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    Well...... The outcome to this exchange now has the potential to be more interesting than the movie. Joey?
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    Full December Game Pass lineup. Hot damn, there's good games here. And Pro Evo.
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    I like that Keith is mentally ill. That makes him almost interesting. But he's like a Superman clone. But not an invincible guy, with a cape. And he got his powers by what, drinking some flask in a lab? I know all these zeroes dream of getting powers in some odd way. For me, his lack of power, the way he got a zit, his generic attributes, Is off-putting. He's Lazy. He's a cheat. Wish he didn't exist.
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    Big day for the Allies.
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    That trailer is brilliant. They know we don't want to be spoiled. And they do a good job not spoiling us. And Joey, I will PM you with my address for the comic collection.
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    Inner Light is wonderful, yes. Cause and Effect is one of my all time favorite Next Gen episodes as well.
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    Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch Edition could be announced at the show. https://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/12/04/metroid-prime-trilogy-nintendo-switch-announcement-the-game-awards/
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    So... a workmate bought me a Switch and Super Mario Odyssey for my birthday. I'm a happy man. Is there anything I really need to truly enjoy this? A particular controller? Memory card? Lubricant? Sorry for being a noob here but I've not done any research and figured I'd be lazy and ask you guys.
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    I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t the first thing that came to mind upon seeing the title:
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    Trailer for Avengers End Game! And it's moved up to April.
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    Don’t know where three hours went playing this, but that’s it. I am a full blown, card carrying convert to Smash Bros. I have no idea what didn’t click with me with the previous versions I had briefly dabbled with, but this is so polished, so well balanced and so well presented that every fear I had fell away twenty minutes into playing it. Whacking Pikachu with that Mario Paint flyswatter, in a Metal Gear Solid level, then punching him so hard he ended up in a remote desert where he was trampled upon by a stampede of Yoshis might be the most I’ve laughed in a game since the Lucasarts point and click adventures. This is utterly stupid stuff that shouldn’t work, but it’s such a joyous celebration of Nintendo it’s inpossible not to love. I now completely understand the attachment seasoned Smash fans have to the Gamecube pad too. It feels so right. I’m glad I dug that out of storage.
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    Finally picked up Fallout and Superman. Started to watch Fallout but it will go back for a replacement as there a scratch on it causing the movie to stutter and pixelate during the opening credits. I almost let it go being that i only paid $15 for it but... fuck that. Superman, on the other hand, i threw on and jumped around some chapters. GREAT CAESAR’S GHOST does this look and sound spectacular. While i haven’t sat through the whole movie, from what i can tell, it’s as good or maybe slightly better than any of Sony’s catalogue releases that i own in UHD. I usually get a goofy grin when i hear the Atmos effects kick in but the opening credit “swoosh” had me just . Good on WB for what looks like a stellar release. I had read a review online which praised this mightily but i just took it as possible fanboyism. Wow, he may be right.
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    Been quiet on this since getting my X, but feel I’ve spent enough time with it now to say that it’s easily one of the best racing games I have ever played, and probably the most enjoyable I’ve played since MSR on the Dreamcast. This game alone justifies the investment in the X for me. I qualified for the Horizon Roster this evening and opened up the game to enjoy co op and pvp races with the Horizon Life stuff, and got to do a couple of great events with Iain who was online so I created a convoy. Just incredibly fun stuff. When you look over the history of many of the devs at Playground it’s no wonder this is such an accomplished title. It’s like the best of Burnout Paradise and MSR/PGR. Part of me actually wishes MS would let Playground resurrect PGR but with street races on offer in Horizon (and so much more) is there any point? Also, I’m team 4K. I did play it at 1080/60 when I first got it, and while I wish there was an option for 1440/60 that I ran when I tried the PC demo, it’s just too pretty in 4K for me to want to bump down to 1080. Generally it’s a solid 30 too, like Driveclub managed. There do seem to be some frame drops in the winter season when you’re driving off road and blasting through heavy undergrowth, but certainly in races it has been consistently good for me. Funnily enough the game is making me rather homesick for the shires where I roamed before moving out to London. I miss endless fields and streams.
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    Digestion. I really did go from Season 4 to 7 nonstop. They should be forthcoming.
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    Understandable to want to take a break but do come back to DS9. It’s G.O.A.T. Trek. (Amazing continuing storyline throughout all 7 seasons, characters actually change/evolve and these people truly detest one another for the first few seasons lol) By the way, I was really enjoying the episode by episode breakdowns you were doing. Why did you stop?
