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    After Capcom's arcade stick announcement, the PS5 design has leaked... (Credit to BumbleChump over at Resetera who created this)
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    Well, after a very trying week last week being sick, massively stressed, and dealing with all kinds of last minute issues to get open, we made it. The grand opening last Saturday was packed, now we are just trying to knock out the (sizable) to-do list and get the word out in the neighborhood that we are open. Rather than post any of my own crappy pictures, I'll just point you to this local article instead! https://www.thebozho.com/now-open-barleypop-live/ Oh, and the sound system is wonderful.
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    That's why you go to the 2:00 AM showing of it and don’t tell her about it. Problem solved! #fatheroftheyear
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    Just did a run that didn’t provide the missing Chatterbox piece but I did score my missing True Patriot glove.
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    I got my Civil War and Winter Soldier 😀
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    She paraded around in stockings and a garter belt, and she was still fucking boring. Rose Byrne did the same thing and... I might've rewatched that scene several times.
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    Spent most of the weekend helping Joel get up to WT5. I’m currently running with 5/6 True Patriot gear set. Just missing the gloves. Also, have 4/6 Ongoing Directive gear set. Also, completed the 160 point Survivalist. About half way on the sharpshooter. Started doing some Bounties. Have completed some, been destroyed in others. 😕
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    WT5 now, GS 465 and working my way up. I have 2 gear set pieces so far but, not the set I want Love this game and especially the Invaded missions - they are so fun and challenging in a good way. Just did the Bunker on Hard/Invaded and it was really difficult but, didn’t feel cheap (thankfully). My friend and I just needed to be careful and use strategies to work through the baddies: flanking the tougher guys, using suppression, using the environment, focusing on problem baddies, etc. Feels so rewarding in this game to beat these missions and the loot drop rotation is still fun.
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    https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/ I thought there was a thread discussing next gen but I couldn’t find it so I’m putting this here. Not a lot, but a few small tidbits, including seemingly confirmation of backwards compatibility and the inclusion of an SSD drive. I never doubted BC, but I’ve seen quite a few people express doubt, so this is great if true. Now can we have it for the rest of the Playstation family please?
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    Yeah it is and that's coming from someone that's beaten Bloodborne multiple times and has completed multiple Chalice Dungeon runs. You haven't even picked up a damned controller to play the game and are making definitive statements based on a "Let's Play" video stream? Most of which are by players who don't even understand how to properly do a Mikiri Counter. (yeah I watch them, too) I'm willing to listen to sincere, good faith criticisms about any game out there. If it doesn't interest you due to its presentation, story, gameplay or whatever else - then fair enough. Not all games are made for all audiences and sometimes people just don't jive with a particular game. I don't have an issue with that. However, don't wax poetic about the complexity of a games combat systems without making even the most minute effort to actually...you know.....play the game? The next evolution in game reviews, folks - watch a live stream then append a score and opinions as needed.
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    Can we just remind ourselves that Carl fucking Weathers is in this? Thanks.
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    Thank you for your service. I saw the first third (half?) and didn't post a warning like you just did. Seeing your post made me feel like the type of person who puts a carton of spoiled milk back in the fridge.
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    Ed's experience is almost exactly my own. And I'll add that drawn regular-old venetian blinds are just fine for daytime watching. No TV except the projector.
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    I’ve used a projector as my TV for about 15 years now. I’m on my 3rd projector in that time. I’ve also lived in 3 different apartments in that time with varying levels of light control. Where I am now, the “AV Room” (houses my computer, music setup, consoles and projector) is roughly 20’ x 10’ - the pj projects on the long axis of the room. It’s about 17’ from the screen. I have blackout “curtains” (really just cloth) that I can lower when needed. I was never a big TV watcher. I’ve never been the type to leave a TV on in the background. And it suits me to watch only evenings/night time. If I game in the afternoon, I will darken the room.
