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  1. There's a great, recent speedrun of RE7 on Madhouse by Carcinogen on Youtube. Beats it in under 2 hours with only 1 death. Really great commentary too. Carlos.
  2. This game is difficult! My bud and I played about 20 matches on Duos, and I got 1.5 kills. The .5 was when I downed a guy and instead of finishing him, tried to wait for his buddy to arrive to rez him. Well, his buddy arrived and shot my face off. We agreed to call that a 1/2 kill. My buddy is still looking for his first kill. We are absolute garbage at the game, but man it is exhilarating, tense, and above all, fun. I got panned on a bridge because my pal decided to drive right into the heart of an ambush while I still had a 3x scope equipped, and stopped 5 feet away from very experience players, who let me waste my ammo, then conked me to death with the pan. I nearly died of laughter. It's also hilarious when we agree to drop into a certain spot, then my so-called "teammate" sees several additional chutes descending on the same spot, and, as he calls it, "tactically diverts" away, leaving me to fend for myself. We did get to the top 7 in our very first match, out of pure luck because we simply did not run into anyone until the field was pared down. We got the "pacifist" achievement for getting to the top 10 with no kills. Carlos.
  3. Carlucci

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I love the Die Hard Xmas debate. If it did qualify as a Christmas movie, then Lethal Weapon blows it away in Christmas-iness. Lethal Weapon starts with the song Jingle Bell rock, has carolers in the hallways, has a bugs bunny Christmas cartoon playing while Rigs contemplates blowing his brains out, has a crucial scene at a Christmas Tree farm, Christmas lights/trees at Murtaugh's house, several santas in the background, etc. But no one talks about LW as a Xmas movie. Why not? My non-Christmas movie must watch every December is The Fountain. At least it has snow! Carlos.
  4. Carlucci

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Oh, well in that case it doesn't have that either. But,, but.....At least I won't have to get up to flip it over! <cries inside> Carlos.
  5. Carlucci

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I'm so desperate to see The Abyss, that I bought the crappy $4 DVD add-on item from Amazon. And well, it's crappy. It almost has to be a bootleg, but it's sold by Amazon. Supposed to be the "O-ring edition", but I have no idea what that means. At least it has both the theatrical and special editions. It's actually windowboxed for some reason, but it IS presented in the correct ratio. Just so weird. I think I can use the zoom on my projector to get it to fill my screen, so I'll try that. I just want to watch it with my daughter now while showing her the best action/sci-fi movies. I know she'll love it. Hopefully we'll get an update on a blu or UHD release this year. Carlos.
  6. Carlucci

    Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    Are you switching inputs on your receiver/TV first, before trying to power on the Xbox with the controller? I have found that my Xbox and PS4 will refuse to start unless it can get the HDMI handshake right at the time of the button press. By choosing the input, then hitting the button, it usually works. Carlos.
  7. Carlucci

    Help Me Choose From These Comedies

    1. Vacation - The younger generation should relate to the "cringe" factor or Clark's actions. They will laugh a lot. 2. Three Amigos - It's a movie full of memes. My kids and I are constantly exchanging quotes from this movie. NOT 3: Airplane/hotshots/top secret/naked gun, etc, are hit-or-miss for the new generation, sadly. Odds are 50-50 they will think it's all just dumb. Maybe 3: Spaceballs. If they love Star Wars, sure. If not, it's not a very funny movie at all. If you can, show them Young Frankenstein or Blazing Saddles. Either of those would be a perfect 3rd movie. I think Blazing Saddles is on Netflix right now. Carlos.
  8. Carlucci

    Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    I need advice on surround sound headphones for the Xbox one. My buddy is bringing me out of retirement to play some battle Royale on PUBG and COD, and I'm very excited. He doesn't have any surround sound, so he'll need decent headphones for that. What are the cool kids using these days? Carlos.
  9. If Fred Savage stops him and asks "Is this a kissing book?" I will lose my shit. To this day we cannot watch a movie with our kids without someone making that comment during a kissing scene. Mostly it's me. Carlos.
  10. I haven't watched beyond the first episode, twice, and I keep feeling vexed, and not sure what to expect, and not sure whether to invest my time. Someone tell me without being too spoilery, Carlos.
  11. Carlucci

    Netflix members...

    Episode 6 of Haunting of Hill House was masterfully shot. I saw only 2 of 3 "seams", cuts in apparent continuous shots. You could tell they had to move set items/people while the camera circled and panned. I want to watch it again just to marvel at the process. Loved it! Carlos.
  12. Carlucci

    Wanted: Horror movie suggestions...

    The Monster (2016) - I watched a YouTube list of the "best horror on Amazon Prime" and this one made the list, so we checked it out yesterday. This is worth watching. A mom and her young daughter, in an abusive, dysfunctional relationship, travel late at night to drop the daughter off at her dad's, when they have an accident and discover there's a monster in the woods. It's tense and dark, weaving the drama of their relationship with the struggle to survive the monster's attack. I give it 3 out of 5 MILFs (Moms-I'd-Like-to-Frown upon). Carlos.
  13. Carlucci

    British TV shows are the BEST!!!

    Bodyguard season one is on Netflix now. Carlos.
  14. Watch this trailer, then read the spoiler tag. (not a movie spoiler) Carlos.
  15. Really liked this one a lot. Just some mild problems with it, but I liked the twists, and loved the fierceness of it. I especially liked the homages to the original, like why the fuck were some kids denied trick-or-treating--That poor kid was sent to bedtime while the whole rest of the town were still getting candy!? I got scared a few times, and felt a good deal of tension. A worthy sequel to the first. The on screen murders were viscious, and managed to match the 1970s shock value effect, with modern-day brutality. I give it 4 out of 5 Friendzone Escapees. Carlos.