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  1. Lotta gems out this month means more spend and I KNOW I’ll be getting SteamWorld Quest when it launches next week
  2. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts! I can’t see us replacing Mansions of Madness, but I did like the look of the game :).
  3. I just learned that there are a pile of backpack charms hidden in main missions, so now I have to go back to those for precious cosmetics
  4. Bought Treasure Island today and played it twice for game night and it’s a ton of fun. It’s technically one vs many, but the many are all in it for themselves and working out clues to find a treasure and it has dry erase markers and we all just enjoyed the hell out of it. The complaints about the markers are legit, but we didn’t mind it too much. The one player has a brutally hard job - I played the role twice and it’s incredibly difficult to squeeze out a win based on the info you have to hand over. It’s such a hoot in that role though that it was no big deal.
  5. I just hit 18, slowly picking away. I convinced my brother to pick this up so I’ve been helping him get up to speed most of the time.
  6. Oh good about the blue dot. I found that really annoying in the demo.
  7. Man, I gave up keeping legendaries at level a long time ago. There are so many of them that long as I am rocking 2 or 3 I don’t mind. Otherwise I use purples with the occasional blue. The cost of upgrading the legendaries is stupid, especially compared at upgrading, say, a lower quality item. Best sources of resources are ship combat for wood and raiding the provincial storehouses to weaken an area, near as I can tell. You’ll be past me soon if you aren’t already, Chris
  8. Loooooove MH:W Bounced off it because of my chronically bad attention span, but it’s a fantastic game.
  9. Just cleared to level 15 and yes my free credits immediately went to new clothes :P. I like that there’s a ton of gear that isn’t for purchase so it’s not like they’re being completely miserable - just more stingy than D1. I think the testament to this game’s fun factor is that it says I’ve put 18 hours in and it feels more like three. They’ve just blown by. And it’s not like you do anything but shoot! Such a great game-reward loop. Contamination zones are quite something as well. I love the downtime with exploration and light puzzling.
  10. Nice! I got two more levels this morning playing in a group of 4 and then 3 doing main missions. It was fantastic, the game’s a blast in co-op.
  11. That Air & Space Museum mission is super fun :).
  12. I’m level 11 :D! This game is so fun to pick at piecemeal. I am mostly soloing which is very challenging stuff though I just picked up the respawn HIVE which is a serious boon. I’m starting to get a few more clothing items, which is naturally the most important piece of the puzzle ;).
  13. OMG I want that so bad. We have finished off Betrayal and are currently taking it easy before Gloomhaven time. Gf and I played a couple of escape/puzzle games over the weekend - Wish You Were Here, which is a quick 90 minutes or so of a story contained entirely on postcards. Fun and backed the sequel on KS. Also tackled Escape Tales: The Awakening, which was a lot of fun although the ending was a bit of a thud. The rest of it was good and the puzzles were varied and pretty clever.
  14. Oh my god. There’s a skill to vanish assassinated bodies!? I swear I looked for that and never found it. Good to know for when I get back to it... The consequences thing actually refers to the very first island...
  15. The Minish Cap I feel like the expedient nature of this next entry gives you an idea of what the main issue with Minish Cap might be. This is a game I had good memories of and enjoyed playing... but... it’s not great Zelda. It’s strictly average and not better for it. It has a dynamite concept - the size changing mechanic could be amazing if they did it again with a little more oomph - and great graphics and solid controls. But... The story is serviceable. Vaati takes over for Ganon this time out and makes a mess of things and turns Zelda to stone. He wins a sword fighting contest and you never get to duel him, which I think is a misstep. You also get Ezlo the talking hat who is generally helpful but does get a little annoying now and then. His function as hint system is solid though. Dungeons are okay. They have some neat bits - the barrel based one at the start of the game is probably my favorite because of the central concept and how fun it is. The puzzles are satisfying without being too easy. I will give it up for them trying hard to come up with some new gear for Link. No hookshot this time, and you can buy the boomerang if you want it but it’s not required. In the end, however, it’s too damn easy (in acknowledgement of this we will not be awarding a most annoying enemy this time) and that means the busy work like heart containers and the actually enjoyable Kinstone fusing system (you match pieces with people and are rewarded by the map becoming more interesting which is a win-win for the player) don’t need much of your attention because you can plow through the game with minimal issues (the last boss does have a bit of a difficulty spike but I still did it on 13 hearts and one bottle of medicine). Couple the ease of play with the short run-time (it has six main dungeons, which is not much to work through) and it’s just there as a Zelda. Fun and cute and worth a play through but not a series highlight. Even if I would probably play this again over the Oracle games, I cannot in good conscience say that it’s in any way a better game. After a brief hiatus it’s off to Twilight Princess, which I briefly played on the Wii and never did finish. I remember very little about it, so this should be fun. Current Ranking:  1) Wind Waker 2) Link to the Past 3) Ocarina of Time 4) Link’s Awakening 5) Oracle of Seasons/Ages 6) The Minish Cap 7) Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link 8.) Majora’s Mask 9) The Legend of Zelda
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