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  1. There was a project at one point where someone was trying to 3d model old attractions (in UE or something) where you could actually have virtual walkthroughs of them. This is pre-VR, so that could also be an interesting application. I remember that Kinect Disneyland game, which was terrible, but still kind of neat for letting you have that virtual park walkthrough. Another thing that comes highly recommended is the backstage tour at WDW. We did the Backstage Magic tour a couple years ago, and while it's expensive, you get a lot of really cool access to things, including things like the tunnels under the Magic Kingdom, some of the animatronic control systems, and some of the workshop areas.
  2. Yup, things like the minions "ride" would be OK, but Harry Potter would be way too scary, especially given that they have no affinity for the brand at this point. Things like Transformers, and even the Simpsons ride might be too intense. Give it another 5 years or so and we'll see... The whole new fastpass system is a little strange to me actually-I don't really want to have to plan things out a month in advance. As it stands though, I'll probably FP a few things ahead of time (e.g. the new Avatar rides), and from what I've heard from friends, the app lets you request more passes through the day, so using them up in the mornings is more efficient. Given that we're going in the first week of December though, I'm not all that worried-it's a lower attendance week for sure, and while I'd expect some 40 minute waits, likely more in the 20 min range given experience last time we were there at that time.
  3. Lots of new stuff to look forward to. We're doing a disney trip this december with the kids (who will be 5 and 9), but I can't help but be a little disappointed that some of this stuff is so far off. I think the current plan is that we'll skip Epcot completely though. Adding park hopper to the passes we got would have been an extra 10 bucks a day, and last time I don't think we ever really used it. Probably 2 days each at the other parks, plus looking at doing a day trip out to Legoland. Would be nice to get back to Universal (haven't been since 2013), but most of the stuff there would freak my kids out. I do have a conference in Orlando in September though, so I'm thinking about trying to get a day in to see some of the new stuff-maybe a Universal/IOA day with VIP (although that's expensive as hell), or maybe check out Volcano Bay (their new waterpark) if the weather ends up being good.
  4. Far too late for that-bought and finished the WiiU version, with probably at least 100 hours into it, and still no switch Might get one for Mario later this year, but it really depends on how that turns out, and whether it's actually possible to just go buy one without camping out or stalking online stock. I did notice that had them in stock today, but no way am I paying for prime. There's free shipping over $35 anyway, and I get all of that stuff the next day just by virtue of living down the street from their distribution centre. That being said, I don't think I'd begrudge the idea of replaying Zelda on the switch. I don't think I'm going to buy the DLC on the WiiU, so perhaps when the inevitable GOTY edition comes out next year, I'll get that?
  5. In a semi-related note, I manged to get all the old consoles back out and hooked up again, and I'd forgotten how bad old games look when connected to a modern TV. It's been a few years, and the one that really stood out was playing SMB2 on the NES. If you crouch/jump, instead of flashing, the character just ends up with black/white lines through it, obviously something that was based on a trick of scan lines on a CRT. Maybe I'll have to find a spot for the old 32" CRT that I have stored to keep these running after all.
  6. Story mode done! It's nice to see that they let you go back through the chapters and choose the other paths without playing through the whole game again, although the only one I really wanted to see is how the Superman ending was different from the Batman one. I'm probably done with it for now though. The loot grind looks neat, but I got what I wanted out of the game. Maybe I'll buy it later if I want to give it another shot. This getting games for free from the library thing is an awesome way to try out things with short campaigns!
  7. Not a bad month. I think POTC is one of the few Lego games I haven't played with the kids, so we'll at least check that one out. See how it plays with no familiarity with the franchise.
  8. I think this is the first time that any of the SuperFX stuff has seen an official re-release. I've also heard that none of the Yoshi's island ports are very good, but I haven't really played any of them myself. I still have the original if I want to go back though, along with 2 working SNES consoles and a CRT to play them on for the real authentic experience
  9. If it helps, I made it through most of the late game barely having to engage with the cooking mechanics. Between faries, sleep, powers, and shrines, that had me covered most of the time.
  10. That's a pretty good list-Yoshi's Island is going to make a lot of people very happy if it runs well. Starfox 2 is also a very welcome surprise-I thought it was still pretty rough though? Also, I wonder whether the FF3 translation is the original, or one of the newer localizations, which I gather were much better?
  11. I am in the insider program, but I don't think there's a preview build on there right now, and I'm not having problems with any other games. I did end up getting around it by uninstalling the game, letting the disc install 100%, and then letting it apply the patch. I also forced it to install to the internal HDD instead of the USB drive with everything else, and I've made it through probably 90% of the story mode without any more crashes.
  12. OK, for 3 bucks why not. Seems interesting so far, and I played the hell out of Rogue Legacy, so I'll give it a shot once I'm done with Injustice 2.
  13. I grabbed this on XB1, but the game seems to crash to the dashboard pretty consistently. I can't even load the tutorial. I was able to start the story mode (skip tutorial) win the first fight, and then it crashed to the dashboard. So far I've tried uninstall/reinstall, hard reboot, and playing offline. Nothing seems to help. Trying to reinstall again to another storage device, but I haven't had this issue on any other games, so I'm assuming it's an injustice 2 problem here. Sounds like it's a reasonably widespread problem? Too bad, because I wanted to at least check out the story mode.
  14. So does this mean that the pre-chewbacca sidekick is a talking pie, and that they go back in time for some reason?
  15. Don't think I'll end up with anything this time around. I've got a bunch of things wishlisted, and thought about Thimbleweed Park, Dead Cells, Flinthook and Owlboy, but I have other things to play immediately, and none of those discounts were that great. Give it another couple of steam sales and things will probably be cheaper.