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    Old thread but, nowhere else seemed appropriate for this post... The wife got me a new Nespresso machine today. It’s the Expert Series with the separate milk frother: https://www.nespresso.com/uk/en/order/machines/original/magimix-expert-anthracite-grey Anyway, it’s pretty awesome Any Nespresso machine is pretty solid for a single shot coffee but, this one has Bluetooth to set a coffee or change settings on the machine, you can que up a coffee to brew at a set time and it makes a damn good Lungo and Americano with custom coffee and water volumes for each type. Very nice and the milk frother has settings for different milk-foam densities which is something I never thought I’d use but, was pretty cool to have when I did try it. The wife got it through Nespresso themselves on a monthly payment scheme and, the monthly payment amount is credited back to our account for coffee pods each month so it affectively doesn’t cost me anything (we spend about £30 per month on Nespresso pods now and this one costs £35 per month). Never owned a coffee machine like this but it’s almost like a mobile phone contract so that was kinda cool to have as an option too.
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    I used my Ovaltine magic decoder, this is his message,... In order to ensure that "the App Store is a safe place for all users and a fair opportunity for all developers, " we need $$$$! If Valve gives a cut these concerns will melt away like they were never real.
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    You can now pre-load the Pre-Launch Tournament Demo ahead of the June 1st unlocking. You'll get a pre-classic pre-Mario costume for your pre-troubles which will pre-carry over to the full game when you buy it. The demo will be online only, although it does also say you can practice against the CPU as well.
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    I've utterly given up on it for films, and mostly for games. Happy to buy digital codes from folk still embracing physical, on the cheap
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    Discord is chat, you can host and manage/moderate a channel. Give broad access or use a key for a private chat. Set rules and administer mods. Discord is pretty big in the streaming world. You have your streaming channels, your social connections and your discord. (Tip, it's abbreviated Disc. When I first started streaming and before I set up Discord, the questions I got about my "disc" from my viewers were confusing to say the least 😅)
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    The piano in the other pack is a thing of beauty. I’ve not even had a chance to borrow my son’s long enough to try the other parts, but it’s mindblowing that it can do polyphonic.
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    MTV's Behind the Music: Max Rebo and Sy Snootles: A Star Wars Story
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    Any time they want to make a movie about Max Rebo trying to get the band back together I'm up for it, though.
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    It is official, expanse saved by amazon . Deal for S4 was completed last night.
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