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  1. I moved the PS camera below the TV and sat closer to it (about 4 feet instead of 7ish) and used some mounting putty to keep it in place. There were no noticeable drift issues at all. When I was re-calibrating the PS camera and PSVR, the camera's image didn't seem very clear so I'm wondering if the tracking and drift issues are related to the PS camera not being able to track the head-unit and Move controllers' light well enough at longer distances or something. BTW, I have the original PSVR unit, older Move controllers (with mini USB ports) and I think the newer PS camera (cylindrical one). Rebooting the PS4 always temporarily fixed the drift issues but they would always come back. Until Dawn is definitely much better with the Move controllers. I did have one strange issue where I put the Move controllers down to take a break and when I picked them back up, they were tracking about 90 degrees off (my character looked like he had two badly broken wrists!). I had to go back into the game's option menu to re-calibrate them.
  2. It's probably been almost a year since I turned on my PSVR but I decided to try it last night after reading this thread the past few weeks. I tried out Trackmania and Until Dawn (both free courtesy of PS Plus!). Trackmania was fun but the tracks were very short and limited in selection. A few of the tracks had some points that made me momentarily nauseous (especially the vertical loop!). I really loved Until Dawn! Unfortunately, I hadn't charged my Move controllers in almost a year so I couldn't use them for the game. Using a DS4 really limits your ability to shoot targets but I still had loads of fun. I'm still having some drifting issues with the PSVR that I had back when I first got it so I'm going to try some different PS camera positions. It's currently centered on top of my TV. I heard some people were having some success by using the left lens of the PS camera as the center and positioning the PS camera below the TV. Hopefully that helps.
  3. I would totally triple dip to be able to play Diablo III on the go!
  4. I bought the Best Buy brand Insignia Dock for the Switch last night so I can easily connect my Switch to my other TV without moving the dock. It's $40 ($50 less than the Nintendo one) and it comes with an AC adapter and HDMI cable. The dock is well-built and a lot smaller than the Nintendo one. Width-wise, it's about as wide as the LCD screen (not the width of the Switch itself) and the LCD screen is mostly visible on the front of the dock (on the back of the Switch, the back piece of the dock goes up maybe about half way up the Switch. There's also a USB port on the base of the dock. Because the dock is not as wide as the Switch, it does make lining up the USB-C connector a little harder than on the Nintendo dock. Even though the front is more open than on the Nintendo dock, I still don't think you'll be able to dock the Switch with any kind of case/skin on it. Here's a link to it: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-dock-kit-with-hdmi-and-usb-for-nintendo-switch-black/6065700.p?skuId=6065700 So far, it's been working great. I played Doom on it for about 1.5 hours last night and didn't have any problems. If you're looking for a cheaper dock, I'd recommend it. The Nintendo dock is wildly over-priced.
  5. Thanks for the info, Magness. Hopefully, they add the counter directional attacks and button remapping option. Without crossplay, I wonder if the more limited Switch userbase (compared to iOS/Android) would make a MOBA less feasible (e.g. having to wait a long time for matches, seeing the same players, etc.).
  6. Couple of questions: 1) Were all the controls exclusively mapped to hardware buttons/sticks (no touchscreen use at all)? 2) How did directional special attacks work where you are running in one direction and firing in another direction? On the iOS version, you can do this by pressing on the special attack you want to use and then sliding your finger in the direction you want to attack in. I'm definitely interested in the Switch version of this game. I wonder if there will be iOS/Android/Switch cross-play? Thanks.
  7. Apple Discussion Thread

    I got a 64GB iPad Pro 10.5" for $499.99 over the weekend. It is blazing fast! I finally bit the bullet after my iPad 3 (with 30-pin connector!) has been overheating (causing slowdown issues) and probably only lasting about 5 hours between charges.
  8. This is what Capcom should've released instead of a $40 Ultra SF II: The Final Challengers for the Switch. Really highlights what a cash grab that was.
  9. Titan Quest

    I would definitely buy Titan Quest on the Switch (assuming it's a decent port).
  10. My favorite comic book growing up was the Fantastic Four (John Byrne's run). After 3 disappointing attempts, let's hope Marvel (with full creative control) will be able to do them some justice! It will be interesting to see if Marvel had a contingency plan for getting so many characters available for the MCU or if everything is already too planned out through 2019.
  11. I just picked up one of these covers for $12.99 on Amazon: It greatly improves comfort playing in handheld mode. Obviously, it's too thick to fit in the dock with the cover on so if you switch between handheld and docked mode a lot, it may not be worth the effort. Edit: I forgot to mention that the Switch with the cover on still fits in the slim Nintendo case.
  12. I've played about 10 hours of Skyrim so far, about 50/50 split between handheld and TV mode. The text is much easier to read in TV mode but the game doesn't look as good as in handheld mode (it looks like a 360 game in TV mode to me). It was kind of distracting at first, but after I got into the game, I quickly forgot about it. I'm glad the developers prioritized a smooth framerate over a higher resolution. The game wouldn't be as immersive if it looked better but was stuttery. It's amazing being able to play Skyrim wherever I want. Gonna be putting a lot of hours into this one!
  13. Now that I have more apps than fit on the home screen, the only way to access the rest of them seems to be to scroll all the way right to open up a 6-across grid of all the software. I really hope Nintendo adds an option like the 3DS has where you can set how many rows you want displayed on your home screen. I've played about an hour of Skyrim in handheld/tabletop modes and it's really impressive. Even the motion controls are a fun addition (not sure I'd use them long-term at this point though). The text is kind of small in Skyrim for my old eyes. I wish there was a way to make it bigger.
  14. I bought a USB A to C cable to use with a battery pack or an extra Apple AC charger plug I had lying around. EDIT: When I want to travel light, I just bring the USB A to C cable since USB port access is pretty ubiquitous.
  15. I've played about 10 Rocket League local play matches with bots to get my feet wet before I play online with real people and it's been a lot of fun. I appreciate being able to play with bots offline for when I don't have a WiFi connection and also the fact that the local play matches unlock the different cars and whatnot. I can see why people are so into the game.