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  1. A few DC animated films from the last few years are now 4k HDR. Also the film Warrior is, unless I missed it before (the MMA film with Hardy and Eddington).
  2. They all are on my account (well except for the last one which I do not own, but iTunes says it is,) Have not checked if anything else has been upgraded yet.
  3. Yesterday’s was a completion of a few different orders from the last few months. Luke Cage s2 Deadpool 2 Score GoT Season 5 Netflix Lost In Space Punisher S1 Other soundtracks came from the original orders or from other deals/clearance. GoT S3 GoT S4 Les Miserables Dredd Defenders S1 Star Trek Discovery S1 Marvel Runaways Braveheart Plus free shipping so the prices could not be beat. Also bought a few christmas albums. If not for the great prices it would be a very long time before I got most of these.
  4. Edsawesomesounds buy 2 get 1 free sales have let me catch up on purchases. Got another package last night. 😃
  5. JoeyN

    Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    I have the same insert. 😀
  6. JoeyN

    Netflix members...

    The final episode of the season must be a pilot episode they tried called Nailed It DIY where it’s crafting and not baking. Different co-host . Still pretty funny.
  7. JoeyN

    Netflix members...

    Holiday Nailed it 😂😂 . Even the less funny episodes are great.
  8. It’s the same in the US even with multiple accounts. You can only be logged into one at a time. So it’s shows either my stuff, or my dads. The Apple TV saves both account info (I actually have my brothers account on it also). Have to go into settings to switch. It’s easy,
  9. I switch between my account and my dads account all the time, as he buys a lot older war movies and westerns.
  10. JoeyN

    Boardgames & Cardgames, oh my!

    The digital version of Blood Rage KS campaign is ending soon. Plenty of physical rewards for the real game. Larger versions of the Gods expansion including an alt version of the Hili promo, 3 new monsters, new sculpts/versions of the last KS exclusive monsters, 3d markers for the board tracks, and a new clan. Plus there is a new oversized playmat add on, and and upgraded player boards add on. Pledging a $1 now as this is a bad time for a KS, and will pay in pledge manager. I can not pass up new Blood Rage gameplay and upgrades.
  11. Spidey Far from home trailer was shown at a con in brazil today, but not released online. A few breakdowns have popped up, and I have to say it has a few surprises. Hopefully they show it more widely soon.
  12. Yes they stepped up big time on the extras last year. There are a few movies that have exclusive extras also.
  13. I used to play fighters all the time. Xbox 360 had plenty of good ones. Dead or Alive Ultimate got a ton of play by forum members.
  14. Mondo Mission Impossible shipped today, about time. Between Black Friday deals, coupons from B&N and preorders, I have a lot of listening to do.