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  1. If you're really, really lucky it might settle out after a week or so of use.
  2. Looks pretty fucked to me. I take it it doesn't look any better when you're actually watching a signal? Or is it the lack of signal, rather than that dark patch you're talking about?
  3. Oh that's one expensive lineup for me. I've already got the Twin Peaks box, but the rest is all rather marvellous.
  4. 15-perf 70mm at the Science Museum for our Dunkirk visit. Even if I don't get along with the movie as a whole, I'm really looking forward to IMAX Spitfires.
  5. Trying to decide if Solid Snake looks less like Casper Van Dien than that escapee from a Cinemaware game looks like Dina Meyer...
  6. Maybe I will get that big box of The Thing. For reasons best known to weirdness, it's £5 cheaper than the much smaller steelbook.
  7. Fer De Lance is fast as anything in a fight (well, except a viper, but let's not go there), but it's even worse than the Python for jump range. I should probably just look and see if it's quicker to pick up my Asp, really.
  8. Re: Renny Harlin's Hercules movie, I watched the first half or so of it on Amazon Prime. That I never went back for the second half says a fair bit about how it lacked Harlin's classic flair for the most part.
  9. I'll have to take a look when I can - what I've seen on YouTube looks amazing. Though I'm still pretty frustrated with my inability to find the ingredients to do anything about the pitiful jump drive on my Python. Maybe I should go earn some money and just go full Anaconda, and give up on the small stations.
  10. There's simply no way I could justify Five Years when I've got the individual vinyl releases (most of them in original 70s pressings from Dad) already. With this, I've only got Scary Monsters.
  11. Admittedly, having just spent an age putting 9 whole shelves of Kallax full of vinyl in alphabetical order (the 7"s live upstairs in a Billy) I'm not entirely sure I've got room for a big box of Bowie. But I'll MAKE room, damnit.
  12. A New Career In A New Town, this year's big Bowie box has been officially unveiled, and I really, really, REALLY want it. Low, "Heroes", Stage, Lodger, Scary Monsters, Visconti remix/remaster of Stage & Lodger (including extra tracks for Stage) plus the "Heroes" EP and a set of b-sides etc. and an 84 page hardback book. http://www.davidbowie.com/news/new-career-new-town-1977-1982-57146
  13. I can't bring myself to buy the expensive Fight Club. Still, I've got the original 12" of This Is Your Life, so I've got a couple of cues. Been putting things into Discogs. Done the first 100, and oh dear Christ the little bit on your profile that tells you how much your collection is worth is terrifying. Mind you, I did do all the box sets, so it's not surprising that included a lot of valuable ones.
  14. I've just been talked into signing up as IainL, but haven't put my collection in yet.
  15. I know Transmission keeps showing off the Japanese rarities they've got hold of. You wouldn't have thought it would appeal so much given the space premium, but then that's seriously part of the perverse appeal to me, so hey.