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    Calling out your own trolling because it apparently wasn't savage enough for anyone online to give a shit about,... That's a first world problem!
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    A reasonable attempt at the beginning of Wish You Were Here. Carlos.
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    Well, fellas, it looks like I’m officially in the Spider-Man Platinum Club! (This is my third Platinum trophy—the other two being Sly Cooper and the Theivius Raccoonus and Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.) Feels good.
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    To put a bow on the Virtual Boy collecting, everything cased up nice and pretty like. I don't think I'm missing anything within reason (Jack Bros is not within reason, obv.) and besides, the Flashboy is there to fill in the gaps. On to the next terrible quality-of-enjoyment vs money-spent ratio'd purchase that is retro game collecting in the modern age.
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    I love Google, but I have zero faith that they will ever go ALL IN on anything. Everything they do feels like an experiment. I doubt this will be anything different. They'll be cancelling whatever this is in 3 years.
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    @Angel P I hate you.:) I went and downloaded the CLZ Games app and have spent the past two days cataloguing my collection. The app is fantastic but it’ll cost you $15 . At the moment, I’m sitting at 715 Physical games and I haven’t added my OG Xbox, Xbox 360, NES, Gameboy and GBA libraries yet.
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    Deadline is reporting James Gunn has been reinstated on GoG3... https://deadline.com/2019/03/james-gunn-reinstated-guardians-of-the-galaxy-3-disney-suicide-squad-2-indefensible-social-media-messages-1202576444/
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    I’m writing to inform you officially that as of yesterday I’m part of the platinum club too. Thank you good sirs.
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    Those following the Retro Gaming Bug thread know that I recently picked up one of the AVS systems from RetroUSB. This is a clone console using an FPGA (field programmable gate array). What does that mean? Well, it’s not emulation. The FPGA circuit is programmed to mimic the functions of an honest to goodness NES so it’s more like hardware simulation that interacts with your carts in the exact same way as the NES would. It also means that almost no lag is being created by the unit either and it strives for accuracy above all else. Analogue famously released the NT and NT Mini a few years ago for a large price tag. The NT and Mini go a step further by actually using the Nintendo’s PPU units on board but there’s also an FPGA component to the system as well. Even the cheaper mini went for $450 and getting one today will cost you in the $1200-1500 range in the aftermarket. It was the Mercedes/BMW model of Nintendo FPGA systems. The AVS by comparison is a good solid mid-range Sedan with a great feature set, some niggling issues and a price point that’s much easier to swallow. Coming in at $200 shipped, it’s not going for pennies but if you’ve got a substantial NES cart library (and I do), the AVS is a cheaper alternative than having the HiDef NES mod installed or even a good RGB mod for that matter. Add in the cost of a Blinking Light Win 72 pin connector and you’re easily surpassing the cost of an AVS. So what do you get for your $200? You get a fairly good looking little console that is inspired by the looks of the in-development AVS computer. Here’s some pics of the unit including a shot of it compared to the real NES in size. As you can see, the unit supports both NES and Famicom carts (NA carts are front loaded, Famicom carts are top loaded). It also has the expansion port for the Famicom disk system as well. It includes a single HDMI out and it uses a standard 5v power supply unit via USB. It comes with both cables and adapter in the box. So with all of the standard info out of the way - how does it work? Well, out of the box, I connected the console to my PC and downloaded the scoreboard software on the RetroUSB site so I could update the firmware. That went pretty smoothly. I hooked the console up and set my video options right away. The unit outputs in 720p maximum which is great as it’s a good 3x integer scale for my 4K set. I prefer it over 1080p for the NES. The menu system is simple and fairly robust. I was happy to find FirebrandX’s unsaturated V6 palette available in the video options. For those unaware, the NES doesn’t support RGB without modification so the colors it has displayed via composite for 30 years aren’t RGB mapped. There’s a lot of consternation in the Retro community about how colors should look in these games. FBX is known for creating some of the best Framemeister profiles out there and he created a color palette for use with emulators and other products to approximate the colors of NES titles based on its composite output. So you get that as the first color palette selection here which is fantastic. Once I was done setting up the video/scanline options, I proceeded to test 15 or so carts. This is where I hit a pretty nasty roadblock. None of them worked.:( All of them would display a garbled mess as if the cart wasn’t being properly read or was dirty. I tested the carts in my own real NES and they worked fine. So shit! I have a bad unit, right? Well, I watched enough tear downs of this unit