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    Contributed whatever was left over after my ex-wife's alimony check went out.
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    If you can believe it, it's been over 4 years since we last raised any money for the forum. To put it into perspective, the last time we ran a fundraiser, Fifty Shades of Grey and the first Kingsman movie were topping the box office The Order: 1886 and Evolve were just released Age of Ultron was the most current Marvel movie The Walking Dead topped TV ratings Barack Obama was the President of the United States Actually, the last time it was predicted that we'd raise enough get to a point where: At least two of those came true! About a month ago, you probably noticed the great outage of March the 22nd when the forum was down for almost the entire day due to depletion of funds. And then the other outage of Two Days Ago because my slack ass hadn't put up the fundraising post yet 😆 We've gotten to a point with our setup where the features we have are close to everything we need, and the software we now use is stable. Pretty much all we need coverage for is hosting. I'm also working on getting those costs lowered a bit to $45 a month. Think we can pre-pay keeping the lights on for at least another 2 years? If so, that'd put our goal close to an even $1000. Last time, 23 of us stepped up to contribute. If you can, consider contributing a month! But really, anything and everything helps. We can even take payments directly within the forum now! This month starts our 16th year together here on LCVG. So here's to many more, with discussions on PlayStation 5, Xbox Next, and everything else in between. To donate, click the Donation Goal Progress Bar at the bottom of this thread!
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    I'm going to a Triple Feature of the John Wick movies tomorrow at the Alamo. I can hardly wait!
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    Started a new job almost a year ago still doing software development, I am the lead mobile dev for a three year-old startup based out of Seattle area. I handle both the iOS and Android versions of our end-user app. We have a small office in the Bay Area, too, but I'm the only person that is truly remote. I thoroughly love all of the people I work with, I get to travel out to Seattle every few months where my best friend lives, and occasionally to SF as well. At the same time, if you've followed my other thread, I own a couple of beer bars (our second one opened a few weeks ago) which are hopefully my long-term plan. I love my day job, and also after 20+ years in the dev world, I look forward to the day when I write my last line of code. I could probably eek by on the income from the first bar (and my wife's job) and quit my day job in theory, but I'm just not ready to do that yet.
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    I’ll be contributing on Friday. Thanks to everyone for their donations! LCVG Gold logins will be sent out by months end.
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    John Wick 3 is fabulously absurd.
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    All setup. No issues other than me not plugging in the power connection inside the cabinet deep enough. I had a minor heart attack thinking the thing was dead but with some minor troubleshooting, all was well. Played all three games with a buddy of mine and had a blast! My only complaint is I wish I could turn down the brightness on the LCD just a smidge.
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    I've been managing technical teams for the better part of 15 years now and I enjoy it. I can't say I love it but there are worst careers. I enjoy managing and mentoring people. With that having been said though, I officially accepted a new position in my company doing Salesforce administration today. It's an opportunity that presented itself seemingly out of nowhere but the woman in charge of the IT group is going on maternity leave and we've been without any CRM administrators for the better part of 3 months now due to regular attrition. I have had some experience with it in the past and she gave me administrator rights and I've been functioning in that role as a side job to my regular day job helping her out. She loved the work I did to the point where she aggressively headhunted me and officially sent over a job offer through my HR rep for a significant amount of money and senior analyst title that I could not say no to. It helps that I really enjoyed the hell out of the work itself, too. So I'm a little scared but super excited. Scared because its a whole new world but excited for the challenge and to get my feet wet in the world of Salesforce which is a highly marketable skill that will allow me to branch out from what I've been doing for a very long time.
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    Got the decals put on today. And the riser is technically backwards. The Arcade 1up emblem on the front is huge and would have been peaking out behind the MK 2 logo. I decided to just turn it around since there was no functional or real cosmetic difference.
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    Feel free to send her the link as well.
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    Needs to be one with Jon Snow saying "I left the cave and the redhead with nice tits for this?" Carlos.
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    Back from the trip. Overall it was totally amazing. But as this is the beer thread I will endeavor to only offer some highlights on that topic. For now I'm focusing only on the first city, Amsterdam. Our first 5 days were in Amsterdam, and despite that not being a cultural capital for beer, we did manage to find some gems (either in the form of bars or breweries). the first gem was a taproom in Amsterdam Centrum called Foeders, they specialized in Dutch and Belgian beers and have the personal distinction of being the first taproom where I have seen 3 Fonteinen by the glass (the below pic only shows part of their menu, the 3Fs are on the chalkboard that says "Lambic by the glass"). They also had a great bottle collection (compared to any taproom in the the west coast US), and while these prices aren't exactly bargains, they looked to be a little cheaper than in the US (IME). Also they had some beers you just can't get outside of Europe like De Cam: Foeders was also the first place I tried a local (Haarlem) brewery called Uiltje (meaning "little owl"), which was the start of a nice discovery. More on Uiltje later. The second bar that turned out to be a gem was De Struif, also in Amterdam Centrum. The best thing about De Struif is the atmosphere. Very small, very old school, the clientele seemed largely local, the vibe was convivial. We mostly stuck to Belgian Trappist beers here, like Westmalle. Here is a random pic from De Struif, I do not know anyone in this pic 🙂 The 3rd gem in Amsterdam is De Wildeman, here is a pic: This place had a nice draft list, covering beers from many western European locations. To me, the most exciting find was an IPA from the UKs Cloudwater, which I've only read about prior. I had one of their New England IPAs (and yes, the irony of an English brewery making a "NEIPA") was not lost on me :-). It was quite good. After that I treated myself to a bottle of Cantillon "Rose De Gambrinus" a beer I've never seen for sale before. Much to my surprise it came served in a traditional wicker caddy, to leave the beer as undisturbed as possible (to not kick up sediment), classy. It was, as you might expect, exceptional, raspberry puree with a beautiful tangy burst and well controlled acidity. The 4th gem in Amsterdam was a bar called Arendsnest (eagle's nest), which unlike the others so far, specialized in Dutch beer. Here is a terrible shot of their menu: Needless to say I was mostly lost with this list, although I did recognize Uiltje. I ended up with the Jopen "Totally yuzu" for two reasons. One I had been seeing a lot of "Cascadian Dark" ales around, which intrigued me since I'm not familiar with the style (turns out it's kind of like a black IPA). Also I was hoping it had Yuzu in it, but it did not. While the beer was nice, it was the view from the outdoor seating at Arendsnest that really made it a nice spot. This is a whot from where we sat: The next day we headed out of town to the MC Escher Museum in The Hague, which, as a life-long fan of his work, was amazing. But, this is beer, so I'll stay on topic. One the way back from The Hague, we stopped in Haarlem. I'd already heard good things about the city (and it is indeed a super charming place), but now I knew two breweries there which became targets for a visit, Jopen and Uiltje. Turns out Jopen opened in a former church building, which is simply stunning: Their menu had 30 beers on draft. I tried a few of them, including a Belgian Pale, which was very nice, light and refreshing. I also tried their version of a NEIPA called "Yankee Punch" - and while it didn't rival the best I've had from Treehouse or Fieldwork, it was quite good. Tearing ourselves away from Jopen we headed to Uiltje (pronounced Owl-Chuh). The brewery itself was not open, but their taproom was, although Haarlem is not a late-night city, so we only had about 30 minutes here. Of all the places thusfar on the trip, this felt the most 'american' in vibe. The bartender was also one of the brewers, so he was entertaining to talk to. It was clear he as a fan of the American craft movement and it's penchant for experimentation. He excitedly described one such experiment Uiltje tried, which was to throw an entire Christmas tree into a batch of Christmas beer. There was a bit of a pause at this point, when his voice changed from excited to more sober. The experiment was an utter failure and ended up clogging up all their equipment, he then acknowledged than the established method of adding plant matter to beer sealed in cloth bags was in fact the best way. But hey, "we tried!" I tried their Mosaic Mammoth NEIPA which was very good, and then on his recomendation I tried the "Sombre Pharos" porter (off camera to the right in my pic) from a UK berwery Vibrant Forest. It was absolutely amazing, a rich almost umami dark cocoa beer, not very sweet, with a slight bitterness like 80% chocolate. The final spot, back in Amsterdam, was a place I'd been hearing about since we arrived. Brouwerij 't Ij (the Ij is the river through Amsterdam). I knew it was housed in a windmill, but the actual site as even more impressive: Ufortunately, the beer here was not as special as the setting. It's still very much worth going to see the place, it's pretty dazzling visually, and the beer is 'fine' but it's not going to keep you coming back. That's it for the Amsterdam leg of the beer journey. After this was Brussels, which I will post about soon. Even though (or perhaps because) Brussels was more beer focused, I didn't document it quite as well.
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    Twilight Princess Phew, this was such an odd one. If you want somebody to experience the most basic concept of Zelda in 3D, this game does a great job of that, but it doesn’t feel as special as the best of the series does. First, it starts off too damn slow - they should boot you into the first dungeon way quicker because it is excellent stuff and instead you heard goats and meet people and things that have little bearing on what’s to come (here, aim this hawk at things once in the village okay won’t be using that any more!). There’s a lot of needless crap in here and the controls are not up to the task. The snowboarding mini game (yes, this exists because... wtf...) is dire and all the mounts handle like boats, which is ironic because the boat in the last game handled better. The overworld is largely boring and feels very small, which I partly attribute to the graphics being very... there. Yeah, they look great in HD, but they don’t feel like anything special (Wind Waker spoiled me). The dungeons, however, the meat and drink of the series (at this point in the timeline) are quite possibly the best up to this point and at least on par with Link to the Past. Some are a bit obtuse (City in the Sky can eat rocks) but most balance themselves JUST right and props to them for that. They change up the dungeon items too, a much needed bump, and we get some fun ones like the spinner and the ball and chain. They don’t get much use outside their dungeons but the series is always like that (at this point in the timeline :P) so at least props for coming up with newer stuff. I was not thrilled with the double claws, but they get some use so I’ll let it slide. Story is pretty rote. WW was better and you don’t spend near enough time with Zelda to get too invested in her side of things. Midna is a great companion and the beast stuff is a mostly good mix-up to the formula. They just half ass a lot of characters who don’t get much screen time - and the ridiculous Harry Potter knockoff (or Hyrule Potter as I took to calling him) is really jarring. I mean, it was fun, but it’s not perfect and I wouldn’t put it above Wind Waker or Ocarina of Time because it really feels like it’s treading water. The dungeon design is spectacular and the game is worth a play for that alone, but it just didn’t grab me. Next stop is the just okay Phantom Hourglass, which I remember liking more than most but is definitely mid-tier Zelda. Current Ranking: 1) Wind Waker 2) Link to the Past 3) Ocarina of Time 4) Link’s Awakening 5) Twilight Princess 6) Oracle of Seasons/Ages 7) The Minish Cap 8.) Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link 9) Majora’s Mask 10) The Legend of Zelda
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    Guess I should give my own update, seeing as I brought the thread back to life after finding it randomly while searching for something else Since my last post? Still thoroughly love what I do, despite the ups & downs of the game industry. I've survived layoffs, been through one studio closure (and literally moved to another studio on the same floor - meetings in our "old" space were weird), moved to Austin, and have thoroughly put down roots here. I'm now part of a studio that definitely not going away any time soon, so there's more security than I've had in 15 years. They keep giving me more responsibility, I still get room to make a frontline impact on our live product ("DevLive" for the win), but I definitely don't get to code as much as I'm used to.
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    The room is coming together...
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    Good God Alien truly does look magnificent. What a disc, and kudos to Fox for again, like Die Hard, offering up the original audio mix as an option. It’s so exciting that we can have this kind of quality at home... and yet I’m terrified of what the future holds for Fox catalogue releases under Disney. 😔
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    Crap, I just saw this. I have donated the absolute minimum amount of money (run through several formulas) that will keep me from being ostracized by my LCVG peers and yet keep this site running for the maximum amount of time. No, but seriously, thanks for everything you guys do to keep this site up, it's fucking bonkers that we've been doing this for like 16+ years, it doesn't even make sense. The best part of this donation experience was realizing the email associated with my LCVG account is from my old company I founded in the early 2000's and haven't had anything to do with since 2005. And yes, I just figured out how to change it!
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    Both of my daughters flipped out for that scene so yeah...GIRL POWER. I’m quite fine with that considering no one shouts BOY POWER at the endless hero shots of the male characters, etc. On the nose? Sure but then it’s ok to be on the nose and give the little girls and women in the theatre something to crow about. You Professor Hulk haters need your head examined, too. Hulk getting his ass handed to him led precisely to Bruce rethinking the very existence of the Hulk and he’s all the better for it. Not to mention, we’ve had film after film of “I can’t control him!” Hulk smash stuff so I really enjoyed Bruce actually being in control and using his brain. While also using his Hulk element to survive the actual snap that brought everyone back! Oh and holding up an entire building to save Rocket and War Machine for just enough time for Lang to rescue them. A less physically drained Professor Hulk is equally as powerful as mindless Hulk, folks. Professor Hulk had some big moments in the movie and his embarrassment and mocking of dumb Hulk worked for me on so many levels. I know folks wanted some physical catharsis for Hulk getting smashed by Thanos but you got it instead by him completely undoing what Thanos did in Infinity War and I think that’s even more bad ass. +1 Professor Hulk fan, here. The conflict between man and monster is also what makes him an utterly one note character, IMO. Finally, the CG work to capture Ruffalo’s likeness in the Hulk character was also insanely good. Also, the Russo’s win for rewarding the 5 people like me that watched Agent Carter.:)
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    Man, it almost here!
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    You're all a bunch of racist tree-hugging baby killing gun-toting terrorist hippies. Sanders-Trump 2020!
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    I'm wondering this, too. And is this for LCVG or the Keith-free site we rolled out last year?
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    The last few posts already have better writing than season 8.
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    I’ve come to terms with the end. Because in the end, Bran was the “bad guy” of the entire thing. He knew everything that would happen from the time he became the three eyed raven, and did nothing to stop any of it. The line at the end “It’s why I came all this way” gets worse every time I think about.
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    Rick and Morty - Season 4, November 2019
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    The table's here and mostly set up (waiting for a sound bar to arrive, gonna mount it underneath). Came out great, imo. So that's probably over the top, but that's exactly where I like to be in relation to the top. Kids and I tested it out tonight with some Lost Mines of Phandelver. They made it through Cragmaw Hideout and the table did not disappoint. Now to teach them the D&D Board Game mechanics because I've been itching to get into Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Wife and I are currently two cases deep into Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (Thames Murders), and now that we have more breathing space and aren't stuck in the middle of the kitchen, bring on case 3. Need to get more games...
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    Just picked up the MK cab, will assemble tomorrow.
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    Wow, 2046. They are really planning in advance. I probably won't be around for that one.
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    Since 2007... Wow My job situation changed a lot as most of you know. The move to England itself is easily the biggest change and, without going into too many boring details it has been great for us. My job is still in video conferencing/UC and I still love this stuff. Since the Dr retired at Denver Health in 2007 and I went over to ACT the company has “changed hands” 7 times now with various acquisitions, VC firms, mergers, etc. Today it’s Modality and I’m pretty happy with the job and the people I work with. No regrets on the job or the move or any of this - I love it over here. We’ve worked hard and been lucky in a lot of ways and things are better for us and the girls. Haley is 27 now and has a good job, lives outside London in a crappy flat but, she loves it and is happy. April is 36 now and I have a grandkid which is a little weird to me but cool too.
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    I'm a software developer in service of the Life Insurance industry, which means that my wife, who makes money every time a baby gets stuck with a needle and cries, has a more moral job than me, who makes money off predicting when people will die.
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    The full movie: It is funny. In past years YouTube surfaces these videos on this day. So I've been sharing it too.
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    They better have the mother-of-all "Previously Ons" at the beginning of this! Carlos.
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    All put together now. We played for a good little while. The buttons are in the pretty good to okay range, the sticks are only average at best. They are nice and clickey, but don’t feel very tight. The games themselves look good, but I would be very surprised if these were the arcade versions. Anyone know what versions they are?
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    I donated. All in pennies. Good luck counting the change, ya filthy animals!
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    I did my part. Great option to have the progress bar on the forum. Hint: next time do this in March BEFORE my bonus is all spent. Carlos.
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    Two eps into Chernobyl on HBO, it’s the real deal. Absolutely gripping, and even though it’s 30 years removed, absolutely terrifying.
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    Catapult effectiveness -100 Catapult Range -100 Catapult damage -100 Dragon power +1000 Dragon agility +1000 Plot conveniences + 1,000,000 Maybe not a popular opinion (and I’ll take the jabs) but I calls it how I see it and this season post episode 2 has been horribly rushed, poorly written garbage. A damned shame for a show that I want to actively cheer for it’s finale but can’t get past its quality right now.
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    The 2024 movie must end on a truly agonising cliffhanger for them to make people wait 22 years to see the concluding film. 😋
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    Late to the game, but donated.
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    Gave enough to hit 1k, will give more next week
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