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    I was gonna try to book tickets despite my wife + kids being lukewarm on it after their irrational dislike of the first film, but I came into work to find out our office manager booked us a private screening for the Friday, so I'm good
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    Holy shit, we are getting a couple of months away from when we starting planning this second location. Yuck! 😐 We are getting close to opening, should be in the next 4-6 weeks. 170 year-old buildings suck, I will tell you that much! I'll update with pics when we have the opening and when we run our first show. Otherwise, we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the first spot at the beginning of February, super-duper busy weekend and things continue to go well there. I still drink too much beer. Onward and upward! 😀
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    After Capcom's arcade stick announcement, the PS5 design has leaked... (Credit to BumbleChump over at Resetera who created this)
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    Aquaman is a waste of your precious time. Avoid at all cost (recognizing my warning is too late to save you all).
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    Calling out your own trolling because it apparently wasn't savage enough for anyone online to give a shit about,... That's a first world problem!
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    A reasonable attempt at the beginning of Wish You Were Here. Carlos.
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    I have a proper, full-sized Mortal Kombat machine in my living room, but I will be the first in line to get the Arcade1Up version the moment it gets dolleyed off the truck. That lineup of new announcements is stellar (note Karate Champ has Burgertime, which should have been the marquee title of that set imo). At the last CES someone took a pic of what looks like an NBA Jam cab inside the Arcade1Up VIP room (see below). Rumors are that The Simpsons, X-Men, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game will be included as well. People are expecting a slightly larger control deck to accommodate 4 players as the Rampage cab supports 3 and the formfactor is pushed well to its limits there. Some people have modded Rampage A1U cabs to play NBA Jam and have opted to add a USB port to the front of the unit to accept standard controllers, so that's a solution that might work too. Regardless, that one is definitely going in the collection when it hits. The trackball on the Golden Tee is a proper Happ unit. Expect it to last through the zombie apocalypse. I picked up 3 units to have in the game room, complete with risers, Rampage, Street Fighter 2, and Centipede. Arcade1Up sent replacement deck graphics and plexiglass covers within a few weeks free of charge (as the units were new, I didn't need to replace the graphics). I immediately replaced the ball top sticks on the SF2 cab with bat top because I'm not a heathen, but other than that they are all stock. I like them so much I might just go full-on crazy and line the other wall with a lot more of them. And if the rumors are true, I'm going to run out of space quickly. For people of a certain age, there's just something about walking into a room with upright arcade cabs. I am of that age.
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    Thank you for your service. I saw the first third (half?) and didn't post a warning like you just did. Seeing your post made me feel like the type of person who puts a carton of spoiled milk back in the fridge.
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    Well, fellas, it looks like I’m officially in the Spider-Man Platinum Club! (This is my third Platinum trophy—the other two being Sly Cooper and the Theivius Raccoonus and Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.) Feels good.
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    To put a bow on the Virtual Boy collecting, everything cased up nice and pretty like. I don't think I'm missing anything within reason (Jack Bros is not within reason, obv.) and besides, the Flashboy is there to fill in the gaps. On to the next terrible quality-of-enjoyment vs money-spent ratio'd purchase that is retro game collecting in the modern age.
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    Well, after a very trying week last week being sick, massively stressed, and dealing with all kinds of last minute issues to get open, we made it. The grand opening last Saturday was packed, now we are just trying to knock out the (sizable) to-do list and get the word out in the neighborhood that we are open. Rather than post any of my own crappy pictures, I'll just point you to this local article instead! https://www.thebozho.com/now-open-barleypop-live/ Oh, and the sound system is wonderful.
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    Yeah, I mean if they want to have the Emperor's ghost appear to Kylo or someone and have a Yoda like Sith pep talk - I'm kind of alright with that. If they go into the comic book level Emperor having cloned bodies and Snoke was a fucked up clone or some such nonsense - that's a just a big no thank you and just shows an utter level of lazy writing that surpasses Force Awakens moon base weapon. On the expanded universe stuff, I've gotten to the point where I want to downright smack fans that tell me I should see or read x or y to fill in blanks. I've actually done that in the past and I want to smack myself for doing it. If its not in the fucking movie, then shut up. If I have to read a god damned encyclopedia to understand what's happening in your movie, then you've already failed.
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    Well, we finally open our doors a week from today. I'll try to post some pics later because right now the place is still a mess, you'd never know we are going to have our first private friends/family/press event 5 days from now, hah. The geek in me is definitely excited to fire up our $25k sound system, certainly the most expensive A/V gear I've ever purchased! Already thinking about location number three, though will need to see how things go at the new spot and also give myself a break from the non-fun-shit (the planning and buildout phases) for a little while and just enjoy the music and the beer!
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    I love Google, but I have zero faith that they will ever go ALL IN on anything. Everything they do feels like an experiment. I doubt this will be anything different. They'll be cancelling whatever this is in 3 years.
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    @Angel P I hate you.:) I went and downloaded the CLZ Games app and have spent the past two days cataloguing my collection. The app is fantastic but it’ll cost you $15 . At the moment, I’m sitting at 715 Physical games and I haven’t added my OG Xbox, Xbox 360, NES, Gameboy and GBA libraries yet.
