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  1. I got my Summerslam tickets today. Im still excited about going, but I will say that I'm probably less interested in what's going on right now in WWE than I have been in a while (I'd purchased the tickets months ago). Still Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble, and to some extent, Survivor Series, are generally fun ones.
  2. Facebook Plans to Unveil a $200 Wireless Oculus VR Headset for 2018
  4. So, one of the internal straps broke on my PSVR headset today, and ironically it much more comfortable now! I'd previously had a hard time with was how tight the headset was on my head, and as it pressed into my temples it would sometimes give me a headache. It was the one thing about the design I really didn't like. I never even used the tightening mechanism because of it, but I do now as it still works and tightens to a snug fit. Not sure if I just have a big head or if maybe mine was attached too tight or something. I've never tried another PSVR besides mine.
  5. Looks like we'll have a good selection of accurate player created WWE wrestlers anyway!
  6. Watch live video from spike_chunsoft on Play Online: Organize exhibition matches, tournaments, leagues, championship bouts and battle royals with players from around the world. Mix Up the Rules: Modes include Deathmatch (steel cage, barbed wire or landmines), MMA rules and no-holds barred Gruesome Fighting. Unlimited Customization: Create your dream wrestler from over a thousand devastating moves and even more body parts to battle for custom championship belts. Personalize the ring, mat logos and even the referee! Share your creations over the Steam Workshop and download thousands of wrestlers without any space limitation. Realistic Simulation: Give your creations personalities with a robust CPU logic system that defines their every action. Does your wrestler play to the crowd, or play dirty? You provide actors for the ringside drama. Match types available at the beginning of early access: Normal Match Cage Deathmatch Barbed Wire Deathmatch Landmine Deathmatch SWA Rules Match Gruesome Fighting (MMA Fight) Tournament Battle Royal More deets from NeoGAF.
  7. PSN's Top download for June:
  8. I'll throw in some video games then.
  9. Thanks! I've never compared different viewfinders to see if it made a difference to me, and I've usually always preferred to shoot with Primes, so my knowledge of flash usages is limited. That being said, these tradeoffs seem to fit my use. I'd been thinking about getting a 5D Mark IV at some point and totally forgot there was a 6D refresh coming. This might be the camera for me.
  10. Can you school me on what difference those two things make?
  11. Holy shit I laughed so hard at the beginning of this. Might have to actually buy it now:
  12. Oh wow, that looks like a nice compromise. I forgot the 6D was full frame.