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    Guardians vol2 was added to Sky's streaming service today so I watched it this evening. I absolutely LOVED it.
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    So I finally took the plunge. Picked up the LG 65C7P along with the Yamaha RX-A870BL and a bunch of HDMI cables from Monoprice. Special thanks to Dan the Man for all his insight.
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    My neck hurts just thinking about that TV placement. I know some people think it's classy looking but I'm totally not a fan.
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    Just walked out of The Last Jedi, and fuck that was a good Star Wars movie! More thoughts later.
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    Heads up, everyone, the season pass for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is currently on sale on PSN for $4.49 (normally $29.99). You don't even have to have PS Plus in order to get the deal.
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    Just had a look at Nick's house and holy shit, are you sure that's not a safe house for James Bond or an apartment for Hank Scorpio?
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    Is there really no other place it can go? TV above fireplace always makes me wince, just from a sub optimal viewing perspective.
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    That's great to hear. I bought my wife The Peanuts Movie as well as the Holiday Collection on UHD BD as part of a Peanuts-centric Christmas. (In turn, she had Captain Underpants on UHD BD waiting for me under the Christmas tree.) I have a huge stack of discs waiting for me, and I can't wait to tear into them all. We closed on our new house last week, and we had the builder wire for Atmos (which was an ordeal, seeing as how their contractors had no idea what Atmos was, and it took several tries to get them to put the speakers where I wanted 'em, even though I gave 'em a diagram!). Anyway, because they clearly didn't know what they were doing and I wasn't allowed to bring in a specialist during construction, I just stopped at wiring, and I'm having a dedicated home theater company coming over tomorrow to finish the job. I'm unbelievably excited. Also, I've never experienced Atmos, so this'll be a whole new thing for me.
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    If I allowed Hollywood personnel's off-screen behavior to affect my movie watching, I'd be stuck staring at a black screen.
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    I got a 64GB iPad Pro 10.5" for $499.99 over the weekend. It is blazing fast! I finally bit the bullet after my iPad 3 (with 30-pin connector!) has been overheating (causing slowdown issues) and probably only lasting about 5 hours between charges.
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    Decided to finally download this on PSN last night and I'm in love already. Controls are fine IMO. I wouldn't expect this to have the "you can't fail" feel of the platforming in Uncharted for example. I love the tension of struggling to climb. The puzzles have been pretty straight forward so far. The camera tracking tracking could be better though. Anywho...TRICO! What an amazing character. Immediately I wanted to hug him and pet him and call him George. His mannerisms really do remind me of my dog (Lab and retriever mix) at times. Constantly following my around and then sitting and begging for treats..or barrels as it were. I don't record many videos from games I play but this moment I thought was just beautiful. When the music, scenery, sounds and Trico all hit you in the feels at once. I can only imagine how much more I'll become attached to Trico as the game progresses. I've avoided all the spoilers so I wont be pouring through this thread just yet but figured I'd post something for those who may have passed on this one. Do yourself a favor and pick it up. Its only $20 right now on PSN.
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    Bought Zelda and Mario Kart. I might buy Shovel Knight as it is on sale and I have never played it.
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    Used a $10 RZ cert to preorder the Special Edition for $30 before tax. Now to get a Pro before then.
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    I love Nintendo. They are ridiculous and insane and just an idea factory. I really think we’d be far worse off without them.
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    Progress in Gloomhaven continues. We retired our first character this weekend, and unlocked a new class that seems like a lot of fun to play (at least it helped us get through a tricky scenario). We both have 2 or 3 characters created and ready to go, which is a little hard to track, but not ridiculous. It means we can choose whoever is right for the particular scenario, and also have a chance to try out some different play styles to see what's complimentary. The only real catch is needing to rebuild modifier decks with customizations, but those haven't diverged too much for most of the lower level characters.
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    That was a great episode! Loved the mirror universe and totally dig that it’s a multi-episode affair. Also great to have Jonathan Frakes back in the directors chair in the Star Trek universe.
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    Our board game night turned into 4 player Mario Kart night, and that was fine by me. No matter the version, it is always a blast.
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    I think so. It’s one of the better walking simulators I’ve played. The interaction between the leads is very well written.