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    I suppose the only "spoiler" in there was Ronin, but otherwise you're right. Looking forward to it, and April isn't that far off. Captain Marvel first though, which also looks like it'll be great!
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    Got Spirit Island & Fuji Flush in the mail from my BGG Secret Santa
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    Season 4 I think TNG, like a lot of shows deserving of attention, hit their stride around season 3 or season 4. It really shows. There's still some clunkers, but man the highs are definitely high. Season 4 was very good, but there are head scratches in this one. The Best of Both Worlds Part II - I like the idea of the Borg more than I like the execution. I actually enjoyed Riker with the four pips of a captain. Family - This episode hit me in the feels twice. First, you get to see Picard just break down and be vulnerable in the face of his brother, who he feels has bullied him all his life. And then there's Wesley. I forget that at heart he's really a kid who lost his dad, and that speech from his father really did it. Brothers - Brent Spiner does a pretty good job playing 3 roles in this one. Data, Evil Data, and their creator/father. Suddenly Human - It's fairly obvious in the Star Trek universe no one has heard of the classic genre known as heavy metal. Remember Me - I vaguely remember seeing this when it debuted (or syndication). It's okay as Beverly Crusher occupies a shrinking universe. It's kind of boring to be honest. Legacy - In case you're wondering, that's not Linda Hamilton or someone related to her. The resemblance is uncanny though. Reunion - Worf's ex girlfriend is not that bad looking to be honest. How Worf didn't get court marshaled for taking vengeance is just kind of mind boggling. Future Imperfect - Riker has a son. This is statistically possible. Best part of this episode is Admiral Picard... with a beard and mustache. Final Mission - That captain they hang out with is super stupid. It's okay. The Loss - Futurama did the 2D beings a bit better. I'm not sure where this episode went. The sub plot with Counselor Troi should've been a gold mine, but it wasn't. Data's Day - I kind of like Data narrating his day. And Keiko and Miles O'Brien have no chemistry whatsoever. And then there's the person who, surprise, is not a Vulcan but a Romulan. I don't know what to think at this point. The Wounded - If it was any other actor besides the warden from Shawshank Redemption, I would've believed the captain that the Cardassians (who kind of strike me as pretty big assholes) were plotting something. Devil's Due - When you live in a universe where Q exists, how in the hell do you not suspect aliens (when strange shit happens) as the very first suspect? Clues - I love the sexy of girls in garters, but I'm not quite sure what to think when Whoopi Goldberg does it. I guess she has nice legs (or it could be her body double)? First Contact - Riker doesn't even try, and he gets laid. Sure there's a point about the Prime Directive, but it's overshadowed by random alien lady wanting to get it on with Riker. Galaxy's Child - And on the opposite end of the spectrum from Riker is Geordi. This episode merits some discussion given the era we live in. Identity Crisis - This could've been better. The Nth Degree - This is what happens when you take the awkward out of Barclay, and he could easily pass into super villain territory. Qpid - Out of all the weird allusions/references to have, Work breaking the shit out of a lute definitely feels like an Animal House homage. And it's nice seeing Vash again, who's sort strikes me as someone who could realistically pass as a younger love interest for Picard. The Drumhead - Not sure courtroom drama works so well, but damn isn't Picard magnificent as always. Half A Life - Would it be too hokey (and self aware) for the crew of the Enterprise to point out Lwaxana Troi sounds an awful lot like the ship? This is actually not a bad episode. I kind of like how Lwaxana feels about the guy that has to kill himself because custom dictates it. The Host - I don't remember much to be honest. The Mind's Eye - Man, Star Trek went really dark with Geordi's torture scenes. In Theory - This is a bizarre episode. Not sure why a human thinks a relationship with someone as emotionless as an android would be a good idea (or a Vulcan, but that's another discussion for another day), but how does "friends with benefits" not cross her mind? Redemption Part 1 - The only thing not surprising is how creepy Gowron's eyes are.
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    Boosted my Gold sub to the end of July thanks to an Amazon deal last night offering 3 months + £10 xbox store credit for £15. I've been using the auto-billing trick every time I redeem a subscription code to give me a free month. 😊
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    No idea who Shang Chi is, but I'm down for whatever Marvel throws at us film wise at this point, bring on Squirrel Girl.
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    Shang Chi film is development. A million thumbs up https://www.newsarama.com/42941-shang-chi-in-development-as-mcu-s-first-asian-lead.html Is Marvel going to go 4 films a year? Between new properties, and announced sequels this is getting crazy. And the fox stuff has not even moved over yet.
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    Got my 1st solo win last night... this game really gets the heart racing. Last minute or so of the game, with some enhanced sound effects