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  2. I would check the power supply first thing. Aside from that hard to tell without any type of error message.
  3. I opened it up, took a chunk of it apart, and back together again, now its loading and updating. oh the joys of tower systems. spoke too soon. Stayed on for 10 min and then shut down. Cant get it to boot again
  4. I decide to turn on the computer sitting next to my tv for two years to updated it. Made sure to blow all the dust out of it, make sure everything was still connected properly. Booted to windows first time, but is very slow. I restart, and blue screen of death. Things just shuts off after short while. Try and boot to the windows cd i have to start from scratch, shuts off again. This is really going to annoy me trying to figure out why it is doing this.
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  6. My daughter got excellent grades this year, so I told her to pick her vacation spot. Knowing Galaxy's Edge isn't open at Disney World yet, she picked Ohio, for the excellent coasters at King's Island and Cedar Point. If you're in to thrill rides, you simply can't beat these two parks. There are so many world-class coasters. At Cedar Point, Steel Vengeance opened in 2018. It is a hybrid coaster - a steel track built on a traditional wooden coaster frame. Guys, this is the real deal. I've ridden coasters all over the US, and this is the absolute best by miles. I can't even believe it is allowed to exist! There are snap rolls on this thing that seem like they should be at the edge of a normal human's tolerance. Plus, there are NO shoulder harnesses -- a lap bar is all you get and there's no handles or anything really to hang on to. It has the most "air time" - the feeling of coming-out-of-your-seat weightlessness - than any other coaster. The twists and turns were just mind scrambling. I've never felt so discombobulated after a ride. It is THE benchmarks by which all coasters will be judged from now on. Check out this POV ride. Anyway, if you like scary, thrilling coasters, you cannot go wrong with a trip to these two parks. They are about a 4 hour drive away from each other. Carlos.
  7. Nice. Seems odd to announce them like this though, when the idea is any version doing without R-Type is madness.
  8. With the job I started in Sept, I listen to stuff all day. Mostly a mix of music, audio books, and My current list of podcast/vid casts I listen to.... The Dungeon Run-my latest favorite. It’s a D&D show, which I watch live, but still DL the podcast version to listen to if my list is empty. Critical Roll-Just started with S2 /Filmcast /FilmDaily Empire Film Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum Team Covenant-Tabletop Gaming(currently on hiatus) Crit Camp gaming-Twitch show-Mostly Keyforge these days, and some other tabletop games mixed in Pod Save America (on and off depending on my mood) DLC (depends on the topics of the week.) Even though I have stopped watching most wrestling, still enjoy interviews with wrestlers. They all have fascinating stories Chris Van Fliet (great wrestling interviews)-Listen to all them Chris Jericho-Listen to wrestling guests and a few other topics I find interesting Lillian Garcia- hit or miss. Some interviews are really good, others not so much I also started downloading a bunch of sci-fi/horror original audio dramas this week on the recommendation of a person I work with. First one is pretty good so far. There are many others I have in my app, but I pick and choose episodes depending on the topic.
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  10. A smattering of screenshots taken off of the TV. This is an incredible mod! Not just for the video but the pure digital audio sounds amazing.
  11. After being distracted by other spending when it came out I finally got round to buying this as it's in the E3 sale. Really enjoying it, and it feels a fair bit more balanced and refined than the demo from last year. Great pick up and play value all round, and really polished visuals (such a shame Nintendo lives a generation behind the HDR era). The Adventure mode is brilliantly absurd.
  12. My modded DCHDMI Dreamcast arrived today! Heres some pictures of the work done to it by Ben Fong over @iFixRetro.. DCHDMI board and ribbon install: The mini-HDMI case mod in progress: Finally, I had him install a new battery holder to easily swap out batteries when they run out (i.e. no more redoing the time every power cycle) and also a new self healing fuse that will prevent the controller board from frying if a controller is plugged in or out while the system is powered on: Cost of the DCHDMI kIt: $150 Cost of the mod work with shipping: $130 Total cost: $280 Dreamcast games upscaled to 1080p with pure digital video/audio: Priceless.
  13. Ashley Johnson almost lets slip the release date: Starts at 1:07:00 ZhugEX over at resetera who is a pretty trusted insider on the Sony side says that is indeed the targeted internal date (February 2020). It also lines up with Jason Schreier’s report that Death Stranding was hitting in November and TLOUII was pushed to early 2020.
