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  1. Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    I’m back on the horse after a few months of rampant snacking. It’s been a very very hard train for my upcoming marathon, but I’ve resumed a 2000 calorie diet and I’m relentlessly tracking in My Fitness Pal. So far, so good. Mostly just getting used to dealing with the hunger and trying to fit non-cardio exercise in. It’s not too bad and I feel better when I’m actually defying my natural urge to eat everything in sight, go figure. I haven’t seen the 180 mark in years and it’d be good for my back problems alone if I could manage to lower myself to that level again.
  2. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Initial play of Dinosaur Island was good, not great. Short game was good to learn, but game was not long enough for our liking. We’re itching to play it again, so that bodes well. It’s very Eurogame but definitely has potential. The phases interlock in a solid way, I am excited to do more with it. We bumped it to top spot for next game day which never happens, so that’s where we are ;).
  3. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    It may shock you, but it remains unplayed :P. We’ve been caught up with other stuff, particularly Terraforming Mars and Bunny Kingdom. I’ve opted out of the current KS because of that :). And I’d say we’d tackle it at tomorrow’s game day, but Clank: The Mummy’s Curse just arrived and we LOVE Clank.
  4. Money you spent on gaming 2018

    If anything blew my budget it would be a PS4 Pro, but I’m really trying to avoid that eventuality if I possibly can.
  5. Money you spent on gaming 2018

    So far, even without the Switch console purchase, I am down at least a couple hundred compared to this time last year. Financial considerations have forced me to exercise some restraint, but it’s nice to see it actually pay off. I don’t see much for April to threaten things. Far Cry 5 I can wait for a price drop and otherwise it’s just any sales if they’re good enough. Phew, conscientious consumerism is tough work.
  6. Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    Sigh. We HAVE to start that soon. I am SO excited for the Fireball Island KS on the 3rd. It looks great and Restoration Games has a crazy track record so far. It’s one of two big game purchases I am trying to limit myself to, along with Betrayal Legacy. Last week we played Survive and Magic Maze. Both fun; Survive is a frequent medium play here. This week we either return to the wonderful Bunny Kingdom and Chicago Express, or I introduce the group to Chaos in the Old World...
  7. Netflix members...

    The third episode with the cop is probably the best. I swear to god I was yelling at the TV for half that episode it was so crazy.
  8. Zanki Zero

    Speaking of weird RPGs... https://www.polygon.com/2018/3/23/17157106/zanki-zero-last-beginning-release-date-ps4-pc-steam-danganronpa The trailer is insane and it’s VERY Danganronpa-esque, which I am quite okay with. Clones for each of the seven deadly sins that age and die in 13 days but live over and over again and can earn legacy perks that carry over trying to save the world? I think I can handle that.
  9. I’ve heard very good things and am a huge sucker for a Rogue-like, so I will be that guy and get it when it hits Switch
  10. Netflix members...

    We’ve watched most of Nailed It, which is one of the most enjoyably goofy cooking shows I’ve watched in a while. Contestants try to replicate complicated works from professional bakers and it goes usually very poorly. The French co-host gets better and better as the show goes on; his reactions are a delight. Netflix is also bringing over a lot of new and bizarre anime, which I’ve been sampling off and on. Right now I’m watching A1CO and it’s standard mecha but done well. I’ve heard great things about Devilman Crybaby but only seen one episode. It’s absolutely batshit insane though.
  11. I played the first chapter of this a couple hours ago. 150+ deaths... but I like it a lot more than Super Meat Boy. I’m not sure why, the aesthetics are similar and they’re both damn hard. It might be the promise of the story or something, but I find it more charming and less noxious, even as I’m swearing my head off at it. I have no reason to doubt Jeff’s earlier praise at this point and I really recommend it if you like this type of game.
  12. Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    We went and caught this year’s Cannes Lions awards reel for advertising and it’s a yearly ritual for myself and my girlfriend. This year’s crop was very good, including this one from OK Go and Morton Salt that is one of the best ads I’ve ever seen... http://creativity-online.com/work/ok-gomorton-salt-one-moment/50062