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    Holy shit, we are getting a couple of months away from when we starting planning this second location. Yuck! 😐 We are getting close to opening, should be in the next 4-6 weeks. 170 year-old buildings suck, I will tell you that much! I'll update with pics when we have the opening and when we run our first show. Otherwise, we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the first spot at the beginning of February, super-duper busy weekend and things continue to go well there. I still drink too much beer. Onward and upward! 😀
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    Went for my dr. appointment last week. He was very impressed with my continuing weight loss and said I don't have to go back for another year! Booyah! Now I have to keep losing, because I told him my ultimate goal. Dummy. Heh.
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    Have to do a TON of adjustments, but first viewing (Halloween 2018) was very, very nice! The HDR on Halloween was superb, with all the police lights in the night sequences. A lot of POP! Today, I will be watching/sampling several titles, including IT, Star Trek (JJ Abrams), and probably Infinity War. Saving the majority for next week, when my wife and daughter go off on a trip.
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    The aiming option is not the problem ;). Played with a friend of mine and my brother last night for an hour, good good fun. We sucked hard and all but the turnover to the next game is fast enough. This is a solid fun product, even when you’re dying in the first 90 seconds as you watch six other squads hitting the same area you thought was safe (we laughed the whole way down). I bought both locked characters, so that’s where I am. I still mostly play Lifeline but I really love Caustic a ton. I don’t normally care for online shooters but I adore this game.
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    Never played this or Link to the Past. But I love Zelda and always felt bad that I never played LTTP. I need someone to tell me if I should be excited for this. Just looking for an excuse to buy a Switch. If there are 3 games that I really want to play, I'll get one. And be pissed the whole time.
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    What? You've never been to a licker house party?
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    Yep, that looks like Crackdown and that’s a good thing. Not sure how much evolution there is but I’m also not sure I need huge evolution here over a rediscovery of what made the original good.
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    You and I are on the same page. As another weirdo that really enjoyed the Wii U and already had those games, 2018 wasn’t a terribly exciting year on the Switch for me. I did end up really enjoying Smash though. I need to get back to it.:)
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    Link's Awakening is a gem of a game. Well worth playing at some point. As for the three games you asked for, well... The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Super Mario Odyssey Mario Kart 8 Deluxe If you aren’t happy with those games, after getting a Switch, I don’t know what's wrong with you.
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    That was solid. Lots of new unknown announcements and all of them, for now, penciled in for 2019. A free to play Tetris game hits the eShop tonight for subscribers: John’s going to have to update his Digital Foundry Tetris retrospective. 😆
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    I’m particularly loving Gibraltar myself. I have to say playing on PC I haven’t noticed any issues with latency or input lag or audio feedback but, I’m on mouse/keyboard too not a controller. I have the 1070Ti and playing on all high at 60fps and 1080p resolution so nothing too taxing on the PC for this one at those settings. Can’t wait for cross-play now
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    I have done the same thing! I've also noticed that when things get crazy, it sometimes feels like the weapons don't fire correctly and in general feels janky compared to less intense situation. It wasn't until I clipped a video that I noticed the issue audio feedback from firing was missing. It really threw me off when Im expecting a big shotgun blast for example:
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    Bohemian Rhapsody sounded terrific on UHD disc! As good as I hoped it would be.
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    Yeah, I have 1.0 installed on a flash drive and I’m using an 8bitdo PS Classic receiver to use the DS4 on it and it’s an excellent little emulator box. The dev community is nowhere near as active as the NES/SNES Classic scene but it’s slowly getting improvements. I mean it’s nothing you can’t get in a Rasperry Pi but they recently worked out how to get the Retroarch cores on the PS Classic interface which will be big moving forward.
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    If you thought season one was good, you're going to love season two. Oh and three is even better.
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    Thank you. My daughter designed the title logo, as she did with NextDoor.
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    We finished Line of Duty s1 yesterday and started s2. This is up there with The Wire and Breaking Bad as "Best Show Ever". Terrific, terrific writing with tons of great (but believable) twists. I have been genuinely shocked more times in seven episodes than a lot of shows during their whole run. I LOVE this show! For those in the US, it's on Hulu until the end of February.
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    I hope you’re all sitting down because La La Land have just announced a 4-disc release of Zimmer’s Thin Red Line score. Shipping commences on 5th of Feb. Pre-orders and details not online just yet.
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