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    Hyuck, I mah gone have git me some help pickin’ me up one them thar Annihilation four kay casettes and sendin’ it across the waters! ....better?
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    So glad to see you all again! I just had to buy a new computer. It was very traumatic for me. But I had everything transferred to an external hard drive and with Chrome it still looks kinda like James' computer. You guys look awesome.
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    That 3.56:1 game layout, in full. For reference, the steering wheel is about steering wheel sized; it's ridiculously immersive despite the black line.
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    And boom-shaka-laka I just scored an LG OLED65B7A for $1899 from buydig ( see slickdeals you have to call it in)
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    We're HipSTARS. Too cool to side completely with one thing or the other (at least that's what I'll keep telling myself to help me feel relevant).
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    What the heck do they teach over here?? actually I know... Might be worth kicking off a WW2 thread, guys?
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    Hasn't sold since being built yet, and it's a BEAUTIFUL place! Overlooks the water. I guess it's too far from Seattle for all the techies to want around here. Guess I'll have to sell one of my books to Hollywood and get the dang place myself! ()
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    So the OLED gods have smiled upon thee. I submitted a price rewind request on my CITI card citing the price from tvsuperstores (as mentioned by people in the Slickdeals forum thread). Today it was approved. So the grand total I paid for the OLEDB657A was $1399. A steal.
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    OK Wipeout is amazing... It's kind of funny that the two best games I've tried so far are reboots. I think perhaps this speaks to the retro-ish level of the graphics hardware. Personally, I have no problems if it becomes a trend to port over older games to VR. Would be fun to have something casual like Hot Shots Golf in VR...imagine reading the greens in "real" 3D. I also tried 'converting' my setup to standing (put the camera on a tripod), and tried the Job Simulator demo, what a cool mindfuck. I set up the motion controllers for my 'hands'. It's amazing how easily the brain is fooled into treating these virtual environments, even super cartoony ones, as real environments. At one point I dropped something in-game and had a moment of shock, as if it was going to break or get lost on the floor. I can only imagine what Resident Evil is like, not sure I have the guts to try it. So far the only hints of sickness I've had were in Skyrim with full-motion rotation turned on, and a hint in Wipeout when I turned off the cockpit side-panels so the view is almost full-width. But I continued to play that way and I seemed to get over it. Still my brain gets overloaded pretty quick. I need to take breaks at least every 45 min, more often 30.
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    The game is $9 bucks on PSN right now (discount in the cart). https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1192-CUSA03333_00-HPL3SOMAGAME2015 If you have a Pro, it runs beautifully with boost mode. Highly, highly recommended!
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    After 10 min, It looks really nice. You can still see grain, and colors pop. Not even to the Island yet.
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    Buy WipeOut! Driveclub VR is pfft. 😁 Buy WipeOut!
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    Thanks! By "soon" I hadn't necessarily meant "now" - but I looked on Craigslist and someone about a mile from me was selling his Skyrim bundle (v2 headset) for a decent price. He said it was used twice, and I believe him as the little protective stickers were still on it. So I got it! Set-up was a breeze, although I went in and did the eye-distance setup just to be sure it was right for me. I'm proud to say my very first VR experience (I mean ever, I've never done any demos or anything before) was Rez Infinite. It's so effing cool! It almost feels like cheating as you are now in the game instead of just looking at the game. It's been a while since I played Rez, did they alter some of the gameplay for VR? I sense that some things are different. Not bad, at all, just different. My second VR experience was The Last Guardian demo, it's exceptionally cool, but definitely shows the limitations of the platform more. Whereas the pixelation works fine with Rez, it's more notable when rendering more realistic environs. Still, the ability to look around, move your head to see occluded objects...it's just great. Then I tried the demo of Moss, whoa, how adorable...and how cool is it to lean forward and get a close look at the little storybook world they created for the game. I'm definitely going to get that one. I really want to try Dirt Rally, but it's pretty expensive right now. I might wait and instead give Driveclub VR a go since it's not so much. Haven't even tried Skyrim yet...
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    Holy god this is stunning on the X at 4K! If only it supported HDR as well.
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    Molly’s Game was really good. Put Chastain and Elba in more movies together.
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    Xbox One X and PS4 Pro patches tomorrow! I've been waiting for this so I could do another playthrough. SWEET.
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    Is it weird that I resurrect this post a million (8) years later? Yeah, yeah, Camp agreed with me about reading on a tablet in a dark room. But his business about falling asleep after staring at LCDs? Is this common knowledge now? Because I happened across this post randomly tonight and I wonder if everyone knows how ahead of the curve/on top of things his post was.
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    Sony 85x900f ordered. Will be about a month before it’s here and in place. Finally, my home theater will emerge from its years-long slumber, having assuming its greatest shape and form yet... 😉
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    Congratulations on the free TV. I am so glad I don’t have to help you move it. Those fuckers are heavy.
