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  1. Got the ATV! Need to make sure my TV’s input settings match those of my Oppo player, but so far everything looks good. Hard to make a decent evaluation in daytime but the HD and 4K stuff from iTunes looks very pleasing. No 4k on YouTube due to whatever feud Apple and Google are having is stupid. I know Apple don’t want to support VP9 for YouTube HDR, but my LG TV can’t support that either but still delivers 4K SDR for YouTube. The ATV doesn’t seem to support HLG either as Dynasties on BBC iPlayer is only playing back in 4K but not Hybrid Log Gamma HDR like on the LG iPlayer app. Hope Apple patch in support in future. Still looks beautiful though.
  2. The Die Hard sequels are definitely 4k/HDR in the U.K. according to those who have them (again, With a Vengeance being the exception as Fox don’t hold the U.K. rights). Really hope this leads to discs next year as I’m itching for 2 and 3.
  3. Isabelle is the game's Thanos.
  4. Angry the Clown

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    A French event with the Blu-Ray disc association appears to have revealed some forthcoming catalogue titles that we can expect in early 2019 from Universal including the remaining Fast and Furious films, Backdraft, Scarface and American Gangster. Meanwhile Paramount will apparently release Spielberg’s War of the Worlds next year (there’s reference to a Star Trek Trilogy too, but it seems to relate to a set of the Abrams era three. Hopefully that is paving way for sets of original era and TNG era movies too though). https://www.avcesar.com/actu/id-26181/scarface-4k-mortal-engines-4k-trilogie-star-trek-4k-la-guerre-des-mondes-4k-bumblebee-4k.html If Paramount are doing Spielberg’s War of the Worlds then I hope we get Minority Report from them as well as a Spielberg/Cruise double bill. I’m also hoping we get a UHD of A.I sooner rather than later. I sold Blus of both a while back in anticipation of upgrades.
  5. All the Die Hard sequels (save for With A Vengeance which is Disney owned in the UK) are now showing as 4k/HDR on iTunes here. Can anyone with the HD purchases confirm an upgrade? With a Vengeance would surely be on the US store with then others if this is accurate. Would hopefully be the strongest indication yet of disc releases in the US next year.
  6. I wanted to refer to Yoshi as my “main” in my post above but I didn’t feel I’d earned the right to throw about common Smash terminology just yet. Until that time, floaty orb thing is floaty orb thing.
  7. Yeah so it’s supersampling in effect. As I have explained in disc threads before it’s why a 1080p Blu-Ray from a 4K scan will look better than a 1080p Blu-Ray of the same movie from a lower res source even though the end deliverable is 1080. What I wish though, aside from the desire to download 4K purchases on iTunes, is that they had settings like good, better and best to allow those wanting to download to do so at levels of quality best suited their bandwidth, their download data cap (if any) and their available hard disc space. ‘Best’ 1080p download for example might end up with a 15+ GB variable bit rate file. There are so many ways I think downloading could be made better for us enthusiasts who still want the highest possible quality we can get. Hell, maybe that’s where they could introduce the absent surcharge for 4K upgrades by asking for a small fee to be able to save the file. It does also suggest they could, at any point, start using h.265 for transcoding HD content. For the consumer it’s higher quality, from the provider’s side it’s more efficient and bandwidth friendly. I do seriously think that h.265 1080p would pretty much give us a 1:1 match with Blu-Ray at half the size provided it wasn’t overly bit starved .That some people would still have devices that struggle to decode h.265 is really the only main obstacle I can think of as to why they would not do it just yet, but again you could in theory get around that for HD downloads with that good, better and best tier system, with best being h.265, and as far as streaming coes the device being streamed to be it a computer or iPad could tell the server whether it can decode it or not. I wonder how hard Dolby, DTS and others might be working on making lossless encoding more efficient because I do believe that it might not be too far out of reach for movie streaming in the next five years. If physical media were to die tomorrow then these companies sill have codecs to license, and other companies would still have receivers to sell, so I have to believe clever minds are working on it. Meridian’s MLP is what became Dolby TrueHD. In recent years Meridian have pushed further with the develop of MQA which is now available from a number of high res music streaming and download services and it is VERY efficient and losslessly squishing down 24bit/192khz to the same data rate as a 16bit 44.1khz stream. The blueprint for streaming movies with lossless surround is already there.
  8. The stampede is Yoshi’s final smash. If you beat down those floating orbs that appear to the point where you start glowing and then stand still and press/hold B it will trigger the move. If your opponent is on another platform above or below you, or there’s an obstruction between you both, then you can end up wasting the move as it won’t connect, so time it well. I’ve mostly been playing as Yoshi as he’s my boy, but apparently some final smash moves require a direction input while pressing B. If you pause you can view the moves and how to execute them for every single character. As an onlooker over the years I always assumed triggering a final smash move required some insane Killer Instinct style ultra combo skills..... Turns out it’s just one bloody button!