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    Yes. Guardians vol2 was mostly shot in 8k if memory serves, but nevertheless finished in 2k for a variety of reasons. There's a lot to be said for downsampling from higher resolution capture. I think 8k will have its place for live broadcast. Once your mix 4k and 8k resolutions with high frame rates then we really start to enter another world, so unless that shift to high frame rates properly happens for movies, our eyes will find it difficult to discern such leaps in resolution with 24fps content, so 2k and 4k will continue to be the norm at the delivery level even though film gets scanned at 6k, 8k and higher, and some digital cameras capture at 6k+. There are lots of reasons why it makes sense to still finish and deliver in 4k and 2k. I honestly wish 'k' had no place in consumer marketing as it's not really something the public needs to concern themselves with, but sadly it results in some people throwing hissy fits and calling out "fake" UHD titles for being upscales (which is proven to be daft since some of the most praised discs come from 2k finishes). 8k for huge TVs does make sense though to reduce the pixel structure as I say though. Below 85" I'd hope manufacturers focus on trying to get 4k and HDR perfected first.
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    New LG sets have black frame insertion: HDTV Test look at LG's roll up OLED: The partial roll up and image shift for 2.35:1 content to eliminate visible black bars is pretty ingenious. Likewise, Vincent's suggestion to LG that it it would be neat if it could be turned upside down and effectively become a roll-DOWN screen like a rolldown projector is a BRILLIANT idea.
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    My one year anniversary is here today! Feels great, at my age, to have picked up something new, and very difficult, and to have stayed with it through the highs and lows, thrills and frustration. There's no doubt guitar playing is a daily part of my life now, and the improvement is coming in. Naturally, I still play like poop, but it does sound like music, mostly. One thing I "solved", or at least made an incredible leap in, is strumming. This is one of the embarrassing things that, if I had had an instructor, would probably have been solved a lot sooner. I was leaning the top of the guitar in toward my body, so I could see my fingers on the strings more easily. Because of this angle I was creating, it was making it difficult for my arm to follow that same angle while strumming, particularly on the upstroke. It was a random YouTube video where the guy stressed how important it was to keep the guitar straight that finally made me realize what I was doing wasn't helping my situation at all. I'm having fun right now learning Hey Joe (simple version), Twist and Shout, and the guitar solo for Let It Be, which just brings joy to my soul. I've also devoted a lot more time in the Blues area, and paying much more attention to music theory, all from YouTube. I'll get the courage to put up a video one of these days. Carlos.
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    Eating dinner and enjoying The Toys That Made Us
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    Yeah according to the manual that is correct. So yeah you would benefit from that switch. The answers on amazon say it supports Dolby vision and HDR passthrough as well as autosensing (which should switch to the active input automatically).
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    It made it worse. Considering the ever present danger? To have risked your life for that? Yeah, you deserved to die.
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    I think more planning and 3yrs between movies like it used to be would be welcome, yes, but so far 7 and 8 have turned out to be far better than I ever imagined when Disney first announced they would be making new films. Long term Star Wars fatigue worries me immensely. I can ignore what I am not interested in. That’s fine. I ignored a lot of expanded universe stuff for decades, but nevertheless I still fear for damage done to the brand over time. So far all the new movies have had ties to familiar timelines and/or characters and I wonder how much of that keeps the large audience interested. Again, for me I love all the new characters (though Maz seems pointless), but I do also like their ties to the classic characters so my interest could well end after IX. I guess a lot will rest on Johnson’s trilogy paving the way of breaking the movies away from the characters we know. I don’t think Rogue One is a good example of showing that audiences are ready for sonething disconnected because that’s Member Berries the movie on many levels despite some neat visual flourishes not seen in SW before (and the music was boring and characters were underdeveloped). Johnson’s decisions in TLJ leave me intrigued to see him develop a trilogy as he has established his interest to try some new things already, but whether the audience appetite is there remains to be seen. I often wonder just how ripe the SW universe is for new and interesting stories without regurgitating the same tropes we’ve had already. Star Wars was always about Luke, Han and Leia for me, so Ben’s fate ending the Skywalker bloodline may well be franchise closure for me.
