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    Picked up my receiver from Best Buy this afternoon, haven't had time to hook it up yet. But also realized this might be the first time I've ever(?) been able to buy my receiver at local retail, hah. The last two times, an Onkyo and a Denon, I had to buy them online because places like BB wouldn't carry the flagship-level lines and I wasn't going to pay straight up MSRP at now defunct "home theater" specialty stores, I was always having to get in through online AVS Forum dealers and such offering discounts so I could try to minimize the damage. Anyway, just a stupid observation. 😁
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    Well worth it at that price. Great game that goes in very unexpected places. Great soundtrack too.
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    This is on sale right now for $5.99. All DLC content is currently free as well. I finally picked it up.:)
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    I’ve got the new iPad Pro now and its all set up. I don’t do this often anymore but, it’s nice restoring from one iPad to the next and how quick the whole process is these days. The iPad Pro itself is incredibly fast and smooth. I was expecting it from the reviews but it’s still surprisingly fast and smooth compared to the older Pro or even browsing on the MacBook. The display is outstanding and colors look more vibrant and more accurate at the same time to me - despite the previous Pro being an excellent screen as well. I’ve commented before on the iPad screens and how the displays almost look “painted on” thanks to the screen bonding process putting it so close to the top glass but, this Pro in particular looks incredible - like the screen is floating on top of the frame or something. The new bezels are good and feel minimal - nothing taking away from the screen - without making it weird to hold; they are still a good size when holding the iPad for me. I don’t really miss the Home button but, I’ve had the X for a while now so the gestures, etc from the iPhone X feel second nature to me already on the iPad Pro. Face ID has worked without a fault so far and its quicker than on the iPhone. Plus, it’s really cool to be using it and have Face ID work seamlessly despite whatever orientation the iPad is in. The weight is shockingly light I would say... I’ve used iPads for years now from the original models through the Retina models, Airs and the iPad Pro for the last 3 years now and this feels the lightest out of everything. I knew it would be significantly lighter shifting from the 12.9 inch Pro to this new 11 inch Pro but it was still surprising. It’s a little unbelievable to hold this thing and think it’s an actual electronic device and not a fake demo model for a shop display or something. As far as the changing display size - it’s definitely noticeable. I loved the 12.9 inch pro and having all that screen, I regularly had apps running side by side or in the three-quarter view with a floating video playing somewhere. It never felt cramped on the 12.9 so I was not sure how that would feel on the 11. So far the 11“ screen feels like a good compromise to get a smaller, more portable iPad and reduce the weight (and the cost) while only losing 1.9” of screen. I’m running apps in three-quarter view with a floating video window and it doesn’t feel too cramped but, I definitely have to move the video more often to get it out-of-the-way of wherever I’m working. I also would not use side by side mode on this screen as much as I did on the 12.9. Will have to use it a little while longer to decide if the screen size difference bothers me or not but so far it has been a good compromise.
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    Holy crap this game just doesn’t end. Still fun :P. But I just got to the area after Patiti and the refinery and it’s like ‘here’s another freaking pile up of stuff to collect’. Now I’m pushing that 100% out of pure spite
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    OK, sorry for spamming, but fuck that un-mastered shit. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, yes? So I got out the good camera and did a new recording, brought the audio into Logic to do a mastering pass (not that I really know what I'm doing, but I try) and then combined the video and audio. This one sounds a LOT better. More like what I hear in the headphones.
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    I signed up for this. Not sure if you are automatically approved or what:
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    I don't want to say that the game is getting hyperbolic levels of hate because I can certainly understand how someone coming from Darksiders 2 would see this game as a regression of sorts. However, having spent about 3 hours with it thus far - its absolutely overblown. I'd go as far a to say its even a little misplaced cause outside of some technical issues and some execution problems on the combat front, I'm having a blast with the game so far. The Darksiders series has never been shy about wearing its inspirations right on its sleeve and its no different with Darksiders 3. The original was a Zelda clone, the sequel was a Diablo/ARPG clone and this one is a Dark Souls clone with Metroid style level design. The shift in genre/playstyle led to many to declare the second game as a huge misstep (I enjoyed it immensely) and we're seeing the same here. While I lament the loss of those Zelda inspired Dungeons in the original in this game, what's here is a decently well executed character combat game with some good depth, good art direction and it maintains the most important aspects of the series - the story and lore (which I've always loved for its 90's comic book inspired nature). The game is challenging even on normal. Each enemy encounter can be fatal if you're not careful and if you do not learn to effectively dodge. Perform a dodge at the exact right moment and you can trigger a super damaging counter. There's also a wrath attack that can be unleashed when your wrath bar is full that's effective and much like her brothers, Fury has a Chaos form that can wreck shit for a short period of time while refilling her health. The game is structured much like Dark Souls as mentioned in that each enemy death releases souls which you can spend on increasing three main stats when you come upon series stalwart, Vulgrim. Those souls can also be used to buy items including weapons enhancements that can upgraded with drops in the world. Eventually Fury will get access to Hollow forms (the first one I got was fire) which changes her appearance and the also the form of her weapon. In the case of fire, from a standard weapon into double edged blade. Fury can then add that new weapon form into her combo repertoire adding more depth to how you face enemies. It's a really simple but fun system to play around with! Fury will also come upon upgrades to her "flasks" (its called Nephilim's Respite but its basically the flasks from Dark Souls). She starts with two uses of the flasks and can increase the number of uses along with the effectiveness. One nice change from Dark Souls is that enemies an release green souls into the air which will refill the use of Nephilim's Respite. There is no equivalent to a bonfire in this game. Enemies only respawn if you die and while the game is challenging, it's not Dark Souls challenging. Outside of combat, Fury will solve relatively simple environmental puzzles. There's nothing that stands out in so far as what I have experienced, really and given reviews this might be the weakest element of the game. That alongside some bothersome stuttering and framerate issues that crop up when the game is trying to load in new data. I'm playing on the X and the game looks to be running at a substantially higher resolution than 1080p (possibly even native), but its let down by some frame pacing issues and the previously mentioned streaming problems. Anyways, I've rambled on enough. I'll just say that Fury is wonderfully crass and spends most of her time early on annoyed at the characters around her. She's like a petulant egotistical child and I can see the story is heading towards her realizing the silliness of her views but right now , its fun watching her evolve. I'll have more as I move through the game but early on, I'm not feeling the hate.
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    Daredevil is done at Netflix. The press release mentions DD will live on in other marvel projects, like they releases for Iron Fist and Luke Cage did.