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    So I finally got around to seeing this last night. Absolutely loved it. And that joke? Oh my, so inappropriately wonderful!!! There were something like 10 or so people in our auditorium and I laughed the loudest and longest. Holy shit!!! 😂🤣 In a year of great movies, one of the the best of the year for me.
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    All that rowing paid off for Gendry. Man's got mad in shape with all that cardio.
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    Base building comes relatively early, if you follow the given path. The ability to teleport back to your base from a space station, and back to that space station, means you're always able to relatively easily return "home", build, expand, store, and then get back out to the bleeding edge. It's a good compromise as base building in this game would be otherwise dumb, the push to go "forward" to new systems is so key. After pointedly not buying it this past year, 1.3 is exactly what I needed to jump in. Thoroughly loved up, warts & all, at this point - it's got the right balance of exploring & direction, if you choose to follow the given paths. This matches what 11 year old me imagined on the ZX81, where I mocked up screens of space exploration games before I had any clue how to build them or the scale of work, so damn much. I likes.
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    Might be easier to use my portal gun to find an alternate universe where the stuff comes out of wells. I'd do that if I had a dim-witted grandson to go with me.
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    The details are lost in the fog of the evening, but at some point we may have made a blood-pact to undertake a pilgrimage to the brewery and implore them to make more.
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    Had another group beer tasting last night. Lots of great beers. The highlights for me were a collab between local Alvarado Street and Atlanta's Creature Comforts called "continental drift" - an amazing Pilsner. It definitely felt like a modern take on a classic, while still adhering pretty closely to the qualities of a traditional pilsner. Delicate malts and a subtle spicy hop boost. One of the best pilsners I've tasted. A Treehouse coffee stout called "double shot" - really did have an espresso tang, semisweet cocoa malts and super weighty mouthfeel. One guy brought a one-off beer that was brewed for the 30th anniversary of the legendary SF Bar, the Toronado. It was a delightful dank IPA. But the star of the night was a beer that I've saved for 2 years. A bourbon-barrel pumpernickel rye sour from local brewery The Hermitage. One guy literally said "this beer made my evening". As it's been 2 years since I tried it, it was far from an exact science to compare the change in taste. But it does seem that the sour aspect was a little more pronounced over the molasses-like malts I remember being more prominent. Which makes sense as the Brett should continue to consume sugars over time. But in place of the sweeter, heavier malts was an amazing sweet/sour tang, with a smooth bourbon lining, that just kept going and going, revealing more layers as you tasted it. The malts had turned more caramely which interacted with the sour in the most delicious way. Every sip was an experience. I'm sad it's gone, but happy to have shared the last bottle with friends. I snapped a pic of it before finishing it off. Note the classy glassware
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    This has been an agonising wait for me. So happy it's nearly out.
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    Get a sneak peak of Superman in Justice League:
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    Roku does that as well. In any case this is an artist rendering of how the future of streaming will look like:
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    I'm one of you now! I got a 65" LG B7 on Sunday, and my shiny, new Marantz SR-6012 receiver showed up yesterday. At least for the moment, I'm using my Xbox One S as a UHD BD player, and the home we're building now will be wired for Atmos (although we're so early in that process that it'll be the first of the year before I can actually watch anything in it). I've been quasi-forward-looking since UHD BD launched last Spring and have 14 discs already, I grabbed Sicario on sale last night, and I'll at the very least have Alien: Covenant and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 before the month's out. I should also have enough reward credit at Best Buy from all this to get a PS4 Pro for free.
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    Got my book today. For me, worth the price.
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    Just bought the Kindle version. Congratulations! Wishing you every success. Carlos.
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    53 50 49 43 30 Updated: 07/23/2017 Shundi KKilz WhooterMav CaptDS9E jubjub75 1. Wonder Woman $389,033,279 3 3 3 3 2. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 $387,252,502 7 7 7 7 7 3. Spider-Man: Homecoming $251,711,581 7 7 ☆ 10 ☆ 10 5 4. Despicable Me 3 $213,322,700 7 7 5 5 3 5. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 $170,620,200 7 3 5 ♞ 1 6. Cars 3 $144,021,565 7 5 ☆ 10 5 3 7. Transformers 5 $127,561,805 7 5 3 3 7 8. War for the Planet of the Apes $97,750,914 7 ☆ 10 3 5 3 9. Baby Driver $84,233,939 ♞ 1 10. The Mummy (2017) $79,380,625 ♞ 1 3 7 ♞ 1 Here are the current standings. We all took quite a hit with Wonder Woman passing GotG today. Well, actually jubjub gained a few points even though he didn't even have Wonder Woman in his list because it moved GotG down a notch. I'm glad to see it do so well, except in this context. Right now I have 7 movies that are all 1 spot off their correct positions and not a single one dead on, and Wonder Woman is pretty much what caused that. I really need Apes and Transformers to swap and then hope nothing else makes it into the top 8.