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    I went to see The Shape of Water this afternoon. What an exquisite bit of filmmaking. It has so many layers, so skillfully and lovingly crafted. It honors classic movies and yet, at very precise moments, also challenges modern sensibilities. It turns classic “monster movie” themes on their head, by remixing those themes with a story about outsiders who find comfort in each other. Perhaps it’s only shortcoming is the relative one-dimensionality of the villain. While Michael Shannon shines in this role, he is presented as an old-school mysoginstic shitbag without much exploration as to his inner workings. I get that guys like this exist, but a little digging below the surface might help make him feel more real in the film. Meanwhile Sally Hawkins is amazing as the mute “Eliza” - surely a performance that will get an Oscar nod. So much communicated in very few words. She gives her character so much empathy, life and verve, and yet doesn’t draw undue attention to herself in the role. Her sidekick, played by Octavia Spencer is heartfelt and hilarious. I might have the same complaint about her as Michael Shannon’s character if not for a few scenes of her “home life” that give some background. And you can’t talk about this film without acknowledging the other amazing performance by Richard Jenkins who is flat out great in his supporting role. He’s magnetic on screen. Visually, the film evokes not only classic noir cinema, but also strongly borrows from Jeunet/Caro films like Delicatessen and City of Lost Children. But perhaps not as grimy as either of those. It’s a look that suits the fantastical subject of the film very well. The creature design is also a throwback of sorts, the most obvious heritage being Creature from the Black Lagoon. Opting to not use excessive CG is a smart move, reinforcing the ties to classic “creature features” and also fitting in with the organic feel of the rest of the film.
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    So I've assiduously avoided most conversation about Episode VIII let alone spoilers. I knew very little going in, outside the obvious ties to the previous film. I didn't even know Laura Dern was cast, and had forgotten that Benicio Del Toro was too. Before I get to anything else, I have to say I loved, for lack of a better word, the diversity of the cast. That includes the role that women play in the movie...they are not just women playing roles men would be traditional cast in, but playing them as women. And I like how it plays with stereotypes on both sides, the subplot where the hot-shot due swoops in to save the day, and without diminishing his intentions or efforts, the women actually save the day. It feels silly to even bring it up, indeed it seems like the 'diversity' buzzword has been around for a long time—it almost feels passé to talk about it. But I think this movie offers a great example of how to achieve genuine diversity without it feeling like it's a conscious part of the filmmaking. It's less than remarkable to feature a nerdy asian girl in a major role, but it is remarkable to do so without it feeling like pandering or tokenism. Anyway, the film. Wow, I really enjoyed the heck out of it. I love the emotional authenticity of this movie, first and foremost. The characters felt like living, breathing (or not, if you count Droids), beings with vulnerabilities and aspirations and conflicting interior lives...it was all palpable. The cast was fantastic, I felt like all of the actors who reprised roles from the previous film effortlessly grew into their roles here. I was particularly impressed by Adam Driver, who I never felt very comfortable with as the tortured villain in VII. Here he sells it way more effectively. Daisy Ridley has also matured, figuratively and literally, and brought so much to Rey. John Boyega too gains depth. Mark Hamill is also excellent as the emotionally defeated and weary Skywalker. The Light/Dark struggle here is ferocious and equal to any of previous films. I'm willing to accept that these characters were well realized by the end of TFA too, but the things I found so annoying about that movie have colored my feelings for almost every aspect of it. I can't be objective about the acting, so I'll just say I think it's gotten better here. Another thing that was so wonderful about this movie is how it pays tribute to Carrie Fisher. I've no idea if any of the story was re-written after her death, but it did definitely feel like they paid homage to her, and also said goodbye to her. This can't have been an easy thing to do, let alone to pull it off, again, with emotional authenticity. The only 'off' things in my opinion were: 1. Some of the attempts at humor were ham-fisted, but that's really a pretty minor issue. On the whole, the humor was mostly in line with the tone of previous Star Wars films. 2. Some nearly Wall-E level, hit-you-over-the-head morality plays. Also a minor complaint given the achievement of the rest of the film
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    Never heard of it. Maybe I should check it out.
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    Yeah, I agree that a second viewing will likely help pull pieces together. I'm not much of a theater guy any more (have I mentioned I hate people?) but I'll see what I can do.
