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  1. If you like XCOM, the Mario Rabbids game is a total no-brainer.
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot about the new Boxboy. I really like those on the 3DS so it’s cool to see a new one coming to the Switch. Really fun puzzler.
  3. Looks great and I LOVE the way they’re integrating the main character.
  4. The aiming option is not the problem ;). Played with a friend of mine and my brother last night for an hour, good good fun. We sucked hard and all but the turnover to the next game is fast enough. This is a solid fun product, even when you’re dying in the first 90 seconds as you watch six other squads hitting the same area you thought was safe (we laughed the whole way down). I bought both locked characters, so that’s where I am. I still mostly play Lifeline but I really love Caustic a ton. I don’t normally care for online shooters but I adore this game.
  5. Mark E

    Money you spent on gaming 2019

    Over a hundred thanks to the unexpected pleasures of Apex Legends.
  6. Mark E

    Metro Exodus (PS4, XB1, PC)

    I haven’t played the first two yet
  7. Just give me all the Fire Emblem news thanks. And other stuff I want that I don’t even know about yet.
  8. What wizardry is that!?
  9. I bought Caustic because I like duplicitous sneaky trapping and he’s fun. Mostly been using the medic, that said, because I frigging suck at aiming so I like to contribute somehow I’m on PS4 if anybody feels like a match or two :).
  10. Mark E

    Money you spent on gaming 2019

    I’m almost at $100!
  11. Tried my first match and enjoyed it quite a bit, even though I scored a grand zero damage inflicted because I can’t shoot worth a damn. The feel of the game is very solid - you don’t feel fluffy and too slippery like you do in Fortnite or Overwatch. It felt like a good blend of both and the squad stuff was no big deal. I’ll definitely give it a few more rounds.