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  1. Angry the Clown

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango are all 99c/99p on the iTunes Store right now. I’m still amazed that the Monkey Island games never returned to iOS.
  2. Makes sense. Fresh Baked on youtube had one sent to them this past week, looking like it was from someone in the construction team and the Falcon in Disneyland is even further ahead with the cockpit finished...etc.
  3. Angry the Clown

    Backwards compatibility announced for Xbox One

    *monthly stop making me want an X you bastards post*
  4. Angry the Clown

    Apple Discussion Thread

    I honestly don’t like using my Macbook Pro docked 100% of the time as I do at the moment. It’s the main reason I’d like to finally go desktop (with a 12.9” iPad pro as a companion device). That said, I do run some intensive tasks from time to time, but even generally it runs very warm in clamshell mode in complete open space. For all the rumours of a higher end Mini it will be interesting to see if they still produce a basic affordable entry level model as well.
  5. Angry the Clown

    Apple Discussion Thread

    New iPad Pros are surely the most certain product as the rumour mill has been steady with regards to those lately. The “There’s More in the Making” tagline on the invites would surely suggest a very productivity driven show, so I hope we do finally see the new Mac Mini, and a preview of what they have in mind for the Mac Pro would be wonderful. I’m less certain of iMacs as things have been so quiet. Intel are warning of low supply of their 9x series CPUs, and while sure Apple could stuff 2018 chips in revisions, with hardware fixes for Spectre..etc and soldered chips there are benefits to having the latest. Ideally I think new iMacs should be re-designed. It feels overdue. Internally, porting the heatsink design of the iMac Pro (though this may come at the cost of removing user access to RAM 😬), and externally it is time for the bezels to get a slim down. Being the 20th Anniversary of the iMac there’s surely incentive to do it, but again the supply issues on the better CPUs may give pause for thought for some if they only get the 2017 8x CPUs. Likewise it’d be a shame if we get new iMacs but they miss the window to include the forthcoming AMD 590 GPU which is said to land between a 1060 and 1070 in performance (I’d be delighted with that). It’ll be really interesting to see. I’m very interested in a new Mini, but even if its more powerful as rumoured I have to assume it would, at best, match Macbook Pro performance options whereas my dream is an iMac spec without the screen as having torn down my PC to sell the parts I now need good GPU performance for Windows under bootcamp. I would, of course, have the option of an external GPU which I’d certainly research, but it’d depend how the costs would add up against a hypothetical new iMac.
  6. That's really nice. Having to bump my viewing to Tuesday as I won't have time tomorrow.
  7. Angry the Clown

    Apple Discussion Thread

    We got details on Photoshop for iPad Pro this week: https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/15/17969754/adobe-photoshop-apple-ipad-creative-cloud It will launch early next year, with features being added in the months after release. Very promising stuff.
  8. The rocket barrell levels are absolutely rage inducing for me. Have completed what I hope is the last one (I’m on World 6) but I know I’ll have to revisit then someday as I still have lots to collect and unlock throughout the game. For now I am trying to collect as much as I can on my first play through but at this point just want to get it “finished” on a base level knowing that I can dip in and out of it in future to hunt more collectibles.
  9. Think I might wait for an inevitable GOTY edition of this in 2019.
  10. Yup. I still have plenty to do in the previous game so it will be a while before I get round to the new one unfortunately.
  11. Thanks for the score track title warning. Will avoid it until I’ve seen the film. May try to catch a screening on Friday.
  12. Angry the Clown

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Yeah I’m at odds over Evil Dead. I’m certainly in no hurry to get it if I decide to do so as I’ve never much liked it, but do like 2 (and Army of Darkness). Surprised December’s slate is still so quiet. There really aren’t many UHDs I plan to get between now and Christmas.
  13. Angry the Clown

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Evil Dead 2 formally announced for Dec 11th in the US from Lionsgate: Definitely a much better bet for anyone in the UK to import this over the Studio Canal release as it will likely be under £15 (would recommend Wowhd).
  14. Falcon construction has started at Florida Galaxy’s Edge. I wonder where they are with that in Anaheim. It’s interesting how both projects are doing certain things in a different order as, as far as I know, the rooftop ship still hasn’t been installed at Disneyland yet (it would be harder to see once it’s in, but a tiny bit of it should still be visible from the usual viewing spots people are visiting to document construction). Think we might get a new official drone video from Disney of the Anaheim build by the end of the year. Hope so. We didn’t post about the recent leak revealing a terrifying image of a skinless Stitch animatronic from the encounter attraction in Florida. Biggest hint yet that show is dead, dead, dead.