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    Ah, much better! I found one battle I didn't complete in the Light Realm (the first map). Also, it turns out that you have to do the individual fights with Galeem and Dharkon on the final map in order to get 100% completion, not just the battle where you fight both of them at the same time in order to get the True Ending.
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    My room will probably be around 13'W by 23'L and between 92" to 104"h (there will probably be a 12"x12" soffit on each side at 92" then rise up in the middle to 104") finished. Subtract at least 2' for baffle wall leaves me with 21'L to squeeze in two rows of seats, minus 7' for the second row, first row head position will probably be around 12-13' from the screen maybe closer to 14' when reclined, of course I could be way off here, i'll probably go a little close than THX recommended viewing distances. The 152" diagonal (132.48"w x 74.52"h) may be the best option for my preferences. Or I could just do this
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    Just watched Winter Soldier yesterday and the 4K transfer is really great. Also, damn do I love that movie Next up is Civil War but, probably not till Monday.
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    Can we create a sub-forum for fathers who betray their daughters?
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    Thanks, guys! Things are finally settling down a little bit which is nice. And yes, it was/is an insane amount of work from start to completion, past the worst of it now and just to ironing out processes and taking care of things that couldn't get addressed before the opening.
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    Glory had a formal US announcement this week. 30th of July release date for the US. 4K REMASTER FROM THE CAMERA NEGATIVE, with HDR, approved by director Edward Zwick ALL-NEW DOLBY ATMOS TRACK, as well as the original theatrical audio mix Director's Commentary Deleted Scenes with Commentary Virtual Civil War Battlefield Interactive Map "The True Story Continues" Documentary "The Voices of Glory" Featurette "The Making of Glory" Featurette Visual Feature-Length Commentary (on the 4K Blu-ray disc) Theatrical Trailer (on the 4K Blu-ray disc) Once again Sony also including the original audio mix. I'm liking this new trend of theirs.
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    I know this is more proof that the world is coming to an end but... I agree with you. 😫
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    The Arcade Collection releases today! The Castlevania Collection officially releases May 16th. My guess at Collection 1 was pretty spot on.:) The only Miss was Kid Dracula which is a great add! https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/04/18/castlevania-anniversary-collection-comes-to-ps4-on-16th-may/#sf211238533 Castlevania Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse Castlevania II Belmont’s Revenge Super Castlevania IV Bloodlines Kid Dracula Castlevania the Adventure Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
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    He’s my brother. Was working on bounties yesterday (got 3 done) when my brother and nephew jumped on to farm some parts to craft an exotic weapon. They were already 2/3 parts there so I joined, only to find out I already had 3/4 parts for the D50 Liberty Desert Eagle exotic pistol. After they logged off, decided to try my hand at the Hard mission that would drop the blueprint and final piece. That damn thing took me over an hour. Died a couple of times and almost called for backup but I pushed forward and managed it. 😳
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    After the fire at Notre Dame, Ubisoft is putting the PC version of Unity up for free: https://register.ubisoft.com/acu-notredame-giveaway/en-US , presumably because the game has a recreation of the cathedral in in. Not really sure what to make of it as a marketing stunt, but I never actually played Unity, and free is free.
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    Every time new backwards compatibility entries come out and they're not a Project Gotham game just assume I'm grumpy.
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    As to the question about what the USB port is for - its for hacking silly!
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    Eurogamer has a superb interview with Amy Hennig in which she talks rather openly about the whole Star Wars experience. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-04-16-the-big-amy-hennig-interview I really sense we lost something special. The whole interview, about her career in general, where she is now, and her views on the industry, is well worth reading.
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    Additionally, Ian McDiarmid voiced Palpatine/The Emperor in his episode(s) as well.
