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    I was gonna try to book tickets despite my wife + kids being lukewarm on it after their irrational dislike of the first film, but I came into work to find out our office manager booked us a private screening for the Friday, so I'm good
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    After Capcom's arcade stick announcement, the PS5 design has leaked... (Credit to BumbleChump over at Resetera who created this)
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    Aquaman is a waste of your precious time. Avoid at all cost (recognizing my warning is too late to save you all).
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    Thank you for your service. I saw the first third (half?) and didn't post a warning like you just did. Seeing your post made me feel like the type of person who puts a carton of spoiled milk back in the fridge.
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    Well, after a very trying week last week being sick, massively stressed, and dealing with all kinds of last minute issues to get open, we made it. The grand opening last Saturday was packed, now we are just trying to knock out the (sizable) to-do list and get the word out in the neighborhood that we are open. Rather than post any of my own crappy pictures, I'll just point you to this local article instead! https://www.thebozho.com/now-open-barleypop-live/ Oh, and the sound system is wonderful.
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    Yeah, I mean if they want to have the Emperor's ghost appear to Kylo or someone and have a Yoda like Sith pep talk - I'm kind of alright with that. If they go into the comic book level Emperor having cloned bodies and Snoke was a fucked up clone or some such nonsense - that's a just a big no thank you and just shows an utter level of lazy writing that surpasses Force Awakens moon base weapon. On the expanded universe stuff, I've gotten to the point where I want to downright smack fans that tell me I should see or read x or y to fill in blanks. I've actually done that in the past and I want to smack myself for doing it. If its not in the fucking movie, then shut up. If I have to read a god damned encyclopedia to understand what's happening in your movie, then you've already failed.
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    Well, we finally open our doors a week from today. I'll try to post some pics later because right now the place is still a mess, you'd never know we are going to have our first private friends/family/press event 5 days from now, hah. The geek in me is definitely excited to fire up our $25k sound system, certainly the most expensive A/V gear I've ever purchased! Already thinking about location number three, though will need to see how things go at the new spot and also give myself a break from the non-fun-shit (the planning and buildout phases) for a little while and just enjoy the music and the beer!
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    That's why you go to the 2:00 AM showing of it and don’t tell her about it. Problem solved! #fatheroftheyear
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    Just did a run that didn’t provide the missing Chatterbox piece but I did score my missing True Patriot glove.
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    I got my Civil War and Winter Soldier 😀
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    She paraded around in stockings and a garter belt, and she was still fucking boring. Rose Byrne did the same thing and... I might've rewatched that scene several times.
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    Spent most of the weekend helping Joel get up to WT5. I’m currently running with 5/6 True Patriot gear set. Just missing the gloves. Also, have 4/6 Ongoing Directive gear set. Also, completed the 160 point Survivalist. About half way on the sharpshooter. Started doing some Bounties. Have completed some, been destroyed in others. 😕
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    WT5 now, GS 465 and working my way up. I have 2 gear set pieces so far but, not the set I want Love this game and especially the Invaded missions - they are so fun and challenging in a good way. Just did the Bunker on Hard/Invaded and it was really difficult but, didn’t feel cheap (thankfully). My friend and I just needed to be careful and use strategies to work through the baddies: flanking the tougher guys, using suppression, using the environment, focusing on problem baddies, etc. Feels so rewarding in this game to beat these missions and the loot drop rotation is still fun.
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    https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/ I thought there was a thread discussing next gen but I couldn’t find it so I’m putting this here. Not a lot, but a few small tidbits, including seemingly confirmation of backwards compatibility and the inclusion of an SSD drive. I never doubted BC, but I’ve seen quite a few people express doubt, so this is great if true. Now can we have it for the rest of the Playstation family please?
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    Yeah it is and that's coming from someone that's beaten Bloodborne multiple times and has completed multiple Chalice Dungeon runs. You haven't even picked up a damned controller to play the game and are making definitive statements based on a "Let's Play" video stream? Most of which are by players who don't even understand how to properly do a Mikiri Counter. (yeah I watch them, too) I'm willing to listen to sincere, good faith criticisms about any game out there. If it doesn't interest you due to its presentation, story, gameplay or whatever else - then fair enough. Not all games are made for all audiences and sometimes people just don't jive with a particular game. I don't have an issue with that. However, don't wax poetic about the complexity of a games combat systems without making even the most minute effort to actually...you know.....play the game? The next evolution in game reviews, folks - watch a live stream then append a score and opinions as needed.
