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    Yeah, I'm really excited for this! The wife and I went to All In last year, and it was a blast! I watched Wrestlemania this year, and haven't watched a minute of WWE since. I read reviews of the shows and usually end up thinking, "Well, I didn't miss anything." It's frustrating, because they have a truly amazing roster, but don't use them properly. Vince really needs to retire. If you haven't seen the Dark Side of the Ring episodes yet, they are pretty darn good. I knew some of the stories pretty well, but a lot of the details were new.
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    Kelley updated the default payment method for the forum. It wasn't changed yet from last time which is why we were down this morning for a bit. We are good to go now.
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    I’m 4 episodes into the OA S2 and this show has gone full batshit insane , and I am enjoying every second of it.
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    These articles always ways amaze me, because there are so many good games out that are not kickstarted. Other choices -Buy the retail core release which is cheaper after discount. Most people will never play with the extra KS stuff even if they back it. It’s what I did with Lords of Hellas. I’ll pick up expansions down the road when I can get a good deal. -Just skip it like I did in the case of Batman Chronicles. It’s a board game, it’s not a necessity. I passed on it as I knew I really wanted another game coming out, that would get a lot more play. I backed a few bigger KS years ago (GKR, Zombicide BP, Rising Sun, Masmorra, etc), but in the past 2 years I cut way back, and buy what I can if they get a retail release. The only games I backed fully in that time have been Gloomhaven second printing, and this years TMNT second edition as I know I will play it a lot. That’s it. Brian keeps posting about Midarra, and I would love to get it, but I know it’s going to be an expensive drop, so I will probably pass for now. I have already booked my trip for PAX unplugged later in the year and would rather save my money for that.
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    I'll buy it on eBay at some point. Only choice for me since DMC doesn't exist outside of North America. I bought it on iTunes back in December and it was a very pleasing presentation (the HD master stems from the 4k restoration done several years ago). I wish Disney had a manufactured on demand sub-label like Warner Archive to put this stuff out on general release.
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