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    I legit have not laughed as hard recently as I did to these memes:
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    I'm just in the opposite position, really. I'm overjoyed they don't feel the need to answer every one of those questions. The world of Star Wars seems huge because so many things are hinted at in the original film without wasting time telling us the details. What were the Clone Wars? What did Anakin and Obi-wan do in them to be so highly regarded? How come Han thinks the Jedi are just a myth if Vader spends so much time Force-choking his underlings? Spending the whole Prequel trilogy answering these things, tying so many disparate threads together (Leia's protocol droid was built by Anakin as a kid? Who lived on Tatooine? Really?) makes the place seem so much smaller and more mundane. Leave some mystery.
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    John at Digital Foundry took a look at the really interesting HDMI mod for the Dreamcast: My Dreamcast’s casing has turned completely yellow. 😫
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    Aquaman is a waste of your precious time. Avoid at all cost (recognizing my warning is too late to save you all).
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    So I played the first chapter of LOTR and I really enjoyed it, but I failed It was because of a stupid decision I made. Instead of moving quicker across the board, I tried to do a search on a token, which I knew was not going to push forward the story at that point. I failed the search the first time with Legolas, and instead of moving on, did the same thing again. So I had no choice but to keep Aragorn with him, as Legolas on turn two got a bunch of damage on him. The enemy phase that happened right after that was the biggest jump up the threat level, and things got bad from there. Had to use a bunch of readied skill cards/inspiration to take down enemies because of bad draws . I was still close to finishing, as were up to the last turn before failure, but the game kicked me in the balls. The darkness phase killed Aragorn with a 3 fright card draw, which turned into 6 because of card effects, and then worst draw from my deck for successes during his last stand. So Legolas was all alone. I was able to search the base token twice, but I got zero successes both times, and had nothing to help. Oh well, I will play Chapter 2 tomorrow night, and get revenge I will give broader thoughts as I play more, but here are a few quick things The strategy involving the skill deck/draw for successes really works well I made a few mistakes the first time I started, so I began again. The entire map was different, and a few changes were made. Very nice to see this on the app, as MOM first layout was always very similar on multiple plays I am playing solo as two characters, but I kind of wish I did at least three. That way Legolas could be more Range all the time, and I do not have to use him so much for doing clues and such. So after that my niece beat me at Roll for It , and Lolipop challenge, so I should give up gaming all together
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    Christopher Robin - I had three glasses of scotch by the time they get to that scene where Christopher Robin sits with Winnie the Pooh and talks about being lost. I cried. I rewatched the scene recently to see if it was the scotch. It wasn't. Skyscraper - This was a lot of stupid fun. It does try to be Die Hard, but that doesn't bother me a bit. Jupiter Ascending - It wasn't a wasted afternoon, but there seriously wasn't anything better to do while I visited my parents this past weekend.
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    I thought I posted one a while ago. I will post one again once I get to straighten things up. Bit of a mess down there.
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    Lord of the Rings is all ready to go for tomorrow. Going to stick with two characters for the first play through to get a feel for things. Probably Aragorn and Legolas. We have talked before about the size of the boxes these games come in. But Lord of the Rings is really of an example of how the box could be half the height. It does not have bigger enemies like MOM 2nd edition has. It’s going to take a lot of expansions to fill this thing which is what they may want, but is it a smart business decision? Listening to many folks in the tabletop Industry lately bring up this very topic when deciding packaging. Yeah it takes up some more shelf space for display, depending on the way it faces. But with the cost of shipping these days, does it not hurt every level of the supply chain to burn money from the extra card board weight, and fitting less copies in a case?
