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  1. I love Nintendo. They are ridiculous and insane and just an idea factory. I really think we’d be far worse off without them.
  2. I think so. It’s one of the better walking simulators I’ve played. The interaction between the leads is very well written.
  3. Splatoon 2 is fun and needs no voice chat which is good. Rounds are also super quick so you can easily hop into a match and out again in ten minutes. Tetris is a fantastic version of that game and super customizable. My gf and I play it a bunch and 4 player is a hoot. If you have couch co-op ever, Crawl is a blast for 4 and highly recommended at the price.
  4. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Kickstarter update: got my copy of Empires of the Void II. It’s hefty and gorgeous. I have two expansions and a card game outstanding. Waiting on the Fireball Island reboot coming in the next couple weeks; I looove Restoration Games. The Western Legends one looks super tempting as well. I am okay with the concept of Red Dead Redemption the board game. On the home front, trying to get my girlfriend to 2p game more. We’ve got characters ready for Legacy of Dragonholt and I am attempting to learn Arkham Horror: LCG.
  5. They have some simple investigations and use your head moments in this game that are so damn satisfying to solve. This feels so much more of a world and a game compared to the others. Yeah, I will probably tire of it before getting my platinum, but dammit it is SO good. It’s currently a top five contender for me. I’m over halfway to the level cap, but don’t have half the map open and still haven’t seen some of the side activities. Enjoying the story too. I’m jonesing on it big time.
  6. On the plus side, if you have two Switches and one copy of Namco Museum you can play Pac-Man VS with both of them and that game holds the eff up, I tell ya.
  7. Given the rise in popularity of Fire Emblem and Persona of late, Tokyo Mirage Sessions would be a very good choice for a port. As a bonus it’s damn solid too, if crazy Japanese (it is drowning in idol culture, like just awash to hell and back). The only touchscreen functionality is an unnecessary map and phone interface that could get the boot to the main screen pretty simply.
  8. The World Ends With You: Final Remix [Switch]

    This is actually not turn-based, so you’d be fine?
  9. The World Ends With You: Final Remix [Switch]

    This game was SO good back in the day. I’m hoping for a decent price point.
  10. Mario Tennis Aces [Switch] - Spring 2018

    I used to love the Cube version, plus a story mode!
  11. Netflix members...

    Never heard of it until this post and watched the first episode last night. I loved it. It’s really good stuff. Also made me laugh out loud a couple times which is a huge hurdle for any show to jump over.
  12. Darkest Dungeon hits the Switch on Jan.18! Easy double dip for yours truly.
  13. So I went to Giza last night, scaled the pyramid for my synch point, then went into the tombs for maze and puzzle solving adventures to earn very useful rewards. It was some of the most fun yet in the game. This thing’s so enjoyable.