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    Hyuck, I mah gone have git me some help pickin’ me up one them thar Annihilation four kay casettes and sendin’ it across the waters! ....better?
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    Finished my first play through. I can confirm that the original Panzer Dragoon unlocks and plays without issue! It doesn’t get any enhancements and still has a strong blur filter that makes the game look like someone wiped the screen with Vaseline but it’s still a pretty solid way to play the original if you don’t have a Saturn w/RGB. The main game at near 4K might be my favorite thing ever until they give me Silent Hill 2.:D
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    Wipeout Omega Collection is currently on sale for $20 at Best Buy, $16 with GCU. Knock off another $1 if in-store pickup is an option.
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    WONDERFUL video someone has made highlighting the awful 1998 audio mix for Grease and the new 40th Anniversary mix (based on the old 6-track 70mm release): I should have the disc for the weekend all going well. Really looking forward to it.
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    Don't forget to download Dead Space 2 today! I started the download a while ago.
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    Been on the 18/6 diet and I'm at my lowest ever, and still going. Determined to lose another 25 lbs. But right now, all is good, and any more weight loss will be just frosting on the cake... like what set me back earlier this month. Dang birthday cake!
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    Not super retro but I rebought a Vita today. Managed to find one of the older OLED screen units for $120 bucks and have been downloading some PS1 Classics to play on that gorgeous screen.:)
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    Finally moved my UHD player into the HT, just to check out the Atmos on various discs. Wow! Blade Runner. *drool* Even IT sounded superior to the Blu Ray Atmos.
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    Well then you still have a bottom to hit then.
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    Getting mighty close now. I didn't feel like playing The Old Hunters on a NG+ (though I do plan to play NG+), I've spent time with it this past week. Like the rest of the game, I've overleveled a bit, running most of the DLC between 105-120. As I stated earlier, I had major trouble with Ludwig. I was able to get by him with Valtr's help (after finally getting him to second phase on my own, my personal requirement to summon help) and slowly work through the rest of the DLC. This morning was my crowning achievement: after struggling with Laurence for a while ( I always got him to third phase no then he would wreck me), I finally beat him (with my last two throwing knives, of all things) after some help from (you guessed it) Valtr again. I figured I'd go down to the beach in the Hamlet and see the final DLC boss, spoken of in hushed tones. I'd get my feet wet, so to speak. After a legitimately exceptional cutscene, the Orphan and I threw down. And wouldn't you know, I beat him on my first try. Admittedly, I was level 124, but I still feel damn good about it. I wasn't spec'ed in the least (still had all three Moon Runes on, and the Charred Hunter Gear for Laurence), I used 19/20 vials, but I managed to outlast him. It was a great fight, and he is a great looking boss. It is always interesting how different people struggle or succeed on different bosses. A credit to the game designers for their variety in the boss mechanics. I am hoping to Platinum this game in the next few weeks, so I still need to finish the main quest (my last story boss was Micolash) and play through a large number of chalice dungeons. I may take a brief siesta after the main game for God of War. I also need to finish getting all of the weapons and tools. But this close to the end of NG, I can enthusiastically say that this is one of the very best video games I've ever played. A classic in every sense of the word, beautiful to see and hear, and gripping to play.
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    That's why I am eager for Minority Report and A.I UHDs. Those will be beautiful grainfests (Pvt Ryan goes without saying).
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    So far I'm having a lot of fun. It's safe to say this is the best looking game that's ever graced my PS4. Luckily, so far the story and gameplay are also quite enjoyable. I always have a rough tme memorizing new button combos, but so far this seems sensibly arranged. I don't have a ton of experience with GoW games, but is it new to have upgradable weapon and skill trees? EDIT: The graphics are so good, at first I found myself waiting for the cinematic sections to end and return to the game, only to realize it already did. ;-)
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    My copy of Grease arrived this morning! Saving it to spin in its entirety tomorrow evening to help me relax before running the marathon on Sunday, but I skimmed it and it looks really promising (it has Dolby Vision as expected).
