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  1. I need to sub to HBO now for GoT next month. Not missing that.
  2. I watch a lot of Netflix shows, and my niece wantches a lot of the kids stuff, so it’s always in use.
  3. Yeah there are just too many streaming services at this point. I’m getting to the point of waiting for a chunk of shows to have complete seasons, sub for a month (or trial) and binge, then unsub until there is a chunk of stuff to watch again. It’s what I am waiting to do with DC Universe and CBS all access. I have Netflix which is used a lot, along with prime. Hulu I only have because of the BF $12 for 12 months, and I have barely touched it. As I mentioned to Daniel , the only new service I know I will sub to is Disney+ because of all the SW and Marvel stuff.
  4. Yeah I could not go a day without an iPad. I use it all the time. If this air 1 broke, I would be at a store ASAP to buy whatever the newest model is.
  5. That is like the old Columbia House clubs. Get 5 movies for a $1 + ridiculous shipping , then buy 5 more at regular club price +shipping over a certain number of years.
  6. Movie rewards? You get points for every movie you buy, see in theater (if linked to regal, amc, fandango,etc) going to parks, and other stuff. I usually use them to get posters..
  7. Yep it is. Been many big anniversaries for older scifi shows lately.
  8. Old thread, but some good news. The entire series and miniseries are going up on amazon prime in HD tomorrow. Also since this is already the 20th anniversary there will be a vinyl soundtrack release this summer, as well as a lot of other new collectibles announced. About frelling time.
  9. I’m still using an Air 1. It’s still working great, I just want to get Touch ID.
  10. So Apple put up a new iPad Air and a new iPad mini without any formal announcement. Think my tax return will be put to good use.
  11. That they do. Capt 1 has always been one of my favorite films, his entire trilogy really. Steve is the emotional core of the avengers, his story is a major part of everything that has happened. I think as we move along Capt Marvel will grow on people more as well.
  12. My two kallax are almost filled on top of them to the ceiling . These box sizes are ridiculous. Scythe Mega box, gloomhaven, GKR two boxes, rising run boxes, Fireball island, Betrayl legacy, and other slipping my mind at the moment.
  13. Fuck yeah, glad he is back. Ss is filming soon I believe. GoTG3 script was already finished, and had work being done so they can move more quickly. I always thought the film would have an Late 2021 , early 2022 release anyway. Getting all the ducks in a row for post End Game announcements.
  14. Fallon had ruffalo on a lie detector last night 😂 it’s on YouTube..
  15. I forgot all about Willow on NES. Also Genesis had the best cases.
  16. They also announced today a full mobile SDK to bring live to android and IOS. https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/14/18265214/microsoft-xbox-live-ios-android-games-support-features I love the “no news on bringing live to the switch today”. Saving that for E3.
  17. Film deal with netflix keith for her production company. Everyone that works on marvel films has long term deals.
  18. There have only been a few good ones over the years. This one I had bigger hopes for because of the cast.
  19. Triple Frontier on Netflix was just not good for the cast it has. Afflecks character starts off one way, then flips on a dime to someone completely different which causes all sorts of stupidity to happen the rest of the film.
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