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    Honest retro folks would list that as an original game with a repro label if they were trying to sell it and probably knock some money off of the price. A lot of label makers actually put a small “reproduction” print on the label itself to distinguish specifically because of people try to scam. So it’s generally frowned upon to put a repro label on a cart but it’s not considered a “bootleg” and it would be silly to categorize it as such. It’s the original game in its original cartridge case (it even has the Konami logo) that I throughly cleaned and added a high quality label reproduction. If I listed it on EBay I would show it with a picture of the internal board to prove that, state it’s a repro label and I would still likely get a good $35-$40 for it. It about honestly in what your selling, really. That’s if you’re selling and since I’m not and if it’s for my personal collection? My give a fuck meter is at zero about how the retro community feels about it. In this case, I got an actual authentic copy of Hyperstone Heist for $25 bucks and I restored it to pristine condition to sit on my shelf. The retro community can mail me the $120 check a complete in box copy costs. While I wait, I’ll enjoy the playing the game and feel pretty good about it until then.;) To be frank, if I come across a good deal on a boxed copy with an original good quality label? I’d rebuy in a heart beat and sell this one exactly as I stated above. Chrono Trigger is a similar situation except I actually kept the original casing to preserve the original label as it was in better condition for storage. I’d likely sell it as original (which it would be!) with that OG label if I wanted to. This one was a lost cause. I should also note, these are the only two carts I’ve done this with. I generally try to get OG stuff with original labels, boxes, etc. Retro gaming collecting isn’t what it was 15-20 years ago. This stuff costs an arm and a leg now. That copy of Phantasy Star IV cost me nearly $100 for example. I just bought a copy of Beyond Oasis complete in box (though the box has some issues) for $80. It adds up quick.
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    I picked this up for $25. Keep in mind that loose this usually goes for over $50 with complete in box in the $100-120 range. For now, I wanted to own it and here’s why it was a deal: That’s before.:) After pictures coming soon.
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    It would be like the Samuel L. Jackson recap of Game of Thrones 😂
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    10 new titles announced. This legit has the chance to be the absolute best of the mini consoles..... The new titles: - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Earthworm Jim - Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck - Contra: Hard Corps - Landstalker - Streets of Rage 2 - Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master - Super Fantasy Zone - Thunder Force III Seriously, there isn’t a single throwaway on the list thus far and we still have 20 to go.
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    Yeah, I'd expect none of the licences for cars/music were done with the expectation of digital sales this far down the line, so they couldn't put it up for sale digitally. I'd still love to see 'em get it BC for disk owners, lol Not happening, I know.
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    Ha actually you’re right! Apparently Chastain is playing a character named Smith who’s an alien shapeshifter. She’s an amalgam of characters but she’s basically Mastermind. Tells you how utterly forgettable she was in First Class...lol.
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    Level 26, I’m over leveled for areas I’ve barely touched. I spent so much time early on doing requests for back up and doing the same missions over again, that I’m just now really starting to clear areas. I believe I have half of the main missions complete now.
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    Last trailer i saw was for Dr. Strange and last time I had an MCU film “spoiled” for me was when Funko shared their Giant Man POP figure on Instagram ahead of Civil War. Since then, I’ve removed them and EW from all of my social media follows. Even though I continue to check FB, IG and Twitter on a daily basis, I’ve become something of a pro at dodging the minefield.
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    The sorting on the All Software screen is nice but I wish they allowed sorting on the Home Menu like they do on the NES Online app. I really like how the game covers/icons shrink as you add more to a row in the NES Online app.
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    I interpreted it as higher than $399, but not too high, so $499 confirmed! 😄
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    Agreed. I also think, given advances in home networking, USB transfer speeds and external drives, the concern for how much storage is available internally with a shipped console has arguably diminished as we move into the next-gen. I would imagine, if they want to put so much effort into the internal SSD, that they will also look to making the connectivity as up to date as possible come time of manufacturing to ensure excellent transfer speeds with external SSDs as well. Indeed. I also went back and amended my quotes to add the section about backwards compatibility, confirming PS4 game support and the hint of some late PS4 games being cross gen just as I'd suspected for some time (I've long thought that Death Stranding would be a key title, but I do think Last of Us 2 will hit PS5 as well, even if it's months after the PS4 release). I'm excited!
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    Firmware 8.0 is out and it finally brings some much needed sorting options to the main menu!
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