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  1. Could not agree more. Dead Space is a great game, but the second is fantastic. I’ve only played it once but I can still rattle off a ton of set pieces that stick with me to this day. It’s a masterpiece. No HD trilogy for this and Mass Effect makes me so friggin’ annoyed.
  2. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    That’s the one! Pretty sure that if I gut the closet I can get two in there if I need to, which would be pretty much the solution to the storage problem.
  3. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    I’ve found a much loved Ikea solution that would fit the space AND the budget. Going to take a look at the measurements on the weekend but crossing fingers...
  4. Same, Romier. The SW game had potential, but I love Dead Space more :).
  5. Sure cancelled now. Visceral has been shut down. Pour one out for my favorite horror series of last gen by a mile. At least the first two; I never did finish the third one. http://www.usgamer.net/articles/ea-has-closed-down-visceral-games
  6. Going to grab this today, I think. Found a pile of old Wii games and a system belonging to my girlfriend when we were packing to move and since they have no use I’ll try to convert them to something useful
  7. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Our apartment was in a converted hotel, so it had a dedicated storage locker for each apartment on the floor proper so I just walked to the storage when I needed games. There’s no dedicated space in the house and I don’t want to put them out in the open. We’re looking at options. We have a modest walk-in closet in the spare bedroom/computer room. We may gut it and install shelving so I can stack the games properly. That would make them accessible and also save my back from moving totes
  8. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    I try not to back unless it’s something amazing; I’ve gotten a LOT better than I used to be about it. I have four games (Gloomhaven, Empires of The Void II, Spy Club, and Food Truck Champion) on the way and two expansions. The only one that I’m actively waiting on is actually Fireball Island. I have loved everything else Restoration has done, so I have high hopes they'll come up with something brilliant for the remake.
  9. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Done! I felt bad for Phil not having any donations ;). In other news, we just moved and the storage situation at the house is way worse than the apartment, despite the house being much larger. That’s going to take some wrangling in the near future, possibly with some game delisting as promised (that bloody FFG Marvel game is worth a mint and I cannot for the life of me find anybody crazy enough to buy it). Naturally the only way forward here is to get more games. I cannot deny the pull of shiny new things, so I had to pre-order the weird new narrative game from Fantasy Flight, Legacy of Dragonholt. It seems to blend so many things I like into a game that I could not resist. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/8/7/legacy-of-dragonholt/ I’m trying to stay out of that new detective game on Kickstarter for the moment, while we're at it :P.
  10. Netflix members...

    David Fincher plus true crime is 100% in my wheelhouse. It’s the next thing we’ll be watching when we have a free second. Didn’t season 3 of Voltron JUST come out? They must have split that, right?
  11. Would love to play this, but no time. I’d also like to get the first one replayed again too.
  12. Dropmix

    Trying to find the 15-card play packs and series 1 & 2 packages when you aren’t in the US to physically hunt for them is pure nightmare right now. It’s apparently high in demand or a piss-poor rollout or both.
  13. Dropmix

    So, I picked up the latest from Harmonix, their collaboration with Hasbro, Dropmix. It’s an app and card game number that has different play modes but the basic point is that you lay cards with embedded RFID tags containing clips of songs onto the board and it blends them into a mashup as you play. Downside, it is goddamn expensive, like $99 US right now. Upside, it is so damn cool. The tech in this product just blows my mind - it knows how to blend things perfectly and the response times when you place cards on and off the board are lighting fast. It comes with 60 cards and they have four genre packs of 15 cards and two ‘series’ of 30 card boosters out. After my initial trial, I legit want every single card I can get my hands on. I have yet to try the ‘game’ bits proper, but even just messing with it is a lot of fun. I am hoping it will have both availability and longevity.
  14. Yeah, I had a major issue with the lawyer yesterday until I realized the bank was actually open... Wasn’t it closed in the beginning?
  15. Ha, the nickel was fun. Also a good puzzle. Okay, there are more puzzles than I was misremembering. The joke of Ransome’s hamster living IN the microwave is a great touch.