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  1. I’m 4 episodes into the OA S2 and this show has gone full batshit insane , and I am enjoying every second of it.
  2. That is how I found out it was released, but never saw it on their coming soon either.
  3. These articles always ways amaze me, because there are so many good games out that are not kickstarted. Other choices -Buy the retail core release which is cheaper after discount. Most people will never play with the extra KS stuff even if they back it. It’s what I did with Lords of Hellas. I’ll pick up expansions down the road when I can get a good deal. -Just skip it like I did in the case of Batman Chronicles. It’s a board game, it’s not a necessity. I passed on it as I knew I really wanted another game coming out, that would get a lot more play. I backed a few bigger KS years ago (GKR, Zombicide BP, Rising Sun, Masmorra, etc), but in the past 2 years I cut way back, and buy what I can if they get a retail release. The only games I backed fully in that time have been Gloomhaven second printing, and this years TMNT second edition as I know I will play it a lot. That’s it. Brian keeps posting about Midarra, and I would love to get it, but I know it’s going to be an expensive drop, so I will probably pass for now. I have already booked my trip for PAX unplugged later in the year and would rather save my money for that.
  4. I would think early next week. Got our tickets for opening night :). I’m waiting to listen to the soundtrack, love McCreary’s stuff.
  5. Yeah WWE handles all their own production, and the one Fox deal can keep them running for a very long time.
  6. They are only making partial money off ad revenue. Turner is handling production, and AEW is not getting paid to put their product on the air like WWE does. Singh can keep paying contracts, but unless turner makes $$, this could be a short deal. It’s what happened with all these up start companies.
  7. Romier is correct. Frakes is signed on to direct some episodes as well.
  8. Is there a site that lists upcoming releases that is accurate. Amazon for some reason does not show a lot of things that are coming out. Galaxy Quest soundtrack came out a few weeks ago, and It was not on their upcoming soundtrack list.
  9. I hope they do well, as wwe needs real competition. However the moment they announced how much the PPV was they lost me. The reason they needed to price it like that, is the tv deal is really shitty. They need to hit the ground running fast.
  10. I’ve come to terms with the end. Because in the end, Bran was the “bad guy” of the entire thing. He knew everything that would happen from the time he became the three eyed raven, and did nothing to stop any of it. The line at the end “It’s why I came all this way” gets worse every time I think about.
  11. They always said the show would happen no matter how many movies they made.
  12. I’d be more worried that Starz may be put up for sale.
  13. No idea, it was announced 16 months ago, but nothing mentioned since.
  14. Yep. Will be nice see some of these character to get more fleshed out.
  15. Yep, thanks. The matts are huge, but that’s the trend these days.. You need a few of the broken token stackable card holders I do as well for a few games.
  16. Brian the first two pictures are not showing .
  17. Looks like Sharon Carter is making a MCU return... Kari Skogland To Direct 6-Part ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ Miniseries With Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Daniel Bruhl & Emily Van Camp. Coming August 2020. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/05/20/falcon-winter-soldier-disney-series-gains-director-details-emerge/
  18. People love them, and never get rid of them.
  19. What happened in the comics, and what happened in Endgame are not even close.
  20. Supposedly that is not official, and he is on the short list of two.
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