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  1. So I played the first chapter of LOTR and I really enjoyed it, but I failed It was because of a stupid decision I made. Instead of moving quicker across the board, I tried to do a search on a token, which I knew was not going to push forward the story at that point. I failed the search the first time with Legolas, and instead of moving on, did the same thing again. So I had no choice but to keep Aragorn with him, as Legolas on turn two got a bunch of damage on him. The enemy phase that happened right after that was the biggest jump up the threat level, and things got bad from there. Had to use a bunch of readied skill cards/inspiration to take down enemies because of bad draws . I was still close to finishing, as were up to the last turn before failure, but the game kicked me in the balls. The darkness phase killed Aragorn with a 3 fright card draw, which turned into 6 because of card effects, and then worst draw from my deck for successes during his last stand. So Legolas was all alone. I was able to search the base token twice, but I got zero successes both times, and had nothing to help. Oh well, I will play Chapter 2 tomorrow night, and get revenge I will give broader thoughts as I play more, but here are a few quick things The strategy involving the skill deck/draw for successes really works well I made a few mistakes the first time I started, so I began again. The entire map was different, and a few changes were made. Very nice to see this on the app, as MOM first layout was always very similar on multiple plays I am playing solo as two characters, but I kind of wish I did at least three. That way Legolas could be more Range all the time, and I do not have to use him so much for doing clues and such. So after that my niece beat me at Roll for It , and Lolipop challenge, so I should give up gaming all together
  2. I thought I posted one a while ago. I will post one again once I get to straighten things up. Bit of a mess down there.
  3. It makes sense from the stand point that Zola created a program to "predict the future."
  4. Strange was not for another 5 films. It was a major name drop. "Been so many years since I saw it that I forgot Tommy Lee Jones was in it." He's making me cry πŸ˜‚
  5. Yeah those TMNT arcade style games were never long enough.
  6. Lol Lucas said he had 7-9 planned out , but they did not follow it with the new films,
  7. Lord of the Rings is all ready to go for tomorrow. Going to stick with two characters for the first play through to get a feel for things. Probably Aragorn and Legolas. We have talked before about the size of the boxes these games come in. But Lord of the Rings is really of an example of how the box could be half the height. It does not have bigger enemies like MOM 2nd edition has. It’s going to take a lot of expansions to fill this thing which is what they may want, but is it a smart business decision? Listening to many folks in the tabletop Industry lately bring up this very topic when deciding packaging. Yeah it takes up some more shelf space for display, depending on the way it faces. But with the cost of shipping these days, does it not hurt every level of the supply chain to burn money from the extra card board weight, and fitting less copies in a case?
  8. Congrats on all the success. I never wondered into this thread before .
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