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  2. Nope it doesn't... Modern games decided couch co-op is dead. Exactly the same scenario too! We ended up just switching turns on every death - not as fun...
  3. Several years late to this party my son and I were all set to sit down and get to part 5. We’ve played through the first 4 games over the last 6 months or so doing split screen coop. Looks like this game doesn’t support it.
  4. Yeah, if there were an alternative reviewer of similar quality without them I’d go there.
  5. He’s arguably one of the most knowledgable and best, if not the best, calibrators in the country, but honestly I don’t think the more smutty puns do him or his channel many favours.
  6. I ended up buying 4 of these, its pretty much plug and play after you trim and crimp the wires, I couldn't figure the other cables out, seemed they may be suited for a different joystick. https://www.diyretroarcade.com/index.php/4-pin-jst-connector-with-0-187-and-0-110-terminal-ends.html
  7. Hehe more classic deadpan deliveries sprinkled in the first half. looks like LG knocked it out of the park. 120Hz, VRR and auto low latency mode - which introduces only 13 ms of latency.
  8. And you used the adapter we saw earlier? I’ve been hesitant to open the MK cabinet since the Galaga project did not go as expected. So I’ve just had the adapters and sticks sitting here.
  9. All set up, controls weren't difficult just took some time for the joysticks, luckily the IL Euro Sticks didn't need to be modified, but I did have to sand the inside of the left panel to get the control panel to fit nicely. The controls are also too big for the control panel cover, so I just left it off.
  10. Yeah, we’ve discussed KS before and it’s a real crap shoot. For every game that I genuinely enjoy, like Networks or Scoville, there’s an equally ‘what was I smoking’ for something like New Bedford and Apotheca. It’s a lot to break the cycle but I have been very cognizant of the money I’m spending lately and that’s kept the urges to a bare minimum. The only thing I have planned to back this year is the Middara reprint (thanks Brian). I especially try to avoid the huge cash sinks because they seem like a bad idea. Suburbia CE was an exception because I genuinely love that game and the art is pretty rubbish, so a fancy version was appealing. I also have the max pledge on Tidal Blades because dammit it looks fun. It’s easily the most likely to regret of all the stuff I have outstanding though. Ironically, one of my favorite KS buys is actually Xenon Profiteer, which has an aggressively dull theme and barely made its goals but is a tight, super fun little deck deconstructing game.
  11. Excited for this game. Biggest problem though is how chaotic things can get. You can lose track of where you are on the screen. Had this problem with even Diablo. And reviewers have specifically mentioned this as a problem. Nonetheless less, this is a buy.
  12. Like Cameron mentioned there was a local and national plan. Back then anything outside local area codes was long distance on phones.
  13. I realised with Netflix that I don’t need a rolling subscription. I need only sub for a month as and when I please to catch up on some of their shows. I’ll next check in around the time Dark Crystal is available, then check out again.
  14. The one thing that confused me in the video was how you’d rack up long distance charges on your phone bill. Did it dial a local number and connect to a local server, and if you wanted to play someone across the country, it would have to call another server? Or did it call the player after you got matched? (That didn’t seem to be the case in the video I saw). I would have loved this for the sports games. Even though I was getting into online gaming on PC around the time this came out, being able to play NHL with other people would ha e blown my mind.
  15. Man, let me tell you, this thing was legit at the time. This was truly my first experience with anything internet related. I don't think we had a computer yet, but I sure was using dial up to play Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat II online. I'm sure it was shit compared to today's standards, but I don't remember anything bad about performance. I think we screamed the first time it connected us with another live player. So funny 😂 The features you mention were well done for the time. I was messaging people I'd played with and we even somehow made a clan using additional profiles. We racked up some bills though and being young didn't fully grasp that concept. While the cheaper plan was limited to your local area, we lived in a rural area and I remember only 1 other person being online with it. You had to go with the Nationwide plan to really get the benefit.
  16. Yeah the only stores left that I usually look at are Amazon, B&N and Elusive, I bought most of my stuff the last year and a half from Ed’s before he closed.
  17. Any KS games that came to retail , and became popular has had steady reprints and are pretty easy to find these days. Once everything is setup the first time, it’s a lot quicker. If only we had faster freighters to cross the pacific . The one game that I am still shocked does not have a retail/online release is 7th continent. It has a lot of printed cards, but there are ways around making it a easier to ship product. I could say the same about Batman Chronicles really (other games have base sets), it’s Batman, not Conan. But anyone who missed the first time can get in on the S2 campaign and probably drop $700 for it all 🥺
  18. Other than Stranger Things, I don't even bother checking Netflix anymore! My go-to is Amazon Prime. They have so many old school horror titles and such that it's almost like video store days checking the titles they offer.
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  20. Reverb is a great site. Purchased a lot from there and even got a call from the mothership after a particularly large purchase to make sure I was satisfied with the transaction.
  21. It seems some of these sites are folding. In addition to EdsAwesomeMusic, SoundStageDirect also shut down. Although my wishlist is still there, when i try to add any of the titles to my cart, it sends me to a site called Reverb LP which seems to be similar to Discogs.
  22. Another niche retro product video. This one is on the history of the XBand multiplayer modem for Genesis and SNES. This is is one of those things that I remember reading about and seeing ads for, and was really excited by it, but I don’t think it was ever released in Canada so I never really knew what happened with it. Not only did it come out, but apparently it worked well and had many features that are now staples of online services such as messaging, matchmaking, parental controls, tournaments and more. I was also shocked to learn that they made a version for Saturn, which was released in NA by Sega as the Netlink modem. I always thought that thing was vapourware. There is is a group that is trying to revive the XBand for the 16bit systems and get it working again over the internet.
  23. I thought you had taken my money and ran.... you wouldn’t have gotten too far.
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