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    This April marked 15 years since the beginning of LCVG! It's been great to visit here daily, for online friendships and fun, meaningful discussions. Here's to the admin team, the moderators, and all my online pals! Congrats! Carlos.
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    Dramatic recreation of Phil's theater exit:
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    Not a new movie, but I watched Toy Story with my 2 year old for the first time yesterday. We’ve tried a few other movies with my daughter before, but she either got too scared, or grew tired of it after a half hour or so. Toy Story had her complete attention from start to finish. As she sat there, completely enraptured by it, and I laughed it some of its early jokes, I was reminded what a completely magical movie this is. The story, the humour, the characters, and the world that it creates where toys come to life is just perfect. It changed the way movies are made, not just for being the first fully computer animated feature, but what we expect an animated “kids” movie to be. As I was thinking this to myself, my wife turned to me and said “this movie is so good isn’t it?”. I told her that I was just thinking to myself that it is one of the most magical movies ever.
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    It is official, expanse saved by amazon . Deal for S4 was completed last night.
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    That's a lot of time for Forza.
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    Anyone listened to Business Wars? It’s a documentary style podcast dealing with company rivalries. Each rivalry is a season and each season runs between 5-8 episodes, each running between 23-48 minutes. I started with s5. I’m liking it thus far though I could do without the conversational recreations. Seasons so far: Netflix vs Blockbuster Nike vs Adidas Marvel vs DC The First Computer War Nintendo vs Sony
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    In April? How did we miss that? 15 years is a ridiculous amount of time to keep spending around people I hate so much.
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    My enthusiasm for UHD is waning with some of these shoddy restorations, questionable encoding jobs and weak audio. There could well me more discs with some kind of significant issue than there are without at this point. We should not be dealing with this stuff after all these years.
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    I adore the book. But “nothing happens” in the sense that nothing happens in Stalker - it’s about the internal feelings of the Biologist, and her coming to terms with loss, not a sci-fi explosions and horror fest. The movie is is totally different in terms of a series of events, but in its ability to recreate my emotional journey reading the novel it was bang on in a way putting the story up “faithfully” wouldn’t have been. Annihilation lives on its sense of reality bending away and becoming something new; just doing the familiar would have been totally wrong for this.
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    Old thread but, nowhere else seemed appropriate for this post... The wife got me a new Nespresso machine today. It’s the Expert Series with the separate milk frother: https://www.nespresso.com/uk/en/order/machines/original/magimix-expert-anthracite-grey Anyway, it’s pretty awesome Any Nespresso machine is pretty solid for a single shot coffee but, this one has Bluetooth to set a coffee or change settings on the machine, you can que up a coffee to brew at a set time and it makes a damn good Lungo and Americano with custom coffee and water volumes for each type. Very nice and the milk frother has settings for different milk-foam densities which is something I never thought I’d use but, was pretty cool to have when I did try it. The wife got it through Nespresso themselves on a monthly payment scheme and, the monthly payment amount is credited back to our account for coffee pods each month so it affectively doesn’t cost me anything (we spend about £30 per month on Nespresso pods now and this one costs £35 per month). Never owned a coffee machine like this but it’s almost like a mobile phone contract so that was kinda cool to have as an option too.
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    Correction. Tetris with Mizuguchi lighting effects! (and responsive environments) Hook it to my veins, please.
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    Also, I’ll take the opportunity to reinforce a truth that always needs to be reinforced - FUCK Rob Zombies Halloween movies.
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    Now that my back has healed more, I can get back into "driving position" with the wheel. Driving was the last gaming activity I could return to because of the body position, so I've altered my seating to be more ergonomic. I only got to play Dirt Rally a few times before my back went bananas in April (almost certainly exacerbated by my attempts to drive), so I'm only now getting deep into the game and have raced two levels of career championships, both in the 1960s Lancia Fulvia. I'm now about to start a new level "professional", but I bought the Group B Lancia Delta S4 which is wildly more powerful, and crazy fun to drive. I just can't express how impressive this game is in VR (I know i'm repeating myself, I can't help it!)...it's literally a whole new dimension in rally racing. Between the well-implemented FFB, and the wonderful physics of the cars and surfaces (with some quibbles in the last dept), VR lets you intuit aspects of each bump, turn and jump in a far more immediate way. Perhaps counterintuitively, it takes away some of the sheer anxiety of racing at the edge of control because you don't have to think as much. You let your natural stereo depth-perception read the roadway, whereas in 2D it's always a bit of a guess, interpreting parallax and shading, which I find more taxing (although I never realized just how much interpreting I had to do before). Not that this game is easy, even in VR, but it is fair and rock-solid consistent. Also, the VR sound is excellent, the cars sound unique and there is a nice spatial reverb that puts you even more into the drivers seat (note I never played this game with headphones before, so I can't say whether the sound is different in VR). While the engine sounds dominate (and sound great), the mix is good so you can hear the co-driver, the car vibrate and creak around you, the