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  2. I was thinking the same. Could only explain it away with the killing of Dany making it a non-starter due to the conflict it’d bring? Also wondering why they even needed a Nights Watch anymore, but I think they had that even before the white walkers. Loved a bunch of shots in this episode, that one of Dany spreading her dragon wings, the three Starks walking in the same direction at the end, but on separate paths, Drogon coming out of the snow, Sansa being crowned, lots of good visuals. But it still more logic defying moments like Jaime’s hand being visible and Tyrian moving like 3 bricks to uncover their bodies. Overall I was surprised how ok I was with how the remaining characters were wrapped up.
  3. After the last few episodes, I think my expectations were set so low, I actually liked the last one much more than I thought I would.
  4. I think it was the only reason he didn’t get eaten. If anyone else had killed Dany I think they would have been burnt to nothing. I’m not certain Jon could be burned. Overall, the finale was probably as good as it could have been considering the hand the season had dealt. But I was far from blown away.
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  6. I mean, I didn’t totally hate that. Some decent character moments there and I liked the simplicity with which the Dany thing was handled. There’s plenty of WTF shit in there as well but again, I didn’t hate it. Drogon basically peacing the fuck out made me laugh. (missed opportunity to have Bran warg into him to find him ther at the end) Amusing that John being a Targaryen amounted to almost nothing in the end.
  7. And now it's over. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da P.S. I hear Veep is good.
  8. So, [url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/succubuspublishing/middara/posts/2494931]Middara[/url] hit the table. Set it up for a learning run-through of the "MAST" extended tutorial/intro that's four encounters long, with the four characters. You get preset gear etc through the story for your "school exams". Ended up playing all four encounters + read the story (multiple pages long..) to set up the first encounter in chapter one. I definitely got a few things wrong with combat & enemies, but soldiered through it. In fact, couldn't stop. It really does capture that feeling of a turn based tactical JRPG with its movement rules + relatively straightforward attack/spell flow. There are definitely a lot of numbers/bonuses from gear to remember about (especially when running all four characters...) but I never felt overwhelmed, and the fun of the encounter setup just pulled me in so much. Maps are never quite what they appear initially, with new rooms + enemies + traps + loot appearing when you see key "totem" squares. I think this is what I wanted from Arcadia Quest. Middara just slays it on a mechanic level, and then the story & skill trees just pulling me in. I'll be playing it again tomorrow... Need to test out all the new gear I bought... It's big though. Total table hog if you've got the player mats, but I suspect some careful organisation of "bits" & cards will reduce that a lot. If Gloomhaven or other 'campaign' games appeal, and you can dig the JRPG/Anime-esque themes, this is something you should pay attention to. There is a lot of game going on in this box.
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  10. That’s great. The prices on a lot of TVs become super good value quite quickly. Outgoing 55” C8 OLEDs are around £1200 here right now which is mind boggling.
  11. Ordered new joysticks and buttons for the MK cab, also pulled everything out of the current control panel, replacing buttons should be simple, the joysticks will be more of a challenge.
  12. Why not put him in a padded suit and maybe mold nipples on the outside? Problem solved.
  13. Definitely wait for future titles to get some dates. I’d expect at least one more significant pre-order to be added in future. I’m likely to go Mario Maker and Mario Tennis, and if Pokemon Shield and Luigi’s Mansion 3 or something get added I’ll buy another two vouchers. Has anyone bought an 8bitdo M30 pad? Saw John from Digital Foundry tweeting about using it on the Castlevania collection. Reviews seem good, you just have to contend with backwards buttons if playing Nintendo games, but most importantly the d-pad seems really good. The pad is effectively a Megadrive and Saturn hybrid. Since Hori still wont bring their fight pad to Switch this appeals.
  14. Wait until you try expert mode. That’s when shit gets interesting. Coop mode is great in this game too.
  15. People love them, and never get rid of them.
  16. I suppose I should mention that I finally started playing Cuphead this past week. I’m not very far along — only just made it to the second island last night — but I can definitely say the game has rightly earned its reputation. I spent a good hour or so fighting Wally Warbles (the bird in the birdhouse) this evening. It was frustrating to die over and over again, but when I finally got that knockout, it felt so good. That’s probably the toughest boss I’ve encountered so far, and it has me a little scared of what’s to come.
  17. I've got the ED64 Plus which is just an Everdrive ripoff. Looks like it even uses the same software according to reviews. I buy the games I truly want for the N64 and try out the games I missed when I was younger. Even let's me play NES games but I just use the Classic for those
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  19. Silly me, I forgot a couple of points. 1) Music is basically nonexistent or so low key you don’t notice it, which is a bit of a bummer. Most of the games have excellent soundtracks and this one I mostly listened to podcasts while I played. 2) Dungeon of the game award goes to Snowpeak Ruins, which sends you out of a central hub on a series of progress quests that are mostly puzzle based. It feels different and novel and an easy choice. 3) Since the game systems themselves don't have standby yet, I greatly praise the inclusion of the ooccoo, a hideous plucked bird thing that is in each dungeon and lets you create a warp point at any spot you want so you can leave the dungeon for potions or to save and have a life and then come back later. It was a godsend. 4) There is no ‘most annoying enemy’ award yet again because the game is bog easy. I think I used maybe two fairies in a jar at the start and in the time I took on Ganon I didn’t lose more than eight hearts (plus a couple from pots). It doesn’t need to be Dark Souls, but damn, son.
  20. This weekend, the real game starts. Avengers has planted itself at the top (as expected) and Detective Pikachu has had a strong, but not spectacular start that will probably place it in the bottom half when all is said an done. This weekend is looking like those that had faith in John Wick 3 (not me evidently) will be rewarded as it is looking like it will have a very strong opening weekend. John and his dog should overtake the kid and his yellow electric talking squirrel pretty quickly.
  21. I watched the first episode last night and liked it. Used my Xbox and the faux-Atmos was quite good, especially during flight scenes.
  22. Whatever, man. Too bad there isn't a whole sub-industry in Hollywood to bulk actors up for roles...
  23. Holy hell, what a fun read. That bottle collection from the place with 3 Fonteinen on tap is jaw dropping. It all sounds, and looks, like an amazing experience!
  24. Yes he was super skinny and lanky pre Cap era. Sure.
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