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  1. That looks really nice! I can feel my desire to get an Arcade 1Up machine rising...
  2. I wasn't a fan of Spider-man getting all teched up in Homecoming either. Spider-man has enough innate powers plus the ultra-versatile web shooters. He didn't need more tech in that movie. In Infinity War, given the higher stakes, going with the Iron Spider suit made sense. I actually hope in Far From Home and future movies, he gets less Iron Man-like and goes back to his roots.
  3. According to Famitsu's latest charts, in Japan, the lifetime sales of the Switch are only about 5,500 less than the lifetime sales of the PS4/PS4 Pro. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/05/japanese_charts_nintendo_switch_is_already_on_the_verge_of_surpassing_ps4s_lifetime_sales
  4. I think you just have to look at it from the main timeline's perspective. Cap returns the Infinity Stones and Mjolnir to their respective timelines so from the main timeline's perspective, they didn't screw those respective timelines. But like you said, there's a butterfly effect to them even going to those timelines and any action they take there can ripple out like a pebble hitting the water in a pond. Cap simply saying "hail Hydra" in the elevator could cause those Hydra agents to think that Cap is on their side and they could reveal themselves at an earlier point to that timeline's Cap so maybe the events of Winter Soldier don't happen the same. Once you get beyond the surface of time travel as a plot device, the holes become bigger and more numerous until it collapses on itself. I find it's best not to go too deep into the "logic" of time travel, the "physics" of superpowers, etc.
  5. Cap returns Mjolnir and the Infinity Stones to the timelines they borrowed them from so this exact thing wouldn't happen to those timelines.
  6. I really enjoyed the episode. I'm glad they devoted so much time in the last episode to character moments because this episode was packed with action. The battle strategy didn't make any sense but it didn't really matter to my enjoyment.
  7. It would be like the Samuel L. Jackson recap of Game of Thrones 😂
  8. I always wanted to play Cuphead but never got around to picking it up... until last night for the Switch. The game looks and plays great. I only had time to play through the first two bosses and only wanted to throw my Pro controller through the wall once. The game is only 3.6GB which is a welcome sight, seeing as my 200GB micro SD card is somehow almost all filled up (and that's with some games already deleted off of it).
  9. The sorting on the All Software screen is nice but I wish they allowed sorting on the Home Menu like they do on the NES Online app. I really like how the game covers/icons shrink as you add more to a row in the NES Online app.
  10. From this Verge article: https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/11/18306883/disney-hulu-espn-plus-streaming-service-bundle-deal-likely "Kevin Mayer, chairman of Disney’s direct-to-consumer division, didn’t waste time stating the obvious: Disney will “likely” sell its standalone, paid subscription services — Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu — as a bundle for an appealing price." Disney+ is $6.99/mo. Hulu with limited commercials is $5.99. Hulu with no commercials is $11.99. ESPN+ is $4.99. Separately, that's $18 or $24 depending on the Hulu sub. So maybe a bundle like $15 or $20 depending on the Hulu sub?
  11. I'm really surprised how low the monthly/annual subscription is for Disney+. Even DC Universe is $7.99/$74.95 and the Disney+ service seems to have a lot more content. I was kind of meh about it before but with the price and all the newly announced stuff, I'll definitely be getting it day 1. I'm really excited for live action Marvel shows that are better integrated into the MCU than passing references like the Marvel Netflix shows had.
  12. It would be cool if the Black Widow movie featured Hawkeye with their shared past alluded to in the first Avengers movie.
  13. I don't play Anthem but this was an interesting in-depth article on the making of the game: https://kotaku.com/how-biowares-anthem-went-wrong-1833731964
  14. I finally got around to watching Captain Marvel yesterday. I enjoyed it. It's definitely not in my top 7 but I'd put it somewhere in the group after that. I really liked seeing Fury do stuff other than just stand there (like he does in most of the other movies) and Brie Larson was great as both Carol and Captain Marvel. I think the thing I liked least about the movie was the use of '90s music. The song choices were good but it almost always felt clumsy in how they were cut in like they were desperately trying to shoehorn in music of that era. I don't think the way they used the music enhanced any of the scenes like music should. The Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Thor: Ragnarok used music so much more effectively.
  15. I've been getting back into iOS gaming. I never stopped playing Clash Royale but after getting a MFi controller once Fortnite mobile started supporting them, I've been looking at other MFi-compatible games. Oddmar has been a great iOS gaming experience, on par with Rayman Legends on consoles. Having said that, I just don't see the appeal of Apple Arcade. Everyone in my family uses the same Apple ID for iTunes/App Store access so we can all share any apps, games, music, movies, etc. we buy. The price of iOS games are already so cheap. I'm not sure what kind of savings you'd get by paying for a subscription vs. just buying the games you want outright. The only selling point to me would be exclusive games and there would have to be enough exclusive games to justify the price of the subscription. I have yet to see a gaming subscription that I would want to pay long-term for other than one tied to a MMORPG like WoW.
