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  1. So uh, remember when you go off to college, four years pass by, and when you come back home you're like, "uh, that girl grew up. This is awkward." That's what this episode felt like.
  2. Christopher Robin - I had three glasses of scotch by the time they get to that scene where Christopher Robin sits with Winnie the Pooh and talks about being lost. I cried. I rewatched the scene recently to see if it was the scotch. It wasn't. Skyscraper - This was a lot of stupid fun. It does try to be Die Hard, but that doesn't bother me a bit. Jupiter Ascending - It wasn't a wasted afternoon, but there seriously wasn't anything better to do while I visited my parents this past weekend.
  3. Chappie - Watching this movie was like driving a car that's missing some standard features. At some point, you notice the car is missing cup holders after having to deal with the lack of a front windshield.
  4. Holy shit, Lunar. I loved that game. BTW, did the ERSB exist when Chrono Trigger originally release? That caught my eye for some reason.
  5. I haven't played this game, so pardon my ignorance, but what's the replay value on this? In Soulsborne, you can at least try out different builds (I played Dark Souls 3 with three different ones) and even do some Fashion Souls. I don't sense any of this at all with Sekiro.
  6. Evolution - What the fuck was this? How did this get made?
  7. She paraded around in stockings and a garter belt, and she was still fucking boring. Rose Byrne did the same thing and... I might've rewatched that scene several times.
  8. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse - I didn't expect much, but this was a wonderful treat. Super Troopers 2 - I watched the fifth season of Arrested Development, and I barely laughed. I watched Super Troopers 2, and I was pretty much guffawing the entire time. I feel like I committed a grave internet sin somewhere. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - I wasn't bored, but I wasn't interested either. The movie doesn't do a very good job of explaining why selling the dinosaurs wasn't considered in the first place in the grand scheme of things. I get they needed the money from Lockwood to "fund" the operation, but I felt like they could've just sourced their money from an "evil" source. I have no idea if that's a thing.
  9. The worst part is I feel like a sucker having not invested in Disney stock.
  10. I'm okay with anything at this point. I liked TLJ okay, but if I'm being honest I'm somewhere between Nick and Romier's feelings about what's coming up.
  11. Ralph Breaks The Internet - This movie hit me in the feels much harder than I was expecting. I enjoyed the first one a lot for all the nostalgia and spoofs on tropes, but it didn't affect me much beyond that. I'm not saying this movie is on par with the Toy Story series, but at least this movie showed a sense of development I wasn't expecting. Halloween (2018) - Easily the best since the first one. It's obvious how much of a love letter to the original this one is. When it comes to certain kinds of movies, there are two kinds: 1. Movies you nitpick to death because they're terrible and allow you to exercise nerd rage and 2. Movies you nitpick to death for shits and giggles. This movie and the first one are definitely the latter. The Possession of Hannah Grace - Meh
  12. Anybody pick this up? I'm still spending all of my gaming time on Dragon Quest 11, but I'm debating on this or Resident Evil 2 being my next game.
  13. As long as they don't mention the unmentionable's of gaming (e.g. loot boxes, day one dlc, etc), they might be fine.
  14. Aside from some very strange problem where my controller doesn't work with a micro SD installed, it's been flawless.
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