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  1. I have never wanted an X until they made Left 4 Dead backward compatible
  2. Just unlocked the job system, 24 hours in. You unlock them by finding shrines, so now I have more traipsing over the map. The clothing changes for jobs are just the cutest - the artistry on the pixel art is fantastic.
  3. Same and same. I think the only ones that would give me issues would be the GBC ones. Always get stuck on those and there’s nothing to help you if you walk away and come back to them later.
  4. Sale for me - I have this on 360 and loved what I played but... sale for me
  5. 16 series entries worth playing, that I can count. 17 if I did Four Swords. It’s a passing thought I have mulled over from time to time. I think I own them all except Phantom Hourglass...
  6. Yes, this is just an extra addition for this month’s games. That NES Online version might get me to do a full Zelda series replay to match up with your RE one. I have never finished SO many of those games.
  7. Ah, I’m back on this after the disasterpiece of my Mega Man 11 run. I love how friendly it is to the pick up and play nature of the Switch - it took me about ten minutes to flag up the journal and refresh myself on the active side quests and main storylines, then quick travel to a town and now I’m right back at it. Giving you a ‘story so far’ whenever you start a new character chapter is also very handy.
  8. I haven’t turned my PC on in weeks and I still bought it
  9. Yeah, no, fucking done with this for now. After getting clobbered going through Torch Man, I lost my save somehow when I went to turn it off after dying in Block Man’s stage. Life is too short. Sad how fast I soured on this, but there’s challenge and fucking aggravation I don’t need in my life right now.
  10. I did and dammit I was wondering if that would work and didn’t even bother to try it ><
  11. Torch Man’s stage can die. The second race section is the most egregious I’ve gone through since the Battletoads speeder bikes.
  12. Now that Spider-man is over I have this running on the PS4. I have barely touched it (character creation takes time) but my initial impression is good. Playing something like this on a console is not easy, but the interface is only clunky rather than obtrusive or cumbersome. I LOVE that it’s Baldur’s Gate style of questing but with turn-based combat. The AP system and list of who acts next reminds me of Grandia and that’s totally fine with me.
  13. Two bosses in. This game isn’t perfect, but it’s so close to the original Mega Man series experience that I really don’t care. Watching your play get better as you learn patterns and tricks is still so satisfying. And you can just cheese the item shop if you’re having a huge problem. I started with Fuse Man, he had the easiest stage for me to work through so he got the nod.
  14. I think I’d sooner be shot than play KH2 ever again. It has its head up its ass more than any other Square game I’ve played and that is saying something.
  15. Mark E

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey leaked

    It was called the exact same thing in Origins and that game did not require any grinding and had a similar style to Odyssey as is my understanding. Sure, you can save the time, or you can play the game. I never felt like Origins was gating anything in order to make me cough up money, which is much different from what I understand the situation to be in Mordor. Just my two cents having seen the previous game :).