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    Deadline is reporting James Gunn has been reinstated on GoG3... https://deadline.com/2019/03/james-gunn-reinstated-guardians-of-the-galaxy-3-disney-suicide-squad-2-indefensible-social-media-messages-1202576444/
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    I’m writing to inform you officially that as of yesterday I’m part of the platinum club too. Thank you good sirs.
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    Those following the Retro Gaming Bug thread know that I recently picked up one of the AVS systems from RetroUSB. This is a clone console using an FPGA (field programmable gate array). What does that mean? Well, it’s not emulation. The FPGA circuit is programmed to mimic the functions of an honest to goodness NES so it’s more like hardware simulation that interacts with your carts in the exact same way as the NES would. It also means that almost no lag is being created by the unit either and it strives for accuracy above all else. Analogue famously released the NT and NT Mini a few years ago for a large price tag. The NT and Mini go a step further by actually using the Nintendo’s PPU units on board but there’s also an FPGA component to the system as well. Even the cheaper mini went for $450 and getting one today will cost you in the $1200-1500 range in the aftermarket. It was the Mercedes/BMW model of Nintendo FPGA systems. The AVS by comparison is a good solid mid-range Sedan with a great feature set, some niggling issues and a price point that’s much easier to swallow. Coming in at $200 shipped, it’s not going for pennies but if you’ve got a substantial NES cart library (and I do), the AVS is a cheaper alternative than having the HiDef NES mod installed or even a good RGB mod for that matter. Add in the cost of a Blinking Light Win 72 pin connector and you’re easily surpassing the cost of an AVS. So what do you get for your $200? You get a fairly good looking little console that is inspired by the looks of the in-development AVS computer. Here’s some pics of the unit including a shot of it compared to the real NES in size. As you can see, the unit supports both NES and Famicom carts (NA carts are front loaded, Famicom carts are top loaded). It also has the expansion port for the Famicom disk system as well. It includes a single HDMI out and it uses a standard 5v power supply unit via USB. It comes with both cables and adapter in the box. So with all of the standard info out of the way - how does it work? Well, out of the box, I connected the console to my PC and downloaded the scoreboard software on the RetroUSB site so I could update the firmware. That went pretty smoothly. I hooked the console up and set my video options right away. The unit outputs in 720p maximum which is great as it’s a good 3x integer scale for my 4K set. I prefer it over 1080p for the NES. The menu system is simple and fairly robust. I was happy to find FirebrandX’s unsaturated V6 palette available in the video options. For those unaware, the NES doesn’t support RGB without modification so the colors it has displayed via composite for 30 years aren’t RGB mapped. There’s a lot of consternation in the Retro community about how colors should look in these games. FBX is known for creating some of the best Framemeister profiles out there and he created a color palette for use with emulators and other products to approximate the colors of NES titles based on its composite output. So you get that as the first color palette selection here which is fantastic. Once I was done setting up the video/scanline options, I proceeded to test 15 or so carts. This is where I hit a pretty nasty roadblock. None of them worked.:( All of them would display a garbled mess as if the cart wasn’t being properly read or was dirty. I tested the carts in my own real NES and they worked fine. So shit! I have a bad unit, right? Well, I watched enough tear downs of this unit over the past two months to know how the pin connector for US carts is mounted. I took the thing apart, removed the pin connector and reseated it. Then I tested it and voila - carts started working. I still had some issues with certain games but those were resolved with a little 99% isopropyl alcohol and q-tips. So build quality wise, not a great start. Once I got to gaming though, the thing produces an absolutely lovely picture and suddenly I understood why I bought it. Here’s a few off screen shots of a number of games running at 720p properly aspect corrected at 3x integer scale. After about two hours spent with the unit, I have to say that I despise the way carts are loaded into it. You’re meant to slide carts in like a front loader and push them in but they don’t entirely line up well so you feel like you’re going to break the thing with too much pressure and they don’t slide in naturally. Sliding the cart in from a bit higher up helps line it up better but you gotta push in with enough force to hear it click or it won’t read properly. Taking carts out requires the strength of Kratos as well. My advice? Keep your carts clean and don’t try to force it too much. Frankly, I get the nostalgia play here but they should have just made the thing a top loader and quit fucking around. The front loader NES was a garbage design that the gaming community has spent years creating fixes and work arounds for. I’m not walking away excited to have revisited it here on an FPGA console in 2019 that could have done whatever they wanted design wise. Analogue had the right idea here with the NT and the NT Mini. I used both a standard NES controller and a Bluetooth 8bitDo NES controller with no issues at all. The unit supports 4 right out of the gate and there are button combos to return to the menus whenever you like (though it resets the cart). The AVS also has a built-in Game Genie that auto populates the codes for each game once it reads the cart. Pretty cool! Final thoughts? When putting in the carts isn’t pissing me off, the thing does exactly what it says it does. It produces a gorgeous 720p picture, has just enough video options for tinkerers like me to get things looking just right and feels like playing on a real NES from a lag (or complete lack thereof) perspective. The overall design is solid. It’s damn near 100% accurate down to the visual glitches and audio/music so it takes a right shit all over any emulator box out there. The unit has some decent weight to it so it doesn’t feel cheap but I can’t state my distaste for the overall front load design here enough. It’s not a deal breaker but it’s a huge missed opportunity that I’ll inevitably get used to. I’m going to keep monitoring how well this unit continues to work given the fix I had to do. I contacted the owner and let him know my experience on Facebook (he and I spoke prior to me ordering). If I end up having to replace the unit for any reason, I’ll let know. If you have any questions or want to see more shots, let me know!