  9. To answer my curiosity as to how movie and TV content gets delivered to Apple in the first place, their official documentation on the matter requires use of approved encoding houses and aggregates who will take a distributor's content and master it to Apple's required standards, much in the way studios use third parties for their disc mastering and authoring (indeed, houses like Deluxe who do that kind of work for Blu-ray and UHD are also approved iTunes partners). From Apple: https://www.apple.com/uk/itunes/working-itunes/sell-content/movie-faq.html So with that answered I obviously wanted to then find out precisely what Apple's required standards for content delivery are, and wouldn't you know it, I found their complete asset guides for SD, HD, 4K and HDR. https://help.apple.com/itc/videoaudioassetguide/#/ and https://help.apple.com/itc/filmspec/#/ The most relevant stuff: So my suspicion was correct. What you're basically looking at here are extremely high quality a/v masters of the level used to create UHD discs and Blu-rays (dem bitrates!), but delivered as ProRes (assuming ProRes was not already the master codec of choice to begin with, which in many cases these days it probably was). So in short, that's what Apple get to play with at their end before presumably transcoding it to h.264 and h.265 at bitrates of their choosing when delivering downconversions to the consumer. They could then, at any point of their choosing, up the level of quality that we receive without having to constantly go back to the studios to request new masters/encodes if we're to assume these masters stay in their possession. Hope that was as interesting to some of you as it was to me. I know it surely was for the forum's resident media server/transcoding nerds. I'll see if I can find anything relating to precisely how apple takes those masters and downconverts them for our consumption later in the week.
  10. Something like ‘Movie/TV Streaming and Download Discussion Thread’ I guess, but obviously we have a Netflix thread...etc and I don’t want to confuse it with that. This one is really more about iTunes, Google, VUDU...etc, etc. Whatever stores you can buy individual films and TV shows from basically. ‘You’ll NEVER BELIEVE which star was caught kissing who and what movies and TV shows are available to stream/download but not on Blu-ray. Click the link for more’ is probably a little too clickbaity a title, even if it is the obviously superior choice.
  11. I’m wondering if we should adjust the thread title so as not to be UHD specific as my deep dive into the iTunes library has so far been an eye opening look into the number of titles available in plain old HD on the platform that have still yet to receive a Blu-Ray. Anyone who wields such powers want to take care of that? 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Black Hole, The Black Cauldron, Gods and Monsters, Hard Eight, Wag the Dog, Looking for Richard, Solaris (sodebergh’s), Ducktales the Movie are just a few HD titles with no disc equivalent. Lots of documentaries too. For those of us in the U.K. most of the Disney titles that you can only get on Blu in America via that damn club membership are on here as well, along with a lot of Touchstone 90s movies still not on Blu like Turner and Hooch. Panic Room is there too, though I remain hopeful of a UHD disc next year. Then there’s TV stuff like every season of Cheers in HD, every season of Seinfeld, Scooby Doo Where Are You? Remastered in HD. My most surprising find yet is Roman Holiday. I have to hope/believe Criterion or one of the niche labels is going to license that from Paramount but it’s amazing to see it here. I’m going to buy the Apple TV on Wednesday but I really am curious to see how 1080p content stacks up. How do you guys find it? I really only have my bad experiences with iTunes downloads in the past to go by. Generally I find HD streaming via Amazon and Netflix to be pretty decent and until I get the Apple TV I am not sure if some anomalies I see with those services are down to my TV’s internal decoding/processing that a more powerful dedicated device might improve upon (it’s certainly not my bandwidth). As with the UHD stuff, without disc editions right now I guess I can take solace in the fact most catalogue stuff on iTunes is so cheap, and regularly reduced further on sale, that to grab something now be it HD or 4K costs so little that double dipping on a disc someday isn’t worthy worrying about. That CheapCharts app really is great for being able to see a history of prices for titles that interest you (you can create a wish list) as it’s indicator of what to hold off on buying if it’s been cheaper several times in the past. I wan’t to know how studios deliver their content to platforms like Apple. I’ll try to find some research on that as I don’t know what the likes of Apple and Netflix are working from in order to then deliver what we receive. Presumably it’s on the fly transcoding of sorts, which if correct really makes me wonder why they don’t just deliver HD in h.265 as well as UHD. Maybe it’s concerns over hardware compatibility like older devices and codecs not being up to the job which is possible, but then surely the device could shout back to the server to dictate what codes to use? Again I wish we could preview films for their quality somehow to check for poor compression, heavy DNR...etc. I’ve also tried Googling for lists of any films that might have newer transfers in HD uploaded to these platforms compared to their older Blu-Ray counterparts, but sadly I’ve found no such resource (I’d be amazed if there were no examples though).
  12. Angry the Clown

    Panzer Dragoon and Zwei Remakes announced!

    Want to be doing cartwheels in excitement but Forever Entertainment’s website is making it difficult.