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  1. That is so true. I remember the conversations you and i had regarding the first 2 Paranormal Activity films. LOL
  2. I’d love a repress of 28 Days Later...
  3. I know I said “very little tension” but what I actually meant was that I personally experienced very little tension from this movie, not that there wasn’t any. As I’ve gotten older, these movies just don’t bring the tension for me anymore. They’ve been replaced with the paranormal variety the likes of Insidious, Conjuring and recently, Terrified.
  4. Damn, i forgot the part in the police car. Makes sense. I was also shocked
  5. Prior to this release, IMDb had put up their ranking of the Halloween movies: Halloween (1978) Halloween: H20 (1998) Halloween II (1981) Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) Halloween (2007) Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) Halloween II (2009) Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) Halloween: Resurrection (2002) The only thing I can come up with is: Halloween (1978) Halloween II (1981) Halloween (2018) I can’t even attempt to try and put the rest in order as I just about hate them all equally.
  6. If by they, you mean Green and McBride... sure. But it’s challenging Venom for biggest ever October opening so I’m sure Blumhouse will push for another one. Plus, there’s the end credits where
  7. To piggyback on my above statement of Michael making his way towards Laurie... it just seems like a great leap or coincidence that he come across her if he WASN’T deliberately after Laurie considering from the street in Haddonfield he ends up on.
  8. Good points. I read somewhere that Carpenter drank 6-packs of beer on a nightly basis trying to come up with the story for the sequel. 😂🤣 Ok but then he going after Laurie’s niece in part 4 (and 5?). Don’t remember too well as I’ve tried wiping these movies from my memory. I’ve always loved this line. 😏 Now I really want to revisit this because, yes, she’s after him (she states this in both trailers, which I finally saw this morning) but i got the sense that he was making his way towards her.
  9. Oh, I’m sure I hold it in much higher regard than most, if not ALL Halloween fans. For context, I just want to say that H2 is my first entry into this series. As a 13-year old being taken to his first ever horror movie back in 1981, that probably has more to say about why I love this movie so much. It’s not until sometime around 84 when we got a VCR that I could rent the original and finally see it and appreciate it for what it was. Would I say H2 is a better movie than the original? No. But it’s the one I love more. Dick Warlock’s walk, the addition of organs to the soundtrack by Carpenter and Howarth, the sibling reveal... It just all works for me. We all have our “... INSERT ACTOR HERE will forever be INSERT ICONIC CHARCTER HERE for me” discussikns. That’s all fun. I’m the same and it usually tends to lean towards the original. But when I see Michael’s slow, robotic pace as portrayed by Dick Warlock, I always think of Loomis telling Sheriff Brackett “ I shot him six time, I shot him in the heart... he isn’t human”. I look forward to hearing others opinion as I would like to know if I missed a piece of information on why Michael was still after Laurie. In the original sequel, “he killed one sister 15 years ago and now he’s back to kill the other” but what’s the reason here? Just because she survived his previous attempts? I enjoyed it enough to warrant another theatrical viewing (especially with the Alamo Pass) so I may go again but was wondering about this. I wasnt put off by the humor but it didn’t add anything to the movie. I thought all the performances were great and Michael was portrayed with a little more ferocity than the first 2 films but not so much as the Rob Zombie crapfests.
  10. My Halloween (2018) vinyl has shipped. Woo-hoo!
  11. My Halloween: 40th Anniverasry Edition and Halloween II vinyl LPs have shipped from Mondo. My Halloween (2018) vinyl from Sacred Bones is at the pre-shipment stage. Also, just pre-ordered Dredd from edsawesomesounds. There’s a 10% off coupon for liking their facebook page and/or for signing up for their newsletter.
  12. Just got back from seeing it. Got caught up in all the hype as I thought it was just ok to good. No scares and very little tension. For me, third best Halloween movie behind original and original sequel. Soundtrack was great though. In this movie, Laurie is basically
  13. Apparently, Scream Factory has 4k scanned versions of H2 and Season of the Witch releasing today in steelbook cases. Hope to find some reviews if they improve on the 30th Anniversary Edition.
  14. Wow, that must’ve been some wide face. The mask in the 2 movies really look different to me.
  15. I’m sure I’m in the minority (as usual) but my preference is the 1981 mask followed closely by the original.