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    Final Fantasy VII is up for pre-order. Do I need a 5th version of this game? Maybe.
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    Went for my dr. appointment last week. He was very impressed with my continuing weight loss and said I don't have to go back for another year! Booyah! Now I have to keep losing, because I told him my ultimate goal. Dummy. Heh.
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    Public Service Announcement: Tetris Effect is currently on sale this weekend on the PS Store for $29.99 (regularly $39.99). Tetris Effect on PS Store I bought it myself and played a bit tonight. It’s... very trippy. Looks cool and has some pretty great music.
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    Both in real life and in the show. She's 22 for real and Arya is meant to be 18 in the show. I find it funny how folks feel uncomfortable (not here just general online sentiment) about Maisie side boob and ass but forget we've seen young Sansa deflowered and raped and far worse done to other female characters. Consensual sex by two adults shouldn't rank highly on the discomfort meter for this show.;)
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    That's why you go to the 2:00 AM showing of it and don’t tell her about it. Problem solved! #fatheroftheyear
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    Just did a run that didn’t provide the missing Chatterbox piece but I did score my missing True Patriot glove.
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    I got my Civil War and Winter Soldier 😀
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    WT5 now, GS 465 and working my way up. I have 2 gear set pieces so far but, not the set I want Love this game and especially the Invaded missions - they are so fun and challenging in a good way. Just did the Bunker on Hard/Invaded and it was really difficult but, didn’t feel cheap (thankfully). My friend and I just needed to be careful and use strategies to work through the baddies: flanking the tougher guys, using suppression, using the environment, focusing on problem baddies, etc. Feels so rewarding in this game to beat these missions and the loot drop rotation is still fun.
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    Kids heard about Disney+ lineup on the news this morning - "Oh we're so getting that". /sigh
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    WT5 and the first of green gear drops. Shit just got real.
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    Nice! I got two more levels this morning playing in a group of 4 and then 3 doing main missions. It was fantastic, the game’s a blast in co-op.
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    I’m level 11 :D! This game is so fun to pick at piecemeal. I am mostly soloing which is very challenging stuff though I just picked up the respawn HIVE which is a serious boon. I’m starting to get a few more clothing items, which is naturally the most important piece of the puzzle ;).
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    WT2 here now and right at 300 GS. And yes, the changing missions, random encounters, variations on the control points, etc are great - I’m really impressed with their endgame content and the dynamic changes each tier makes with the BT faction and everything. This game just absolutely nails the loot shooter and the Tom Clancy feel for me The Specializations are pretty fun too and change up the feel of combat. I have been playing co-op and my friend went Demolisionist and I went Survivalist and the combos are so fun between them. We typically start an encounter with him firing the grenade launcher at the group followed by my incendiary crossbow bolt and have burned though 2-3 armored golds in a few secs that way. Awesome
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    Found an utterly pristine copy of Mickey Mania on the Sega CD. If the CD was ever out inside of a drive, I’d be surprised. Only $32.
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    Good call. You probably don't want to see that shot of Spider-Man cutting Thanos's head off with Stormbreaker. I can't believe that was the first shot of the trailer!
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    Screw you for posting it. I'm not watching it.
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    These arrived today as well.... I’ve got stands for all of my handhelds now. I’m probably going to order similar pieces for my wireless controllers and Wiimotes as well.
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    I'm really glad you all are caught up & loving Line of Duty, new season later this year
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    Yeah, I agree, while Bodyguard is still really great, it doesn't have the near constant gut-punch factor like Line of Duty. We started Killing Eve last night, and it's off to a great start. I really like the premise. My wife's patience finally wore out, and she made me upgrade to commercial-free Hulu. Carlos.
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    Have to do a TON of adjustments, but first viewing (Halloween 2018) was very, very nice! The HDR on Halloween was superb, with all the police lights in the night sequences. A lot of POP! Today, I will be watching/sampling several titles, including IT, Star Trek (JJ Abrams), and probably Infinity War. Saving the majority for next week, when my wife and daughter go off on a trip.
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    The aiming option is not the problem ;). Played with a friend of mine and my brother last night for an hour, good good fun. We sucked hard and all but the turnover to the next game is fast enough. This is a solid fun product, even when you’re dying in the first 90 seconds as you watch six other squads hitting the same area you thought was safe (we laughed the whole way down). I bought both locked characters, so that’s where I am. I still mostly play Lifeline but I really love Caustic a ton. I don’t normally care for online shooters but I adore this game.
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    I don't even know why.
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