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  1. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Given the level of popularity of Clank! with my friends, this is 100% a no brainer. Hell, it'll almost be worth it for more flavour text. I love the look of the new Plaid Hat game, Stuffed Fables too. Looks like Mice & Mystics without the board set-up and more events. I am interested!
  2. I thought it seemed too complex for an iPhone game; this explains much. Thanks for clarifying
  3. Sonic Mania is very Sonic. I had never heard of Severed, which is by the guys who did Guacamelee, but it's apparently based on a smartphone game. You're a warrior woman trying to find her family across a ruined landscape, doing battle via slashes. The combat gets pretty crazy, with parries and multiple opponents. It's cheap but SO good - one of the best Switch purchases I've made in a bit.
  4. Playing it on the Switch. I don't much like Sonic gameplay, but I'm trying to learn it, dammit! This FEELS old school in a good way though.
  5. Okami HD coming to PS4/XB1

    Man, I'd love to see this on Switch with touch controls.
  6. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    New this August from AEG is Custom Heroes (https://www.alderac.com/custom-heroes/) which is a blend of Asshole with the card crafting system they introduced in Mystic Vale. I love the idea of Asshole with altered cards; I'm hoping this proves a good mash-up.
  7. Summer Movie Challenge 2017

    I would be shocked if that was NOT the case.
  8. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Huge weekend game session planned for us since we have a civic holiday three day weekend. Possibly Scythe! Almost certainly going to play Clank and Flamme Rouge. I have an extensive list at the ready. I'd love to play some older stuff like Kingsburg and Chicago Express too. Or Chaos in the Old World.
  9. Ooh, yeah, that is definitely a guaranteed loss. I've only had that happen in one game so far; I must have good luck...
  10. I really love Splatoon 2. The speed of the matches means you're not hosed if you get stuck in a losing match but they're long enough that you feel you're doing something. They make it SO easy to just sneak one or two in whenever you have a spare ten minutes...
  11. Capcom's bringing Revelations 1&2 to the Switch later this year at $20 apiece online or a $40 retail (which is Revelations 1 physical and 2 as a DLC). I haven't played Revelations since the 3DS release with the thumb pad add-on, so I may very well grab that again.
  12. Also have the Sandisk 200gb micro SD incoming as I officially used up my Switch's internal memory with Splatoon 2. Lotta good games on that little sucker.
  13. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    Ghost in the Shell - weird, weird movie. Okay, but not great. Loved the visual style but the story and acting were just kind of there. All the major action sequences (pardon the pun) were lifted wholesale from the original anime movie, which was interesting and weird in equal measure. Lost City of Z - interesting film, but very slow. Did not like the ending - it doesn't do the book justice, which I loved. Worth a watch but, again, it's looooong.
  14. Lol I know, even for me. It was the timing and... the... stupidity of the user ;).