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    And finished. And given I'm more used to modern television which spans only 10 to 13 episodes, Star Trek TNG really felt like a marathon. I'm glad to have done it. But I'm going to keep DS9 on hold as I watch more modern things.
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    One of the DF guys over at Era: ”PS Classic requires a Corsair K70 keyboard, a candle lit bath, a 1960 Bordeaux and some the finest oils to access the developer menu. Very specific set of rules before it opens itself up. It is called classy for a reason.”
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    So it looks like hooking up a USB Keyboard and then pressing Esc will get you into the emulation options, where you can force NTSC on the PAL titles etc:
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    The date is fast approaching. Cool news? Hans Zimmer is performing. Go the site here: https://thegameawards.com/ The Game Awards will be held on December 6th (this Thursday), at 8:30pm EST.
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    I would also like to see Tarzan. Really enjoy that one.
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    Big Lebowski is a remarkable upgrade over the questionable Blu-ray. Such a relief. It looks wonderful. Less remarkable is Lion King, but for no real fault. It was never going to be a substantial upgrade due to the limitations of its production pipeline, but I found it to be pleasing for what it is nevertheless and hope it sells enough to encourage Disney to more of their animated catalogue, not least because some titles like Cinderella deserve completely new masters to replace poor Blu-ray versions (I’d LOVE to see Tarzan, if only to fix the macroblocking on the Blu... but the colour on that would be sensational too. Would be nice if Disney honour its 20th Anniversary next year but I doubt they will bother).
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    PS Now has added 50 PS4 games to the service. There is now a total of 275 PS4 games. New holiday pricing includes a full year for $79.99. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/12/04/ps-now-adds-50-more-ps4-games-including-for-honor/
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    The local Wal-Mart has the entire 1up Arcade line for $199 ea ($299 reg), so if you've been in the market for one maybe check your local Wally World.
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    You can also set scanlines and other options. John over at DF says it only works with very specific keyboards.
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    I think I am just as excited about the Kree/Skrull stuff as I am about Captain Marvel.
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