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  1. That’s awesome, had no idea the environment could play such a role. Thanks for the heads up Dave.
  2. For our 30th wedding anniversary, I decided to surprise my wife with a trip to Italy. Although I’ve traveled to Puerto Rico over a dozen times since the age of 3, I’ve never EVER left the country and I haven’t been on a plane since 2007. To say that I haven’t a clue about traveling abroad, is an understatement. Best I could do was an 8-day trip, wish it was longer, but 1 day in Venice and 3 days in Florence and Rome each should be enough for me. Hope it is for her. Have tour packages for the usual tourist locations for half of some of the days with the rest to explore on our own. I’ve done some googling and have joined a couple of facebook groups in my best attempt to gather some info. For those that have been to Italy or are just experienced travelers, was hoping for some suggestions/warnings/ideas for us to consider and/or shed some light on some things I’ve come across online like... Anti-theft bags. Some say it’s essential, others don’t think it’s that big of a deal but apparently there are bags with slash resistant straps and RFID blocking slots and pockets. International power plugs for charging our electronic devices. I’ve read where it could be either 2 or 3 round-prong socket. Maybe i should just get a kit with options. Also, just a charger or voltage converter? Or do Apple chargers already handle the conversion? Thought i read that somewhere. Plastic vs cash. Suggestions are to use plastic for major purchases, reservations and tickets to events. Apparently cash is widely accepted AND preferred in most places. Which brings me to... Cash. It was recommended to wait until arriving to purchase euro’s to avoid paying bad exchange rates. Didn’t even know that euro’s could be purchased or that they could be purchased outside of Europe. Appreciate any insight.
  3. That’s exactly why i ask. That’s happened to me on some catalogue blurays. But that’s probably just old age wiping my memory.
  4. Romier, are you using a catalog system to track what you’ve picked up/want to pick up or just winging it?
  5. I’ve never seen Schindler’s List but it’s on Netflix so someone else can have it.
  6. I might have a copy of Loaded myself. Somewhere.
  7. I’m on mission 9. Can i still go back now or are those side missions no longer accessible because i’ve passed those points in the story?
  8. Would I be able to continue for collectibles after finishing the story or would I need to start a New Game + run?
  9. With 20+ movies in the MCU, I’ve restructured my list into 3 tiers: LOVED Infinity War Civil War Winter Soldier Ragnarok Guardians v2 The Avengers Iron Man REALLY REALLY LIKED Guardians v1 Homecoming Ant-Man Black Panther Captain Marvel Captain America Doctor Strange Ant-Man and the Wasp The Dark World Incredible Hulk DIDN’T HATE Iron Man 3 Age of Ultron Iron Man 2 Thor
  10. Apparently worked with Hans Zimmer at his production company. Been listening to the soundtrack all day at work today. Great stuff but won’t expect a proper vinyl release that won’t be a picture disc. Another thing i’ll say is that, while I enjoyed her in Free Fire and Room, i really was hoping Anna Torv or Mary Elizabeth Winstead for the role. Anna is 10 years older but i don’t care.
  11. I agree it’s weird but only if it came right after the mid-credit scene. Usually, it’s after the credits end/second credit stinger. We all know but I’d like to think those tags are for moviegoers jumping into the MCU with that particular film. Especially young girls. I have friends who don’t care for superhero movies (Marvel or DC), saw Black Panther for the first time, loved it and were excited with the “Black Panther will return in Infinity War” tag. Didn’t hurt IW opening weekend take either.
  12. Agreed. Had no interest before but based on that trailer and word of the movie being a more light, family-oriented film then I’m in. WW and Aquaman notwithstanding, would be a welcomed change.
  13. Re: Larson, I agree. It got to the point where I was looking for a scene where she WASNT always clenching her fists. There’s something I’m not quite clear on but hopefully a second viewing will help me better understand.
  14. Can’t wait. Just haven’t figured out yet how to watch it.
  15. I need to start Killing Eve soon. Ha, i went commercial free half way through season 3 of LoD. I got that hooked. LOL
  16. I wish this is how I would’ve watched it. Saw and loved all 4 seasons of Line of Duty first. Then started and finished Bodyguard. Really good but nowhere near as good as LoD. It’s still on Hulu.
  17. Agree with both your points though i couldn’t used more on her rise than his fall.
  18. I thought I was the only one. I didn’t consider it a bad movie, just that it did nothing for me. First off, I didn’t see the previous versions of this story, or the trailer for this, so knew very little going in. Instead of the second half of the movie following the rise of Gaga’s character, it mostly focused on Cooper’s downward spiral. I’m not unsympathetic to people suffering depression but once it no longer became about Gaga, I lost interest. Also, I didn’t get a sense of time passed. She went from getting noticed, to getting “pulled” on stage for a duet, to getting a billboard, to getting nominated for a Grammy, to attending the award show. Unless I missed something, it could’ve all happened over the course of a week. The duet was my favorite scene in the movie. Never been a fan of Gaga but I get the appeal. She has great pipes and deserved her best actress nomination. Been a fan of Cooper since Alias in the early 2000s so I’m extremely happy for him getting all these accolades. Just not my cuppa. You enjoyed it more as i only gave it 2 out of 5. I’d like to hear your opinion on the two major major plot points though.
  19. Started s4. I must say, half way through the s3 finale, I wanted to chuck my remote through the tv but the ending was so gratifying. I’ve seen ads for BritBox, wouldn’t it be on that streaming service?
  20. Jumped in late and am on s3-e3. Loving it as well. Great recommendation, fellas.
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