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  1. Dumbo Trailer I wasn't sure about this after the first trailer, this was a nice folllow up.
  2. Avengers 4 could be the longest Marvel film per Joe Russo https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/avengers-4-runtime-is-3-hours-making-it-longest-marvel-movie-ever-1159618
  3. I read a few articles and videos on the faked HDR, basically what I got out of it was don't bother with HDR in RDR2.
  4. Activision Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal (Not Diablo 4) for mobile devices (IOS / Android) at Blizzcon. The announcement was the last Panel of the conference and it went about as well as you'd expect a mobile game announcement at a conference filled with PC gamer's to go... Filled with silence and boos when they announce the game will not be available for PC, the Devs response " You guys all have phones right? You can play on your tablet too" One attendee even asked if this was "an out of season April fools joke". Adding insult to injury the game also appears to be a re skinned version of other mobile Diablo rip offs from the same developer (NetEase) while Blizzard claims it was built from the ground up. Activision Blizzard apparently hid the original cinematic trailer on youtube and uploaded a new version because the percentage of dislikes to likes was not in it's favor, as most things go these day the internet caught onto the scheme continued disliked the new upload more so. Way to go Activision Blizzard, keep it classy!
  5. NickC

    Apple Discussion Thread

    This is a bummer, at this time I'll try to hold out for one more year.
  6. NickC

    Apple Discussion Thread

    I don't believe it was mentioned specifically, so I don't believe Apple has added it natively, but there are apps providing that functionality now (Duet Display).
  7. NickC

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Agreed, that's a bust with the model price increase. 11" $799 (64GB), $949 (256GB), $1149 (512GB), $1549 (1TB) 12.9" $999 (64GB), $1149 (256GB), $1349 (512GB), $1749 (1TB) Very nice product though, USB-C is a plus, not sure I can swing the 256GB, shame there's no 128GB option, i'll wait for deals.
  8. NickC

    Apple Discussion Thread

    The new iPad Pros look very nice, waiting to see the price increase though
  9. NickC

    Apple Discussion Thread

    New Air and Mini look nice, but is the base price increase justified vs the previous model? +$200 for Air and +$300 for Mini.
  10. Had a $65 reward certificate at BB that was going to expire, used it for this, guess I'm all in now.
  11. As a non-PS4 Pro owner I've considered waiting for the rumored PC release or a next gen system (PS5) release. I'll wait to see everyone's thoughts though.
  12. Reviews are starting to come out, I was hoping to wait on this one, but it looks like it will end up at the top of my play list. IGN Kotaku Mashable Guardian EGM Gamespot