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  1. I'm not sure if you all have heard of this. I am posting about it because I am of the belief that it is a mass-hysteria-induced irresponsible-journalism-enhanced social-media-inflamed steaming pile of horse shit. Google it and you will find a shit ton of articles on it. But when it came to my attention, it was because a school system in my state sent out a warning to their parents about it. So I googled it and found the following to be true: 1) There were zero incidents of anyone in the U.S. every being a victim of or harmed in any way by this "Blue Whale Challenge" phenomenon. 2) This whole thing originate in "Russia" and is based on hundreds of unconfirmed deaths related to this 3) Every news article I found had no sources and just pointed to other articles with no sources or police reports or anything So it seems so obviously fake. Everything I found, even YouTube videos, were either suspect, were self-fulfilling prophecy territory, or were just echos of the hysteria and not a primary source of information. Over the last few weeks things have heated up. There have been 2 incidents in the U.S. that have been linked to this thing. I still don't believe it though. Because of the hysteria, I'm inclined to believe that the reporting is wrong or that the families of the two people that committed suicide are misrepresenting the situation because of the hysteria. If the FBI makes a public statement that this is a real thing, then fine. There is also a story about a guy in Russia being arrested in relation to this. The idea being that he solicits people to "play" the game and kill themselves. Forget about the hysteria on it for a second. The idea that an average teenager will engage in a game where they perform a list of harmful things, the last of which is killing themself, and this is a threat that I should be concerned about, seems on its face stupid. If my child would do such a thing, my child is already spiraling down a drain of depression and anxiety and they are in danger, period. This "Game" is not the introduction of danger. So I have a philosophical issue. It makes more sense to worry about your child's heart disease, skin cancer, swimming ability, and seat belt habits than it does to worry about this mysterious Russian suicide game. Discuss.
  2. Can't see photo.
  3. I know him from Xfiles
  4. Must. Avoid. Spoilers. They are everywhere.
  5. This thread is useless without vanity half-nude (shirtless) photos guys. I mean, come on. I know you think I'm joking, but I'm not. I guess without the before pictures it might seem shady, so if you have those, go for it. Before and After.
  6. When you compare the characters is Spiderman 2, to this movie, I think this movie comes up short big time. Every character except Stark, Peter, and Vulture are disposable. Didn't even like the sidekick friend. Flash was stupid. I much preferred the jock Flash from Spiderman 1. Aunt May wasn't even interesting except her last line. And I love Marissa, she just had nothing to do in this movie. The first Garfield movie might have had better characters actually. I'd have to rewatch, but I'm starting to think I might have liked that better than this movie. Never saw the second one. Spiderman 2 Spiderman 1 Amazing Spiderman Homecoming Spiderman 3 Amazing Spiderman 2
  7. Back in the day I liked pro wrestling and Tecmo Wrestling. Never played this. God, so many games I can't play because i don't have my brothers around or college roommates around anymore. Just my peers at this nursing home.
  8. Let me be clear. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good. It was ...
  9. Saw it. It was OK. Not one of my favorites. It gets extra points for being in the MCU. Loved all the Happy and Stark scenes. Especially the ones at the end. Such a sucker for Stark. Loved the final aunt May scene, all though it was a redo of a previous joke. The whole movie seemed pretty B to me. Humor was OK. Action was OK. Characters we OK. Another movie where the villains are looting previous Avengers aftermath items. It was just OK.
  10. In the movie he is clearly a bureaucrat/fat-cat only. So it was stupid that he could operate the suit. But beyond that, all he cared about was money, success, and power. So when he was exposed, rather than act in service of his freedom and power, his #1 priority becomes "I just want to kill Tony Stark and his secretary, that's all that matters, because I am evil and the evil guy must defeat the good guy in the final scene at all costs" - I enjoyed the fun, but it just didn't fit with the rest of the movie.
  11. Let me remind you. The old CEO of the company, who is not a pilot, engineer, or genius (like Tony Stark), who is in a panic because he's been "found out" and the police (Shield) are coming to arrest him, he jumps into his completely untested/unused exoskeleton and battles Iron Man in a "Man of Steel"-style battle of mass destruction. The reason I hated it so much, was because I hate when the motivation of characters is cast aside in service of the directors impulse to just blow shit up in a fun final battle.
  12. Worse than iron Man? Hated iron Man final battle. So stupid.
  13. When the first one ends, I thought it adequately bridged to the future we all know about happening. I didn't expect them to make a sequel. But they did and it was really good. And a completely different movie than the first. Similar to Alien and Aliens, both were very good, very different movies in a series.
  14. All these movies are so good. So unexpected.