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  1. Definitely worth sharing. I believe this is the interview in which he places a desire for emphasis on frame rates in the next gen.
  2. I'll let you off... this time. Since the imported posts still put one of mine as the first I simply cut and paste my original thread intro and edited a couple of my earlier posts that you carried from the xbox thread to avoid repetition so it's OK.
  3. I'll cut and paste my original first post into the first post that now leads the thread. Should sort it out. *edit* done.
  4. Fnarghhh but that’s messed the first post around damn youuuuuuuu!!!
  5. Angry the Clown

    Soundtracks, Soundtracks, Soundtracks

    Took delivery of Alien3, Roger Rabbit and also Back to the Future 2 this morning (BTTF2 came out an age ago via Intrada but I needed to grab it). Still need to put aside funds for E.T, Close Encounters and Die Another Day.
  6. PS5 and XB2 will both use Ryzen, no doubt. I just worry about Sony's focus on PSNow, but post-E3 we also know MS are working on a streaming service of their own now too on top of the BC they are offering, so MS really have raised the bar here on every level which is going to make it difficult for Sony not to offer the same options. One can only hope that behind closed doors, the reason we've not seen PS1 and PS3 backwards compatibility on PS4 (and not nearly enough PS2) is because they are working hard to get that content emulated on a next gen system, as I assume there is no other option for Sony but to emulate previous libraries given the architecture changes to their systems over the years.
  7. Angry the Clown

    Resident Evil 2 Remake Announced at PS Conference

    Normally my tolerance for loud people is extremely low but I have a lot of love and time for Huber. I don't think I know of someone who's as consistently enthusiastic and optimistic about games as he is. It's rather sweet. All the other Easy Allies personalities balance so well around him too. Resident Evil 2 hype as got me diving into RE Remake on the PS4 as I've had it sitting there for an age. Fun to dive back into it. I'm doing a run through with Jill to familiarise myself with it all again and then will do one with Chris, although I may leave a run with Chris until January as we get close to RE2. After my Jill play through I need to focus on finishing Beginning Hour and then finally playing RE7 which has embarrassingly sat on my hard drive for six months.
  8. Yeah. If pushed, though I'd sooner no references at all, I'd say that I don't mind hiding Jack subtly in there for people to find, but having Barbosa there and him calling for Jack by name I don't like. Speaking of the Barbosa bit... I was watching DL ride throughs and it sounds like the main theme from the movie's score has been removed, or made less obvious, during the ship scene. Can't be 100% sure but it seems far less prominent than it was in earlier POV's, almost like it is the same music cue but with the backing left and the main theme stem removed. Nice to see Tangled getting some love. Not really sure how those three IP's will fit into TDS but I suppose it depends on how the land is themed. Buhh. I really want to go to Tokyo Disney.
  9. Angry the Clown

    Final Fantasy XV Release date: November 29th 2016

    Finished this up (the main quest anyway). Took just under 23hrs according to the save file. Chapter 13 is a drag that really kills the momentum and goes on for an age, and 12's not much better so it's a pity the quality dips as you head into the final act. That and combat camera woes aside, it's a solid game all in all and I'm glad I set a time to revisit and finish it. The four lead characters have great personalities that add some levity to the game's obligatory nonsense. It's a believable bromance between them all. Ardyn is a good pantomime villain too, dressed like an evil Doctor Who. The summons in combat are probably one of my favourite things about the experience. They're quite spectacular. I'll likely leave it there as I've no real interest in following up side quests and DLC content, and it'd be nice to free up the 74GB on my hard drive.
  10. Angry the Clown

    Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.

    Don't want to derail the thread but it's just not that simple. It's never that simple. Sometimes you have to be completely out of an abusive situation to realise you were ever in it in the first place (and even that statement is oversimplifying things).
  11. Eurogamer/Digital Foundry today published a lengthy article theorising about the future XB console(s). Too much to quote, but well worth the read: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2018-in-theory-will-there-be-more-than-one-next-gen-xbox
  12. Mine too, damn it. I've been tempted by the X lately, with the game pass being of particular interest, but I will do my best to hold out for the next gen system. What I keep coming back to is Microsoft's dedication to backward's compatibility, where you can go back to 2016 and read about Spencer's vision for backwards and "forwards" bc. At GDC that year he commented "Our focus going forward is building a gaming ecosystem for universal windows applications, what we think this does to a console generation is allows us to decouple the software platform from the hardware platform in which it runs. Anyone who plays on consoles knows that at the end of a generation, we box our old console and games and stick it in the closet and buy a new console and a whole new library of games and it invalidates our previous purchases. This is why this (vision) is great for gaming" and they seem to be making good on that vision. It's one of, if not the, very best aspects of PC gaming that they can carry over to the console space, and improve upon in terms of old game compatibility since every console is built to the same spec. Were I an Xbox owner and building a library of games, I'd feel pretty damn secure right now in assuming my collection will continue to carry over to the next system, and perhaps with even further performance improvements. Now, given the PS5, like the XB2, will be an evolution of a similar component architecture used in their predecessors, one would hope Sony recognise what Microsoft are doing and step the hell up, but you have to wonder if they might continue to pursue PlaystationNow instead. There's no reason both could not coexist in Sony's approach, but I think backwards compatibility is going to be a major selling point of the XB2, especially if they can say "hey, your existing purchases of first party greats like Forza and third party greats Cyperpunk will run even better on this new system".... If Sony can't say that your library of PS4 purchases will carry over, and benefit from performance enhancements, then they deserve a slap as I really do commend MS for raising the bar here. I think BC is going to become more popular as time goes on. We know it's still something of a niche demand, but it seems to be growing at an obvious rate. Retro is booming, people are building larger libraries of digitally purchased content, and when new consoles can enhance older games I feel as if more and more people are going to find the age old issue of leaving all their past purchases behind harder to swallow when migrating to a new generation.
  13. Angry the Clown

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Predator collection UK artwork: I continue to be baffled how those sequels are considered to be of greater value to Fox to release vs Die Hard 2 and 3. Update on the US Mission Impossible discs, bizarrely the Blus included for the first three in the US are the old MPEG discs. I thought they'd do a Tomb Raider and give America the re-encoded AVC/lossless versions that some European territories have had for a few years. Most odd. Early word on the UHD of the first film is encouraging but waiting to read more feedback and see some screencaps.
  14. Angry the Clown

    Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.

    Yeah. Definitely worth reading up on that story if you’re a Nerdist podcast, or whatever they renamed it to, listener. His public statement on the matter in which he belittles his ex does him no favours either.