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  1. I thought Busan was on the *meh* side myself. But it wasn't the first time a movie got raves and I just shrugged.
  2. Oh man. I must buy The Bridge on the River Kwai.
  3. I love Disneyland, hate Florida's Magic Kingdom. Everything just seems so... truncated at Magic Kingdom.
  4. Christmas going to be UHD-only for me this year, it looks.
  5. Been dieting since March. Down 38 lbs. Going to keep it up at least until the holidays return, although since I do the Thanksgiving dinner (for between 10-20 people, depending on the year) I rarely eat that much that day. But egg nog will be my enemy this year, I'm sure. My last doctor appointment last week saw my BP down to a near-perfect level and the doc asked how I lost so much weight, saying I didn't have to return for at least another 6 months, just to check my BP again.
  6. Pre-production art of main characters.
  7. Good deal! The short stories I wrote in between MB and ND pretty much bridge the two books. Still deciding whether to add more shorts and make it into a book itself or just put them up to read. Decisions...
  8. Finished the new book, NextDoor, and after a 2nd pass on the material, will put it up for sale alongside Malcolm Brass. NextDoor is an entirely different animal from Malcolm Brass. much more of a sci-fi/fantasy tale, while Malcolm Brass is horror/adventure. NextDoor was written right after I finished Malcolm, long ago, for the same producer in Japan... and it ended up with the same fate as Malcolm Brass. At least now I can bring this story to people, if in this format. I tied it in with Malcolm Brass with a few choice sentences. Easy peasy. Will let you know when it goes up on iTunes/Amazon/Nook.
  9. The Fifth Element looked quite nice (after I remembered to change my settings). But now I have to rant against Vudu a bit. Got the UHD digital download for F8, but can only watch it on the bedroom Vizio set, not the living room Samsung. As a matter of fact, I can't watch any UHD from Vudu for the Samsung. These tactics are so old... Oh well, guess Vudu won't be getting any money from me in the future.
  10. The Fate of the Furious and The Fifth Element picked up yesterday. Only watched the Blu of F&F so far and will watch UHD of Fifth Element tonight.
  11. I absolutely love the night sky watercolor for Great Pumpkin and anticipate it looking even better in 4K now! Bring it!
  12. I watch Great Pumpkin and A Charlie Brown Christmas with my daughter every year, and I've been since I was her age. Tempting, as we only have the DVDs.
  13. Dunkirk getting a 70mm run at the Seattle Cinerama. Might have to catch that one. Paul Allen has made that theater the best in Seattle.
  14. Need it that ratio for my football Sundays! 250" of NFL GLORY! (wanted 300" but it didn't quite work out.)
  15. Go big or go home! Wait, that's already home! Heh.