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  1. Just did a run that didn’t provide the missing Chatterbox piece but I did score my missing True Patriot glove.
  2. Nice! I recalibrated all my gear and brought mine up to 504GS. Agree, the gear set drops are getting to be extremely rare. After getting necessary Hyena keys, I went looking for the loot crates towards the Chatterbox exotic weapons. One of which was in the Jefferson Trade mission. Didn’t get the needed part from the crate but the boss dropped a True Patriot gear (on Normal difficulty). Unfortunately, I already had a few of those so I’m still running with 5/6. Missing only the gloves. Don't know any specific activities to help but I’m surprised you didn’t get any during your Hard Invaded missions.
  3. I know this is more proof that the world is coming to an end but... I agree with you. 😫
  4. It’s quite powerful but still just a handgun. From reading online, the “chatterbox” SMG is the exotic weapon to go for. Will be going for that today with help from my brother and nephew.
  5. He’s my brother. Was working on bounties yesterday (got 3 done) when my brother and nephew jumped on to farm some parts to craft an exotic weapon. They were already 2/3 parts there so I joined, only to find out I already had 3/4 parts for the D50 Liberty Desert Eagle exotic pistol. After they logged off, decided to try my hand at the Hard mission that would drop the blueprint and final piece. That damn thing took me over an hour. Died a couple of times and almost called for backup but I pushed forward and managed it. 😳
  6. Last trailer i saw was for Dr. Strange and last time I had an MCU film “spoiled” for me was when Funko shared their Giant Man POP figure on Instagram ahead of Civil War. Since then, I’ve removed them and EW from all of my social media follows. Even though I continue to check FB, IG and Twitter on a daily basis, I’ve become something of a pro at dodging the minefield.
  7. Yes although I had to google the whole debuff thing. Btw, I’m on Xbox so... 😏
  8. Spent most of the weekend helping Joel get up to WT5. I’m currently running with 5/6 True Patriot gear set. Just missing the gloves. Also, have 4/6 Ongoing Directive gear set. Also, completed the 160 point Survivalist. About half way on the sharpshooter. Started doing some Bounties. Have completed some, been destroyed in others. 😕
  9. Yes, a much younger (or more immature) character. I would’ve been more on board if, once Billy changes back, he would’ve started portraying the character more like Levi did. But he was down on Freddy for wanting to make himself more popular with the school kids but was out charging phones and doing tricks for money. I don’t know, just didn’t work for me. Levi was clearly having a lot of fun in the role.
  10. Joey is right, it’s worse. Another superhero comedy I thought of, which goes off the rails the last half or 1/3, is Hancock which I enjoyed more than Shazam. Family dynamic was good but the movie was too long by about 30-40 mins. I felt bad for Zachary Levi, Mark Strong and John Glover. They deserved better. Midcredit scene reminded me of Amazing Spider-Man’s midcredit scene. Boring. Also, seems like Asher Angel and Zachary Levi didn’t collaborate on how to play Billy Batson. Angel played him with some maturity while Levi was just channeling a silly, irresponsible 14-year old with superpowers. Didn’t fit with Billy still carrying the toy compass trying to find his mom. They just didn’t seem to be playing the same character.
  11. WT5 and the first of green gear drops. Shit just got real.
  12. I didn’t much care for Aquaman either but I’ll still be going to see Shazam. I remember loving the live action series of Shazam and Isis back in the mid/late 70s.
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