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    Can we just remind ourselves that Carl fucking Weathers is in this? Thanks.
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    As glad as I am to hear this, it's somewhat sad that we've reached the point where, “We promise not to fleece you after buying the game,” is being touted as a selling point.
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    Trailer... For the record, CG trailers really need to die in a fire. Between this and Bloodlines 2 - show me some damned gameplay.
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    Kids heard about Disney+ lineup on the news this morning - "Oh we're so getting that". /sigh
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    WT5 and the first of green gear drops. Shit just got real.
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    Kindle titles. 10. FREE. Today. My Author Page
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    Nice! I got two more levels this morning playing in a group of 4 and then 3 doing main missions. It was fantastic, the game’s a blast in co-op.
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    I’m level 11 :D! This game is so fun to pick at piecemeal. I am mostly soloing which is very challenging stuff though I just picked up the respawn HIVE which is a serious boon. I’m starting to get a few more clothing items, which is naturally the most important piece of the puzzle ;).
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    WT2 here now and right at 300 GS. And yes, the changing missions, random encounters, variations on the control points, etc are great - I’m really impressed with their endgame content and the dynamic changes each tier makes with the BT faction and everything. This game just absolutely nails the loot shooter and the Tom Clancy feel for me The Specializations are pretty fun too and change up the feel of combat. I have been playing co-op and my friend went Demolisionist and I went Survivalist and the combos are so fun between them. We typically start an encounter with him firing the grenade launcher at the group followed by my incendiary crossbow bolt and have burned though 2-3 armored golds in a few secs that way. Awesome
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    Busy, expensive and productive Saturday.:)
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    Found an utterly pristine copy of Mickey Mania on the Sega CD. If the CD was ever out inside of a drive, I’d be surprised. Only $32.
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    I’ve used a projector as my TV for about 15 years now. I’m on my 3rd projector in that time. I’ve also lived in 3 different apartments in that time with varying levels of light control. Where I am now, the “AV Room” (houses my computer, music setup, consoles and projector) is roughly 20’ x 10’ - the pj projects on the long axis of the room. It’s about 17’ from the screen. I have blackout “curtains” (really just cloth) that I can lower when needed. I was never a big TV watcher. I’ve never been the type to leave a TV on in the background. And it suits me to watch only evenings/night time. If I game in the afternoon, I will darken the room.
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    Glory had a formal US announcement this week. 30th of July release date for the US. 4K REMASTER FROM THE CAMERA NEGATIVE, with HDR, approved by director Edward Zwick ALL-NEW DOLBY ATMOS TRACK, as well as the original theatrical audio mix Director's Commentary Deleted Scenes with Commentary Virtual Civil War Battlefield Interactive Map "The True Story Continues" Documentary "The Voices of Glory" Featurette "The Making of Glory" Featurette Visual Feature-Length Commentary (on the 4K Blu-ray disc) Theatrical Trailer (on the 4K Blu-ray disc) Once again Sony also including the original audio mix. I'm liking this new trend of theirs.
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    After the fire at Notre Dame, Ubisoft is putting the PC version of Unity up for free: https://register.ubisoft.com/acu-notredame-giveaway/en-US , presumably because the game has a recreation of the cathedral in in. Not really sure what to make of it as a marketing stunt, but I never actually played Unity, and free is free.
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    As to the question about what the USB port is for - its for hacking silly!
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    Eurogamer has a superb interview with Amy Hennig in which she talks rather openly about the whole Star Wars experience. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-04-16-the-big-amy-hennig-interview I really sense we lost something special. The whole interview, about her career in general, where she is now, and her views on the industry, is well worth reading.
