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  1. I see those things hanging from people's ears, and I immediately think of that scene from "There's Something About Mary." Carlos.
  2. DirecTV is giving a free week of HBO/Cinemax, started yesterday. I don't get Cinemax normally, so when this happens I pore over the listings for anything I want to record. Cinemax has several airing of "The Abyss" during this freeview. It says HD by the Abyss title. I'm recording it. Hope it's that HD Master that you mentioned earlier, Daniel. Carlos.
  3. The Disappearance of Madeline McCann - This is a overly in-depth documentary about the disappearance of the 3-year old girl from a resort in Portugual. I've watched a few other news programs on this, but not one that goes to this extreme. I think they could have condensed it to half the number of episodes and still told everything. There was a lot of repetition, and lingering too long on a single point or discovery. I hadn't really seen reports where the parents became suspects, so that was new to me. It's worth watching, but you won't feel like giving it your full attention 100% of the time. (Geez I'm horrible) Carlos.
  4. 3 weeks with the Creative Aruvana Trio earphones, and I'm really loving the sound. It's rich, tight and clear. I'm not super-happy with the fit. They fit my ears well, but I'm not able to get the seal I want like I did with my Klipsch x-10's. I'm currently using the squishy foam inserts, but still not feeling like I'm getting the perfect sound isolation fit. I'm going to see if I can use the rubber inserts from my x-10's on these, and then it will be the best of both worlds. For the money, these are excellent headphones. I'm definitely keeping them, and will eventually get the fit worked out. Carlos.
  5. The Dirt (Netflix) - A great romp, telling the origin story or Motley Crue. You know you're getting old when you cringe at the wanton destruction of property that these guys engaged in. I've heard the book is great too, but I'll settle for this film adaptation. Great cast, stressing look-a-likeness over acting ability, but not distracting from the band's sensational story. I got really sad at some of the tragedies in their lives, both self-inflicted and not. I was never the biggest Crue fan, but it still brought back a lot of memories of riding around with my pals, blaring Shout At the Devil. I give it Fourskins out of 5. Carlos.
  6. Looks like "Apollo 11", the in-theaters documentary, will only be released on Blu-ray/DVD. Shame I missed it in theaters in IMAX. Head it was great. Carlos.
  7. The Inventor (HBO) - Great documentary about how the road to hell is paved with good intentions, how assigning celebrity status to business leaders can blind very smart people, and how group-think destroys projects and reputations. I have no doubt that Elizabeth Holmes started out wanting to really revolutionize an industry, and save lives. But I also have no doubt she deceived a lot of people, put lives at risk, and committed felonies, for which she should pay dearly. I give it 4 out of 5 little pricks. Carlos.
  8. I'm going to try out the Creative Aurvana Trio. Thanks for all the recommendations, gents. They should arrive tomorrow. Carlos.
  9. First Man - Magnificent. An excellent depiction of the 1960's Gemini and Apollo space programs, and a fine tribute to Neil Armstrong, and his strong, resilient wife. The movie mostly stuck to the facts, particularly during the moon-landing sequence, but did fictionalize some this-may-have-happened sequences, which is hard to fault them for, since N.A. was a very private man. I give it 5 out of 5 Giant Leaps. Carlos. P.S. I've probably pimped this site before, but here's excellent, real-time audio of the landing itself. http://www.firstmenonthemoon.com/ (be sure to look in the right-top corner of the module pitch angle box to see Neil's heart rate, taken from the actual telemetry)
  10. Season 2, March22nd. Get your recapping done now. Carlos.
  11. My beloved Klipsch X10 sound isolating headphones are going out after 8 years of daily use. My big ears just can't abide cans, so any thoughts on the latest, greatest sound isolating headphones? This means they actually go in your ear-canal a bit. Similar to how earplugs fit in. Carlos.
  12. Yeah, I agree, while Bodyguard is still really great, it doesn't have the near constant gut-punch factor like Line of Duty. We started Killing Eve last night, and it's off to a great start. I really like the premise. My wife's patience finally wore out, and she made me upgrade to commercial-free Hulu. Carlos.
  13. You touched on both of them. His downward spiral and her meteoric rise. Carlos.
  14. Free Solo - Fascinating story of the first no-ropes climb of El Capitan. I really enjoyed it, but it doesn't have the grandeur and spectacle of other climbing documentaries, because of the unknown timing of the climb, and the film crew's respect for the need to avoid distractions and interference. So, instead of an awesome movie about a never-before-done, unbelievable human achievement, at times it becomes a movie about the making of the movie. I did love the insight into his thinking, especially as he ponders having something to live for, and reflecting on all who have died attempting free solo climbs. When you've got those two things on your mind, and you still do it, well, it's just super-human. I give it 4 out of 5 balls of granite. A Star is Born - I'm mixed on this one. It's a good story, and Lady Gaga's acting is great, and of course, her singing is even better. It just didn't tug at my heartstrings. It needed more exposition on two major plot points. I also didn't care for Bradley Cooper channeling Ted Levine's speaking style. I give it 3 our of 5 ENT doctor visits. What's Up Doc? (1972) - I'm amazed by the number of people who love the zany madcap movies like Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles, but who have never heard of "What's Up Doc?". When I was a teen, the local station would show a 3 o'clock movie called "The Million Dollar Movie", and this would frequently be shown. I was telling my daughter about it, and realizing that I hadn't seen it in decades, decided to buy it. When you realize it was made BEFORE them both, and contains so many of the same actors , it's hard not to accept it into the same family as the above masterpieces. It's Madeline Kahn's first movie, and she's incredible. Ryan O'Neal is superb as the straight man to all the antics befalling him, and of course, Barbra Streisand is magnificent, oozing sexuality (yeah, I wouldn't believe me either) as she cons her way through this laugh-riot of a movie. I think it delivers more laughs-per-minute than nearly every comedy out there, and once it delves into the physical stunt-comedy in the streets of San Francisco, it ventures into side-splitting territory. If you've never seen it, make it a high priority. I give it 5 out of 5 Plaid Overnight Bags. Carlos.
  15. A reasonable attempt at the beginning of Wish You Were Here. Carlos.
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