over the past two months to know how the pin connector for US carts is mounted. I took the thing apart, removed the pin connector and reseated it. Then I tested it and voila - carts started working. I still had some issues with certain games but those were resolved with a little 99% isopropyl alcohol and q-tips. So build quality wise, not a great start. Once I got to gaming though, the thing produces an absolutely lovely picture and suddenly I understood why I bought it. Here’s a few off screen shots of a number of games running at 720p properly aspect corrected at 3x integer scale. After about two hours spent with the unit, I have to say that I despise the way carts are loaded into it. You’re meant to slide carts in like a front loader and push them in but they don’t entirely line up well so you feel like you’re going to break the thing with too much pressure and they don’t slide in naturally. Sliding the cart in from a bit higher up helps line it up better but you gotta push in with enough force to hear it click or it won’t read properly. Taking carts out requires the strength of Kratos as well. My advice? Keep your carts clean and don’t try to force it too much. Frankly, I get the nostalgia play here but they should have just made the thing a top loader and quit fucking around. The front loader NES was a garbage design that the gaming community has spent years creating fixes and work arounds for. I’m not walking away excited to have revisited it here on an FPGA console in 2019 that could have done whatever they wanted design wise. Analogue had the right idea here with the NT and the NT Mini. I used both a standard NES controller and a Bluetooth 8bitDo NES controller with no issues at all. The unit supports 4 right out of the gate and there are button combos to return to the menus whenever you like (though it resets the cart). The AVS also has a built-in Game Genie that auto populates the codes for each game once it reads the cart. Pretty cool! Final thoughts? When putting in the carts isn’t pissing me off, the thing does exactly what it says it does. It produces a gorgeous 720p picture, has just enough video options for tinkerers like me to get things looking just right and feels like playing on a real NES from a lag (or complete lack thereof) perspective. The overall design is solid. It’s damn near 100% accurate down to the visual glitches and audio/music so it takes a right shit all over any emulator box out there. The unit has some decent weight to it so it doesn’t feel cheap but I can’t state my distaste for the overall front load design here enough. It’s not a deal breaker but it’s a huge missed opportunity that I’ll inevitably get used to. I’m going to keep monitoring how well this unit continues to work given the fix I had to do. I contacted the owner and let him know my experience on Facebook (he and I spoke prior to me ordering). If I end up having to replace the unit for any reason, I’ll let know. If you have any questions or want to see more shots, let me know!
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    Final Fantasy VII is up for pre-order. Do I need a 5th version of this game? Maybe.
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    I've had that Platinum for ages, but didn't realize it until I just now when I looked, because the idea of me getting a platinum is so unlikely!
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    Good call. You probably don't want to see that shot of Spider-Man cutting Thanos's head off with Stormbreaker. I can't believe that was the first shot of the trailer!
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    Screw you for posting it. I'm not watching it.
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    The lack of discussion on this game is sheer insanity.:) I finally got the chance to sit down and play the first 5 missions last night and hot damn its good to have Devil May Cry back. Make no mistake either, this is a direct continuation of Devil May Cry 4 and a true sequel to the canon series - not the Ninja Theory offshoot (which I actually thought was pretty good!). This is at a whole other level. It's wonderfully Japanese, with the same irreverent attitude and anime sensibilities that's made the series a favorite for many fans including myself. Bayonetta is one of the best action games ever made but I have a connection with Dante and this cast of characters that puts its just a little higher on the scale for me.:) Seriously though, this should have been called "Devil May Cry V: Bad Ass The Game". First off, the RE Engine puts on another visual display of just how versatile and gorgeous it is. These are some of the most expressive and well designed character models out there. Whether its Nico catching a cigarette in her mouth in the middle of the DMC van flipping through the air or Nero showing his disdain for said smoke while he hangs his head out of the passenger side window. It's "wow" level stuff and the fact that the game proper runs at a mostly solid 60fps makes me wish Capcom would license this engine out. It's just that good. The gameplay is a mix of Devil May Cry 3's mission structure and Devil May Cry 4's character variety. It's all gloriously linear. Yes, I meant to say that. In an age of gaming where everything is a fucking open world map littered with icons and needless busy work - booting this game up to find that missions are numbered, the levels are designed as straight forward corridors with minimal exploration and the focus being 150% on the action and an extremely deep combat system is like being wrapped in a warm, comfortable