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    Finished my first play through. I can confirm that the original Panzer Dragoon unlocks and plays without issue! It doesn’t get any enhancements and still has a strong blur filter that makes the game look like someone wiped the screen with Vaseline but it’s still a pretty solid way to play the original if you don’t have a Saturn w/RGB. The main game at near 4K might be my favorite thing ever until they give me Silent Hill 2.:D
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    WONDERFUL video someone has made highlighting the awful 1998 audio mix for Grease and the new 40th Anniversary mix (based on the old 6-track 70mm release): I should have the disc for the weekend all going well. Really looking forward to it.
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    Don't forget to download Dead Space 2 today! I started the download a while ago.
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    Finally moved my UHD player into the HT, just to check out the Atmos on various discs. Wow! Blade Runner. *drool* Even IT sounded superior to the Blu Ray Atmos.
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    Well then you still have a bottom to hit then.
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    Getting mighty close now. I didn't feel like playing The Old Hunters on a NG+ (though I do plan to play NG+), I've spent time with it this past week. Like the rest of the game, I've overleveled a bit, running most of the DLC between 105-120. As I stated earlier, I had major trouble with Ludwig. I was able to get by him with Valtr's help (after finally getting him to second phase on my own, my personal requirement to summon help) and slowly work through the rest of the DLC. This morning was my crowning achievement: after struggling with Laurence for a while ( I always got him to third phase no then he would wreck me), I finally beat him (with my last two throwing knives, of all things) after some help from (you guessed it) Valtr again. I figured I'd go down to the beach in the Hamlet and see the final DLC boss, spoken of in hushed tones. I'd get my feet wet, so to speak. After a legitimately exceptional cutscene, the Orphan and I threw down. And wouldn't you know, I beat him on my first try. Admittedly, I was level 124, but I still feel damn good about it. I wasn't spec'ed in the least (still had all three Moon Runes on, and the Charred Hunter Gear for Laurence), I used 19/20 vials, but I managed to outlast him. It was a great fight, and he is a great looking boss. It is always interesting how different people struggle or succeed on different bosses. A credit to the game designers for their variety in the boss mechanics. I am hoping to Platinum this game in the next few weeks, so I still need to finish the main quest (my last story boss was Micolash) and play through a large number of chalice dungeons. I may take a brief siesta after the main game for God of War. I also need to finish getting all of the weapons and tools. But this close to the end of NG, I can enthusiastically say that this is one of the very best video games I've ever played. A classic in every sense of the word, beautiful to see and hear, and gripping to play.
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    A Quiet Place is FANTASTIC! A horror movie like this only comes along every ten years or so.
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    It is the power of making your bank account empty.
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    Force Unleashed and RDR look incredible. I wanted to check out the opening level of Force Unleashed and ended playing through most of the junk planet. It has its issues but I forgot how much fun it is.
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    Damn, just downloaded this. It's amazing.
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    Help. The last 7hrs I've put into the game over the course of this week has been dedicated to building a parking garage.
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    I guess I'm just distracted distracted by teh pretteh VR
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    I've thankfully always made an effort to keep all of my games and consoles. There have been some exceptions but given my current retro gaming kick, I'm glad that I tend to hoard things more often than not. Even if it is a pain to store/move.
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    I need to hear more about how you hate it.
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    Looks like we'll be getting announcements on the next batch of OG Xbox titles on X on April 10th, the next episode of the Xbox show that Hyrb is running. Bring it on. Specifically: Both in 4k? Do me this solid, Microsoft and I will be your ever faithful servant from here on out.
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    Ok excuse me while I express amazement at things that many of you have been doing for years. Just did some racing in Driveclub VR. What a trip. It’s astonishingly futuristic and retro at the same time. The latter because of the low level of detail, The former because of how freaking uncanny the driving experience is. Using the wheel massively reinforces to your brain that you really are in a car. It’s very strange to race on courses I’ve raced hundreds of times before. In some cases, I have a hard time recognizing a course despite how familiar it seems.
