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  1. Carlucci

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    Unsane - not quite what you expect from the trailer, but still a good suspense thriller. We'll shot, but is it really in 4:3 aspect ratio, or was my Amazon on-demand rental whacked? I give it 3 out of 5 Chief Baskets. Carlos.
  2. God said he could get me the code, but he's pretty sure you're fooked. Carlos.
  3. Carlucci

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    You guys are lucky, they totally pooched it. I remember there were TV ads that would just show The Terminator raising his hand and saying "I promise I will not kill anyone", and that was a major WTF that made everyone curious, so everyone just started blabbing. It was so dumb of them not to completely hide it. Then they just said fuck-it and included the twist in the final trailers Carlos.
  4. Carlucci

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I watched the blu-ray of Terminator:2 and I've got to say I didn't see anything that upset me about this transfer. It was clean, sharp, but not overly so. Grain is all but gone, sure, but it doesn't venture into the soap-opera-effect to my eyes. I would even say it looks amazing. I'm glad I bought it for $10.40! Thanks to @Angel P for the head's up! Speaking of T2, did anyone go into that movie spoiler-free? I remember being so upset that trailers, news networks, and interviews gave away the mission of the T101 Terminator in the movie. How awesome it would have been to think the roles of the T1000 (as a cop) and the T101 were reversed until the moment of their confrontation at the mall. It should have a been a mind-blowing moment, but almost everyone knew it beforehand, right? Carlos.
  5. Carlucci

    Car Wreck

    Yeah, thanks for checking. We finally got our car back nearly 1 full month after the wreck. The total damage bill was just shy of $9k. All of us are feeling fine, except my wife, who is still getting some physical therapy for neck and shoulder issues. Everyone except her has settled our medical/pain-and-suffering claims. They want to wait until my wife is done with treatment before talking about her settlement. Being back behind the wheel of the same car was definitely a weird feeling, but I've settled back into my routine. I've recognized it as a fluke, and I'm back to my normal driving habits, though I do find myself checking my rear-view a bit more still. I did ask about the other driver, since he was taken by ambulance from the scene. They said that he would be fine, which was all they could tell me. Carlos.
  6. Carlucci

    Blu-Ray General Discussion Part 3

    Any buzz on the quality of the soon-to-be-released Blu-ray of Tucker: The Man And His Dream, 30th Anniversary edition? Carlos.
  7. Carlucci

    The Investing Thread

    Big Oil 401k match, which gives me free 10% of my salary on top of what I contribute. 401k was with Vanguard but we moved to Fidelity last year. Pay the extra to let the pros move it around for you, if that's an option for you. Plus I'll have a Big Oil pension (as of now, 28 years of service) when I retire or get laid off. Carlos.
  8. Carlucci

    The Handmaid's Tale

    I'm 6 episodes in. I've seen a lot of comments like yours. While the totalitarian, theocracy takeover aspect is huge, many seem to gloss over the problem of fertility that exists in this show's universe. "They", the theocracy, are attempting to solve the problem of critically low fertility rates. I heard them say that in earlier episodes, and in Ep6. So, if it's truly like in the movie "Children Of Men", and the very survival of the species is at stake, it's not just theocratic takeover of the nation (or some part thereof) based solely on ideological grounds. It's desperation. Carlos.
  9. Carlucci


    Good call. After two weeks, the marquee films are relegated to the smaller, poorer sound auditoriums, and wouldn't be the cinematic experience that those of use here look for. Carlos.
  10. I enjoyed S2 as well, but my enthusiasm for the show definitely waned throughout. It's a weird show in that it has no shortage of twists, misdirection and surprises, but completely lacks edge-of-your-seat, suspenseful moments. Carlos.
  11. Carlucci

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Where is it at for $10.40? Is the accompanying Blu-ray disc equally as bad? I have no copy of T2 whatsoever. Carlos.
  12. Carlucci

    Normal Everyday And/Or Cool Stuff

    One other thing about air fryers: They solve the problem of re-heating leftover French fries. I brought some leftovers home, popped the meat into the .microwave, but put the steak fries into the air fryer, and they warmed right up and tasted the same. Carlos.
  13. Could these be modded to support MAME, get tons more games? Carlos.
  14. Carlucci

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I tried to jump on it, and ADD TO CART was available, but when clicked it said can not be ordered online. Also could not choose "pick up in store". With a few reloads, it went to "Sold Out." Carlos.
  15. Say fellas, could one, if so inclined, use this VR apparatus to access offsite flesh-tone calibration material? Asking for a friend. (not)Carlos.