blanket. Some may balk at this but to that I say; come at me bro! I yearn for these types of experiences anymore. I've only played as Nero and V thus far but most of the exploring you do will be to find red orb clusters, yellow orbs that function as continues when you die and a few other orb types that increase vitality and the Devil Trigger gauge for V. There's also a simple pentagram system for finding secret missions that you have to keep an eye out for but other than that, you're not going to get lost in this game and it does all that it can to keep pushing you forward to next enemy encounter and/or boss fight. How glorious the combat is, too. Nero retains his exceed gauge from DMC4. It's the "rev" system for his red queen sword. You can either manually rev while standing still or you can press the exceed button at the end of a swing to increase the gauge and release more powerful attacks. It's an intricate and easy to use system that you must get good with timing wise if you want those SSS ratings. The new Devil Breaker system is where most of the depth comes into play. There are 7-8 different Devil Arms that Nero can attach to his right arm. Each one has its own basic attack along with a super attack that you can trigger by holding down the Devil Break button. Doing the super attack will break the Devil Arm though. You can also detonate the arm to get you out of trouble as well but again, that will break the arm and force you to use another. One arm functions as a bad ass whip, another launches your fist into the air as a rocket (which you can even ride!) and there's even more variety as the game progresses. You'll spend the early parts of the game just playing around with each while you get used to how they function in battle and since you cannot swap between them you have to choose whether to get good with the one you have or blow it up to move to the next. You can set pre-determined load outs in the customization screen and Nico sells you more arms as the game progresses. Listen, I'm a DMC vet and I'm nowhere near close to knowing them well enough to kick off any insane combos yet but I did manage an SS ranking or two. So I don't feel too bad about how I'm doing so far. V is a just a whole different animal to play as. Getting used to him takes time but its a really unique combat style. Instead of a gun and a sword, V is aided by two demons that are bound to him. One is a hawk like creature named Griffon and the other is a Panther like creature called Shadow. Each is tied to one of the attack buttons. V is an observer at best. He does not directly attack enemies - he sends his minions to do his work. His only involvement in combat is to finish off the enemies as neither Griffon nor Shadow can do that. Once an enemies life has been depleted, a ring gauge will appear around them and they will go white which means they can be finished off. You can either walk over them or lock on to them and hit the B button to teleport to them and finish them off with his cane. Your minions can also take enough damage to go into a state called "Stalemate" where they need to recharge. The closer V is to them, the faster that happens but it puts you in more danger. You can also charge up stronger attacks by holding the right trigger which makes V read from his poetry book. There's nothing quite so bad ass as having your demonic minions wreak havoc while your in-game character sits around reading poetry aloud. Finally, V does have one more minion he uses named Nightmare that functions as his Devil Trigger. He's basically a screen clearing monstrosity that will violently appear (at times destroying part of the environment which opens up secret paths) and takes care of any nuisances. You can eventually unlock a skill to be able to ride him around and attack while you're on his back which is a pretty good time and it keeps V safe from taking unnecessary hits during the carnage. The story is setup well right off the bat with Dante getting ass kicked by the new ruler of the Underworld - a demon named Urizel. He also happens to be the demon who ripped off and stole Nero's arm (the sword Yamato that Vergil once used). Also, there's a great "History of Devil May Cry" video to get you up to speed on what's happened in the previous 4 games. So newcomers need not fret. You can certainly jump into this one. Also, the addition of Nico to the cast is just wonderful. She functions as Nero's partner and artisan weapon maker. She's a smart ass, she's a complete caricature of a pissy southern bell, she's intentionally trashy and she's downright fun. She provides you with the ability to upgrades your skills, buy items and set load outs for your Devil Arms. In each level, you'll find a phone that you can use to call her in and part of the fun is seeing how she manages to get the Devil May Cry van to your location. Each time you make the call, there's a relevant cutscene of her arriving at your spot and it's more often than not hilarious. It honestly makes me want that stupid $150 Collector's Edition even more! So yeah, this is one of those "made for little ole me" games. It clicks at every possible level that a game can from a gameplay standpoint. If I had to say something negative, its that the levels are perhaps a bit too simple and unassuming but I'm far too busy wrecking demons to notice too much. Short and sweet: GO BUY THIS GAME NOW.
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    These arrived today as well.... I’ve got stands for all of my handhelds now. I’m probably going to order similar pieces for my wireless controllers and Wiimotes as well.
