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    Oh man, the Halloween OST is 🔥, as the kids say these days. Love it.
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    I think the only difference was the actor's head was wider making it look different.
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    Just finished Hook. Seriously, just let Sony handle all catalog titles. We’d be living in a better UHD world if they were the case. Oh and Halloween is currently $13 on Amazon. If you hadn’t already bought it.
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    My board game group will once again be doing a board gaming marathon for Extra Life Charity day on November 3rd. As we do every year, we will be streaming on twitch for a large portion of it. The event is to raise money for our local children's hospital. If you would like to help out, donate at our Dice and Capes team page at the link below. All donations are appreciated. https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=42248 If anyone else wants to join the team, and hold their own board game or video games event is also welcome to do so. For some reason we never thought to ask our friends to do that. Thanks for your time.
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    So, I've never played any Fallout games before. However, I had a blast with this. Too bad nothing carries over. Can't wait for the Beta.
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    Bruh...correct that. Immediately. The score alone.
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    Evil Dead 2 formally announced for Dec 11th in the US from Lionsgate: Definitely a much better bet for anyone in the UK to import this over the Studio Canal release as it will likely be under £15 (would recommend Wowhd).
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    Thanks for the heads up-we've been playing with 2 or 3 so far, and it's been pretty easy, but I can see it ramping up significantly. Might grab the expansion around Christmas if we end up getting through the rest of the base game before then.
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    Double VIP points are on from now until Oct 31. Ended up grabbing Voltron first thing this morning, and then decided to get the Roller Coaster and Hogwarts as well (the last one mostly for my daughter for Christmas). Nothing quite like spending more than $1000 in lego in one shot... Means next year's modular will be cheaper though?
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    Hi Chris, I played through Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle with some friends about a year ago and really enjoyed it. It sounds like you will be playing with 2 Players. If you do play with four, or each control two characters you may want to watch out for some balancing issues. In general we found that the game is significantly harder the more characters you play with as their decks each ramp up relatively slower than the enemies and most abilities (such as healing) don't apply to everyone where the enemies generally harm everyone. We found the second last year (6?) essentially unbeatable with four and the internet seemed to agree. Anyways, really great game, very cool mechanics and super fun. Just a friendly heads-up for something that could frustrate you guys. There are some tweaks we made so we could clear it with four, if you get to the point where you're curious what we did just let me know. Enjoy! Roy
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    Really enjoying the watch quite a bit. It's great for workouts. Actually, the workouts app is quite impressive. I ended up getting a set of Airpods as they were on sale at WalMart. Was quite impressed at the sound quality. Didn't think they would sound good but they are not bad at all. I like being able to switch easily from using my phone to listening to music on the watch. My biggest disappointment is finding out that there's no spotify for the watch.
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    Picked up a couple of other games, and actually played one of them already! Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle seems to be a pretty good deckbuilding game, and I bought it to play with my daughter (10), who is working her way through the books now. I really like the way it eases into the mechanics (new cards/rules get added through the first 7 games), and we've played with the game 1 and 2 rules a few times already to get the hang of it. The fact that it's a co-op game seems to work much better with her too, and means way fewer arguments. Pandemic Legacy season 2 is going to wait until Emma and I are done with Gloomhaven, which I think is actually getting close. We're heading into the final couple of boss encounters of the main campaign, and while we still have some other side missions etc to do, we've unlocked almost everything. I know there's an expansion coming soon, but I haven't seen a release date yet, so that might extend our time with it through Christmas at least.
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    Nah, I think most boardgames get bought with the intention of playing, not the actual practicalities of it always being possible, once you're well into the 'hobby' so to speak.
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    Cause Luke Evans was pretty fantastic and the least of that movies issues.
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    Wrapped up the Forsaken campaign this morning. Thoroughly enjoyed the direction of it, the structure of it, and the level design of the new expansion areas. Of course, it helps that Prison Of Elders/Reef was one of my favourite D1 areas. The 'quality of life' changes that came along with the expansion are exactly what I needed (the random rolls, the weapon layout changes etc) to bring back the joy of the grind so to speak, from D1. Next, time to dive into the Dreaming City.
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    I went from not even wanting an Xbox One at the start of this console generation, to buying one begrudgingly because I was able to get it for such a good price, to the Xbox One X being my preferred gaming platform. So, yes, I agree with the premise of that article as well. If Phil Spencer can bring great first-party exclusive games to the platform in the next few years, that will be the final piece of the puzzle.
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    Thanks to GamePass, I just started the "first" Hitman game. Diggin' it.
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    Hey, I finally hit some gold on the game front! I picked this up for $10 bucks at a yard sale.:) They had a few othe Genesis titles but I already own most of them. I about fainted when I saw this and the elderly couple selling it seemed like they just wanted stuff from their grand kid gone as they were moving.
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    I was this close ---> <--- this week to selling off my XBone in order to help fund a new video card for my PC. I hadn't really touched the thing for anything other than snagging the monthly Games with Gold titles. Then I snagged a free 30-day code (which came with an additional 30 days for setting a recurring subscription) for GamePass off someone on ResetERA, and just fell in love with the service. To the point I had to go out and buy an external HDD to download stuff like Forza and State of Decay. I'm now having to fight my stepson for it, and may have to try and find another used One or One S to hold me over until my next bonus so I can finally get a One X. /cool story, bro.
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    "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this...and this....and this and this. And don't forget your sweater!" We're coddling children with safe spaces these days 😄
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    This is a direct remaster of the PS2 original so it does not appear to include any of the features/changes in Genma Onimusha (which was an expanded version of Warlords as you mentioned). I agree it is the better version of the game. It's also more difficult which may be why I like it more.:) Still, the PS2 original is a fine game but the loss of the original soundtrack and voice acting is bothersome. I want to support the release as its a series I would love to see return. The fourth game released near the end of the PS2's life but its underrated and very good from what I understand. Plus, I'd love to see a remaster of Onimusha 2 which is actually my favorite in the series. Jubei was just a great character and starting that game up and seeing it transition into the rain soaked opening was just back in the day.
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    So as I mentioned in the Atmos thread I was set to revamp our addition. Getting rid of the pool table freed up quite a bit of space. And since we didn’t really use it except for storing people’s shit it was time for it to go. Here are some shots of how the room was set up prior: And here is what the room looks like now: You can see all four of the height speakers in the first pic. View from the rear of the room in the second. The VR space with my PC in the third. You can also see the PSVR camera mounted on the wall next to the Death Star. The last pic is just a snap of the stand with all of my equipment. The install went pretty well. Unfortunately we were about 70-80% done when one of my buddies feet came through the ceiling. Fortunately my other buddy is basically a wizard and had the hole patched up rather quickly. You can see the large square cut in in front of the projector. All in all it went pretty well and in a few weeks they are going to come back over and we are going to drink beer and paint the ceiling.