  16. I picked up the SteelSeries Nimbus MFi controller. It has a nice weight to it as, unlike the Rotor Riot controller, it has a battery (that will last up to 40 hours). Overall, the look and feel of it is more premium than the Rotor Riot. The triggers have less tension and the analog thumb sticks are slightly more stiff (both positives). The d-pad is the cross type (the Rotor Riot has the disc type) so I feel like I accidentally press the wrong direction less with it. The Nimbus is comfortable to hold with grips that extend down farther than an Xbox One controller (more similar to a PS4 controller). The analog thumb stick layout is in line with each other, similar to a PS4 controller. On Fortnite mobile, I prefer the Xbox One-style offset analog thumb stick layout better as the control scheme Epic created to re-map the game's actions to compensate for the lack of L3/R3 buttons sometimes requires me to move the left analog thumb stick and press down on the d-pad at the same time (which I could do with my right thumb on an offset analog thumb stick layout). The Nimbus pairs easily with an iPhone/iPad/Apple TV and auto-reconnects when you flip the on/off switch on it (I like that it has an on/off switch as my joy-cons/Switch pro controller are always turning on and wasting battery whenever any of the buttons are accidentally pressed during transport). If you have it paired to multiple devices, you will have to manually connect the Nimbus in your device's Bluetooth settings though. Unlike the Rotor Riot, you can play your iPhone/iPad while it is charging (this is a particular issue with Fortnite mobile as it drains the battery pretty quickly on my iPad Pro) . The Nimbus has a lightning port to charge it but it does not come with either a lightning cable or wall adapter. The only drawback with the Nimbus so far is that the analog thumb sticks are not clickable so it does not support any L3/R3 functionality. In that way, the Rotor Riot is more future-proof. If you want a phone mount, there are some available on Amazon for the Nimbus for around $11-12 (this comes included with the Rotor Riot). Overall, I think the Nimbus is better than the Rotor Riot in every way, except for the lack of L3/R3 functionality and phone mount. Not very many apps support L3/R3 functionality, but as that increases, the lack of support for it will become a bigger issue. I would expect SteelSeries to release an updated Nimbus with this functionality but so far, nothing has been announced. The SteelSeries Nimbus is $49.99 at Best Buy/Amazon/Apple Store.
  17. I'm sure everyone already has all the Game of Thrones seasons, but I have a digital copy code for season 5 if anyone wants it.
  18. Looks great to me. Will definitely be buying this. I didn't buy the Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee games because I prefer the main Pokémon game mechanics. I'm also glad they didn't announce that it was delayed
  19. I bought the Rotor Riot MFi controller over the weekend. It's the first MFi controller that supports clickable analog sticks (L3/R3) that Apple added support for sometime in iOS 12. It includes a detachable mount for holding your iPhone (I've read it can hold iPhones as large as the X Max). It is a wired controller that plugs into (and gets power from) the lightning port of the iPhone/iPad. The cord is about 2 feet long and the mount has little hooks to wrap the cord around (it also includes a Velcro strap to keep the cord wound up when the mount isn't attached). The controller looks like an Xbox One controller. I would say the build quality is a step lower but still acceptable. It is significantly lighter than an Xbox One controller because there are no batteries or rumble mechanisms in it. This does make the Rotor Riot controller feel top heavy when the iPhone is attached via the mount. I mainly use it with my iPad Pro so it's not an issue for me but if you're only interested in it for use with an iPhone, it may bother you. The controller links to the free Ludu Mapp app which has links to all the games on the App Store that support the Rotor Riot (and all other MFi controllers I believe). The firmware update process occurs through the Ludu Mapp as well. So far, most iOS games/apps do not support the L3/R3 buttons since they were added to the MFi spec not too long ago. Right now, I believe the only apps that support these additional buttons are apps for playing PC/console games via streaming. Fortnite mobile recently added controller support and a "Limited" controller scheme that makes the game playable without L3/R3 support (sprint is set to auto-run and crouch is set to a d-pad direction) for the more popular MFi controllers without L3/R3 support like the SteelSeries Nimbus. Mark Rein, the VP/co-founder of Epic Games tweeted this out though: In case you were wondering, starting a match in Fortnite with the controller attached will place you into a lobby with other controller players on consoles, not in the mobile/touch lobby. You also cannot start a match with the controller disconnected and try to reconnect and play with a controller after you are put into a match with mobile/touch users. With the recent additions of 60FPS, controller support, career/stats, Fortnite mobile has caught up to and surpassed the Switch for a portable way to play Fortnite. The Rotor Riot is $49.99 at Best Buy/Amazon.
  20. Having never had a Wii U (or even played one), I have never played Super Mario Maker but I'm very much looking forward to trying out Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch. The lack of online access to user-created levels kept me from picking up the 3DS version of Super Mario Maker.
  21. Tetris 99 is really fun. It's basically a battle royale but instead of eliminating players via first/third person shooting of various weapons, it's Tetris. 😂
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