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  1. Ang Lee's Hulk announced for 9th of July. If Universal's recent catalogue titles are any indication this could look rather lovely. Sixteen year old movie that visually is more interesting than any of the contemporary Marvel movies.
  2. When do King of the Monsters reviews surface? Just listening to Bear McCreary’s score and he’s done something that made me squeal with delight. 😀
  3. Can’t help but feel the fundamental fabric of Disneyland is about to change forever. I hope I’m wrong. It sounds amazing as expected but I remain anxious over the idea of such a monstrous single IP land in a core Disney park. It’ll take some time for the hysteria to fade to see how it truly affects the park as a whole in the long term I suppose.
  4. Shazam on 16th of July in the US with Atmos and Dolby Vision: I was scanning Twitter to see if I could find any news articles about the current state of play at Fox Home Entertainment. Nothing new, however one eagle eyed person happened to notice something about the cover art for the forthcoming release of The Breakthrough: Fox discs have traditionally read 'Digital' in reference to download codes on the cover banners. 'Digital Code' is wording Disney use. This is coming on 16th of July as well, a week before Alita which does still have the simple 'Digital' wording on the cover. It'll be interesting to see whether the back cover layout for Breakthrough is in Fox's style or Disney's.
  5. I'll buy it on eBay at some point. Only choice for me since DMC doesn't exist outside of North America. I bought it on iTunes back in December and it was a very pleasing presentation (the HD master stems from the 4k restoration done several years ago). I wish Disney had a manufactured on demand sub-label like Warner Archive to put this stuff out on general release.
  6. Yes I believe that’s right. Everything post-t2 is on the scrap heap. This looks quite promising. Wonderful to see Hamilton again if nothing else.
  7. I completely missed the most interesting piece of news regarding the Alita Battle Angel disc... it will be Fox’s first Dolby Vision title. As with some recent Lionsgate releases both DV and HDR10+ will be present (as will the standard HDR10 layer, obviously).
  8. Official announcement for Alita Battle Angel (Fox) for 23rd of July in the US, and 22nd in the UK: And Disney have formally dated Branagh's 2015 Cinderella for 25th of June (US). Still no word on whether the Signature Edition of the animated version, coming to Blu on the same day, is also getting a UHD. Weird if it isn't as it's hard to wonder what the live action 4k disc would be cashing in on in which case, and it would be coming a month after Aladdin hits cinemas so they can't even throw this out as a live action remake cash in. 2019 Pet Sematary (Paramount) on 9th of July:
  9. Expected this would happen, but still.... God damn these US Disney Club exclusives!
  10. Ludwig Goransson has been hired to do the score too, which is particularly exciting news.
  11. Interesting to see the Macbook Pros updated today ahead of WWDC.
  12. Well, following confirmation of Jurassic World Evolution dlc packs and the announcement of Planet Zoo it sure looks like that Frontier roadmap leak on Reddit was legit because... Ghosbusters DLC is coming to Planet Coaster. What's interesting is this is going further than the Back to the Future set as the Ghostbusters content includes a story mode featuring the voices of Dan Aykroyd and William Atherton (!) as well as walkaround or animatronic characters, a Slimer themed coaster and a 'Ghosbusters Experience' dark ride that from Frontier's description sounds like Buzz Lightyear/Toy Story Mania/Men in Black style interactive shooting ride. It will also include scenery, sound effects and music from the movie.
  13. Will have to pick that issue up to keep with the previous two. Delighted to see Richard E Grant is a baddie.
  14. All I needed to hear. Thanks. Been wanting to get Street Fighter Collection on Switch for a while but have been hesitant without a good d-pad on offer. Will buy the game when it next goes on sale and the pad around the same time.
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