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    Not on that model, but yes, I've bought bulb only parts (from Amazon as well) and reused the housing on both my Samsung DLP and a DLP projector. Pretty easy, just make sure you use a clean rag when installing the bulb - you don't want fingerprints/oil residue.
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    Press release notes that the disc will have Dolby Vision, and in a rare move for Universal it will also have Dolby Atmos.
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    Harsh! I just watched the first episode, and aside from the requisite suspension of disbelief, I enjoyed it plenty. It kept my interest and I'm looking forward to seeing where the season goes. It sure is a pretty looking show as well!
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    👀 https://isthmus.com/music/tap-takeover-barleypop-taking-over-frequency-space/ (this is far from a done deal at this point, but it's heading in the right direction)
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    A guy next to me was telling his friend about that. They had the medals on display too. Tell you what. If I survive Sunday then in a few years I’ll do it if you will. 😀
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    I’m back on the horse after a few months of rampant snacking. It’s been a very very hard train for my upcoming marathon, but I’ve resumed a 2000 calorie diet and I’m relentlessly tracking in My Fitness Pal. So far, so good. Mostly just getting used to dealing with the hunger and trying to fit non-cardio exercise in. It’s not too bad and I feel better when I’m actually defying my natural urge to eat everything in sight, go figure. I haven’t seen the 180 mark in years and it’d be good for my back problems alone if I could manage to lower myself to that level again.
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    Why? It's not "yor" decision on how spelling works ;-) I don't know where my contact is going to shop, but if it's Best Buy I'll ask nicely.
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    I propose no one give you a "favour" unless you edit your post to reflect the proper spelling of the word in good old fashioned American.
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    I'm actually enjoying Lost in Space quite a bit (up to ep 4), to me it manages to evoke a nostalgia for an earlier, you might say less cynical, period of sci-fi and then blend that with a very modern family and also some dastardly intrigue. There is the questionable dialog from time to time, but the overall character development is making up for that, IMO. At first I was really puzzled by the 'dad' character, the guy seemed more like a hardened cop escorting juvelines, rather than their father. But a few episodes in his demeanor makes more sense, although I'm still not convinced he was well cast. But otherwise, there is lot to like. The boy-robot story in particular is fun.
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    A reminder... May: Annihilation (US. Best Buy Exclusive) Black Panther (US. UK in June) Braveheart (US) Die Hard (US & UK) Early Man (UK) Fifty Shades Freed (US. UK in June) Fury (US & UK) Gladiator (US. UK in April) Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Collection (US, four film box set only) Jurassic Park Trilogy (UK, three film box set) Jurassic World (UK, individual standard release) Jurassic Park, Lost World, Jurassic Park 3, Jurassic World (UK. Individual steelbooks exclusive to Zoom.co.uk) Mama Mia (US) The Matrix (US & UK) Peter Rabbit (US) The Patriot (US & UK) Phantom Thread (US. UK in June) Red Sparrow (US) Saving Private Ryan (US) Source Code (US)
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    Annihilation officially announced for 29th of May w/Dolby Atmos (and it's Paramount, so expect Dolby Vision too). This will be a Best Buy exclusive, however (I've no idea if this will be a timed exclusive like the occasional Sony title or not. Either way, I may have to call in a favour from one of you). "Over one hour" of extras on the Blu-ray disc:
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    Honestly my post was not directed at you and your comments. They were just the launch point for me to rant about people complaining about theme park themes. I still see/hear people complain about how all the new stuff in DCA isn’t themed to California, when that was obviously forgotten about long ago. Or how Avatar isn’t about animals, and how Epcot is being destroyed (which is pretty much true), while at the same time asking what theme a new park should have and forgetting that Disneyland doesn’t have one single theme. With that said though, if a Park does have an overarching theme, I do think they should try and stick to it. There can be some leeway given, like with Avatar, and when the Indy at Animal Kingdom rumours were swirling I would be fine with a South America themed land with and Indy ride, but would not have been OK with and Indy themed land.