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    I run two Netgear Nighthawk X6S Mesh Extenders off a Nighthawk X10 router (I like systems). The X6 Extenders are based on Orbi mainboards and I've had zero problems with them. Coverage has been great and latency has been minimal. I'm probably going to die of brain cancer. #noragrets
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    I'm really glad you all are caught up & loving Line of Duty, new season later this year
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    Yeah, I agree, while Bodyguard is still really great, it doesn't have the near constant gut-punch factor like Line of Duty. We started Killing Eve last night, and it's off to a great start. I really like the premise. My wife's patience finally wore out, and she made me upgrade to commercial-free Hulu. Carlos.
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    Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse - Incredible. Absolutely incredible love letter to the Spider-Man universe. Wonderful characters, beautifully written and genuinely funny as hell. All of that alongside a perfectly cast slew of actors that sell every last sincere moment. Loved, loved, loved it. Nichols Cage as Spider-Man Noir damn near stole the show for me.:)
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    Big DF Retro video uploaded today: It’s hard to believe how bad Sony used to be so bad at this sort of thing. Try to watch the video without falling asleep. Even with John, Alex, and Rich’s commentary, it’s a challenge to sit through.
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    One more thing, I was surprised at how crisp the image was in the Virtual Boy. I have been trying out the entire library in the Oculus is preparation but the moment I looked into the VB headset I was struck at the quality of the display. For all the problems with the Virtual Boy, it was still designed by Nintendo so you can expect to be impressed with the details. Regardless, it looks pretty sharp added to the collection, and that's what's most important.
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    Doom Eternal was announced for the thing as well. You too can enjoy 4K/HDR, 60fps Doom with streaming levels of lag. That’s if you have the requisite bandwidth to even stream it at that level to begin with. Or you can just buy the game on your X or Pro.;)
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    I always enjoyed the first half of Captain America. The Origin story part. Once he started touring Europe and kicking ass it wasn't as interesting to me. Similarly I really disliked the last 20% of Iron Man, Thor, and Iron Man 3. I mention those movies because just because I don't like part of a movie doesn't mean I dislike the whole movie. I tend to think that most movies fall apart in the last 20%. The ones that don't are my favorites of course. X-Men 3: The Last Stand for example.
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    Played the first mission from the beta this morning, I was surprised how easy it was compared to the beta. Otherwise still loving it.
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    It’s been a bit since I posted some game pickups... ...and yes I still you all a review if the Super NT. It’s coming! I’m too busy replaying Yoshi’s Island on it.:)
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    As expected, a 40th Anniversary restoration of Apocalypse Now has been announced and will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival. As well as boasting a new Atmos sound mix it has been revealed that the version shown will be an all new 'Final Cut' of the film. It's currently not been announced when the disc release will arrive, but it's quite possible it will follow close to its Tribeca debut in which case it could be a May or June release. Obviously we don't yet know, beyond featuring this new cut, whether the theatrical and Redux versions will be included in 4k as well, and whether Hearts of Darkness will also be there as a bonus (no reason why they shouldn't replicate the BD disc of it in the package though). If distribution remains the same as the previous Blu-ray then Lionsgate will likely be handling it in the US, and Studio Canal in Europe. The restoration itself, which is struck from a fresh 4k scan of the original camera negative, I suspect will have been undertaken by Coppola's Zoetrope company in house. It'll be interesting to see if Paramount eye this as a good opportunity to release The Godfather Trilogy around the same time as supposedly they are keen to get those out on UHD. It would also be nice if Lionsgate took this as an opportunity to do a UHD of Tucker from the existing 4k restoration. Unrelated, but I noticed Tribeca is also having a 30th Anniversary Say Anything reunion screening. A 4k master of that exists, it's been up on iTunes for an age (sans HDR), so there's perhaps a slim chance we could see a UHD disc of that this year, but it's 20th Century Fox and even though they prefer to lean on anniversaries as an excuse to put out a catalogue title, it's not a movie of a genre that typically fits in with the type of content they prefer to release (and we don't know if the Disney takeover will completely disrupt Fox's Home Video department).
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    Incredible story I saw on reddit. I'm super keen to trail a group of NPC's scavenging, myself, now.... Wow.
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    There are three levels of people pissing me off: 1) I resent when movie critics, who aren't big fans, criticize infinity war for being deficient in ways that simply aren't true. Anyone who has watched all the movies and knows all of the world building, character arcs, and story elements that have been stacked on top of each other to get to this point would not say what they're saying! 2) In the same way, all of the people who aren't big fans of superhero movies, and who declared Black Panther to be the best Super Hero movie ever, I resent them too. Joey never taught you to critique comicbook movies. THAT'S WHY YOU'RE SO BAD AT IT 3) And then the ACTUAL comic book fans who are corrupted by their cultural bullshit. They walk around like normal people. They don't even know that they're dead. I wish I could snap my fingers, and make them , disappear... I'd call that, mercy.
