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  1. Angry the Clown

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch)

    Finished! Such a fantastic game. Has to be one of THE games to own on Switch. Beautifully balanced, never rage inducing and always amusing. One of those true gems that emerges from Ubisoft every once in a while. All my fears about the weapons back from when the game was first revealed were cast aside early on. The array of weaponry and special moves is varied enough, each with a sense of playfulness that puts to rest worries of seeing these characters with Mega Man style hand canons grafted to their arms. The who game in both style and execution is a beautiful balancing act and it’s quite a triumph to see it get everything so right. That it was a labour of love for the dev team clearly shows. Fearing overdosing on a good thing I have decided to leave the Kong DLC for a couple of weeks and spend some quality time with the Xbox One again before coming back. I think the DKC content introduces some new gameplay mechanics so it should feel pretty fresh after I take some time out.
  2. HDTV Test’s CES wrap up contains clarification about Sony and HDR10+. They’re not supporting it (their wording at the show was merely reference to their belief that their dynamic tone mapping is practically as good. 🤷‍♂️).
  3. Angry the Clown

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch)

    The Phantom is without a doubt one of the greatest Mario game bosses ever conceived.
  4. Angry the Clown

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch)

    Got to 3-7 tonight. Might see if I can push to finish the core game by Sunday night as I believe there are 4 worlds (?) to play, then unlockable bonuses. The general difficulty level of the game is just right for my tastes. It’s challenging, but the style of turn based gameplay is actually rather relaxing. Boss fights are getting tougher. The World 3 mid level boss took several attempts as you’re swarmed by so many regular enemies that it’s all too easy to find yourself bombarded. I had to keep my team far enough apart to flank the boss, but close enough to use Rabbid Peach’s team health boost. Bwahhhh!
  5. Angry the Clown

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    The non Collector’s Ed Carpenter discs appear to be landing in March as well as Amazon UK have listings up (£20 each). They’re listed for the 18th. Again, it’s possible they will lack the bonus features discs.
  6. Angry the Clown

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Studio Canal's release of The Deer Hunter is getting a film only release in the UK on the 11th of March, minus the chunky box and paraphernalia that was included in last year's collector's release. Pleased to hear it as that's what I've been waiting for. It's under £14 at Amazon right now (possible it lacks the bonus features disc as Amazon only have it down as 2-discs, but that could be an error). Should be similar releases of those Carpenter films to follow by the summer.
  7. Angry the Clown

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Well Warner UK are doubling down on this with their Twitter PR stating that the extended cut will be on disc. I guess we’ll know for sure whenever rear cover artwork surfaces. It’d be strange if this is a U.K. exclusive. Wouldn’t necessarily be the first time Warner have done something significantly different for the U.K. as we got a better package for Blade Runner with all the bonus discs (movie UHD was the same as US though so this would still set a precedent). The US press release doesn’t specifically state anywhere that the extended cut is digital only, contradicting the notice on the US artwork. In fact it says “4K UHD and Blu-ray Combo Packs include an extended cut with deleted scenes” so I am wondering if the US notification on the artwork is in error and in fact it should read that the 4K and Blu are ONLY the extended cut, while the streaming offers both? We’ll see.
  8. Angry the Clown

