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  1. The Han Solo film is now officially "Solo A Star Wars Story"....
  2. Black Panther Trailer 2 Not as good as the first one and the poster
  3. Interesting that there are no shows earlier than midnight in the UK, sometime in the past 5-6 years we went from midnight Friday to 7PM Thursday for the first show, I guess theaters were tired of staffing late into the night consistently. There are three different "special" events for TLJ here that I'm aware of, The TFA/TLJ Double feature which starts at 3PM, the 8 Film Marathon (Not sure on start time), and the 6PM Fan event which includes a drink/popcorn, cards, and some "exclusive content" whatever that means.
  4. Is anyone else doing the 6PM Fan Event? Do they even have those promotions in the UK or is midnight the earliest showing?
  5. All of the imax, rpx, etc theaters ive been to have had reserved seating since at least 2014, it's mostly the smaller ones that are only now getting it with remodels, it's pretty wild to hear theaters didn't have it for TFA, I assume that was IMAX?
  6. Nice, You still get to see it before the rest of us (twice mind you ) This may be my favorite Star Wars trailer in the Disney era. Being a fan of Johnson's previous work and what they've shown us so far, i'd say we are in for a treat, but we shall see, though I believe the bar will be set high for J.J. and episode 9.
  7. Going to spoiler out my posts in this thread otherwise they show on the home page post column.
  8. I will definitely see it at the Dolby Vision theater at some point, I have two showings opening night, IMAX 3D and then 2D, probably wont see it until later in the month after that.
  9. Thanks, There's one in my general area, with another coming in the future, I'll have to check it out. I believe the IMAX theater i'm going to is 15/70.
  10. Whats the deal with Dolby Cinema? Is that an AMC experience where they remodel the IMAX theater with nicer seats/audio?
  11. Hmm, this is certainly interesting
  12. Cool, never been there, we lived in Stony Brook for a bit and used to go the AMC 17 there, my wifes family is in Westchester County so it's mostly Port Chester or New Rochelle when we visit. My old theater in Syracuse is doing the double feature on the IMAX screen and it's barely sold any tickets.