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  1. Same. Again, so lovely of her to find the strength to even give is that parting gift. The kettle pot was fucking amazing.
  2. A Song of Ice and Fire - Game of Thrones - HBO Series

    I tire of his smirk and long for his comeuppance.... which is what worries me, because this damn show loves to let a complete bastard of a character get a way with something at the cost of killing off someone more innocent, and we're overdue that kind of a mega "fuck you" to the audience with one episode left.
  3. A Song of Ice and Fire - Game of Thrones - HBO Series

    Good stuff. I think next week's is supposed to run for 81 mins or thereabouts.
  4. Netflix members...

    It's annoying there's a six day delay from Rick and Morty airing in the US before new episodes show up on Netflix UK. Loving s3 so far though. The Vindicators episode was great.
  5. Fishing Planet PS4 -Trailer of the Year

    Needs a Dreamcast-style fishing controller or it's dead to me.
  6. It had been rumoured for some time that a forthcoming movie licence Frontier had acquired was Jurassic Park/World, and...well...uh... there it is. Some Universal licensed content recently appeared as DLC in Planet Coaster (Back to the Future, Munsters and Knight Rider) which added weight to the JP rumours since its the same studio. It's likely to be more of a traditional sim style building and management game than than an actual Jurassic Planet Coaster, obviously. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-08-20-jurassic-world-evolution-theme-park-sim-announced-by-planet-coaster-dev-frontier Frontier's first expo takes place next month, so expect more news and hopefully gameplay footage then (Eurogamer say the game is penciled in for June). This should be brilliant, by the way, because... Frontier.
  7. I'd imagine it would definitely be set between Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars. I think Lucasfilm know that fans are not going to be keen to see a child version of a beloved characters from that universe again.
  8. I didn't even know Gamescom was upon us already. I like the matte finish to everything.
  9. New arial shots of Star Wars Land construction (Florida version): More below: http://blogmickey.com/2017/08/photos-latest-aerial-look-star-wars-galaxys-edge-attractions-land-august-2017/ Toy Story Land is continuing at a nice pace and starting to look colourful with some paintwork already finished. Even some toy block theming is in place: It's fascinating to see random pieces of theming appear. Makes you wonder what dictates the reasons for some pieces being placed sooner than others. With the park a year away you'd think pieces like that would be amongst the last things to be added but maybe they get covered over time to prevent damage...etc ahead of opening. Perhaps its to test their proximity to the track? Slinky himself should be installed soon for test runs. More: http://blogmickey.com/2017/08/photos-latest-aerial-look-toy-story-land-august-2017/
  10. Netflix members...

    Well your opinions are bad and you should feel bad! I guess I just love Elfman's Spider-man theme, damn it. (I like the way the titles re-cap the first film's story too in all honesty. To me that gives them plenty of relevance, even though the technique has not aged all that well, but that's ok because all films are a product of their time). Always loved the strings and percussion over the Marvel logo. Wasn't that the first movie to get the Marvel intro? I'm not even a big follower of Marvel stuff but I remember that, plus the music, really setting the tone and getting me excited (despite my not even loving the first Spider-man all that much).
  11. Netflix members...

    I don't disagree on the argument for titles to have a bit more context, but I'd still argue the Spider-man titles, chiefly when paired with the score, help set the tone for the movie which is partially the purpose for opening titles (aside form union reasons for titles to exist in the first place). Are there better title sequences then the Spider-man movies? Sure. Fincher's credit sequences are almost always amazing, but it's all similar tone setting for me that I always value.
  12. Netflix members...

    Hmmm. Is it genuinely such a bother? Two or three minutes of music to set the tone whilst seeing the names of principal individuals who made what you're watching possible? I'm a film credit and film music lover in general, so I admit I'm in a particular nerd box (I'm the person who gets pissed off when Netflix shrinks even the end titles of a show/movie to flash up something else to watch next), but I'd hate to think attention spans are dwindling so much that opening titles have become such a chore. I can sort of understand it for the binge watching generation for TV content as you're just seeing the same opening title spiel over and over again, and removing it would almost be like being able to watch an entire multi-episode narrative without interruption, but to me it's mood setting. Joey, does the prompt to skip them appear before you watch something, or does it actually appear on screen when the content has already started? Former would certainly be more forgivable than the latter.
  13. Muppets Courtyard is going away and is to be renamed Grand Park, "a urban square off Grand Avenue surrounded by shops and restaurants like PizzeRizzo and Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano." Muppetvision 3D isn't going anywhere, and if PizzeRizzo is staying under that name then hopefully little things like the Miss Piggy Statue get to stay to at least inject some fun into the new city theming. I'm guessing Gonzo's Royal Flush restrooms might be re-themed? It's definitely an odd little area of the park. I'm genuinely surprised this thread is as big as it already is. I never thought there'd be weekly pieces of park refurbishment news.
  14. Netflix members...

    They announced that a while back. It was going to be added for movies too (stupidly) but I don't know if they have gone that far.
  15. Daldry is an interesting choice. Hiring him would also mark a shift to just going with an older and more seasoned director from the get go on the spin offs.