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  1. It's utterly common these days for speciality beer stores to 'keep back' some of the special releases to release a few years later. As you say, you want big heavy beers, not IPAs or anything like that. I got to experience a vertical tasting of St Arnold's anniversary ales which was *awesome*. Thick, deep rich flavours. Personally, I've got some special beers tucked away (at room temp) that are a few years old & it's frankly a challenge to open them, as I can't get em back. If that makes sense.
  2. Got some great gaming in over the long holiday weekend, mainly because my family was out of town & I wasn't Star Wars Rebellion. My second game, against a more experience opponent. I did alright, pushing him in the right places, turning Leia to the Dark Side early, and he was clearly trying to draw attention to one planet, which clearly meant it was a ruse. I was right But I found out after I placed my super star destroyer near it, and after moving my death star towards the general area. In the end, the base was Dantooine, a non-populous planet on the fringe. The clock was running out, I couldn't move my forces over there in time, and on my last action before he won, after clearing the meager space forces, I activated a mission that let me move limited ground troops to any rebel planet. It was just enough to break through the defences, leaving him in a situation where he could only roll black dice against a mixed red/black attack, and I won. Ridiculously close game, telling a ridiculously fun story. My opponent was great to play against, we always have fun with this & War of the Ring. FFG nailed this one IMOAnachrony. Played right after Rebellion lol. 4 player, 3 of us noobs (including me). Wow. The production values are top notch, with gorgeous minis that tokens slot into the top of (and are utterly pointless, getting in the way of the board), 100% readable iconography, and a manual that reads really well the few times we needed to reach for it. At its heart, it's the same engine building we've seen many times, but it pushes players towards limited spots for actions, causing dilemmas of choice - do I go for this action I'd like now because I won't get it later vs the one I needetc with actions getting utterly locked off later in the game,All with a time travel mechanic that works far better than any other time travel game I've played. Take income now, with the hope of paying it back later, before taking a big VP hit at the end of the game, but make sure you build the ability to hop back in time enough to reach those payback spots. And don't forget the more early income you take, the higher risk you are for dangerous time anomalies with nasty punishments. I utterly dig & need to play again soon, it's really good. There's tons of worker placement games out there, but this is a stand out. Android Netrunner. Buddy is desperate to play the new campaign, so he grabbed me a core deck. We played a basic game, me as the runner, to get back into the mechanics & rules after a couple of years away. I lost horribly. Cracked open the campaign set, it's got an insane amount of air in the box, looks interesting, and a good way to engage us. La Granja. Me vs 2 experienced players. It's not quite just another soulless euro, stealing some ideas from Glory To Rome, and it pulls together some attempt at theme, but in the end, it's the same cube pushin' mechanics I've seen in countless other euros, done well for sure. Just not quite enough for me, though I'll end up playing it again no doubt.
  3. Can you do the Sonic The Hedgehog? Can you do the wahoo? ..... Wow. These guys. Top Notch.
  4. Ok, that was *funny*. So much good stuff.
  5. There's a construction crew working on the next office building with a big TEAM logo (and a little name under it). Makes me smile every time I walk by. Shall be watching tonight, of course!
  6. July. Lego POTC is probably one of our most played Lego games, even if it's obtuse & annoying at times.
  7. I guess this is British/Irish-centric, is Brosnan supposed to be playing Gerry Adams? So is this Jackie Chan vs the IRA? Or is it Jackie Chan vs the Real IRA? Or is it the other side, the one much more likely to have a politician in London right now, the UVF? Man, what utter, utter ridiculous timing for this. "Too soon"?
  8. It's okay to kill. Why wouldn't it be? Now, the more you kill, the more chaos you're causing in the world (i.e. more flys etc) but meh. Changes the final ending of the story, but you can youtube the others - it's really just the final final scene.
  9. It's quite different. Downwell is much purer an experience. This is more like Rogue Legacy meets a platformer.
  10. Adored last night's episode. For all its Lynchian weirdness, for all its Eraserheadness, it still filled in a ton of backstory to the Lodges, Bob, and Laura Palmer. And the Woodsman from above the convienance store in FWWM. Wow bob wow.
  11. Naming is tough. And Elite is what it should have been if not Scorpio itself, which I like these days Vertical Drop Heroes HD is ~$2.75 in the current sale, and is a really good port of an indie PC game that I utterly love. The developer can do no wrong for me, hits so many of my buttons in every single game they make. This one? 2D platformer/hack'em'up, with elements similar to Rogue Legacy in that you're earning coins to buy permanent unlocks/progression for your characters that are going to die repeatedly. But this one is a fun 2D single screen downward movement platformer instead of the Metroidvania vogue. It's just fun, with a solid platforming/combat feel, combined with the right mix of long term improvement mechanics. I played it for hours & hours on the PC, and I expect to do the same on the Xbox. Under three bucks, guys. You likely spent that on coffee or fast food today.
  12. Even if you don't intend to buy anything in the sale, you must read RockPaperShotgun's "Steam sale highlights". Some ridiculous gems of captions on games. e.g. Prey - Alien life with the power to mimic anything in the universe visits a space station, looks at humans and decides: "let's be chairs".
  13. The combat's totally Batman.