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  1. Ghostbusters is getting rebooted back to the original timeline in the present day. Jason Reitman to direct. 2020 release. https://ew.com/movies/2019/01/15/new-ghostbusters-movie-jason-reitman/
  2. I believe that's it and two scheduled for next year.
  3. Spider-Man: Far From Home Teaser And an international version
  4. If Tom Cruise survives filming we are getting two more MI movies with him.
  5. Full season 2 trailer
  6. Star Trek 4 has been shelved
  7. Thanks, makes sense, not sure what happened in 2018, I can barely remember last week 😀. Google tells me there was an event on March 7th in New York where they announced the 2018 lineup. I don't believe the MicroLED sets are consumer ready yet, I may have missed that though.
  8. I've seen very little info around Samsungs 2019 TVs outside of the MircoLED/8K stuff, any word on them with HDMI 2.1 in any of their 2019 sets?
  9. For me 8K is the least interesting feature of the 2.1 spec, if manufacturers implement the other 2.1 features in a semi-2.1 spec that would be great, I guess we'll have to see how that pans out. I wonder what bandwidth is required to do 4K 120. There's a lot of chicken/egg scenarios here, sooner or later something has to come first.
  10. Boo to only the top tier sets having HDMI 2.1, I was hoping the XG95 series would.