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    I think a little bit of pee came out...
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    It had been rumoured for some time that a forthcoming movie licence Frontier had acquired was Jurassic Park/World, and...well...uh... there it is. Some Universal licensed content recently appeared as DLC in Planet Coaster (Back to the Future, Munsters and Knight Rider) which added weight to the JP rumours since its the same studio. It's likely to be more of a traditional sim style building and management game than than an actual Jurassic Planet Coaster, obviously. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-08-20-jurassic-world-evolution-theme-park-sim-announced-by-planet-coaster-dev-frontier Frontier's first expo takes place next month, so expect more news and hopefully gameplay footage then (Eurogamer say the game is penciled in for June). This should be brilliant, by the way, because... Frontier.
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    Sold our 50" Vizio 4K and bought a 55" Vizio 4K on sale to replace it. Ended up only costing us $200 to upgrade to HDR in bedroom.
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    Pretty much revealing that he is the heir to the throne, not Dany
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    Cowabunga. We are thrilled to announce the December 5 release of 100 Years of Olympic Films, a landmark box set that documents the history of the Olympic Games through the lenses of an international array of filmmakers, including some of the world’s most acclaimed masters. Available in thirty-two-disc Blu-ray and forty-three-disc DVD editions, 100 Years of Olympic Films is now available for preorder at $319.96 from Criterion.com. Spanning fifty-three movies and forty-one editions of the Olympic Summer and Winter Games, this one-of-a-kind collection assembles, for the first time, a century’s worth of Olympic films—the culmination of a monumental, award-winning archival project encompassing dozens of new restorations by the International Olympic Committee. These documentaries cast a cinematic eye on some of the most iconic moments in the history of modern sports, spotlighting athletes who embody the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger”: Jesse Owens shattering sprinting world records on the track in 1936 Berlin, Jean Claude-Killy dominating the slopes of Grenoble in 1968, Joan Benoit breaking away to win the first-ever women’s marathon on the streets of Los Angeles in 1984. In addition to the work of Bud Greenspan, the man behind an impressive ten Olympic features, this stirring collective chronicle of triumph and defeat includes such landmarks of the documentary form as Leni Riefenstahl’s Olympia and Kon Ichikawa’s Tokyo Olympiad, along with lesser-known but captivating contributions by major directors like Claude Lelouch, Carlos Saura, and Miloš Forman. It also serves as a fascinating window onto the formal development of cinema itself, as well as the technological progress that has enabled the viewer, over the years, to get ever closer to the action. Traversing continents and decades, and reflecting as well the social, cultural, and political changes that have shaped our recent history, this remarkable marathon of films offers nothing less than a panorama of a hundred years of human endeavor. Blu-Ray and DVD Special Edition Collector’s Sets Feature 53 newly restored films from 41 editions of the Olympic Games, presented together for the first time Landmark 4K restorations of Olympia, Tokyo Olympiad, and Visions of Eight, among other titles New scores for the silent films, composed by Maud Nelissen, Donald Sosin, and Frido ter Beek A lavishly illustrated, 216-page hardcover book, featuring notes on the films by cinema historian Peter Cowie; a foreword by Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee; a short history of the restoration project by restoration producer Adrian Wood; and hundreds of photographs from a century of Olympic Games The Films Stockholm 1912The Games of the V Olympiad Stockholm, 1912 (dir. Adrian Wood) Chamonix 1924The Olympic Games Held at Chamonix in 1924 (dir. Jean de Rovera) Paris 1924The Olympic Games as They Were Practiced in Ancient Greece (dir. Jean de Rovera)The Olympic Games in Paris 1924 (dir. Jean de Rovera) St. Moritz 1928The White Stadium (dirs. Arnold Fanck, Othmar Gurtner) Amsterdam 1928The IX Olympiad in Amsterdam (dir. unknown)The Olympic Games, Amsterdam 1928 (dir. Wilhelm Prager; supervisor Jules Perel) Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1936Youth of the World (dir. Carl Junghans) Berlin 1936Olympia Part One: Festival of the Nations (dir. Leni Riefenstahl)Olympia Part Two: Festival of Beauty (dir. Leni