wind buffeting at high speeds, and the tire sounds. This game does show it's age just a bit in the tire sounds, as they sound somewhat artificial and there isn't a ton of variety. Still, they do convey information about grip very effectively, which is their essential role. And what a treat it is to have the interior of the car, so faithfully recreated, all around you to take in. I LOVE looking down at the actual tach and speedometer instead of on-screen graphics. I also love that the gear shift moves to reflect which gear you're in (although I use paddles to shift, it's a little thrill to look down and see the shifter moving), and the pedals depress when you push (not that I ever notice while driving). Not to mention the co-driver sitting next to you. He could perhaps be more animated, as it is he stares at the clipboard, but it's still cool to sense him sitting next to you. One of the few downsides of playing in VR is needing to set your view in the car frequently, almost at the start of each stage...luckily it's easy enough to do with the options button (which I can reach without looking at the wheel, which is critical since I can't see it with the headset on). I usually just lean back a lot and set it, so that my view is near the roof of the car, with a decent view of the wheel itself. Another issue in VR is the virtual hands they render in-game. I had to turn them off because they do not match the movements you are making with the FFB wheel, so there is this very odd disconnection with the VR world...enough that it's very distracting. The fix for this is to turn off the hands altogether, at least this way the 'ghost wheel' in the car moves along with your movements, restoring that connection to the VR wheel, even if you have no hands. Surprisingly the lower-res graphics don't really detract much from the experience. The only time I can point to the graphics as a problem is on some stages, particularly Sweden with harsh sunlight casting hard shadows of trees, it can be a little hard to read far-off road conditions...because they have been muddled by high-contrast aliasing. This issue is fleeting, but it's real. I now consider this game to be the definitive rally video game, which is strange because it's successor, Dirt 4, is improved in a number of ways and is evolved in a new direction with the procedural stages. It's somewhat improved graphically over Dirt Rally, and they really refined the dry tarmac physics in Dirt 4. But frustratingly, Codemasters has not released a VR version of Dirt 4 on any platform. I understand this must be a financial decision, but it's really a shame.
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    I saw it with a group from the forum including Angel, Joey, Joel and Phil. Let's just say opinions were divided. The look on Phil's face as we left the theater was amusing though.:) EDIT: Forgot to mention Joel was there too!
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    PS+ June titles: XCOM 2 [PS4] Trials Fusion [PS4] Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier [PS3] Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition [PS3] Squares [VITA] Atomic Ninjas [VITA
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    Been dipping back into Mario Kart over the long weekend. Such fun, though it's a pity it doesn't really become a challenge until you get to 150cc. I really do love this console as it just seems to fit perfectly with the pick up and play for thirty minutes mentality that I lean towards so regularly these days with games. It's made me wonder what Nintendo will do as a follow up to the Switch as the handheld/docked formula seems so right for them that it would surely be insane if they did not continue that kind of hardware combination (but Nintendo like to make insane decisions).
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    The piano in the other pack is a thing of beauty. I’ve not even had a chance to borrow my son’s long enough to try the other parts, but it’s mindblowing that it can do polyphonic.
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    Sometimes you see a trailer which brings you back to your childhood.I need to see this .
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    I picked one up (LG UBK90) from BB. I'll post some first impressions after I test it tonight. I did have to make the cashier price match to their own website - and I did get a Harmony 665-10 for free with the player.
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    S1 is good stuff. S2 is mostly good - there are two episodes that are basically a pretty epic movie. So far, S3 has been amazing. Lots of twists and turns and plotting. It’s my favourite hourlong right now.
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    I love the Nolan movies. I love the MCU movies. There is just no getting around the fact that these DC movies belong in the shit heap with the Fantastic Four movies. Which is a travesty since BvS and Justice League deserve to be awesome. It is highly offensive that they are not.
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    Just want to comment briefly on Jurassic Park before I head to bed. I ended up having the chance to watch it in its entirety tonight and I'm pleased with it. It's Universal, there's is grain reduction applied as a consequence, but it's not severe like the 3D release. What's odd is it's most heavily applied during daylight exteriors (at the paddock feeding the raptors, everyone boarding the tour vehicles and finding the sick triceratops stood out most notably in this respect). JP was never a particularly grainy movie, and since this is a scan from the negative I can't imagine there would have been much justification, if any, to reign in whatever grain is in the source. Things never get waxy though, so I let it pass. I really like some of the interior scenes like the seated tour and then the hatching lab with the eggs. Also later when John and Ellie are at the table and he's talking about his flea circus. Things look especially natural and film like there. In all honesty nothing with this one was severe enough as to detract from my enjoyment of the movie which was an absolute pleasure to watch after many years. The highlight is probably the colour for me. It's more faithful to what I remember, rather than the washed out DVD and Blu-ray releases, plus it also does away with the orange push present in the 2012/2013 3D release. Just that wee bit too much DNR aside, this has not ended up anywhere near as bad as I feared and we finally have a decent release of Jurassic Park on home video.