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  1. I'm really liking Add Violence from NIN
  2. Oh damn - that BTTF content looks great
  3. Lone Echo and Echo Arena are out now - Echo Arena is free for the next few months, then goes back to a regular price release so grab it now if you're at all interested (basically discs of Tron in MP).
  4. It looks to me like something from Blade Runner (as mentioned, stolen) mixed with the old FMV game Ripper... Mind jacking, etc. Definitely interested but, it would have to get good reviews to convince me... or be priced aggressively... or have a VR option
  5. I love the Switch so can only recommend it but, the longer you wait the more likely you'll get a better deal on it or a better game bundled with it. If the Switch version of Zelda is a priority at all then just go get the Zelda bundle now
  6. So... the marvel game is 2018 i know it could be cheesy or end up a "throw away" title but, the idea of being the Hulk in VR and grabbing, throwing baddies around is my 8 yr old self's greatest wish.
  7. As a follow-up to this, I've been reading articles about the rumored wireless headset and several rumors are pointing to the 2018 model using limited tracking (motion sensors) like the Gear VR - so no external sensors but with a built-in 1080 screen and wireless dongle for PC. This would be interesting to me if true - as the new wireless headset would not be a replacement for the Rift or Gear really; more of a middle model between the Gear and Rift (as Zuckerberg was talking about earlier this year.) It would be a less expensive point of entry for people that want VR PC gaming but, would very likely be limited without those external sensors for anything room scale or that uses positional tracking. Unlike;y to support Touch as well but, we'll see. It's such a cool time to be into PC gaming and especially VR regardless of how this plays out
  8. Heheh I'm sure you're already familiar with most of this but, the FerDelance is a good alternative ship too: not as expensive as the Anaconda, moves much quicker and still packs a punch. But... Still a large class ship, it's not as deadly as a combat fitted Anaconda (not much is) and - I'm going from memory but, I don't think the FDL has multicrew and no fighter bay.
  9. That's a really interesting article - the idea of a headset between the Gear VR and Rift VR has been talked about several,times now but, a wireless version that supports PC gaming would be killer even if it is same or lower resolution, etc. great "point of entry"...
  10. So I explored my first Thargoid structure today and just...fucking... wow... It was a little hard to find but, once I had the general heading for the planets surface it was easy to spot even from a pretty high orbit. I landed and went exploring in the SRV and it was amazing - the alien design, the weird sounds that play when you get near, the system malfunctions if you try to enter (it was active site) just an incredible sense of otherworldliness. I'll post some screens tomorrow but, man if you can find one close to you - go check it out (in private mode)... I hear open the play is a gank-fest
  11. Nice - glad you got your ship Forbwhat it's worth, you do kind of bounce around from system to system... It almost feels like you "live" in Elite rather than play Elite (for lack of a better expression). There are storylines and events, CG's, etc but otherwise it's your day to day choice of what to do; there isn't really an overarching storyline for your character or anything so much as the Galaxy itself has a story that's slowly unfolding. It sounds like you're having fun so I'd say just keep doing what you're doing but, I would also say that when you feel like it, don't be afraid to try out completely new stuff either... passenger tours, surface attack missions, wing up with some others, try multicrew - all kinds of stuff. Also, use the frontier forums, they are very active and player support for other players in this game is off the charts. For increasing faction ranking and having an impact on political situations, you do missions in systems specifically for that faction. On the mission board, pull the missions for that faction even if they don't pay as well as others to increase your standing and, as it goes up in rank you'll start getting access to higher missions with better payouts, etc. There's other actions too - big and little things you can do to influence political stuff too. Most CG's have alternate goals for the Alliance or Empire or other factions (not this week though). When they are opposing you'll see 2 CG's for the same system and bringing supplies or bounties or exploration data or whatever for 1 faction instead of the other will directly influence the system. It may go into civil war or other states based on the outcome of the CG. it's pretty cool to see sometimes as a CG is in support of or against a small faction in a region and your support for it provides the impetus for a civil war. And as the civil war starts in that system you'll see combat zones start popping up, RES sites will change from Low to Hazardous, etc. Little things too like refusing to take missions for or carry slaves to an Empire system will directly influence the economy of that system and could put it into recession which leads to more pirates/interdictions and stuff in that system.
  12. Yea - $200 off and limited time only
  13. So for those of you that haven't seen this yet, the Oculus headset + Touch Controlers + lots of included games are on sale for the Summer Sale as a bundle at $399
  14. Wow that was amazing to watch. Beautiful and So smooth too...And that's on PS4?