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  1. Received an A+ on 1UP $35 on Amazon and it includes:
  2. Instead of creating a new thread for every deal I figured it would save space just to create one thread. http://www.zappdeals.com/
  3. Anthony G

    Croc Shoes

    I'm starting to see these everywhere, anyone own a pair? What's the deal with them, I hear they are really comfortable. Link
  4. Anthony G

    Need for Speed: Shift

    I went into Gamecrazy for MUA 2 but they were out of stock. I ended up with NFS instead since all the reviews I have read for Shift have been very good. It almost feels like Forza more than the NFS series. So far, I am enjoying it. Need for Speed Shift Review from IGN, 9.0. Gamestats average press rating, 8.6. Gametrailers Review, 9.1.
  5. Anthony G


    Anyone belong to this? I created an account a few months back. It's a survey program that assigns money based on how many you fill out and how long it takes to fill them out. They are part of the Better Business Bureau and I have never received any spam since joining so their privacy policy is pretty good. You redeem the money you have earned for rewards. I just received a $25 gift card for Gamestop. It hardly took any effort at all. Just thought I would let the forum know.
  6. I thought there was already a thread for this but it did not show up on the search: 360 20 games. Wall-E has been added, great for the kids. PS3 only has 3 games. Dark Sector is available for both the PS3 and 360. For $10 it's a damn good game. Wii has only 4 games and since I don't have the system I'm not sure if they are worth it at that price. Also have a look at the $10-$20 games, some good deals there as well.
  7. Anthony G

    Modern Warfare 2 Tonight

    Anybody up for playing MW2 tonight?
  8. Anthony G

    Amazon VG Deal of the Day

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time is the dotd at $18 (reg $30).
  9. Anthony G

    MNF 360 Party Chat

    Enjoyed watching the game with the both of you.
  10. Anthony G

    NFL 2009 Discussion Thread

    I loved the Giant team that showed up tonight. They dominated the Redskins in every way and blew them out.
  11. Anthony G

    Blu-Ray/HDDVD Deals

    Why is Generation Kill still $45.50?
  12. Anthony G

    MNF 360 Party Chat

    I believe the Giants are not going to have a problem. I keep hearing the analysts talk up the Skins. Sure they have been playing better but I'm still confident the Giants are going to step up and kick ass.
  13. Anthony G

    Saboteur (new WW2 game from Pandemic)

    Same here. I'll easily pick it up for $20 when it gets there.
  14. Anthony G

    MNF 360 Party Chat

    We watching the game tonight fellas?
  15. Anthony G

    Blu-Ray/HDDVD Deals

    It appears that most of the HBO series are on sale at &_D%3Ap=+&pu=defaultusr&_D%3Apu=+&pt=1261029601&iht=n&_DARGS=%2Fsite%2Fen_US%2Fsearch%2Ffragments%2Fincludes%2Folssearchparameters.jsp.frmSearchResults"]bestbuy this week. Band of Brothers is 37.50 on BR. I picked up BOB and Generation Kill (32.50).
  16. Anthony G

    Amazon VG Deal of the Day

    Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. EX-SE by Hori is $90 today.
  17. Anthony G

    NFL 2009 Discussion Thread

    I think it's easily the biggest upset of the year and wow did the Dallas D show up. When Folk missed I thought, here we go. What a game. This just saved Wade I think.
  18. Anthony G

    NFL 2009 Discussion Thread

    Now down only by 7 and the Saints have regained momentum with plenty of time left. We'll see now what the Cowboys are made of.
  19. Anthony G

    NFL 2009 Discussion Thread

    The Cowboys now have to go into the half and come out and continue to finish the drives the rest of the game and the D has to continue to play brilliantly. Of course, the Saints can come out of this half and score 21 easily in a quarter let alone a half. The Jets put pressure on Brees and shut him down considering the numbers that he normally puts up but the game had to be coughed up as a Sanchez learning game.
  20. Anthony G

    Amazon VG Deal of the Day

    That was a nice deal. I have it sitting waiting for Christmas and it cost 40 when I got it.
  21. Anthony G

    Left 4 Dead 2...

    Anyone wanna take a break from MW2 and play some 4 player coop tonight?
  22. Title says it all. Which current gen system had the best library of titles at launch?
  23. Anthony G

    NFL 2009 Discussion Thread

    Flacco just killed the Ravens in this penalty ridden, turnover happy ugly game.
  24. Anthony G

    NFL 2009 Discussion Thread

    Packers are running away with this game. Like you said, terrible secondary on the Ravens side.
  25. Anthony G

    MW2 (360) $42

    saw this on dealsea... Microsoft Store: Link