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    MCC is coming to PC and Steam. Halo Reach is coming to MCC on PC and Xbox , but on xbone the campingn and firefight are separate purchases.
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    Emily Blunt is just awesome. Would watch her in anything.
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    I will not allow you to watch End Game without seeing this movie first. What theater/time are you planning to see End Game so I can stop you.
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    Captain Marvel is a fun movie, the second half is much better then the first Half. It starts off slow. But the cast is all terrific all around and brings it together. The music as mentioned is great, tie ins to other MCU stuff is a nice touch, and stay for the mid credit scene (there is an end credit scene also). Bring on end game.
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    All other games will be pushed aside when this arrives.:)
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    Been watching videos on youtube and one had recommendations on settings that I liked. They recommended to switch button layout to Button Puncher. This switches the Crouch and Melee buttons. So now, you press down on the right stick to crouch. Another advantage to this is when you're running, you can also slide when pressing down on the right stick! You don't have to move your thumb away to press a button to slide which is a great plus. Melee also really sucks in this game as it barely does any damage so you won't miss that button. This layout actually reminds me of the older games like Rainbow Six? I have yet to get a kill on the PS4 or Xbox One. I really really really suck at FPS games now. I stopped playing FPS games for quite some time and definitely getting too old for this lol! Still fun though and slowly getting back into it. Actually manage to damage people now! Just learning the different areas of the map now and how to properly loot. Getting used to the different guns and maybe one day, I will get a kill!
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    Interesting choice of words for something that goes in your ears
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    Oh Daniel, something may be on the way finally, and in 4k https://www.slashfilm.com/the-abyss-blu-ray/
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    Season 2, March22nd. Get your recapping done now. Carlos.
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    So the littlest one wanted to record himself playing a game on the Oculus. I thought what would be better than Arizona Sunshine, because as a parent it is my job to make sure my guys are prepared for any and all upcoming zombie apocalypses. Little dude doesn't teleport like I have to, he just runs around like it's supposed to be normal. If I did this I would be throwing up all over the place, projectile style. He's clearly the more evolved gamer than I.
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    No, true, and I can't see why they'd be re-issuing the collection in October on regular Blu-ray, so fingers crossed this is not an error. Hopefully we see the others listed in the coming months and they're not just doing the most recent ones. Not sure how I feel if they are only going to be going the actor branded set route though, 1) because it leaves O.H.M.S.S as an odd one out sitting on its own whenever they should eventually do it, and 2) because if it's going to be like the Blu-ray actor sets then it won't be individually boxed movies in a slipcase which for a continuing series is what I'd prefer as I like to shelve the Bonds lined up in production order (although in fairness the discs in a single case slim box set would be arranged in order, but it'd still be weird with Lazanby sitting on his own, not to mention Craig's next one).
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    Here's Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic The Hedgehog, playing the new A1U Space Invaders with his son. No big deal. (Side note, the Sega building he worked at is about to be demolished so he took his son to see it before it was no more. They stopped by this game store on the way home.)
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    PITY and The Scary Spots Collection will be free on Kindle starting at midnight tonight. Mary Fox will be going for 99¢ Saturday and Sunday. PITY is my personal horror story, "inspired" by things that happened when I was a kid, and probably why I am as warped as I am today. The Scary Spots Collection is based on the one-time online series that was to follow the ultimately aborted ECHOES: The Dead Land movie. Mary Fox is volume 1 of my reimagining of NextDoor.
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    The "live" team for this is Bioware Austin who definitely have the experience for fixing + progressing an under-featured launch game to a place of success. I hope they get the "space" to do so with this.
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    Current status on World of Light. I think I'm on the last map screen now. Finally. I can see the err... light. It's still going to be a long haul to get there though.
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    Black Hawk Down formally announced for 7th of May (from Sony)
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    You probably knew this but Best Buy currently has a $9.99 sale on 3D bluray titles Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Edge of Tomorrow Godzilla (2014) Gravity The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies House of Wax In The Heart of the Sea Jupiter Ascending Mad Max: Fury Road Man of Steel Pacific Rim Point Break San Andreas The Wizard of Oz Don’t have a 3D tv but picked up Gravity and Mad Max to check out on my PSVR.
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