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    Finally got around to seeing it this weekend. Overall a good experience for me except for the side stories. The main Rey/Kylo thread was fantastic and I only wish the film stayed centered here to explore deeper levels of subtlety. On the other end of the spectrum, I found the Finn/Rose thread dull and not worthy of inclusion. The casino scene critique is fair but should be wider in scope to include every scene in the Finn/Rose storyline. Somewhere in the middle lies the Leia/Poe thread. Lots of good here (setting up Poe as Leia's successor) but it felt overly manufactured in execution. As if it is only being used as filler to keep Poe around.
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    Finally watched Last Jedi and I loved it to bits. Really great movie. I watched Wind River a few weeks ago. It’s not as good as Hell or High Water for sure, but that whole section at the end is one of the most tense things I have ever watched. You can just feel it ratcheting up the whole time. Good movie.
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    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Easily my favorite MP game of all time. Every match feels different. The amount of tension in a solo match is 2nd to none. Squads are super fun and can be quite hilarious. Duos are my favorite way to play though. You get a large amount of the tension from Solo play and get to experience with a friend. Super Mario Odyssey - It has been a long time since I played a game that had me smiling the entire time. All of the outfits are great and the Bowser stuff is so so good. The soundtrack is the best Mario Soundtrack ever, IMO. The switching to 8-bit music is quite good, which was also well done in my #4 game. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - BOTW comes close to surpassing a Link to the Past as my favorite Zelda. This may just be the best open world to explore in a game. The shrines are all Super Fun and the final battle with Ganon, while easy, was super epic. Nier: Automata - The gameplay in Nier is fine. Nothing great, nothing bad. The story and characters are where this really shines. The story goes places that I was not expecting. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - I enjoyed this more than Uncharted 4. I love the banter between Chloe and Nadine. Naughty Dog also does not wear out its welcome by making the game 10 hours too long like they did with UC4. Lost Legacy focuses more on exploration and less on the terrible gunplay of the Uncharted series. Also, being able to make Chloe do that dumbass face in photo mode is god tier. 6-10 coming soon. -Dean-
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    Sony's UK disc of Blade Runner 2049 will have Dolby Vision: There's still a chance the US disc from Warner might, though the US rear artwork or press release made no mention of it like the art and press details for IT did (and yet Westworld had no fanfare for its inclusion of DV, so who knows until the US disc is out).
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    Somehow managed to go into my 70mm showing today without being spoiled. I completely adored it. Rose in particular is just wonderful - that line about how the Resistance is not about destroying what you hate, but saving what you love is really the core of the movie for me. The Canto Bight stuff was great fun and really zipped past for me, too, and it’s vital for Finn’s story - so much of the film’s theme is people having to grow up and realise the Galaxy doesn’t work the way they think it does. Finn learn that it’s not about half a dozen Big Damn Heroes; everyone can make a difference. And yet there isn’t just Goodies and Baddies, but there are many out there exploiting both sides. Which, in turn, I can’t help noticing Rey is still a bit wibbly on - sure, she wants to Save the Hottie Bad Boy, but Damn, she’s enjoying slicing her way through the expendable bodyguards. Given how much Luke worried about her inclination, I suspect we’ll hear more on this. Poe gets an earful of Grow The Hell Up, too; if he’s going to start leading others, he needs to understand that orders are given for a reason. Elsewhere: as a big fan of Puffins, I’m delighted with the amount of screen time given to the wildlife in general, not just the Porgs. Can I have a Crystal Wolf, please? Oh, and ever since Han lectured on the importance of careful Hyperspace calculations back in 1977 I’ve been deeply curious as to just what would happen if you weaponised that risk. It was just as phenomenal as I always hoped; maybe more so. Finally: I do sometimes wonder why pay extra for 70mm at the Science Museum if I’m just going to keep crying whenever Fisher is on screen, but hey.
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    Damn it. There have been Lego Porgs appearing all over London over the past few days. I haven't seen any. Hope I can find one tomorrow. https://londonist.com/london/film/lego-porgs-from-star-wars-cropping-up-in-london
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    I just got an X today. That hardware is nice! MS has done a fantastic job with the S and X pieces of kit. The UI is much improved over launch but still not as easy to use as the PS4.
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