  14. I sold of my figures on Ebay for the most part and yes there’s some good advice here already. If you’ve not sold on EBay and used PayPal the the money will be on hold for a bit before you can access it. The number of transactions and dollars will change that but as Joey mentioned, you should be aware of it. 1. When you post an auction, make sure to select that immediate payment is required. It gives the user three days to pay or they lose it. You can send an invoice before or after depending but more often than not, I’ve gotten payment immediately with no invoice and sent and I move ahead with shipping. I’ve sent invoices after on request. 2. Check the option to not accept offers or allow folks with zero feedback to buy your item. Don’t waste your time and save yourself the headache. There’s a boat load of scammers on Ebay. 3. Ebay and PayPal offer easy shipping services once an auction is complete via FedEx and UPS. I prefer Fedex as they have better rates but you can easily print labels and ship ASAP. Check rates to make sure you are posting accurate shipping costs on your auction based on the item you are shipping. You can do that right on the FedEx or USPS website. 4. Check other listings that have SOLD when pricing your item. I always set the price of the item a bit higher than that, listed the item as “Buy it Now” but allowed folks to make offers. I set the low end of the acceptable offer as the price I actually expected to get on the item. I rarely had to go lower.:) 5. If the items are smaller and you can absorb the cost, free shipping is enticing as hell to folks. I was lucky in that I shipped everything from work for free but I know most folks don’t have that option. If you can do it though, it may move faster. 6. Be super accurate with your descriptions. Folks will latch onto the tiniest missed detail you didn’t put in an auction and if it’s get to the point where Ebay gets involved - as the seller you’re going to lose. 7. Post pictures. Lots of them and be clear they are getting the item in the picture. Stock photos = I ain’t buying it. All of that having been said, don’t underestimate Facebook marketplaces and local options. Easy money to product swap, no shipping and no fees means more money in your pocket. Hope that helps.
  15. I know Romier's sold a bunch of his high quality figurines (aka dolls for geeks), he might have advice too on avenues - @Romier S
  16. Thanks, Brian, don't know if I would have seen this! There have already been a lot of great suggestions here. I am out of the game these days, so I have no experience at all selling on Reddit. I used to do all of my selling almost exclusively on Ebay, though I did do trades and deals through various enthusiast forums (Digital Press, Cheap Ass Gamer) as they had a pretty decent feedback system and they would usually be pretty tight knit. It was rare to get scammed there unless it was somebody with very little activity, and in that case, people would usually be cautious and not setup any massive deals. Ebay is pretty straightforward: - Like Joey said, keep communication through Ebay's system and obviously just ignore outside offers, non-PayPal payment offers, etc. - Always, always ship with tracking information and weigh everything and don't try to guess on shipping costs - Be very descriptive about the condition of the item, any flaws, and take a few high quality photos - I would always recommend researching how much similar items have sold for recent (sold, not just got listed for) and place a Buy It Now price just below that, I can't stress enough how much more you will get with BIN listings vs. auction listings, though it may take longer to sell
  17. It's here. For fun I put my outgoing projector on top of the Epson. Needless to say the Epson is BIG. I've gotten it hooked up and have taken a quick gander at some 4K HDR stuff, and oof it's quite beautiful. So much lovely detail. I do have to take a moment to praise the old Panny, though. It provided many years of stunning imagery itself. But the future is definitely here.
  18. Selling locally is much easier, but you're also limited to locals, so it really depends on where you are. I haven't sold on ebay in ages, but they take a cut. Same deal as Paypal if people pay by CC (make sure to specify that you won't cover CC fees in this case-the seller can do it). Not sure what other options you have for p2p cash transfer where you are. Here in Canada all the banks are connected to each other (interac), which offers an etransfer service that's really convenient for p2p transactions. I know some people in the US use Venmo, but it's not really a thing here. If you know what you're selling, and have things ready to ship, then you can figure out shipping cost in advance. If you run into problems selling, figure out what your shipping cost would be (even if it's just continental US), add that to the price, and then list with "free shipping". Might get more hits that way.
  19. Diamonds for unlocks, like Crypt, but the map is persistent through each run. It’s kind of a compromise. So every time you start up it generates a new map for that entire run. Not as random as Crypt, but still replayable.
  20. Is it basically the same as necrodancer (run based) or is it more persistent/continuous?
  21. I actually loaded up Disneyland Adventures last night from Gamepass, just to check out their version of Disneyland. I can't really tell if the Main St windows are all there, but they do have the light on in Walt's apartment, which is a nice touch.
  22. For all the talk about gamepass ultimate having all the first party stuff, I found it strange that Minecraft for PC isn't included in it (although it's there on console).
  23. I had no interest in some of the latest “seasons” of Business Wars but I’ve enjoyed them all: Hasbro vs Mattel, Ferrari vs Lamborghini, a revisit of the Netflix vs Blockbuster series, Anheuser-Busch vs Miller. They’ve now started a Sports Wars podcast with a different host: Favre vs Rodgers and Federer vs Nadal. Jordan vs Isiah is the current season.
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