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    Well Amazon delivered a day early and my X is sitting boxed in its X box box in the corner. I wasn’t prepared for this at all as I’m trying to press on with God of War. I’ll make some time later to get the system set up at the very least.
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    BOY(s)!.... I got the platinum. Even deferring to easy for that Valkyrie queen was punishing. I actually got her down to a quarter of her final bar of life on my third try only for her to unleash one of those blinding attacks which finished me off. I tried again, and again, and again for almost an hour last night then called it quits. Several more attempts before I went out early this morning finally concluded with a victory. We were both within an inch of our lives but I just pulled it off at the last second. I took Kratos and Atreus home for the little bonus ending. Glad I had read about that or I'd have missed it. Time to turn my attentions back to the Xbox now until Smash Bros, and I've got Spidey waiting on the PS4 to play through over the Christmas period.
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    “Survival Horror is dead.” —Romier S, October 1, 2012 All right, let’s talk about Resident Evil 6, the first game in this series that I had not previously completed. In my first post, I had the following to say about it: When I started playing RE6 this time, I tried to approach it with an open mind. There was a lot of hate for this game upon its release, and hardcore fans of the series don’t hold it in high regard. I certainly didn’t care for it when I played it a couple years ago on PS3, which is why I quit after completing just one chapter of Leon’s campaign. Having now played through all four campaigns on Normal difficulty (total play time was about 20 hours), I can’t say that I particularly love it, but I don’t hate it either. It’s a 3-out-of-5-star game that has the unfortunate burden of being a mainline entry in the Resident Evil series. And that’s ultimately its biggest downfall: it doesn’t feel like a true Resident Evil game. I have certain expectations from the series that RE6 never meets. The game is a non-stop, action-packed spectacle, and what I really want is a slower, more deliberately paced adventure. This game never gives you a chance to stop and breathe because it feels like it has to send wave after wave of enemies at you at all times. It gets tiresome after a while, because it never feels like you’re doing anything else. It’s a shame too because there are some good things about RE6. The production values are top notch. Its combat system is well designed, and offers the opportunity for some memorable moments. The four interweaving storylines are also fun to watch, especially when you see the same moment from the perspectives of a different character. That said, this is not my least favorite game of the series. That distinction belongs to Resident Evil 0. Random thoughts: Here’s my official ranking of the four campaigns from best to worst: Jake (Sherry)—I like the throwback to Nemesis, plus Jake and Sherry have the most interesting dynamic. Leon (Helena)—Zombies! This is the one that feels the most like a real Resident Evil campaign. Until January rolls around, this is the closest thing we have to a full-on remake of Resident Evil 2. Ada—Stealth and puzzle solving take center stage in this one, but some frustrating combat sections bring it down overall. Chris (Piers)—“Gear of Evil.” This one is all about cover-based shooting. The enemies are all human/monster hybrids with guns and it feels the least like a true Resident Evil game. Garbage. I appreciate the fact that you can select which character you get to play as when you start a campaign. I played as Helena, Chris, Sherry, and of course, Ada, since there’s no second character you can play as in her story. The QTEs in this game are brutal on a controller. I had flashbacks to the original Mario Party, and those mini-games that destroyed by N64 controllers’ analog sticks. I think my Xbox One controllers will be fine, but I still feel bad about how rough I was on them while playing. Fortunately, I didn’t get any blisters on my palms, like I did with Mario Party. Characters are much more nimble in this game. Not only can they move and shoot at the same time, but the camera is also no longer anchored to their backs anymore, allowing them to quickly turn around and run away from danger. Yes, this makes RE6 feel more modern and accessible, but it does so at the expense of what helped my RE4 and RE5 feel like true Resident Evil games. You had to think about whether it was better to stand your ground or run away. Now you can practically do both, which eliminates much of the tension in those combat scenarios. This isn’t about the game itself, but going back a re-reading the original discussion thread is amazing. I call it the Five Stages of Resident Evil 6 Grief. Stage 1: Excitement Word of the game leaks along with a release date. An official announcement arrives that same day along with a trailer. People are pumped and ready to play it. Stage 2: Concern Capcom producer Masachika Kawata conducts an interview with Gamasutra in which he says that the Survival Horror market is too small for Resident Evil, so it must go in a more action-oriented direction. His statement saddens long-time fans of the series who are hoping for a return to the series’ roots. It seems like all the air is sucked out of the room. Stage 3: Disappointment A demo is released. The Leon portion goes over well, but everyone hates what they see of Chris' campaign. Regardless, the demo makes it clear that this new game is indeed all about action. It makes several people less excited about paying full price for the full game at launch. Stage 4: Depression The major gaming sites release their reviews and they are brutal. 4.5/10! 2.5/10! 3/10! No one expected the game to be this bad, and no one wants it now. People cancel their preorders and try to find other surivival horror games to play instead to make themselves feel better. The LCVGers who do buy it have very mixed feelings about its quality. Stage 5: Acceptance Yeah, it's a shit game, but if you can get it for $10 or less, that's cheap enough, I guess. Next up is another game I started playing last summer but never completed. Unlike RE6, however, I didn’t stop playing it because I didn’t like it. I stopped playing because I got side-tracked by this crazy project and decided that if I was going to do it right, I had to go back and play through all of the other Resident Evil games first before going any further. I’m talking, of course, about Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. “Welcome to the family, son!”
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    Amazon.fr is listing Captain America: The First Avenger as a February release on Ultra HD Blu-ray.
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    Aaaaand God of War purchased. I grabbed £25 from CDKeys in the end instead of £30. Had a 3% code which knocked it down to 22.79 as well, and Quidco should gift me £2.50 cashback so all in all a very good price. Looking forward to finally playing this one.