Riefenstahl) St. Moritz 1948Fight Without Hate (dir. André Michel) London 1948XIVth Olympiad: The Glory of Sport (dir. Castleton Knight) Oslo 1952The VI Olympic Winter Games, Oslo 1952 (dir. Tancred Ibsen) Helsinki 1952Where the World Meets (dir. Hannu Leminen)Gold and Glory (dir. Hannu Leminen)Memories of the Olympic Summer of 1952 (dir. unknown) Cortina d’Ampezzo 1956White Vertigo (dir. Giorgio Ferroni) Melbourne/Stockholm 1956Olympic Games, 1956 (dir. Peter Whitchurch)The Melbourne Rendez-vous (dir. René Lucot)Alain Mimoun (dir. Louis Gueguen)The Horse in Focus (dir. unknown) Squaw Valley 1960People, Hopes, Medals (dir. Heribert Meisel) Rome 1960The Grand Olympics (dir. Romolo Marcellini) Innsbruck 1964IX Olympic Winter Games, Innsbruck 1964 (dir. Theo Hörmann) Tokyo 1964Tokyo Olympiad (dir. Kon Ichikawa)Sensation of the Century (prod. Taguchi Suketaro, supervisor Nobumasa Kawamoto) Grenoble 196813 Days in France (dirs. Claude Lelouch, François Reichenbach)Snows of Grenoble (dirs. Jacques Ertaud, Jean-Jacques Languepin) Mexico City 1968The Olympics in Mexico (dir. Alberto Isaac) Sapporo 1972Sapporo Winter Olympics (dir. Masahiro Shinoda) Munich 1972Visions of Eight (dirs. Miloš Forman, Kon Ichikawa, Claude Lelouch, Yuri Ozerov, Arthur Penn, Michael Pfleghar, John Schlesinger, Mai Zetterling) Innsbruck 1976White Rock (dir. Tony Maylam) Montreal 1976Games of the XXI Olympiad (dirs. Jean-Claude Labrecque, Jean Beaudin, Marcel Carrière, Georges Dufaux) Lake Placid 1980Olympic Spirit (dirs. Drummond Challis, Tony Maylam) Moscow 1980O Sport, You Are Peace! (dir. Yuri Ozerov) Sarajevo 1984A Turning Point (dir. Kim Takal) Los Angeles 198416 Days of Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan) Calgary 1988Calgary ’88: 16 Days of Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan) Seoul 1988Seoul 1988 (dir. Lee Kwang-soo)Hand in Hand (dir. Im Kwon-taek)Beyond All Barriers (dir. Lee Ji-won) Albertville 1992One Light, One World (dirs. Joe Jay Jalbert, R. Douglas Copsey) Barcelona 1992Marathon (dir. Carlos Saura) Lillehammer 1994Lillehammer ’94: 16 Days of Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan) Atlanta 1996Atlanta’s Olympic Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan) Nagano 1998Nagano ’98 Olympics: Stories of Honor and Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan)Olympic Glory (dir. Kieth Merrill) Sydney 2000Sydney 2000: Stories of Olympic Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan) Salt Lake City 2002Salt Lake City 2002: Bud Greenspan’s Stories of Olympic Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan) Athens 2004Bud Greenspan’s Athens 2004: Stories of Olympic Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan) Turin 2006Bud Greenspan’s Torino 2006: Stories of Olympic Glory (dir. Bud Greenspan) Beijing 2008The Everlasting Flame (dir. Gu Jun) Vancouver 2010Bud Greenspan Presents Vancouver 2010: Stories of Olympic Glory (prods. Bud Greenspan, Nancy Beffa) London 2012First (dir. Caroline Rowland)
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    Playstation VR on sales at Amazon. It includes the PSVR, Camera and 3 Digital games (Until Dawn, RIGS and VR Worlds). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071HBSP85/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&th=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=sec2002-20&linkId=fbf63f80e86ab19b323e0b8630af16b2 Use the code PSVRGAMES at checkout to get the $100 knocked off.
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    I just survived one myself back in April.... No more Ubuntu for phones
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    The Circle: What a mess and waste of idea. Don't waste your time on this one. Utterly predictable, odd editing; Boyega's character could have been completely cut without any repercusion to the story. It was parody movie that went too long. Also it seems like they ran out of time for a proper ending... I give it 0 Apple "Spaceship" parks out of 8.
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    Yeah, ironically Rogue was not on my list of breweries to visit. The one beer I recall enjoying a lot is their pumpkin beer, which I believe is made from pumpkins from this farm. The only other one I explicitly remember trying is Dead Guy Ale, which was fine, but not especially notable (I think I've had others, but I might be confusing them with Rogue River Brewing). There is a tasting room on the farm, so I'm sure I'll get some tasters to see what's what. I'm hoping the Total Darkness is some kind of barrel aged stout... But yeah, the eclipse and the environment are the real draw. By the looks of the property, the sun should be over the river on the east side for the eclipse. Could be a great show, weather permitting.
