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  1. Mark E

    Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    I really want to play that before we get into Gloomhaven but my game group, which is two couples, maddeningly has basically alternating vacations all summer. This Tuesday I am hoping we’ll get in a game of Battle for Rokugan. We’ve been playing a fair amount of Sagrada, which is really fun, and a lot of Decrypto. Oh, we also tried the new Clank expansion. Nothing earth shattering, but some fun changes. Clank is easily my favourite deck-builder at this point, I think.
  2. Mark E

    Resident Evil 2 Remake Announced at PS Conference

    For pity’s sake, play 7
  3. Hollow Knight is very, very good. Apparently it’s also 35+ hours with all the DLC. I was messing with it a bunch yesterday. It’s not an easy game. Apparently once I beat the first boss I can open up some shops that will make things better, but you are forced to learn solid footwork from the start. You have to buy your maps, your quill to update your maps, etc etc. It even has a Souls-esque mechanic where you die and can reclaim all the money you lost if you beat your dead self. The art style is gorgeous, it has a welcome charm to it, and it controls like a dream on the Switch. It’s one of the best Metroidvanias I’ve played in a long time but bring that A game because shit is hard. The value for money on this is off the charts.
  4. I sure posted in the wrong thread
  5. Mark E

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    No argument on that front, sir.
  6. Does that mean we’ll get the infamous cement factory level? I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever played it.
  7. Mark E

    E3 Major Release Calendar

    JRPGs! I may start an all-purpose JRPG thread in the main forum so I can expound on recent releases.
  8. Mark E

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    I didn’t hate Ocean’s 8, but it’s utterly disposable fluff. More of a rental. But, yes, girlfriend and her mom wanted to see it. I basically stared at the ridiculously attractive Cate Blanchett and enjoyed Anne Hathaway’s performance. Final twist(s) were fairly predictable.
  9. Mark E

    Mario Tennis Aces [Switch] - June 2018

    As if I wasn’t already satisfied with my pre-order...
  10. The prospect of some sweet online matches has ignited my interest in Smash Bros. I consistently buy the series, but none of my friends are hard into it like we used to be, save myself
  11. Mark E

    Money you spent on gaming 2018

    Damn you, E3 sales and Nintendo being awesome!
  12. Odin Sphere and Gravity Rush 2 have been on my hit list
  13. There’s a huge E3 sale on right now. I’m probably going to grab Odin Sphere and Gravity Rush 2...
  14. I’ll be grabbing both it and Hollow Knight this evening when I get home from work, just cuz.