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    No game has exposed the cognitive difference between morning-me and evening-me more than Tetris. I play when I get home from work and it's pathetic, I lose games within minutes of starting...but morning me (with caffeine, of course) can just 'see' the board with so much more clarity, the right move is way more apparent, more immediately. This isn't the only game that has made this difference clear, Lumines was similar...it's just strikingly different with Tetris. I might as well not even play in the evening if I'm trying to score well.
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    Clue is a damned classic. Still every bit as entertaining and funny as it ever was.
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    Did some searching on that Google thing all the kids are talking about these days and my controller power on bug is something that seems to date back to 2013 for a number of users. With the console off I held down the X button on the front of the machine for ten seconds to do a master power down. After that, boop boop boop, the controller now powers on the console. Google findings did show the bug resurfaces for many who this solution worked for, however, but we’ll see (for others it didn’t work at all).
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    Are you switching inputs on your receiver/TV first, before trying to power on the Xbox with the controller? I have found that my Xbox and PS4 will refuse to start unless it can get the HDMI handshake right at the time of the button press. By choosing the input, then hitting the button, it usually works. Carlos.
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    The latest rumour is that Skyward Sword is getting a Switch port... Just in time for my retrospective!
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    I'm so jealous of you right now. I need an X so bad. I think I'm getting one for Christmas, though, so hopefully I won't have to enjoy vicariously for much longer.
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    Six teraflops at my disposal and I go and fire up Sensible Soccer on backwards compatibility. I finished God of War’s story and have some bits left I still want to do but, clunkly and slow UI aside I am excited about the X from what I’ve sampled so far. I’m going to have it download a load of stuff and give it some proper attention tomorrow.
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    I’m pretty sure anything being sold now is gonna be V2. The UK has just had that VR Worlds bundle. The Astrobot and Creed bundles are only in NA I believe. Personally, I love my PSVR. It’s been my favourite gaming hardware purchase since the PS4. More than the Switch, Xbox or my 1060. I haven’t really played any non VR games to any extent since getting it in the spring. If I could afford a Rift or Vive, I would totally want to get one of those too. The library of games has been surprisingly robust. Lots of games available and lots that have come out in the last few months. Many are not big name titles, but once you go down the rabbit hole, you can stay down there for quite awhile playing games you would have never heard about otherwise. For me the real appeal could just as easily be one of its weaknesses. Many of the games are of the shorter variety that can be completed in one or two sittings. I love that personally. I already have a backlog of games, but I’m glad to know that, as long as I don’t start playing Skyrim, I can get through them almost as easily as Romier gets through 80 hour games. This can lead to some disappointment when good games end before I’m ready for them to, but it’s better than leaving a bunch of games half finished. It also helps that many of them are sub $20 and go on sale frequently. VR is one of those weird things where some people who try it never want to go back, and others just stop using it. It makes it hard for someone like me to say “You absolutely should buy this, games will never be the same again!” when I know some reasonably minded people don’t feel that way. The prices right now though are crazy good, and the games released this year are amazing....... plus I know how you like Wipeout. Wipeout will never be the same after playing it in VR.
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    I’d be very surprised if you were allowed to keep the disc.
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    Oh and I went back to the game shop to peruse and the owner remembered me buying Phantasy Star II and gave me the missing guide book from the package. He forgot that he had it when I bought it.:)
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    I should say I bought that HP for one of my kids I wanted something that could run the Unreal Engine 4 engine tools. It's kinda insane seeing all it run without a hitch on a laptop. I just started working for Amazon and they provided me with a Macbook Pro 2017, i7 and 16G of ram. On my previous job I used a macmini but I mostly just ssh'ed into it to compile code for OSX targets. This is my main first experience full time with OSX and I'm really liking it. I do think my wife would like a Mac laptop as we already knee deep in iOS ecosystem and iCloud - the integration features are attractive. It's just slightly infuriating the direction the Macbook Pro has taken with touch bar or how the 6 core version of the CPU is reserved for the highest end. My ideal would be a Macbook Pro without touchbar, with face ID integrated, an i7 8750, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, Vega Pro GPU, no thermal throttling issues, no dust under the keyboard makes it fail issues all for about $2200. I'll keep dreaming.
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    I loved Haunting and loved the way they wrapped it up. My wife was soundly in the 'it dragged on a bit at the end' camp though. I really loved how so many little things were sprinkled through the early episodes that came together in the later episodes.
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    It's sooooo good in VR. It's at the same time easier to focus on the board, and way more immersive. I love it. I feel like one of these days I may just put the headset on, turn on theater mode, and just relax, completely blocking out the world. I knew it was hiding in the game somewhere... There's some copyright mention of the theme when the game boots up.
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    It's always amazing what a performance increase you can get from any computer just by adding RAM. Not sure why I held off on doing so for my iMac, but I've got some projects to work on and have been meaning to upgrade it for the longest time. Went from 8GB to 16GB and it now actually has some breathing room. Feels like a new machine.
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    Well you're all too slow. Eating your damn turkeys no doubt! I went with the Battlefield bundle. I noticed Amazon's versions of Fallout 76 and Odyssey include some exclusives (76 has some pin badges, and Odyssey has some DLC. I can probably offload those extras on eBay, though may keep the Fallout badges if I like them). I'll think on whether to keep the Battlefiled V code or not. It'll be here Sunday (just sold the ram from my PC for £75 too so that's a nice chunk off the X investment).
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    Halloween (2018) will be released on the 15th of January from Universal (w/DTS X audio)
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    Cleaning all done. The new 72 pin connectors puts a death grip on the games I put in the thing but I expected that. I may end up using my Game Genie and not bother pushing the games down so it loosens the pins a bit over time and so that it doesn’t push the pins down which invariably causes the flashing light problem (the front loading design of the NES really was fucking dumb). Here you go: