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    Catching up on a few movies. First up - Kingsmen - Golden Circle. Utterly pointless sequel missing almost all the charm & fun from the first movie, with a "twist" setting in Jack Daniels country that just takes away all of the class fight fun of the first. None of the new characters are interesting. The action scenes are messy. And the plot is dumb, even by dumb action movie standards. Some good laughs, some good moments, but man, a waste of great potential from the first movie that I loved.
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    I think you can skip the dlc and start start a new "+" game to get the tokens necessary to unlock all suits. IIRC, that's what I did for the trophy.
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    Not that I begrudge him it, but that Ryan Reynolds is one lucky/awesome fucker.
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    I need to watch Killing Eve and give The Expanse another shot.
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    Let’s do some random stuff... Movies: 1) Into the Spider-verse 2) Searching 3) Infinity War TV: 1) Killing Eve 2) The Expanse Video Games: 1) Spider-man 2) God of War 3) Octopath Traveler 4) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 5) AC: Odyssey (I LOVE Ubisoft open-world shitfests ) Anime: 1) Bloom Into You 2) Laid-Back Camp 3) SSSS.Gridman 4) Harukana Receive 5) High Score Girl
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    My favorite thing/moment of 2018 was rediscovering my love for all things retro gaming. Getting back into older games has helped to pull my attention back towards older experiences that I'll happily revisit over playing the latest entry in whatever open world games Ubisoft decided to shit out this year, or the latest Call of Battlefield 12, etc. I love gaming and this year saw some absolutely incredible releases that I played the hell out of but my desire to play modern games is relegated to those titles that truly deserve my attention. Downtime in between those belongs to my retro game setup.:) On that note, my 2018 Game of the Year list: 1. God of War 2. Spider-Man 3. Dead Cells 4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider 5. Megaman 11 My favorite movies of 2018 (much more to watch!): 1. Annihilation 2. Won't You Be My Neighbor? (seriously, its incredible) 3. BlacKkKlansman 4. Halloween 2018 5 Avengers Infinity War (Quiet Place and Black Banther would be 6 and 7!)
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    This may change today as I remember stuff . Movies Avengers Infinity War Mission Impossible Fallout Black Panther A Quiet Place Creed II * I have not seen Into the Spiderverse yet* TV Shows Man in the High Castle S3 Haunting on Hill House S1 The Bodyguard S1 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S1 Daredevil S3 Animated Series Voltron Troll Hunters Gadgets Apple Watch 4 LG UBK90 4k Blu-Ray Player Tabletop Games Lords of Hellas Keyforge Giant Killer Robots Rising Sun Starship Samurai Pop Figures Capt America vs Thanos Infinity War Thanos on Throne from end of Avengers Supergirl NYCC exclusive John Mclain Die Hard Baby from Baby Driver Comics/Graphic Novels TMNT Walking Dead Green Lantern Earth 1 Vol 1 Athena Voltaire Dark Knights Metal Vinyl (which in my case is soundtrack release) Mission Impossible (Mondo) TMNT The Movie Justice League Luke Cage S2 Star Trek Discovery Video Games Forza Horizons 4 God of War (still need to finish) Scythe Digital
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    Nice one - I’ll play MOVIES Avengers: Infinity War Mission Impossible: Fallout TV SHOWS The Haunting of Hill House The Fall (older show but I just watched it in 2018) The Bodyguard GAMES God of War Spider-Man Black Desert Online Destiny 2 Forsaken GADGETS AirPods Logitech G305 gaming mouse
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    I was gonna do a top 10 thread but here goes: MOVIES Avengers: Infinity War Mission Impossible: Fallout A Quiet Place Hereditary Game Night Honorable mention: Annihilation, Upgrade, Tully, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, BlackKklansman. TV SHOWS Madam Secretary s4 Blue Bloods s8 Jack Ryan s1 Better Call Saul s4 The Haunting of Hill House s1 Honorable mention: Making Murderer s2, The Resident s1, G.L.O.W. s2, 9-1-1 s1. GAMES God of War Spider-Man Only 2 games I played this year. 😕
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    Welp, I'm going to Belgium (and Netherlands) this spring. Just secured lodging in Brussels and Bruges. I'll be in Brussels the weekend of the Toer de Gueze, where are group of Gueze Lambic breweries open their doors to the public and release special blends. The days before that, I plan to hit up a bunch of other breweries and pubs in Brussels, including Cantillon, of course, but also several that don't get exported to the US. Then for the Bruges leg, I may rent a car to get to some of the Flanders breweries like Westvleteren and Verhaeghe. While beer is a big draw, I'm also excited to visit these historic cities, including Amsterdam. If anyone has tips for any of these cities, please share. I've not been to any of them.
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    I just can't get into it. I have never been more disappointed in a game. The controls are so bad and everything just feels like it is in mud. I want to like this game so much. Love the setting, the characters, etc, but playing it is zero fun. The cores, the controls, the movement. Rockstar still feels like they are making PS2/PS3 games with better graphics. -Dean-
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    Heading home from my Genius Bar appointment with a new ATV to try. Second time lucky?
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    A little bit of context for the people who aren't Brits of a certain age, "Bandersnatch" was a widely ambitious "Megagame" game announced for the ZX Spectrum back in 1984, that was going to require special hardware because it was "too much" for the Speccy, by a company called Imagine. The company behind it exploded wildly onscreen in a documentary.
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    Great call early this morning with Apple. They happily let me explain everything I had tried without asking me two dozen questions. The fellow I spoke to did think it sounded like a hardware fault after I explained everything so I’m booked in at a Genius Bar on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully they’ll just do me a straight swap for a new once since I only bought mine two weeks ago.
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    Bumblebee - Lots to like here, really enjoyed the look of the G1 Transformers on Cybertron and the smaller/more intimate feel compared to previous Transformers movies. What didn't work so much was John Cena's character and tying this into the Transformers canon with previous films vs a straight reboot of the franchise. The opening sequence is pure cartoon and it's wonderful.
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    The Big Sick. Prior to that? Notting Hill (one of my favorites ever) and Bridget Jones Diary if we’re talking truly great.
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    A Simple Favor - a mediocre vehicle for Anna Kendrick to be Anna Kendrick on film, it's a mess of a comedy, failing to deliver on AWE GAHDAMMIT IT'S GOT BLAKE LIVELY IN IT! That's all you need to know allright? It's as sucky movie as they get, but Blake Lively. Did you hear what I said? BLAKE LIVELY! I give it 5 out of 5 Blake fucking Livelys. Carlos.
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    Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse - Thought this was obscenely entertaining. Ingeniously executed on every level. I’m baffled as to how it even exists. What an absolute delight of a movie.
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    If you wind up getting the DLC for cheap at some point down the road, that'll help with challenge tokens as well. There are a bunch of new challenges but no new gadgets, and all the DLC costumes are earned rather than purchased. (I platinum'ed before the DLC dropped, but I still had a bunch of gadgets to upgrade and zero desire to perfect the Taskmaster challenges. The DLC challenges with Screwball are generous enough with tokens that I was fully upgraded after Turf Wars.)
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    Just a quick reminder that Celeste is now available for free to all Xbox Live Gold members for the entire month of January. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/celeste/bwmql2rpwbhb?activetab=pivot:overviewtab If you haven't played it already, be sure to check it out. I know we all have gaming backlogs as long as from here to the moon and back, but at the very least, play the first chapter to get a feel for it. It shouldn't take more than a half hour of your time, and you'll get a good sense of what the game is like.
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    Have near maxed out my cards for Dec but ticket availability seems decent for the two nights at Wembley so I will hopefully book next month. I’ve fond memories of him doing some Nightmare songs at the Elfman/Burton concert. It was funny watching the movie yesterday and thinking back to when it came out (under Touchstone rather than Disney itself), the near empty cinema I was in, how in the summer of 94 I was one of about four people taking interest in admiring sets and models on display at MGM Studios in Florida.... Now it takes over Disneyland, is loved by millions and Disney capitalising on merchandise means I can have an action figure of the Mayor on my desk.
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    Mediocre is about right. Couldn’t wait for it to be over but, my oh my, Blake Lively. I didn’t think she could be more hot until she started with her r rated language. 😍
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    Going to see it after the new year. Almost forgot I had aquaman tickets for tonight, days are flying by.
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    I am almost done with the first batch of Sabrina episodes, enjoying the show. However I realized one of the characters on the show is Jeff from Coupling UK and I laugh anytime he is on screen , even thought it’s a pretty dark show.