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  1. Found one. It was a repckaged open box mismarked with a nonfunctioning upc. Since it wouldn't scan, they wouldn't sell it to me at any price even though they could key in the correct upc in ther scanner and see what it was and what it was supposed cost. Anyways, super excited about the Star Wars one/ Is the RotJ game the one with 2 endor levels, speeder bike and and chewie in the AT-ST and then Lando's run on the deathstar in the falcon?
  2. Yea, I still do. Happy to field X-wing questions. It's pretty easy to get into without spending a ton money, which is kinda rare for mini games.
  3. I've only used maptool. Free was a necessity. Worked well, especially being able to make custom macros for frequently used rolls.
  4. Ah, did you already return the deck? People are collecting the illegal keyforge decks.
  5. Seriously? I've been searching for a dark tower replacement for some time that won't break the bank. I'm perfectly fine with a reproduction, I just want to play that game again.
  6. I really wish the sound worked on my replacement. I'm pretty sure my original one fell victim to the great Goodwill-ing of my childhood possessions by my family.
  7. Platform of choice was going to be my question. Xbox or PC most likely.
  8. Keyforge looks interesting. I'm hoping to get a demo in before my imperial assault tourney tomorrow. I picked up the GenCon Luna Lovegood and I now think I'm kinda bummed I didn't go in on the preorder for the Harry Potter mini game.
  9. Destiny, Imperial Assault and the upcoming X-wing 2.0 are still the substantial chunk of my gaming allowance. I do want to complete my Netrunner set while it's still easy to, especially since some of my local stores are starting to clearance it. The KS looked interesting, but I don't need another mini game at this point
  10. Local Gamestop has the Arhmam LCG core for 20, think I might run out and pick up an extra. I see you KS the Cthulhu skirmish game. Looking at it trying to decide if I want in or not since today is teh final day. Di you get the giant mini addon?
  11. Ooh. That's a nice size. I'm overflowing the 2x2 and 4x2 that I'm currently using for vinyl so a pair of these might be a nice upgrade. No casters on that size though according to the build instructions. Might be good bases for a sit stand workstation as well. Hmmm. Filled in some gaps in my Lush and Cocteau Twins collection over the past couple of weeks. Trying to decide if I want to pull the trigger on the Rick and Morty deluxe soundtrack. The fact that it has an etched LED lit acrylic cover does make it kinda appealing.
  12. Reissue of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic which has been a longtime favorite of mine.
  13. Significantly overspent this year ended up with the Eno/Shields collaboration, Daughter, Ride, Belly, both Cure albums, the Sundays, the Porg shaped picture disc, and a few singles. Looks like my store is getting me a copy of the UK released Wire 7 inches as well. The wallet hurts but the ears are happy. Also just got my Micro-Seiki table back.
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