will leave you feeling very disturbed, possibly sad, surprised and full of different theories. Highly recommended. T.
  12. I don't know, I've only had the screen protector on for 5 days, but previously, no scratches, in and out of the dock every day. But I was wrapping it in a t-shirt when taking it in my bag, so, I just decided to try the protector instead. I do believe it's a non-glass screen, so it could scratch easier. Again, I've never had the dock issues or any scratches, but I just feel safer just tossing this in my bad or big coat pocket and not worrying about it. I've only played Zelda, as this is just my Nintendo play machine, pretty much just for 1st Party games, I'll get Mario Kart next.
  13. I put a glass screen protector on mine, just because I don't have a case, and I like to just throw it in my work bag every morning, this way I don't worry about it getting scratched up at all. It just dropped right on, a couple bubbles to push out, but it looks perfect now. Got a 2 pack from Amazon for $7.95. Figured it was worth a shot. Link for what I got....
  14. So after 2 weeks of removing the Switch from the dock, taking it to work, playing at lunch, then putting it back at the end of the day, I've had no scratches at all. I think the less then 1% of 1.5 million are legitimate, some docks are tight, or bent I guess, but I haven't had the issue at all. I had 1 desync with the controller, on day 2, but nothing since. Been very happy with it since I don't have a Wii U, this is pretty much my Zelda machine, and it's great so far. I'll get Mario Kart next month and then of course Mario's Odyssey is what I'm waiting for! I have no interest in 3rd party.
  15. I was able to kill one, I chopped the trees down around him first so he couldn't use them as a weapon, then just 'kite'd him till he was dead. I've read, although I didn't try it yet, you can sneak onto the hand of those big guys while they sleep, and they'll eventually raise their arm, you can then steal the sword, and then run away before he wakes up... let me know how it goes