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  1. MoviePass

    I have to chuckle that I'm following up an old post expressing worry with this - MoviePass is apparently experiencing login issues today, and their 'help' suggests trying again later. I'm sure glad I discovered this when I was just browsing times rather than being at the theater. Yikes.
  2. Well this should test our motion sickness thresholds
  3. For a few selected titles like COD:WWII, AC:Origins, Battlefront 2, and Shadow of War. What makes it more interesting is in stacks with GCU, so if you have that - the first game is $48 and the second is $24. To make it *extra* interesting the Best Buy app said that if you chose in-store pickup you'll get a $10 GC code in mid-January. So $32 each - not bad.
  4. I'll be interested to hear you compare the two, since I have Farpoint. You're like the Roger Ebert of LCVG - I may not share your opinion on everything (you enjoy difficulty levels that are beyond me for instance) but I always get a better of sense of whether *I'll* enjoy a game from your impressions.
  5. What I'm reading so far doesn't seem very enthusiastic about the AIM controller support, which is pretty disappointing. But I can be patient - I'm lucky enough to have a VR backlog at the moment.
  6. Mad Max Is Back!

    I finally picked up the Black and Chrome edition on Black Friday, and if you love this movie, it's worth a watch. I don't know if I prefer it as Miller does, but I do agree with his assessment that some things work better in b&w and some work better in color. For me it made me pay attention to foreground details that I didn't in color, but there are certainly backgrounds (particularly brighter daylight ones) that lose out in b&w. Overall, it does change the feel in an intangible way. Like the old Brazil Criterion that highlighted the power of editing, this is a great example of the power of color vs b&w.
  7. Yup - the combination of the teleportation and the awful menus would make an actual playthrough of Skyrim VR with the Move too annoying for me. The combat is wicked cool with the Move controllers though.
  8. Destiny 2

    When you have a mechanism in your game that is built to reduce returns on players' time invested that isn't clearly indicated, how much it diminishes the amount isn't the issue. All of this whale hunting in AAA $60 titles is awfully depressing.
  9. I can see it working fine without a headset - much like Wing Commander or Descent Freespace. I can't say from the demo how it holds up against those though.
  10. The demo for Eve:Valkyrie is pretty cool - looking back in thread i see a few of you bought the full game. How does it compare to the demo?
  11. No reason you couldn't play it before finishing Syndicate. It's basically a prequel to the entire series to date and outside of the core AC mechanics, they feel pretty different (Origins is more horizontal, and obviously the weaponry is different). It's not perfect by any stretch (both the progression in terms of your leveling and the story have some minor issues IMO) but the world is expansive and beautifully rendered. I finished the main story and I still feel like going back and doing the side quests I skipped, etc.
  12. While I know that most here aren't big fans of the franchise, I have to point out that this game is ridiculously beautiful, even in 1080p - it's probably worth a rental to see it if you have 4k. Also, after I just accidentally just set my tamed lion on fire and he turned on me, a hippo charged in from nowhere, grabbed the flaming lion in its mighty hippo jaws and shook it until it was dead. That was a nice gaming moment.
  13. Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

    Man, I knew things would drop for Black Friday when I got this for $40 at the end of October (I just wanted a couple of enhanced titles), but I never imagined it'd get down to $25 so quickly.
  14. Finally got to give my first game a go. Started with Farpoint and the Aim controller. Wow does that controller add to the immersion. Super cool but I've got to get my VR legs (was getting a little queasy after a bit so I'm not pushing it). It's a big step into the future that I envisioned when I got my Gear VR innovator a few years ago.