    Soundtracks, Soundtracks, Soundtracks

    Completely missed the announcement of Intrada's two-disc release of Apollo 13: http://store.intrada.com/s.nl?it=A&id=11453 I'm....... over the moon (*cough*) about this one as it has long be a favourite of mine. Hopefully one of the labels is working on more Horner expansions (the big ones for me I think would be remasters/expansions of Land Before Time, Willow and Sneakers).
  9. Perhaps, yes, but we may be talking heads in jars by that point. Don’t forget it’s one thing for TVs to keep improving on peak luminance, and another thing for them to keep inproving on increasing their native handling of HDR’s bt.2020 max colour volume. We’re sort of lingering around 73% for the latter on some of today’s best displays, though TCL were boasting that they’ve achieved over 90% in prototypes at CES. Whatever rapid improvements we see to displays I think we can most assuredly expect the release of exclusively static HDR content to fade away and take the future to be various flavours of dynamic metadata based HDR because of the varying standards of how content can be delivered. HDR10/HDR10+ can go to 4000nits for example, Dolby Vision to 10,000 and HLG to (I think) 5000 if the content creators so choose. Dolby Vision does also carry with it 12bit matadata which tests have shown even seems to be of benefit even downconverted to contemporary 10bit panels, so if it’s native 12bit 10,000nit 100% bt.2020 displays that are going to be the optimal standard then we may be waiting some time.
  10. Right. Yeah the multi layers of a disc being the culprit sounds familiar to something I’d read once (as far as the hang ups delaying DV on disc hen it as always common on streaming is concerned, anyway). I wonder if there will ever come a day where understanding HDR doesn’t make your head hurt and has 100% defined standards. 😀
  11. Interesting. I never got to the bottom of what makes Dolby Vision more complicated on disc, compared to Dolby Vision streaming. There is absolutely a difference, we know that much, as it partially resulted in why it took so much longer for DV to arrive on disc as the encoder requirements were seemingly so much different to encoders for streaming, and Disney also were allegedly unhappy with the issues on the physical media end hence them dropping support a while back (every chance they will regain confidence of course, and some have claimed it’s less the encoding issues causing concern but the decoding variables, such as the headaches Sony have faced, that put Disney off as Disney wants to ensure consistency for consumers with their products. I’ve no idea what’s true. Some have Claimed Pixar were not happy with DV encoding tests that they did and that their concerns spread to Disney as a whole causing them to abandon it. Coco’s director when questioned on Twitter I believe was the source for that information, at least in commenting about why Coco didn’t have Dolby Vision on disc).
  12. You’d have to ask yourself what you really want, whether the BIG screen experience of having a projector is of greater value vs improved contrast, HDR performance and all the other bells and whistles of a flat panel. I think there’s still an immensely compelling argument to be made for having a great projector over a flat panel. If I had the money and a dedicated light controlled room I wouldn’t hesitate to prioritise a projector over a TV, but great HDR and Wide Colour Gamut capable projectors are still few and may exceed what you’re willing to spend. Iain covered it well, really. HDR is a minefield of variables. Projectors, even dual stacked, just can’t get as bright as flat panels, and short of some miracle breakthrough they never will. Theatrical Dolby Vision for example has a max value of 108nits (no zero missing there. One hundred and eight), that’s what theatrical DV is mastered to. At home, HDR/Dolby Vision can be mastered for up to 10,000nits by comparison, with 4000nits generally being the current accepted max standard for movies (these encoding metadata values vary depending on the studio and mastering monitor they use, but it’s important to note that those are maximum encoding figures baked into the metadata. Blade Runner 2049 for example reads as being encoded as 10,000nit on the US Warner disc, and 4000 on the U.K Sony disc if you bring up the display info on a capable player. In actuality the film’s max CLL level never exceeds 250 or thereabouts. Confusing gobbledygook I know, but the point is while you will hear 1000nits, 4000nits, 10,000...etc thrown around by manufacturers, it important to note that not all content hits those peaks, and we are talking about peaks here, not a blanket beginning to end brightness value). In short, you can only allow yourself to get so hung up on this issue because we still seem to be a long way away from any display being able to handle whatever HDR content you throw at it optimally. We’ve still not seen consumer TV’s reach 4000nit capability yet. LED/LCD displays are putting out anything between 1200nits/2900nits depending on the model, and OLED technology is unlikely to ever significantly exceed the 800nit max range the best models are currently capable of once calibrated (short of some major breakthrough). When displays cannot display the peaks of some content they have to resort to what is known as “tone mapping,” the approach to which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but is arguably becoming more sophisticated year on year, and is basically a TV or projector’s way of compensating for max brightness values it can’t display natively. HDR is really not about max bright and dark values, but preserving and displaying details in those values. Consumer projectors can deliver brighter HDR performance compared to cinemas as the screen sizes are dramatically smaller by comparison to a movie theatre and the projectors are closer to the screen, but you’re still looking at maybe 200-300nit peak performance on the best models in a light controlled environment. Is that a big loss compared to what TV’s are capable of? Personally I’d view BT2020/DCI-P3 support and performance in a projector to be of greater importance than peak brightness capabilities. HDR on the best consumer projectors is still very striking indeed, particularly if paired with a decent player that can do internal tone mapping like Oppo or Panasonic’s players, or better yet an external video processor from Lumagen (but the latter doesn’t come cheap). Again, it’s a matter of looking what how much you’re willing to spend and whether the truly big screen projection experience and more limited HDR performance strikes a better balance compared to a flat panel display.
  13. Angry the Clown

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Creed 2 on 5th of March (US) with Dolby Vision and Atmos.
  14. Returning to this. I had missed Hisense's demo at CES of what they are branding ULED XD, which is sandwiching a 1080p monochromatic panel with a quantum dot 4k panel to achieve exceptionally high contrast performance...etc. The monochromatic panel controls the luminance with the demo display allegedly able to hit a 2900nit peak brightness. This isn't new technology as its been used in some industry monitors before, but it's the first I've seen of it being implemented for consumer displays: https://www.engadget.com/2019/01/07/hisense-ces-2019/ It's expected to debut to the Chinese market later this year. If it's become more feasible at a consumer level then it would be exciting if, over the next year or two, we find out that the likes of Sony and Panasonic have been putting R&D into it. LCD still has some really interesting places it could go over the next few years.
  15. Angry the Clown

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch)

    Have reached World 3. I’m delighted that it features the Boos. If I had one complaint about Mario Odyssey it was their absence.