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    Very cool sequence. Rogue is a brewery I really want to like. Primarily out of respect for their farm system and dedication to quality ingredients. Unfortunately, everything I've had from them ranges from mediocre to bad. They have lots of good ideas but there are signs of poor execution in a lot of their stuff. I get the feeling they are trying too hard to stand out when they really just need to focus on being able to consistently brew a solid style. Regardless, that setting of being there during the eclipse is amazing. Hopefully, there will be signs at their brewery that they are improving. Still lots of potential there.
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    Domino promo shot..
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    There are, thankfully a few more. Rolly Crump, Alice Davis, Xavier Atencio is remarkably still going at 97, and though you might not consider him strictly an imagineer, Richard Sherman worked with Walt directly on many attractions.
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    Bandai is releasing its own vinyl set for the Dark Souls series later this year: https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/see-the-dark-souls-series-super-limited-vinyl-soun/2900-1376/ I almost wish I had waited. It has a number of additional tracks on it and the packaging is rather nice.:/ May end up double dipping.
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    It should do. I saw a brand new 35mm print of it last year and it was gorgeous. Grain haters may not approve, however.
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    Well, it got the job done regardless.
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    That's pretty close, but in Texas, the parrot is usually holding the rifle. Carlos.
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    All three have remarkable soundtracks, yes.:) Three in particular is a favorite.
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    Spent some time going through the Defunctland videos, and they're not bad, but I thought that this one on alien encounter was much better and more detailed. It's got some footage of the Phil Hartman version of the preshow: This got linked in a bit I read on Inside the Magic on old versions of tomorrowland. As for the backstage magic tour, yeah, that's the one we did. It's really pricey, BUT it's a full day with two tour guides, and includes lunch at one of the hotel restaurants. You get to see things in all 4 parks, as well as things like some of the ride workshops, the topiary greenhouse, and some of the other hotel properties. The guides are also super knowledgeable about the park history, so it's a chance to hang out for a day with fellow theme park nerds. The utilidors in MK aren't really anything "special" per se (they really are just nondescript tunnels/hallways), but what's neat is the whole concept. The idea of building the whole place as the second floor is brilliant, and it means that you can get people from A to B quickly and out of sight, not to mention merch, food, and garbage. There was also something pretty cool about getting to go behind those unmarked (or marked "cast member only" doors to get into the off limits areas. Given that it kills a whole day, you don't need a park admission for the day you do it (which is $100), and food and drinks are covered through the day (so maybe another 30 or so), so really, it's not THAT ridiculous... Also, if you want to do universal quickly, the VIP passes are also worth it. They're pricey, BUT, if you stay at one of their higher end onsite hotels, it's included in the price. We did that on the same trip as the backstage tour (when it was just my wife and I), and managed to get in all of both parks in maybe a day and a half. This was in 2013 though, so before Diagon, but after Hogwarts. I think this upcoming trip will be a little more "play it by ear" than in the past. We'll probably start with a day in each of MK, Studios, and Animal Kingdom, and then see how things go. AK I definitely want to see what they've done with Pandora, and now that they're open past dark it should be possible to do the whole thing in a day. Could also be interesting to do things like the safari in the evening when it might be a little cooler. No Osborne lights in Studios anymore, and the construction will be a pain, but Toy Story was a big hit last time, and should be again in theory. I suppose there's an off chance we'll hit Epcot, but I kind of doubt it. Future world has been gutted already, and while Test Track is kind of neat, my kids will probably have no interest in things like the Wig Sphere (Spaceship Earth). World Showcase is also pretty dull, and the majority of it is shops and restaurants that just want you to spend more cash. I've always kind of wondered about the point of the whole thing-sure, if you don't get out much, you'll see things that can be pretty exotic (or Disney-exotic), but most of the food and such you can get there is pretty common in a decent sized city.
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    "Goggins is set to play Cross Tech weapons designer Sonny Burch while John-Kaman will portray tech villain The Ghost!"
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    Had me at the Iron Giant cameo.
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    SDCC Props\costumes on display http://www.starwars.com/news/star-wars-the-last-jedi-props-and-costumes-on-display-at-sdcc BB-8Brave and loyal BB-8 continues his service to Poe Dameron, but also is a good friend and resourceful ally to Finn and Rose during their mission to thwart the First Order
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    If you're really, really lucky it might settle out after a week or so of use.
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    You should play a round. If you never post again we'll know that you were wrong. End discussion!
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    I can see it. Why are your pants off in the reflection?
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    The Big Sick - fantastic movie. The semi-autobiographical story of how Kumail Nunjiani from Silicon Valley met his wife. Lots of great laughs, the romantic stuff was good, the acting was spot on - I liked something Ray Romano did! Great for a date night and well worth catching. It also had the best/worst 9-11 joke I have ever heard; it killed in the theater we were at.