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  1. And the Avengers Endgame run time is... Reportedly...
  2. New Far From Home International Posters And when are those Endgame tickets going on sale.
  3. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood - Quentin Tarantino
  4. Still rocking my 3rd gen, outside basic web browsing there's not much I do on it as apps are no longer updating. The new Air is nice, like that they upped the min memory from 32 to 64GB. I can wait until later this year for an upgrade, either to Air or a new pro that hopefully won't bend.
  5. Wow, shocking, wonder if this will impact Suicide Squad 2 at all. Good on them for making it right though. Update: And never mind, he will apparently direct both.
  6. Marvel added Danai Gurira to the poster after receiving flak for not including her first time even though Okoye is there.
  7. If Hux's mother has a recurring role I'd be interested.
  8. The Episode 9 Celebration Panel will be on Friday April 12th hosted by JJ and KK, expect the trailer then. No word on streaming yet, but they normally stream the larger panels.
  9. Apparently March 20th is the Day Disney will officially own the Fox assets they purchased around the globe. I guess that leaves Spider-man and Hulk as the characters they won't own?
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