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    All that rowing paid off for Gendry. Man's got mad in shape with all that cardio.
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    Base building comes relatively early, if you follow the given path. The ability to teleport back to your base from a space station, and back to that space station, means you're always able to relatively easily return "home", build, expand, store, and then get back out to the bleeding edge. It's a good compromise as base building in this game would be otherwise dumb, the push to go "forward" to new systems is so key. After pointedly not buying it this past year, 1.3 is exactly what I needed to jump in. Thoroughly loved up, warts & all, at this point - it's got the right balance of exploring & direction, if you choose to follow the given paths. This matches what 11 year old me imagined on the ZX81, where I mocked up screens of space exploration games before I had any clue how to build them or the scale of work, so damn much. I likes.
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    Might be easier to use my portal gun to find an alternate universe where the stuff comes out of wells. I'd do that if I had a dim-witted grandson to go with me.
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    The details are lost in the fog of the evening, but at some point we may have made a blood-pact to undertake a pilgrimage to the brewery and implore them to make more.
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    Had another group beer tasting last night. Lots of great beers. The highlights for me were a collab between local Alvarado Street and Atlanta's Creature Comforts called "continental drift" - an amazing Pilsner. It definitely felt like a modern take on a classic, while still adhering pretty closely to the qualities of a traditional pilsner. Delicate malts and a subtle spicy hop boost. One of the best pilsners I've tasted. A Treehouse coffee stout called "double shot" - really did have an espresso tang, semisweet cocoa malts and super weighty mouthfeel. One guy brought a one-off beer that was brewed for the 30th anniversary of the legendary SF Bar, the Toronado. It was a delightful dank IPA. But the star of the night was a beer that I've saved for 2 years. A bourbon-barrel pumpernickel rye sour from local brewery The Hermitage. One guy literally said "this beer made my evening". As it's been 2 years since I tried it, it was far from an exact science to compare the change in taste. But it does seem that the sour aspect was a little more pronounced over the molasses-like malts I remember being more prominent. Which makes sense as the Brett should continue to consume sugars over time. But in place of the sweeter, heavier malts was an amazing sweet/sour tang, with a smooth bourbon lining, that just kept going and going, revealing more layers as you tasted it. The malts had turned more caramely which interacted with the sour in the most delicious way. Every sip was an experience. I'm sad it's gone, but happy to have shared the last bottle with friends. I snapped a pic of it before finishing it off. Note the classy glassware
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    It had been rumoured for some time that a forthcoming movie licence Frontier had acquired was Jurassic Park/World, and...well...uh... there it is. Some Universal licensed content recently appeared as DLC in Planet Coaster (Back to the Future, Munsters and Knight Rider) which added weight to the JP rumours since its the same studio. It's likely to be more of a traditional sim style building and management game than than an actual Jurassic Planet Coaster, obviously. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-08-20-jurassic-world-evolution-theme-park-sim-announced-by-planet-coaster-dev-frontier Frontier's first expo takes place next month, so expect more news and hopefully gameplay footage then (Eurogamer say the game is penciled in for June). This should be brilliant, by the way, because... Frontier.
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    Sold our 50" Vizio 4K and bought a 55" Vizio 4K on sale to replace it. Ended up only costing us $200 to upgrade to HDR in bedroom.
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    I didn't even know Gamescom was upon us already. I like the matte finish to everything.
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    So I picked this up on release day. I actually preordered with a small discount. I played through the game and have a few thoughts I'll bullet point below: This should have been released before Nex Machina. It's simply not on the same level in terms of content, gameplay variety or enjoyment factor. I've played and enjoyed every Housemarque release since they first hit the scene and it's no different with Matterfall. It's "lesser-Housemarque" but its still fun. Given that, it may still be their weakest release. The main problem here is lack of content. There's three worlds total each broken up into separate acts. Each act feels lengthy enough and the worlds end with a memorable boss battle. The problem is that the entire experience can be run through relatively quickly and the only replayability factor is score chasing but unlike something like Nex Machina, the gameplay elements aren't deep enough to spur that "just one more try" addiction. The gameplay is dependent on "striking" which is the games fancy term for a quick slide style move that can be done in any direction. This will basically freeze enemies and allow you to increase the amount of points they get you. You can combine that with a variety of weapons that can be gained by freeing citizens that have been frozen behind a crystal. These weapons range from a shotgun short range weapon to a rail gun, etc. Striking also plays into movement and is combined with the primary weapon that can be used to "create" platforms or walls. So you're playing a balancing act between striking enemies, destroying them and then platforming while creating the right platforms to move around . In theory this creates quite the balancing act the player has to account for - in practice, there whole matter creation thing doesn't play into it much. It's there and you have to use it but I never felt like it tied into the gameplay flow as well as it should have. Enemy variety isn't great either. You'll get the same enemies in each level with a different color and some alternate attacks but that's about it. Considering the games length, it's not surprising but still noteworthy. On a technical level, the games runs at a buttery smooth 60fps on the PS4 Pro with HDR support and what appears to be either a native 1440p resolution or some form of checkerboarding. It's a nice looking game in that regard, but artistically it falls flat. Almost like a knock off Metroid. I probably sound more negative on the game than I actually feel but coming off of the amazing Nex Machina, Matterfall just doesn't measure up. It's a fine game that would make a good discount purchase but I don't know that I can recommend it for $20 considering the lack of content available here. Housemarque has been gaming gold for a long time and though this is their weakest release in my eyes - it won't stop me from diving into their next game without pause. I just hope the future trend if more Nex Machine and less Matterfall.
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    Pretty much revealing that he is the heir to the throne, not Dany
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    I may not even get to base building. I should, as right now it is one major factor that differentiates the experience from Elite Dangerous, but I think as an antidote to Elite I am better viewing No Man's Sky as a floaty colourful atmospheric free roaming experience, one that I will probably never feel compelled to complete or progress though in any great way. The physics and attention to detail in Elite gives that game a wow factor of that universe feeling alive and bustling with activity, but it'll be nice to dip into something like this for a less demanding play session.
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    Atomic Blonde - The music was good.
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    If only this can exist in perpetuity.....
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    Toed in for this morning's listening and it's quite nice. Thanks for the reminder to give it another spin. Apparently Klipsch meant for his speakers to be toed in as I've been reading.
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    All this talk, and I just realize I've never been inside a brewery or distillery. And I live in bourbon land to boot.