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  1. That flip grip would be great to play some DS/3DS ports on the Switch.
  2. I got a code for the Arena of Valor closed beta that started this week. For those wondering: 1) The special attacks are mapped to hardware buttons (to the L/R/ZL buttons by default). You can remap them to other hardware buttons but because of #2 below, you'll probably want to keep them there if you want directional special attacks. The touch screen is only used to send calls for help I think. 2) Directional special attacks are supported by holding down L/R/ZL and using the right thumbstick to aim the attack. It works well. I only got to play through the tutorial but the controls work well once you get used to which buttons correspond to which special attacks.
  3. I played about 10 matches of Fortnite on the Switch last night. It's a solid port and a lot of fun. There are some pop-up issues and occasional lag that can hopefully be optimized away in future updates. The load time to boot up the game and matches is considerably faster than when I play on the PS4. Now if only Sony/Epic can get the crossplay issue sorted out...
  4. So on Thursday, voice chat will be coming to Fortnite on the Switch VIA THE HEADPHONE JACK. Why is Nintendo making players jump through hoops to do voice chat on Splatoon via a smartphone app???
  5. I downloaded Fortnite for the Switch. Unfortunately, if you ever linked your Epic account to the PS4, you cannot use it on the Switch. You will have to create a new one (which means, no skins/items/progress are available from your other account).
  6. I'm a huge fan of the core series of Pokémon games so I'm very excited by the core gameplay (and outfits for Pokemon!) they showed but I hope the Pokémon Go integration is just a secondary/optional thing. Who am I kidding? I'll be getting it no matter what.
  7. It's a good idea but at that price point, it doesn't seem like it's worth it. For that price, it should probably include the AC adapter. Then it would be perfect either as a second Switch or as a first Switch for people who only want to play in handheld mode.
  8. MastaRedSnappa

    Microsoft Surface Tablet

    After having #flickergate issues every day on my SP4 for about a month straight, I switched back to my old SP3 for a couple of weeks (never experienced any #flickergate issues on the SP3). A couple of weeks ago (after I first posted about my #flickergate issues), I needed to switch back to my SP4 to do something for work and I haven't had any issues since. I don't know if Microsoft released a patch recently that fixed the issue for me but if they did, it didn't work for everybody (based on the #flickergate forums). I'm glad the issue seems to be resolved but I'll definitely keep my eye on it.
  9. MastaRedSnappa

    Microsoft Surface Tablet

    Thanks, I'll check it out!
  10. MastaRedSnappa

    Microsoft Surface Tablet

    I have been getting the dreaded #flickergate on my SP4 (core m3, 4GB RAM) the last couple of months when it starts to heat up after extended use (after the 1 year warranty expired, of course). It's really disappointing because I otherwise really have enjoyed using it (although, I would like more RAM).
  11. Never played it as I didn't have a Wii but I'll definitely be buying it. The only thing I'm disappointed by is that it's not native resolution in portable mode.
  12. I moved the PS camera below the TV and sat closer to it (about 4 feet instead of 7ish) and used some mounting putty to keep it in place. There were no noticeable drift issues at all. When I was re-calibrating the PS camera and PSVR, the camera's image didn't seem very clear so I'm wondering if the tracking and drift issues are related to the PS camera not being able to track the head-unit and Move controllers' light well enough at longer distances or something. BTW, I have the original PSVR unit, older Move controllers (with mini USB ports) and I think the newer PS camera (cylindrical one). Rebooting the PS4 always temporarily fixed the drift issues but they would always come back. Until Dawn is definitely much better with the Move controllers. I did have one strange issue where I put the Move controllers down to take a break and when I picked them back up, they were tracking about 90 degrees off (my character looked like he had two badly broken wrists!). I had to go back into the game's option menu to re-calibrate them.
  13. It's probably been almost a year since I turned on my PSVR but I decided to try it last night after reading this thread the past few weeks. I tried out Trackmania and Until Dawn (both free courtesy of PS Plus!). Trackmania was fun but the tracks were very short and limited in selection. A few of the tracks had some points that made me momentarily nauseous (especially the vertical loop!). I really loved Until Dawn! Unfortunately, I hadn't charged my Move controllers in almost a year so I couldn't use them for the game. Using a DS4 really limits your ability to shoot targets but I still had loads of fun. I'm still having some drifting issues with the PSVR that I had back when I first got it so I'm going to try some different PS camera positions. It's currently centered on top of my TV. I heard some people were having some success by using the left lens of the PS camera as the center and positioning the PS camera below the TV. Hopefully that helps.
  14. I would totally triple dip to be able to play Diablo III on the go!