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  1. Dark Souls vinyls up for order on Thinkgeek: Dark Souls 1: Dark Souls 2: Dark Souls 3: $34.99 Each. I paid $111.00 total for all three with free shipping.
  2. Big spoiler at the end for all of us comic readers out there.:)
  3. SDCC trailer for Inhumans: That looks.....bad. Cheap, vanilla and christ Medusa looks dinner theater level...
  4. I watched the walkthrough which looked interesting but christ I couldn't stop my eyes from rolling out of my head with "Catharsis 2.0" nonsense.
  5. I was about to say the same. I was like "Is that Rutger Hauer?!". It can't even pass for an homage to Blade Runner either. It's just taken that entire aesthetic wholesale. Layers of Fear was /ok/. Not horrible, not great.
  6. Some have said the same and think that the movie is a stealth prequel to Hellboy focusing on Abe. Del Toro killed that today on Twitter stating it is not a prequel for Abe Sapien/Hellboy. I got serious Bioshock vibes throughout. The music and production aesthetic gave me that familiar feel.
  7. He had 6 children.:( He was close with Chris Cornell who also committed suicide by hanging recently. R.I.P.
  8. I mentioned it in the War thread, but here it is.
  9. You destroyed my score:) I haven't played in a few weeks but I definitely want to get back to it. The upcoming release of Matterfall is going to make it hard to split between the two.:)
  10. I'll pick up the original Starship Troopers for sure. I don't think I need to own Zero Dark Thirty in 4K.
  11. Vampyr, Barry Lyndon and Othello are purchases. Already have FWWM in the mystery box.
  12. Baby Driver. Not even a question. Dunkirk the week after.:)
  13. The wife has been wanting to rent it. Maybe this weekend after Dunkirk.
  14. The Endoarm is dope. In my collector days, I would have been all over it. I'm good with the standard release.:)