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  1. I stopped playing iOS games a good while ago (heck, I barely started in all fairness), outside of old Lucasarts point n' click titles. As someone already lamenting "too many games" I cannot see myself buying into another service that'll throw even more at me. What struck me watching the presentation was how impressive games look now. Quite crazy how far things have come. I'm certainly not liking reports that developers will be paid base on how many minutes/hours a player has put into the game. I'm not quite sure as to the origin of those reports that emerged over the last few days, and whether they are indeed true.
  2. Mmm. I'll be trying out Disney+, but I feel like Netflix is in future a service I can sub to for a month every now and again, then ditch it. I have Prime and that's fine to use every now and again. Since discs remain my #1 choice for viewing, and I have AppleTV for rentals, that's plenty for me, though again some of these Apple shows sound interesting and I am definitely keen to see the revival of Spielberg's Amazing Stories as I loved that show, and new Snoopy I won't be able to resist checking out. Little America sounded really promising too.
  3. I cancelled Netflix today, funnily enough. Much as I have said in some of the gaming threads, I can't see or play everything, have realised I don't actually possess a desire to see/play as much as possible anymore and am perfectly at ease "missing out" on whatever the hot new thing is this week. I liked the AppleTV+ presentation though, particularly due to the clear vision of the type of stories they want to tell. There was a Snoopy/Peanuts tease on the screen behind Tim Apple at one point which, damn it, I am going to want to know more about. I'm assuming whatever is behind their subscription service will be available for rent/purchase on the iTunes store as well. I hope so. I'd like to know their policy on theatrical releases of the movie content too. No interest in Apple Arcade, particularly if the reports from earlier this week are true that devs will make money based on how long a user plays their game for. The magazines thing is good. I may consider it depending on what's available on the UK service. Apple Card seems good, but it's US only for the time being so 🤷‍♂️. Now get to work on re-designing iTunes for fuck's sake.
  4. Apple's conference is in 45mins. A reminder though that focus is expected to be all about the streaming service and other services. I'm not eager to sub to more services personally, but nevertheless I'm interested in how this works out for Apple as by all accounts this is what they are betting the farm on as smartphone market levels out.
  5. The mk1 held its charge for a long time, but there's no arguing that the way in which you had to charge it was remarkably stupid. It's honestly one of those things where I think anyone could have said "Steve Jobs would never have OK'd this" with a degree of certainty, much like the wave of dongles for the Macbook. It was so bafflingly unsophisticated. The design of the mk2 is also so much nicer. The matte finish over the gloss makes a big difference, as do the squared off edges. As a Wacom user a button in the Apple Pencil is also something I wanted ever since such a thing was first rumoured. I do wish the nib was thinner though. The thing for me is that I am not far from my computer when at home, and I don't get to travel as much as I want so it's never been quite as much of a beneficial product to my lifestyle as I would like. Having said that, for some time now I have carried a view that my future with Apple products would see me buying one of their desktop computers and supplementing it with an iPad, and with each passing iPad update I'm more and more convinced about an iPad being able to do enough for me to never have to think about a laptop again. There are still some ways to go on the software front as far as file management is concerned however, and I'd also like to see the option to attach external storage. I'm not sure iPad Pro updates later this year will be anything but incremental as far as under the hood changes go (it's feasible we may not get 2019 updates at all, but see a bump to spring 2020), but I'm really going to be looking to the iOS13 reveal this summer with great interest.
  6. The Apple Pencil 2 is such a nice improvement over its predecessor. Really looking forward to having one again but I am not expecting to be able to get a new iPad this year what with iMac and iPhone taking priority. I sold my 9.7" iPad Pro last week. Going to be a bit strange being without an iPad for a year or so. I really hope iOS13 takes iPad's potential to another level.
  7. We haven’t discussed this but it’s getting interesting. Universal will not confirm but this is all supposedly prep work for a launch coaster in the Jurassic Park region of Islands of Adventure.
  8. With Us seemingly cementing Jordan Peele’s place as one of the great filmmakers of today, only amping up anticipation of his Twilight Zone reboot, I wonder if it would be within the realms of possibility that Disney could bring him in and re-do the pre-show and narration for Tower of Terror? It’s the one property in the parks they don’t own (unless you count the band Aerosmith), but if Twilight Zone is a hit then it might be smart to ride off its success. I don’t think I’d be against the changes so long as the ride story and period setting remained unaltered.
  9. Should be cheap too. I’d expect no effort on a new master. It’ll be the one that’s been in use for broadcast and streaming for the past decade, but still, I’ll take it. Flushed Away is coming on the same day. I believe that completes Universal’s releases of all the Dreamworks Animation titles that Dreamworks couldn’t be bothered to release on Blu-ray themselves.
  10. There’s at least a dozen discs I’d love from Movie Club but short of paying double for them on eBay I don’t know how I could get them as they don’t allow overseas subscribers.
  11. Perhaps I don’t mean Movie Rewards. They did that here then killed it. I think I mean Disney Movie Club. I don’t quite get how it works.
  12. That begs the question, how long until they start offering Movie rewards exclusive titles? 😫 I remain upset that service is limited to the US. I’m still not even sure I understand how it works.
  13. It’s finally happening! Curse of the Were-Rabbit Blu-ray on 4th of June!
  14. It’s like those people who can do a Rubik’s cube in under a minute. Quite extraordinary.
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