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  1. Yeah, it's like that with or without HDMI cables even connected. It's only *really* noticeable on a solid-color screen, but since I know it's there, I can always see it, regardless of what it's displaying. Will probably just end up living with it, until I can afford to buy a replacement. Shouldn't be looking a gift horse in the mouth, I reckon...
  2. Can anyone? It's a link to Imgur.
  3. My folks got a new TV, so they've given me their old Sony Bravia KDL-60R550A. My brother drove it down from Omaha to me because he was coming here for a Royals game. I saw how they transported it, and I don't think this happened during transit, but this doesn't look good: I looks like a bad LCD panel. This TV is fucked, isn't it?
  4. I think a little bit of pee came out...
  5. Between Wonder Woman, Atomic Blonde, and this, I'm really enjoying this summer of "Women kicking ass and taking names."
  6. Red Band Trailer is slightly different (little extra violence, and the addition of an f-bomb at the end, like the teaser) Can't wait for this!
  7. If anyone wants to try out the early access beta without preordering, just create an account on the Hong Kong PSN. You'll be able to download it there right now, and can play either on the HK PSN or switch back to your regular account, and you'll have access to it. I've only played the SP mission, but I can see it's gonna end up sucking me back in...
  8. Let's shoot this fucker!
  9. "War" is spectacular. If Serkis doesn't get an Oscar nomination, and the FX crew an Oscar win, there should be apes rioting in the streets.
  10. Thirded on "Baby Driver." Spectacular film from beginning to end...
  11. If you're interested in the Disney Infinity stuff, there's this collection: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/144116/ My understanding is literally everything is unlocked in these now, since the game is out of production...
  12. Ah....I see what you're saying. Interesting indeed. Thanks for the insight!
  13. Interesting. I know I haven't been spending nearly as much on the sales as I did previously, mostly because I no longer have flash and daily deals to put games in front of me that maybe I'm not familiar with, and maybe impulse buy. Sure those same games are probably in the big initial roll out of the sales, but they get lost in the clutter, instead of being just one of four games in a Flash deal or one of 10 (or so) in a Daily deal. Good for my wallet, anyhow, I guess.
  14. I really do think they screwed up by eliminating the Daily and Flash deals. The anticipation was always one of the most fun things about the sales, whether you bought anything or not. Now it's just "Here they are!" - Everyone can just buy what they want on day one, and then never look at the store page again during the sale. Seems counter-intuitive.