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  1. A thread about Lego

  2. This is why artificially holding prices LOW is a terrible thing at a time like this. John Stossel had an excellent, prescient article on this just today: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/08/30/john-stossel-prices-should-rise-during-emergencies-such-as-hurricane-harvey.html If gas stations would be free to raise prices during a run like this, the price would automatically ration the fuel, and people wold buy only what they absolutely need. Instead, they would be excoriated as "greedy" profiteers. Carlos.
  3. Great to hear! This morning we donated the last of the supplies we collected, and shut down our collection operation. There's just so many in a 5 mile radius, it didn't make sense to keep ours going. I'll be heading to a family reunion and some much needed R&R, starting tomorrow. Then back for a day and on to Maryland to meet my grandson. Life is good. Texas is great! America, Fuck Yeah! Carlos.
  4. What do you guys think of this slogan I just made up? Think it might sell some t-shirts as a fundraiser? Houston Area Response? Volunteers Everywhere Y'all! I want to pitch it to a t-shirt shop, but not if it's corny as he'll. Tell me. Carlos.
  5. So far the supply lines are going smoothly, from all I have seen and heard. One of our largest grocery chains, HEB, actually has a disaster contingency team, and the pics of the convoy of trucks ready to roll in was something to behold. Groceries are flowing in. Most restaurants are closed, as I imagine their supply chains are completely tertiary, and rightly so. The volunteer response is nothing short of miraculous. I got permission from our HOA to open our rec center as a drop off site, and if needed, a shelter for evacuees. The amount of stuff we collected and distributed is staggering, and we were a very small operation. They asked for volunteers to feed 100 first responders, and our community made enough food to feed 1000, and sent the rest to the shelters. Texas Up! Gators and fire ants are very real problems, but I would fear the fire ants more. They actually use floods to spread, grouping together in tight, floating masses until they hit dry land to start anew. If you don't have fire ants in your area yet, feel lucky. Their bites live up to their name, and you NEVER get just one bite! Carlos.
  6. Ok, that's a relief. So glad they are safe. We are going to work on opening our community rec center as a shelter. There's going to be a major crisis with the shortage of space for displaced people. Carlos.
  7. Did the water get in their house? Where did they get evacuated to? Do they have a place to go? It looks like we're going to make it out unscathed. If your brother and mom need somewhere to stay, and can get to me in Cypress, we will give them a place to sleep in our house for as long as they need. Carlos.
  8. I hope he's ok. Areas near there are under mandatory evacuation due to them releasing floodwaters from the reservoirs. I'm pretty far from him, in Cypress. We are high and dry but neighborhoods within 10 mIles of us are completely devastated. Can you share more details of his exact location? PM if you want. Carlos.
  9. We had hours and hours of the heaviest, longest lasting rain right on my area last night. But just as the streets started to fill and rise, we got an hours long break. I slept. Beautiful sleep. We'll probably have some more rounds like that before it's all done and the reign of the mosquitos begins. Invest in Off! futures, boys. Carlos.
  10. Yeah, it's localized allright....to the entire freaking city! Seriously though, fuck this storm. Still good. Sitting on my back porch with bourbon and the blues. Counting my blessings. Carlos.
  11. I'll get pics of the retention pond near me a little later. You can try ABC13.com or Click2houston.com and watch live newscasts. It's a sight to see right now. Carlos.
  12. Mods, please add "Harvey Rainbanger" to this thread's title. I just thought it up. Got to add to the title for posterity. Carlos.
  13. Incessant deluge. It's unreal how much rain has fallen in 24 hours. There were a few tornado touchdowns within 10 mIles from us, but mostly just roof damage. I've only heard of one lost life here in Houston - a woman got swept away after her car got flooded. Lots of idiots still on the roads and getting stuck. Even some news reporters are stuck on overpasses with no way off. So far the drainage has been good in my area, but there's only so much more it can take. I'll keep checking in. Carlos.
  14. So far not too much tornado damage here in Houston, which was our primary concern here. Still under the threat of tornado activity, but now the concern is flooding. The storm is projected to move backwards, then head northeast, and that's when Houston will get socked by tons of rain and i would really start to worry about flooding. But it's anyone's guess as the computer models are all over the place. Carlos.