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    That Grease video was amazing. DIdn't realize how much had been changed and now I SO look forward to getting this one!
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    4k 60fps, like the rest of Xbox originals, but that is good enough for me.
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    I will never underestimate the questionable decisions these companies make, I don't see how they can get away with not doing it. The expectation has been set, thank God for Microsoft. And let's not forget , the greatest snowboarding game ever made is also about to be released in a little more then an hour.
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    If the PS5 doesn't have, at the very least, some sort of backwards compatibility for PS4, I will consider it a major black mark for the console.
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    Yes, downloadable and streaming presentations of Atmos are an extension of the Dolby Digital Plus codec.
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    First episode is slow. It opens up once e2 starts and more stuff gets woven in.
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    It may shock you, but it remains unplayed :P. We’ve been caught up with other stuff, particularly Terraforming Mars and Bunny Kingdom. I’ve opted out of the current KS because of that :). And I’d say we’d tackle it at tomorrow’s game day, but Clank: The Mummy’s Curse just arrived and we LOVE Clank.
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    Universal has acquired more land around their expansion areas south of the resort. They've also settled a lawsuit with the previous owner of the land they have been purchasing regarding their ability to build a theme park on the land. Apparently Universal-Vivendi used to actually own all this land previously and sold it off, but attached a restriction on the land to prevent the building of theme parks on it to keep away any competitors. Now they are buying it back, and most likely want to build a theme park on it. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/brinkmann-on-business/os-bz-universal-acquires-more-property-20180412-story.html This picture is from before the most recent purchase, but I'm pretty sure, from the description in the story, and an image Bioreconstruct posted, that it's the red land below Lockheed Martin. Numerous stories that I've read about this land mentions that the Nintendo area could go in this new park. I thought Nintendo was pretty much a lock for the Kids Play area at Studios, so I wonder if these stories are unaware of that, or if the plans are changing. In other Universal news, the new Fast and Furious Supercharged attraction (I hesitate to call it a ride), has soft opened. It looks rather dreadful, but probably still better than Disaster was. TimTracker went through it twice, and the thing that struck me was how the preshow cast members can really change the experience (similar to the Jungle Cruise). They're playing the same characters, but they're doing it quite differently. Finally, they've also announced that there will be a Stranger Things maze at Halloween Horror Nights this year. I'm not the biggest fan of the Halloween stuff (at least not viewing from a distance, I did enjoy visiting) but this is one that I'd be interested in seeing.
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    I find it strange no one has received an answer about why Thor and TLJ have this sound mastering. The big movie sites used to have contacts all over the place.
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    And finally Sega announces a "HD Remaster" of the first two games at a Japanese games convention -
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    Oh, and the voice acting... There's nowhere near enough dialogue that's voiced, and it's an oddball set that is - half a scene here & there, one line in a conversation etc. But whoever did the voice direction for the English dub is a genius. Lots of British accents, including a Glaswegian wood-elf.
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    My only quibble with the latest reincarnation of Spidey is the implementation of Stark tech into his suits - turning him into an Ironman Jr. Spidey is cool enough on his own IMO. But it's great that fans of the Iron Spider suit will get to play with it in the game.
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    Another technical powerhouse from Sony first party studios:
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    The Last DLC, chapter 3, dropped back at the end of February, but just got around to playing it. A nice short chapter that explains some things about the gnomes. I really want to see a Little Nightmares 2 with more exploration of the inner workings of the Maw.
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    This looks great. I was never even sure I wanted a sequel, much as I loved the first one, but it really looks like Bird has come up with a great concept for another story.
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    That 3.56:1 game layout, in full. For reference, the steering wheel is about steering wheel sized; it's ridiculously immersive despite the black line.
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    I loved the final moment. Nice cherry on the top but agree it does comes off as a movie action beat - it felt earned to me.
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