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    That's correct, it can't do the dynamic simulation for games. I could be mistaken but I THINK part of the problem is HDR in the games industry actually has no set standards, at least not in the sense that film and broadcast industries have standards for such things, so it is generally harder for displays to get an idea of what their working with and how best to apply tone mapping. LG changed the way they handled HDR in game mode last year. On the 2016 models at least, if you actually watch an HDR movie in ISF or Cinema mode, and switch to watching the movie in HDR game mode you will actually see game mode handles the HDR curve quite differently, some would argue it actually does a better job of preserving specular highlight detail in game mode and my eyes would agree, the downside is 'real cinema' is disabled in game mode which isn't ideal if watching movies. Not my images, but illustrating the point the HDR Game Mode actually retains more highlight detail vs the other HDR modes with video content on the older sets (HDR above, HDR Game Mode below): People got pissy about the Game Mode change, but they seem to be those who are of the belief that HDR = brightness rather than HDR = detail in brightness, so yes while the overall image in game mode dimmed somewhat, it was to aid the retention of highlight detail which is precisely the approach LG take to tone mapping in all of their other HDR modes anyway. I've shared this before, but Vincent did a good video about how various manufacturers have different approaches to tone mapping HDR. LG's old game mode would clip highlights a lot more, much in the way the Sony OLED panel opts to handle HDR for all content. You can see, again, LG's choice for video content is to have an overall darker image and preserve more highlight detail which is now how the HDR Game mode operates, and Panasonic seem to have found a happy middle ground: I can only assume LG's HDR Game mode does an even better job of retaining highlight detail because it might be dimming the overall image more than the regular modes do. I can't be sure, but the reasons for this could again be due to possible lack of standards for HDR in gaming, and the fact that games will more typically have 4000 and 10,000nit peaks compared to movies (which are capable of having up to 10,000, but it is currently quite rare), so in assuming games may have a lot more highlight detail the LG perhaps is a little more aggressive in trying to preserve it? All guesswork on my part, also I speak only for the 6th Gen LG's in comparing their various HDR modes. LG's 'Active HDR' did not become available until the 2017 models, so I'd actually assume that the regular HDR modes with Active HDR enabled on 2017 and 2018 models do a much better job of retaining more highlight detail than the regular HDR modes on the 2016 sets do, which would render the game mode trick for movie content rather moot on the latest LG sets. When we have 4000 and 10,000 nit displays none of this damn stuff will matter anymore.... and we wont be talking about OLED anymore either of course. Personally, on my E6, I have it switched off completely. 24fps judder has never bothered me at the cinema for all the years I've been alive, so I don't need any algorithms trying to smooth it out at home. Now for some broadcast feeds, sports...etc, it might be worth experimenting, but it's hit and miss, and at the end of the day LGs motion processing just isn't particularly good at this kind of thing (that might change with the 2018 models, however). Back to TrueMotion on 24p content though. Do you own Sicario? Right at the start of chapter 2 or 3 they arrive at a base and there are some helicopters flying in the background. If I have the sliders set to 0 those helicopters judder like crazy on my E6, whereas they're fine with TrueMotion switched off. If your set passes the Sicario test, then sure leave the sliders at 0.
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    What other horrible stuff did we invent in past LCVG posts? Time for a search for Trump posts. If I invented blue light sleeping disorder I need to balance things out by pointing a finger elsewhere.
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    “Starring half the Star Wars fanbase.” ”.....salt.”
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    $6 for Titanfall 2 Ultimate? No brainer.
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    I have to share this. This was awesome last night. First, I felt I was ready to fight the 3 ninja guys. But figured, I could use help so I rang the bell. I just barely beat them with the help of a friend. GREAT! But then I went to the next area. And I don't understand how BELLs work. Because all of a sudden I had TWO people helping me. I didn't even know you could have two people helping. But I did. They were leading me through the level. Showing me where the chests were. Which was pretty neat. But then, I went out on a granite outside dock or terrace or something with an old woman in a wheelchair and those two helpers couldn't come out with me. They were blocked at the door and they just both stood there. POINTING. They were telling me to do something but I didn't know what. So I hit the wheelchair woman and she was hurt. I looked back at the helpers and they were still pointing. So I just killed the woman. Looked at the helpers. They were still pointing. I walked to the edge of the platform, looked down into the ocean, and there was a glow in the ocean. DID THEY WANT ME TO JUMP IN? No way, falling means death in this game. I looked back at them, and they started rolling. Which I took to mean, JUMP. I was like, fuck it, if I die I die. I jumped and I didn't die. I thought that experience being helped by other people, communicating only with gestures, was really cool Anyway, the spiderboss kicked my butt. So I guess I'm not ready. But still, that was pretty cool.
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    It's been a big hit with my wife & daughter. It's like the polar opposite of Great British Bake Off in so many ways.
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    The Grease Coca-Cola fix for those curious (the restoration image is an phone shot of the itunes 4k stream from the user reanimator on Blu-ray.com): This is how the background mural looked since the film's theatrical release (it stuck out like a sore thumb even in SD, let alone theatrical and HD/4K): There's some other Coke stuff in the diner I assume will have also been altered. The whole issue dates back to a Pepsi product placement deal being struck prior to the filming of the movie, of which the production design team were unaware, so after filming Paramount had to blur out the Coke references. I'm much happier with a digital alteration vs the old and obvious blurring.
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    I got the digital version of the new Ghostbusters for some reason and still haven't watched it.
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    What the hell is all this talk about people not liking Salacious B. Crumb?
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    I always keep the Blu-rays for the extras, and should I ever want to rip them for iPad/travel purposes. I do jettison the codes on eBay though (or in the case of US imports, give them away to you chumps). If Movies Anywhere existed in the UK I might be more inclined to hold onto the codes but it doesn't, so I can make £3-10 back selling them on. I do think it is time we saw $5/£5 shaved off the retail price of UHD discs, especially catalogue titles.
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    Can't yet decide how I feel about there being a videogame discussion thread in 2018 that references scart leads.
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