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  1. Nothing can prepare you for this. Carlos.
  2. It takes Star Wars or Spielberg to drag me to the theaters these days. Got my tickets for Ready Player One for Sunday. I'm going to see it in a Dolby Cinema theater (no 3D). There's a huge premium for the Dolby Cinema seats, nearly double the cost of a standard showing, so I'm hoping it'll deliver. Carlos.
  3. The difficult Search Thread...

    Yes! Thanks Joel. Carlos.
  4. The difficult Search Thread...

    Movie: guys are in a fight or a pickle of some sort. One guy says this (thing) is "used up." Hero ponders "how do you use up a (thing)?" But then the guy gives it to him and it is indeed "used up". I want to say this is a big blockbuster movie, but I'm drawing a blank on the full circumstances. Driving me flipping bonkers right now. Carlos.
  5. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Wow, Atmos for Last Jedi, but TFA didn't get it? Weird. Looks like The Abyss has fallen into one, eh? Not word since last year? Carlos.
  6. Netflix members...

    Meh. Veronica is a decent horror movie, but it is not deserving of the hype. Carlos.
  7. Netflix members...

    Veronica is out on Netflix, and is getting "scariest movie ever" hype. We will be watching tonight. Can't wait. Carlos
  8. Walking Dead S8 Trailer

    This show is definitely on the decline, and they are dragging it on way too much. Know how I know? My dear, sweet, compassionate wife said, and I quote: Carlos.
  9. Philips Hue Wifi lights

    I had one of mine refuse to connect to the Hub. I tried moving it, but no joy. I called Philips and their customer service was great. They sent me a replacement for free and a return label to send back the defective one. Carlos.
  10. One game leaves so another can take its place

    Wife: If you'e gonna have so many pinball machines, I'm going to store some stuff underneath them. You: uh, sure, no problem. Wife: (walks away triumphantly) Amazing collection. Carlos.
  11. Youtube blowing up with word that Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong high score was not played on an arcade machine, but rather a MAME version of the game, and therefore his score is bogus. This is on the heels of Todd Rogers, AKA Mr. Activision, having ALL of his high scores vacated after irrefutable proof, via TAS runs and going bit-by-bit through the program, showed he could not have possibly scored his Guiness-recognized time on Atari Dragster. The video game community is being rocked to its very core. Stay tuned for more developments. Carlos.
  12. I'm glad this made it's way to Netflix instead of a theatrical release. It was not great as a standalone movie, but it was good for exposition on the Clover-verse. It basically wipes away all the troubling anachronisms from Cloverfield to 10 Cloverfield Lane, and paves the way for a new tales across all space and time, where the Future affects the Past, which is what we're sure to get with the next movie: (spoiler just in case) Carlos.
  13. The hype machine and viewers at Sundance are calling this the scariest movie ever. We'll see. Carlos.
  14. Netflix members...

    "1922" - A netflix original movie adaptation of Stephen King's novella. It's well done, but didn't evoke the stark terror that the short story did. Great acting by Thomas Jane. "Slasher" season 2 , also a Netflix original - I screwed up and accidentally started season 2 before season 1, but then I realized that the two seasons are standalone, so it really doesn't matter. This was a surprisingly effective slasher whodunit, that does a great job of pulling the wool over your eyes, as the characters fall prey to the killer, and their backstories are revealed through flashbacks. Pretty gory, and sometimes scary, but it's more of a suspenseful, twist-and-turn type show. It's one of those shows where your wife, as the story progresses, says "It's him!" or "It's her!" about each and every character, trying to guess the killer, and then says "I told you!" when it's finally revealed. Fun stuff! We'll be watching Season 1 soon. Carlos.
  15. Rocksmith (X360,PS3,PC)

    My one year anniversary is here today! Feels great, at my age, to have picked up something new, and very difficult, and to have stayed with it through the highs and lows, thrills and frustration. There's no doubt guitar playing is a daily part of my life now, and the improvement is coming in. Naturally, I still play like poop, but it does sound like music, mostly. One thing I "solved", or at least made an incredible leap in, is strumming. This is one of the embarrassing things that, if I had had an instructor, would probably have been solved a lot sooner. I was leaning the top of the guitar in toward my body, so I could see my fingers on the strings more easily. Because of this angle I was creating, it was making it difficult for my arm to follow that same angle while strumming, particularly on the upstroke. It was a random YouTube video where the guy stressed how important it was to keep the guitar straight that finally made me realize what I was doing wasn't helping my situation at all. I'm having fun right now learning Hey Joe (simple version), Twist and Shout, and the guitar solo for Let It Be, which just brings joy to my soul. I've also devoted a lot more time in the Blues area, and paying much more attention to music theory, all from YouTube. I'll get the courage to put up a video one of these days. Carlos.