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  1. Goddamn that fight against Lemmy Koopa in high winds and no buoyancy.
  2. In adventure I have been using Kirby because I like his upper special and his downward specials (especially since the air drop takes the form of a variety of items, like spiked balls, Thwomps, and Zelda treasure chests :P). Mario once in a while. I stupidly passed up the chance to unlock Marth, which was very unfortunate - he was my main pretty much non-stop in Melee and I know his move set super well.
  3. The adventure mode is amazing. It has a ‘just one more match’ quality that I can’t resist. And mercifully anybody you free in that mode shows up in the regular matches to use. The spirits have a weapon triangle like Fire Emblem and levelling. It’s just fun, really fun. Lots of conditional fights too. If you don’t see the joy in taking on the protagonist from Fatal Frame as a support unit for an OP Zelda in the Luigi’s Mansion stage, this enjoyment may be lost on you
  4. I find they generally require a time investment to be at all competent that I am rarely bothered to make. Virtua Fighter and Soulcalibur have been the ones to hold my attention for any amount of time in the realm of traditional fighters. Smash Bros and the original Bushido Blade are my faves in the non-traditional realm. Bushido Blade could really use a comeback.
  5. I never liked Kirby in Melee but he’s great here - you don’t have to rely on his copy ability at all, which I recall being more crucial in Melee. His hammer and the air attack you can do to crash down on opponents are both excellent on offense. I have lost to everybody I wanted and won versus chumps like Captain Falcon
  6. Level up spirits for the adventure mode! I did this while working on the spirit board and it made things so much easier, not to mention you get some super fun perks from that. The adventure mode is a blast so far for single player and you get any defeated characters as unlocks in the regular Smash mode, which is a much better system than waiting for somebody to show up. Also I have totally lost my mojo for this game and have half the roster Dan does. It’s pretty embarrassing. I played four player local battles for an hour last night and it was amazing though. The series remains one of my faves for pure chaos.
  7. Depending on how hardcore you like your platformers, Celeste is fantastic and a great Switch title - fits the console well. Dead Cells is great, ditto The Messenger. I seem to play a lot of platformers on the Switch. I’ve heard Into the Breach is amazing but have not played it.
  8. Yeah, I wouldn’t bother getting anything fancy for Odyssey, it’s fine with the cons.
  9. I’d get a 200gb Sandisk Card if you plan to do downloading. The internal memory is...not robust. Otherwise I leave recommendations for the rest to others. I have no screen protection and have yet to nick, dent, or chip it.
  10. The guy from Hotel Dusk and the fish that draws the maps in Wind Waker are in as spirits. This game is fun and then has basically drowned itself in Nintendo lore on top of that. Very pleased with it so far.
  11. It does not take long to unlock most characters in Smash, really. You’ll probably triple the starting roster in a couple hours of basic play.
  12. They said it wouldn’t in the Kickstarter, based on their tests. I am a huge fan of Jeremy Parish’s work, whose idea this was, so I have confidence that’s the case. My flip grip is likely somewhere in the mail strike...