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  1. All that rowing paid off for Gendry. Man's got mad in shape with all that cardio.
  2. Beer: The kind someone else brews

    All this talk, and I just realize I've never been inside a brewery or distillery. And I live in bourbon land to boot.
  3. Netflix members...

    Title credits are wonderful for certain shows that have great theme music that set the tone for the show. And there are certain shows that show snippets (I think they're called "cold openings"?) before the title sequence begins. Netflix, when you do use the skip intro sequence, sometimes skips those cold openings and put the drop in at an awkward spot. But my favorite thing about not skipping sequences is that it affords me the time to do some mindless task I forgot like cutting my nails, or sometimes the call of nature happens and I have to take a power dump.
  4. So, how was the Rutger Hauer simulator?
  5. Okami HD coming to PS4/XB1

    I haven't played this game since the original release. I might just get this one.
  6. That's one hell of a super group.
  7. Netflix members...

    Crap, this is what I get for not paying attention. lol
  8. Netflix members...

  9. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    Suspiria - I decided to revisit this movie before the night's main attraction. This might be the first time I've watched this in my 30's. I'm not going to lie, this movie has not held up well at all. Kong: Skull Island - I'm surprised I enjoyed it.
  10. My Malcolm Brass Universe

    If only this can exist in perpetuity.....
  11. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    The Big Short - I'm studying for my CPA and boy does this movie make a lot more sense although as an accounting guy I still am a little mystified by other financial terminology.
  12. Netflix members...

    In my situation, I personally don't now and for the foreseeable future. Content + other hobbies = time not devoted to work.
  13. Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    The Dark Tower - Full disclosure, you can find a lot of my older beliefs concerning adaptations on the Home Theater Forum. However, as I've gotten older, I care less about absolute fidelity and more about a movie's own internal logic, plotting, story, etc and the spirit of the adaptation. I say this because as a huge fan of the books I still enjoyed this movie. Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, and the kid were pretty good. It works as both a standalone movie and sort of adaptation/sequel of the books. TLDR: This is how I feel about the nature of this adaptation.
  14. Mr Robot - Discussion

    October is too far away...
  15. The feels were strong in this one. I hate to admit this, but Maisie and Sophie have grown beautifully. I was kind of wowed during the Brienne fight.