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  1. Carlucci

    My Atmos Experience

    For father's day, my son gave me the Atmos-mixed blu-ray of Hans Zimmer: Live in Prague. It's fantastic! Incredible music from everywhere. It also doesn't hurt that ALL of the female musicians in his orchestra were smokin' hot! I'd say must-buy if you have Atmos, and must see, even if you don't. Carlos.
  2. Carlucci

    Documentary film recommendations

    Evil Genius did indeed wrap things up nicely, except the question of the victim's culpability, which I'm 95% sure he was not a willing participant. I often feel these documentaries are willfully obtuse in their presentations though. For example, in Evil Genius: And in The Staircase: What's your take? Carlos.
  3. Carlucci

    My Atmos Experience

    Anihilation's Atmos mix is incredible, as you might expect. But the song at the beginning is an absolute Eargasm! Im not usually too crazy for other-than-two channel audio, but this was exceptionally well done. We need more music mixed in Atmos! I would buy albums, though the format would likely fail, like multichannel SACD. Carlos.
  4. This April marked 15 years since the beginning of LCVG! It's been great to visit here daily, for online friendships and fun, meaningful discussions. Here's to the admin team, the moderators, and all my online pals! Congrats! Carlos.
  5. Carlucci

    Documentary film recommendations

    Evil Genius - Netflix Original documentary. I had no idea this Netflix documentary was about the "Pizza Bomber" . It kept popping up on my recommendations, but I didn't select it until yesterday. The subtitle: "The True Story of the World's Most Diabolical Bank Robbery" didn't do enough to make the connection. August 2003: A guy robs a bank with a collar-bomb attached to his neck. Not since the JFK assassination has a crime captured my interest. I recall checking daily, even setting up news alerts on google, for any word on the case. But now I don't recall the final outcome/FBI conclusions, so watching this short documentary series is getting me going all over again. Episode 1 was really great. Carlos.
  6. Carlucci

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I buy UHDs for Atmos and to build a library for an eventual 4K PJ. When I put in Saving Private Ryan, it went immediately to a screen saying something about This Disc is optimized for HDR enabled playback, use an HDR capable playback device for optimal experience. Thing is, it looked exactly like an "incompatible" message. I scratched my head for a long while and kept backing out to the Samsung player's menu to try to figure something out. Turns out, it was just 6 or 7 "chapters" of the message, in every language known to the galaxy. Once I realized that and skipped through, it played fine. That was the first disc where I've had that happen. The Atmos track is excellent, BTW. Carlos.
  7. Carlucci

    Netflix members...

    There's a documentary thread that needs some love here: http://www.lcvg.com/topic/12233-documentary-film-recommendations/ Carlos.
  8. Carlucci

    Arrested Development

    Excited for Season 5! Here's a little something to tide you over until it drops. Carlos.
  9. Nothing can prepare you for this. Carlos.
  10. It takes Star Wars or Spielberg to drag me to the theaters these days. Got my tickets for Ready Player One for Sunday. I'm going to see it in a Dolby Cinema theater (no 3D). There's a huge premium for the Dolby Cinema seats, nearly double the cost of a standard showing, so I'm hoping it'll deliver. Carlos.
  11. Carlucci

    The difficult Search Thread...

    Yes! Thanks Joel. Carlos.
  12. Carlucci

    The difficult Search Thread...

    Movie: guys are in a fight or a pickle of some sort. One guy says this (thing) is "used up." Hero ponders "how do you use up a (thing)?" But then the guy gives it to him and it is indeed "used up". I want to say this is a big blockbuster movie, but I'm drawing a blank on the full circumstances. Driving me flipping bonkers right now. Carlos.
  13. Carlucci

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Wow, Atmos for Last Jedi, but TFA didn't get it? Weird. Looks like The Abyss has fallen into one, eh? Not word since last year? Carlos.
  14. Carlucci

    Netflix members...

    Meh. Veronica is a decent horror movie, but it is not deserving of the hype. Carlos.
  15. Carlucci

    Netflix members...

    Veronica is out on Netflix, and is getting "scariest movie ever" hype. We will be watching tonight. Can't wait. Carlos