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  1. Anybody else buy Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate? I pre-downloaded it and started playing it at midnight. There's an insane amount of clicking thru dialog (which most of the game seems to be explained thru) but I can see myself getting really addicted to the hunting/looting/gathering/crafting of this game. It will definitely keep me busy until Diablo III.
  2. My wife accidentally knocked my Switch off of the dresser the other day. There didn't seem to be any visible issues but after playing with it, I noticed that the L button was no longer registering clicks. I contemplated getting a new left joy-con but $50 seems outrageous so I ended up buying a triwing screwdriver to open it up to see if something got disconnected (I also thought I would need it if I ever wanted to do the joy-con shell swap in the future). After opening up the joy-con, I noticed that the internal button the L button was pressing had partially broken off from the PCB board it was soldered to. Unfortunately, I don't own any soldering equipment (or know how to use it) but I found that Amazon sells replacement parts for this broken piece in the $11-12 range so I bought one. Here's the link, if you need it: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BGX533Y/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Installing it was very easy (particularly since I already had it disassembled). The replacement button makes a little louder of a clicking sound but otherwise works just like the original. I suggest watching this joy-con teardown video before opening up the joy-con:
  3. That looks amazing (much better than I was expecting)... Can't wait to quadruple dip!
  4. Did anyone else try the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo that came out today? It's the first time I've ever played a Monster Hunter game. I don't know if the real game is like this but it seems very confusing for newcomers. The lack of a tutorial or even a screen that showed the controls makes the game hard to pick up (can you even jump in this game?). After a few failed attempts at the beginner monster, I had to look up some MHG videos for the 3ds version for tips on the controls/abilities. I was finally able to beat the beginner monster with 43 seconds to spare. It seems like a fun game and I assume there are other things to do in the game like loot/gather/craft/etc. I'll probably end up buying it if anything to show my support for Capcom bringing more games to the Switch.
  5. Diablo III is an insta-buy for me. Hopefully, Blizzard is also working on porting Overwatch. Has their been any announcement about if Blizzard is porting Diablo III themselves or contracting it out to someone like Panic Button?
  6. My kids really got into Beat Saber (PC) at a gaming exhibition we went to over the weekend so when it comes out for PSVR, it's definitely going to be a day one purchase.
  7. I just ordered a 200GB Sandisk Ultra micro SD card. I figured I might as well get a bigger one while I'm at it. After reading everyone's comments and going through some pros and cons of digital games, I decided to just stick with going all digital, mainly because of the convenience and the fact that I'm already so invested in digital games. Looking through my Amazon order history, my bad micro SD card was a 128GB PNY Elite from almost 2 years ago so at least it exceeded its warranty by 11 months.
  8. Welp, it happened again. My Switch no longer recognizes my microSD card. It was working fine until I started downloading a Fortnite update (after downloading and installing, all games error out. I guess I'll have to try get another microSD card.
  9. I was playing with my SNES Mini Classic last night and I realized how amazing the controller feels. I think it might be my favorite controller ever.
  10. I'm most interested in the Rampage/Joust/Defender/Gauntlet one. I liked all 4 of those games. I'm kind of disappointed that you'd only be able to play 3 player Gauntlet though but I guess there was barely enough room for 4 players on the full-size game. I wonder how Defender plays with only two buttons (I assume you flip directions with the joystick but you'd still need 4 more buttons for thrust, fire, smart bomb, and hyperspace). Map thrust to the joystick as well, smart bomb/fire to the two buttons and hyperspace by hitting both at the same time? I've always wanted an arcade machine in my house but I'll wait for the reviews to start coming out.
  11. Do most of you buy physical or digital games on the Switch? I've been a big proponent of going digital only (the only physical game I own is BOTW) because of the convenience of having all my games in the Switch at all times but now I'm starting to reconsider this thinking after the microSD card issue I had.
  12. I had to re-format the microSD card on my PC and now my Switch recognizes it again. The data on there must've gotten corrupted. Now I just need to re-download 27 games.
  13. Been having problems downloading game updates the last few nights even though the WiFi connection tests fine in the System settings (it would start and then stop saying there was a download error). Then this morning, the Switch gave me an error code: 2016-0247 (unable to access microSD card). Which is unfortunate as all of my 20 or so of my games (except for BOTW) are digital downloads to my 128GB microSD card. Inserting the microSD card into my PC seems to read it but there's only two identical empty folders named Nintendo on there (which is weird because Properties says there's 78.4GB of data on the card). Hopefully, the data just got corrupted and there's not something wrong with either the microSD card itself or worse, my Switch. Keeping my fingers crossed that formatting the card will help.
  14. Those Hori d-pad left joycons look very nice and I'll definitely be buying one when it releases in the US. Hopefully, they can sort out the power-draining problem before then. I'm surprised Nintendo isn't releasing variations of the joycons themselves (besides just different colors). It's basically printing money. I'd also buy a right joycon with the analog stick swapped with where the A/B/X/Y buttons are so that both analog sticks are at the top.
  15. I got a code for the Arena of Valor closed beta that started this week. For those wondering: 1) The special attacks are mapped to hardware buttons (to the L/R/ZL buttons by default). You can remap them to other hardware buttons but because of #2 below, you'll probably want to keep them there if you want directional special attacks. The touch screen is only used to send calls for help I think. 2) Directional special attacks are supported by holding down L/R/ZL and using the right thumbstick to aim the attack. It works well. I only got to play through the tutorial but the controls work well once you get used to which buttons correspond to which special attacks.
  16. I played about 10 matches of Fortnite on the Switch last night. It's a solid port and a lot of fun. There are some pop-up issues and occasional lag that can hopefully be optimized away in future updates. The load time to boot up the game and matches is considerably faster than when I play on the PS4. Now if only Sony/Epic can get the crossplay issue sorted out...
  17. So on Thursday, voice chat will be coming to Fortnite on the Switch VIA THE HEADPHONE JACK. Why is Nintendo making players jump through hoops to do voice chat on Splatoon via a smartphone app???
  18. I downloaded Fortnite for the Switch. Unfortunately, if you ever linked your Epic account to the PS4, you cannot use it on the Switch. You will have to create a new one (which means, no skins/items/progress are available from your other account).
  19. I'm a huge fan of the core series of Pokémon games so I'm very excited by the core gameplay (and outfits for Pokemon!) they showed but I hope the Pokémon Go integration is just a secondary/optional thing. Who am I kidding? I'll be getting it no matter what.
  20. It's a good idea but at that price point, it doesn't seem like it's worth it. For that price, it should probably include the AC adapter. Then it would be perfect either as a second Switch or as a first Switch for people who only want to play in handheld mode.
  21. After having #flickergate issues every day on my SP4 for about a month straight, I switched back to my old SP3 for a couple of weeks (never experienced any #flickergate issues on the SP3). A couple of weeks ago (after I first posted about my #flickergate issues), I needed to switch back to my SP4 to do something for work and I haven't had any issues since. I don't know if Microsoft released a patch recently that fixed the issue for me but if they did, it didn't work for everybody (based on the #flickergate forums). I'm glad the issue seems to be resolved but I'll definitely keep my eye on it.
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