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  1. You must have gotten your pre-orders in before whatever the issue is between Sony/Amazon.
  2. Pre-ordered. Whats the deal with amazon not having pre-orders for upcoming PS4 games (Spider-man, last of Us, Days Gone are a few I checked)? As a Prime member you get 20% off pre-orders, had to use my friends best buy gamer club discount instead.
  3. Avengers 4 Title/Story speculation

    I heard rumors about time travel being in IW, I believe there may be a commercial where Dr Strange mentions something. I saw some set pics with a lot of characters in the older costumes as well. Is Cassie Lang Scott Lang/Ant-man's daughter? I didn't know she became a super-hero nor am I familiar with the Avengers Forever story, but that sounds good to me as I'm down to see new story lines
  4. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    New Stormtrooper Variants
  5. Infinity Gauntlet 1/4th scale Full Scale $930
  6. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    New trailer
  7. A Quiet Place - If you like Sci-Fi thrillers see this movie. It has a 10 Cloverfield vibe about it minus the ending. Really enjoyed it, solid throughout, and didn't find the thrills cheap. Blunt is wonderful as usual, Krasinski and the children were also good.
  8. Add me to that list as well.
  9. Hopefully they release the full armor version. $376
  10. The HDR thread

    Try to wait another year