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    I'm just in the opposite position, really. I'm overjoyed they don't feel the need to answer every one of those questions. The world of Star Wars seems huge because so many things are hinted at in the original film without wasting time telling us the details. What were the Clone Wars? What did Anakin and Obi-wan do in them to be so highly regarded? How come Han thinks the Jedi are just a myth if Vader spends so much time Force-choking his underlings? Spending the whole Prequel trilogy answering these things, tying so many disparate threads together (Leia's protocol droid was built by Anakin as a kid? Who lived on Tatooine? Really?) makes the place seem so much smaller and more mundane. Leave some mystery.
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    The worst part is I feel like a sucker having not invested in Disney stock.
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    I'm ready. I loved The Last Jedi and my fear is the JJ will succumb to the pressure of telling a "internet fan approved" story instead of building on what Johnson did with VIII. If Rey suddenly has some ridiculous lineage cause fans can't deal with her being a nobody instead of someones daughter or cousin, I'll be enormously disappointed as an example (one out of many). I re-watched TLJ a few weeks ago and love it more the more I watch it. It's right below Empire as my favorite Star Wars film so I'm downright invested for this next one.
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    If it seems like I haven’t been participating at the forum as much lately, don’t worry. It’s just because I’ve just been playing Hollow Knight for the past couple weeks and I can’t stop. I’m over 35 hours into it now with about 83 percent completion, and I’ve reached the point where I could technically finish the game if I wanted to. However, I want to do a few more side quests before I take on the final boss. There’s so much to do in this game it’s scary. How a team of three people was able to make all of this is beyond me.
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    Just cleared to level 15 and yes my free credits immediately went to new clothes :P. I like that there’s a ton of gear that isn’t for purchase so it’s not like they’re being completely miserable - just more stingy than D1. I think the testament to this game’s fun factor is that it says I’ve put 18 hours in and it feels more like three. They’ve just blown by. And it’s not like you do anything but shoot! Such a great game-reward loop. Contamination zones are quite something as well. I love the downtime with exploration and light puzzling.
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    It is. I’m currently replaying the missions for the Hard Achievement before I move on to WT5.
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    Thanks! Yeah, the screen is going to be for map projections. It's 42" so there's a very large area to work with. Going to be using Fantasy Grounds to manage the projections and it has built in map scaler so I can keep everything to the 1" grid standard without any real effort. Gonna use Dungeon Painter Studio to create my own maps, too. Right now I'll DM family D&D with the official modules/campaigns, starting with Lost Mine of Phandelver, natch, which includes all the maps for this purpose right out of the box. Gotta start these kids off right. (It's an Ultimate license, too, so I can host games with friends if I can convince them to move over to digital local or remote play. Once they see it in action I don't think that'll be hard.) Similar to the sample below, but mine won't have a lip or bezel around the screen and it'll be covered with tempered glass set flush along the greater play field, so dropping down a physical board for any other game won't be an issue either. Everything can the covered with leaves to make a flat table for puzzles or what have you. Should level-up the gaming around here. Side note: check this map out.
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    I have a Duchess I backed on KS years back by board game tables. I love it, would not change anything.
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    “Summer” starts on April 25. Time to start compiling lists.
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    How hard do they have to work to get artwork so wrong?
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    That’s one of the reasons why I decided—almost on the spot—to pick up the iPad Pro last night. The Pencil is an accessory I think I would find really useful, but the way it integrated with the previous iPad Pros seemed all wrong—no place to store it and charging it by sticking it into the iPad’s Lightning port looked really dumb. My concern was that I would buy one, and then never use it because it was never with the iPad and possibly never charged. The new design fixes both the storage and charging problems in one fell swoop. It’s brilliant. I went a month without an iPad once. It drove me crazy. I sold my first gen model the day before Steve Jobs introduced the iPad 2. Unfortunately, it didn’t release until the following week, and when it did, supplies were extremely limited. I couldn’t get the model I wanted on launch day (Apple didn’t let people take preorders for it), and had to wait another 2-3 weeks before mine finally arrived. I didn’t realize how much I loved the iPad until I didn’t have one anymore. I vowed to never sell my current model until I’ve purchased one to replace it first. By the way, I showed my oldest boy the new iPad Pro today. I let him hold it for a bit, and I could see the lust in his eyes. If you love iPads, I don’t think there’s any way you can look at the current iPad Pro models and not think they’re cool as shit.
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