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  1. Netflix members...

    Heard great things about it. Will try and start it once I’m done with my horror movie challenge.
  2. Dead Space 4 - Rumored to be cancelled

    While I agree with the criticisms mentioned above and obvious fact that DS3 isn’t on the level of the first 2, let me chime in as the sole defendant of the game. While my least favorite in the franchise, they did make some changes that I enjoyed. In addition to interesting new creatures, the voice acting was the best in the series. Also, replacing the Nodes with a Weapon Bench was probably my favorite thing in the game. Co-op added some changes (in addition to 3 co-op only chapters) in which Isaac and Carver would have alternate experiences within the same situation. One of my favorite moments was yelling at my brother that I was under attack, yet he was standing in the same room totally oblivious to my character’s dementia. Fun times. Yes, having a love story was stupid and human enemies sucked as well but there was enough there to keep this fan of the series looking forward to more. I’ve definitely have played worse. And I’d be totally in for an HD remaster, that will now surely never come.
  3. Dead Space 4 - Rumored to be cancelled

    Agree with Mark. Dead Space was my favorite horror series! I finished and 100% all 3 games on the 360 and had started on the ps3 recently. Bummer.
  4. Joey, don't know if it's the site you're looking at but Dell has it at that price plus $150 eGift card.
  5. Soundtracks, Soundtracks, Soundtracks

    Is that so? I had read it would be a direct sequel to the original and they were going to totally ignore even part 2, which I personally love even with the huge editing problem when Myers reaches the hospital.
  6. Mr. Robot https://www.invada.co.uk/products/pre-sale-mr-robot-original-music-by-mac-quayle-volume-3-2-x-clear-vinyl-w-red-and-white-splatter-eefect
  7. I’ve done zero reading up on the switch. Has Nintendo brought over the Virtual Console to this generation?
  8. How’s the sound quality on your vinyl? I’m reading some reviews on Amazon and Facebook and most are saying that they’re returning theirs mostly due to the quality of audio. I missed out ordering mine from Amazon and now it’s temporarily out of stock. Will probably order from Mondo this week.
  9. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Don’t know if this is everywhere but when I ordered the movies on the site, they have an option to do in-store pick-up for $1 off each movie. Ordered Cabin in the Woods, Ex Machina, John Wick and Dredd for $9+ tax each. Only thing is that, with this particular promotion, they won’t let you order more than 2 in one order for this price. Had to place 2 orders but still, $9...
  10. I also prefer this release. Hopefully they’re identical in sound quality. Did you order directly from Lakeshore or from Amazon?
  11. Skyrim 4LP set at ThinkGeek. http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/kgjn/?pfm=HP_ProdTab_1_1_NewStuff_kgjn#tabs