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  1. I agree. For Netflix, it has always been "Come for Friends and the Office, stay for Stranger Things." Netflix has been on the smart path. But in a world where Disney owns fucking everything and is coming out with their own service, they're fucked. They tried so hard to beat Hulu, CBS, and HBO. They didn't see Disney coming.
  2. Fuck, it was supposed to be an alternate timeline. Russos need to get their shit straight.
  3. How about I take these Pym particles, go back in time, and punch 10-year old version of you in the balls? Then your childhood is ruined too.
  4. I almost brought up the Jar-Jar comparison. And also the How I Met Your Mother theory that Johnny was the hero of The Karate Kid.
  5. I cannot recall. How much DID he interfere with everything? I truly do not remember. If his motivation was power and chose to interfere or not interfere in service of personal quest for power, then he's the bad guy. If however like Dr. Strange he let's terrible things happen in service of the best possible outcome, then he's a good guy. You really think it is the former? OR maybe his role was a bit more 'Let free will reign and let the chips fall where they may.' Him being King is just an extension of that. When he sat down at the table, he more or less told everyone that they could make the decisions, and then he left them to it. He truly is acting like god, letting men choose their destiny while he just nudges them here and there. I have a hard time seeing that he is the BAD guy. But maybe I'm missing something.
  6. Venom - Effects were kind of bad. Brock was weird. Kind of entertaining. Came off as a dummy, but we're supposed to believe he's some hard-hitting writer? Seems like a mis-cast in that regard. It felt like this needed to be hysterical but it was a few cents short of a dollar in that regard. Definitely had funny moments though. But what superhero movie doesn't. It was enjoyable. But I wouldn't watch it again. B-
  7. This season has had a lot of drawn-out shots and scenes. And I've liked that a lot. They hold on characters, in silence, in thought. However, this episode, in particular the wrap-up shots of characters taking their final places before we hit the credits... riding off into the sunset moments. They should have had a single dramatic shot for each character and then moved on. Less would have been more. I almost think in the table scene they didn't even have to have dialog, they could have all sat down, looked at each other, and then we could have zoomed out to a long shot as they started business. I thought they did less with more and not the other way around at the end of this episode.
  8. Keep your body-shaming to yourself Mr. Perfect!
  10. I will love to see the extra features for this film.
  11. That sounds pretty good...if the writers were some contractor work-for-hires that walked into the sunset after dropping off the script But these are writers for all four of the Russo's Marvel movies who are actively doing promotion for EndGame - answering questions about these movies on behalf of Marvel, Disney, and the Russos. https://www.slashfilm.com/endgame-time-travel-writers/ I'll buy that the Russo's have the final word. Strike that. Feige has the final word. But let's not pretend that the writers and directors contradicting each other about the most confusing aspect of their blockbuster movie is meaningless. In the end though, I agree with you that the Russo's take is the right one. But not with your trivialization of the confusion. This whole thing has been a bit bumpy.
  12. Joey, I just wanted to fight with you about time travel again. I think you were saying that the time travel stuff was pretty easy and straight-forward and people were making it more complicated than it needed to be. I think that was your sentiment. Correct me if I'm wrong on that. But if so, I just would like to point out that several articles over the last few weeks have juxtaposed the explanations from the script writers versus the directors with regard to the time travel plot in this movie. And they are very inconsistent. They are confused themselves. Despite all that, I have committed to a particular understanding of how it all works and am not confused at all about anything anymore. I think I can explain it to the Russos if they're still confused. I'm just not willing to say that it is simple, straight-forward, and well-established if that's what you were truly saying.
  13. This. They do a really good job letting the camera sit on characters for a really long time this season. Letting you soak in the moment. Letting the characters soak in the moment. That very long shot of Danny deciding whether she would go all MAD QUEEN was great. You'd think it would be drawn out, but it wasn't. I liked all of their very long moments from this season. I can totally see people not buying her turn, but I totally buy it. I really love the arc for her given the history. And I love how her army captain guy is all-in with the rage-killing. It puts one person in Danny's corner which I think is important. My biggest problem with the show, is so stupid, and comical, that it circles around and becomes fine. It is basically this. Every character in the show has the space stone, and can teleport to anywhere else in the world if it serves the plot. The writer's just don't care. Everyone is Thanos. Just deal with it fuckers. I'm fine with it. Whatever.
  14. Netflix has been doing the right thing as far as producing tons of original content. And when I go to Netflix to watch some CBS show, they can show me some of that original content and maybe I'll watch it. But it is too early for them to get rid of the content I've actually heard of. Without things like Lost, Friends, The Office, Marvel stuff, etc... I don't think they have enough must-see TV to make me subscribe. Once GoT is over, HBO is out. Once football season is over, YouTube TV is out. Once I watch Cobra Kai 2, YouTube Premium is out. Once Strange Things is over, and they lost all those other known shows, Netflix might be out. Amazon is the only one that I'll always have because I'm a Prime member.
  15. Wait, you moved to England. But are you originally from there? Just wondering if you're a Brit, or if you are an American who speaks funny.
  16. Holy crap that looked fucking awesome. I did not love the first movie. I thought both Spider-Man and Black Panther were better in Civil War than their stand-alone movies. And was not 100% gonna see this in the theaters. But that trailer, whoa, I think I have to see this in the theater now. In Home Coming they went a little too far with the technology. Turned Spider-man into Iron-Man light in a way which I thought kind of was the wrong way to go. But now that they seem to be positioning Spider-man as the replacement for Ironman in some way, then sure, tech him up. I'm all for crazy technology I guess. I'd love for them to make him more of a genius like how Banner was. Obviously he will never have the confident asshole vibe that Stark had.
  17. I'm a software developer in service of the Life Insurance industry, which means that my wife, who makes money every time a baby gets stuck with a needle and cries, has a more moral job than me, who makes money off predicting when people will die.
  18. That's hysterical. Has any movie ever done that? Warned the viewer to not watch this movie because it is a spoiler for another movie? So awesome.
  19. The full movie: It is funny. In past years YouTube surfaces these videos on this day. So I've been sharing it too.
  20. Like a lifeguard not being able to watch Baywatch. Or a gynecologist going gay. I feel ya.
  21. I agree with your assessment of what I was saying and I agree with everything else you said too. I also admit I didn't read the article. Just responding to another headline confirming my decision to stay in the tech industry rather than pursue my childhood dream of working for a game company. Seems like a really bad decision to work in that industry, usually. Although I know one person who does quite well in the industry.
  22. To the extent that this coverage exposes how NetherRealm is a terrible company to work for, I guess that's great if its true. But am I the only one who thinks that an employer can pay their employees whatever the hell it wants. An employer can have the worst benefits. OR no benefits. No bathrooms. Mandatory bathing suit Fridays. TPS reports every hour. And if the above was true, that should be bad for business. You won't find good employees and you'll make bad products and you'll go out of business. But doesn't NetherRealm make good products? And if so, that must mean they have talented workers. And if their workers are talented, why the hell are they working at a terrible company that pays them no money and treats them like crap. Having trouble understanding how this adds up. Totally confused. But maybe my formula is wrong.
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