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  1. Dimness

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Isn't that pose from Army of Darkness?
  2. Why the Rock wasn't Gaston is beyond me.
  3. Dimness

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    Hold The Dark - It's okay. You've seen Riley Keough naked once, you've seen it a thousand times already.
  4. I don't think this is Romier. Those two sentences have never appeared in the same post.
  5. Dimness

    Dragon Quest 11

    Played for five minutes and fell asleep. Not boring, just too damn tired.
  6. Dimness

    The Investing Thread

    Beginning tomorrow, I'm going to take a hard look at where my finances are, and I'll probably look into opening a Vanguard account. I'm kind of excited to finally start building wealth I'll enjoy ten to fifteen years from now. I've given this a lot of thought, and this will be more conductive to me buying a home (as opposed to splurging money on home entertainment which is what I'm so addicted to). I don't have the time or acumen to do short term trading (which is what a lot of people think investing is for some odd reason), so I'm really looking at the long haul. I really, really wish I was doing this when I was in my early 20's.
  7. It's one of my favorite games of all time, but I have such a backlog of games right now.
  8. Dimness

    Android Apps, Devices, Etc.

    Anybody here have someone they know with the Note 9?
  9. Dimness

    Wanted: Horror movie suggestions...

    Any good relatively recent supernatural horror movies? Netflix seems like it's short on those. They seem to cheesy (I watched an Indian one that took place in a haunted hotel, and that one was terrible).
  10. Season 3 Evolution - A decent episode that strangely enough was not ruined by Wonderboy. At least the uniforms are professional looking now. The Ensigns of Command - Star Trek's interpretation of "I was born and raised here" sons of the soil doesn't make sense. On the other hand, this was part of a clip for Honest Trailers. The Survivors - This is a very disturbing episode to say the least. This is how Q should be portrayed (I feel like he's now played for laughs). Who Watches The Watchers - Picard proves he's a badass by taking an arrow straight to the chest. The Bonding - This episode proves a point that should've been pointed out to Gene Roddenberry: why the fuck are there family members aboard a starship? Booby Trap - Poor Geordi. Reading Rainbow man deserves better than this. And this episode has the greatest dialogue exchange with my favorite Data line. Picard: "Didn't anyone play with ships in bottles when they were boys?" Worf: "I did not play with toys." Data: "I was never a boy." The Enemy - I feel like Romulans look too much like 80's dressed bad guys. Could be because this episode's air date was 1989. The Price - Somebody else could tell me this, but can somebody tell me what Matt McCoy's appeal is? This guy couldn't hold a candle to Steve Guttenberg, gets eaten by an alien in Deep Star Six, and more or less is almost overmatched by Rebecca DeMornay. The Vengeance Factor - Riker really didn't have to kill her. On the other hand, it's nice knowing phasers have a setting besides stun. The Defector - This was a pretty good episode, but the Romulan idea of mind games can get annoying. The Hunted - I liked this episode because it was Picard's moment of "Your monkey, your circus. So fuck you, that's why". The High Ground - Crusher is captured by a terrorist organization. This episode feels very on the nose about issues with terrorism. Deja Q - A bizarre Q episode which makes it feel like all dealings with the Q have no consequence. Yesterday's Enterprise - I agree with the classic status Trek fans give this episode. It almost feels like Gene Roddenberry was told to stay away from this episode. Tasha Yar finally gets a better send-off on this one. But the most important aspect of this episode is we get to see Lt. Richard Castillo die and reincarnate as Shooter McGavin. I'm loving these episodes of Star Trek with appearances by actors/actresses I know. The episode from a previous season had Teri Hatcher. I wonder who I've missed? The Offspring - This episode is.. really sad. The good kind of sad. Sins of the Father - I liked this episode. It's good to see something outside of clean Federation space. Allegiance - Somebody in another thread said it best, but this is the sort of episode you will never get to see in modern television. Having said that, this was a boring one-off. Captain's Holiday - I remember watching the first 15 minutes of this episode way way back in the day, and thinking Picard was lame for the longest time. I finally watch the whole of it, and he totally redeems himself. Picard does have game. Tin Man - This kind of episode kind of proves one of my more frustrating points, and that it makes you wonder how Klingons, or in this case Romulans, have and build empires when they seemingly make bone-headed decisions and subsequently get their asses kicked. And this episode also proves why mind reading sucks. Hollow Pursuits - My first exposure to Barclay was in Voyager. It's weird to see how much more super awkward he is in this character's debut episode. The Most Toys - Does Saul Rubinek always play a little shit? Having said that, it's nice to see more episodes step away from Gene Roddenberry's iron grip on utopia Trek. Sarek - I am starting to really like TNG, but I don't quite fanboy as much. Having said that, I'm not quite taken with this episode because Spock's daddy was in it. Menage a Troi - A Ferengi episode starring a guy in a supporting role who would eventually become Neelix in Voyager. And Lwaxana Troi episode that is okay. Transfigurations - A Wesley Crusher episode that didn't annoy the shit out of me. The Best of Both Worlds Part 1 - Not bad. It's refreshing to see the Borg as a threat. They were really neutered by the time we got to Voyager.
  11. That sucks. They were sort of their own genre, and I hate to see them go like that.
  12. Season 2 The Child - Riker looks pissed. Where Silence Has Lease - That ensign just died an awful death. Too bad it wasn't Wesley. Elementary, Dear Data - I'm not gonna lie, and I'm in the minority on this one according to the internet. Dr. Crusher is infinitely more attractive than Dr. Pulaski, but I like Dr. Pulaski much better. She's got much more of a personality than Dr. Crusher (even if it is female Bones), and her soft antagonism towards Data is better than the "I'm Gene Roddenberry, and everyone must get along". The Outrageous Okona - Han Solo reject is awful. And I had forgotten all about Joe Piscopo save for vague The Simpsons references. Loud As A Whisper - From time to time I just enjoy concept episodes, and this one is out-of-left-field bizarre enough. The Schizoid Man - Ernest Hemingway as a scientist starts hitting on his cute assistant once he is in Data's body. It's okay. Unnatural Selection - This is okay, and it's unfortunate it's one of the few episodes where we got to see some emphasis on Pulaski A Matter of Honor - I really enjoyed this episode. The Measure Of A Man - While working through Voyager, people kept referencing this episode as a top ten classic of TNG, and I can understand why. I agree this episode is excellent, but I feel like in hindsight this episode is just a stepping stone episode now, and the idea of photonics as the next step in fully realized beings is the next thing to consider. Let's face it, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if holodecks becoming banned in future Star Trek series. The Dauphin - Wesley Crusher hasn't learned jack shit from Riker. Shape shifting alien whose true form is that of a monster? Riker would still hit it. Contagion - The Yamato blows up. That's about all I can remember from this one. The Royale - This is goofy as shit. But it's no different than The Simpsons interpretation of Japanese interpretation of American culture on the Mr. Sparkle episode. Time Squared - Not a bad time travel episode, but it seems like Star Trek loves to defer to "current timeline" versions of their character, no matter what "future" version says. The Icarus Factor - Riker's father strikes me as a jerk, but it also feels like Riker has some weird emotional baggage in this one. Pen Pals - A decent Data episode undermined by Wesley Crusher in charge of adults. Q Who - We are introduced to the Borg... in which me watching Voyager first sort of ruins this moment. Q is interesting because he's so all powerful, but he's also eccentric (I would be too with infinite powers). Samaritan Snare - For once a B story involving Wesley Crusher is not that annoying. I actually enjoyed this episode because my interpretation of the aliens is much different than most fans. Up The Long Ladder - It's an okay episode. The only thing I can remember is that I have a thing for red heads from the United Kingdom. Irish/Scottish Redhead as soulmate = goals in life. Manhunt - Lwaxana Troi episodes are kind of stupid. But the sight gag of Riker trying to lift her luggage is hilarious. The Emissary - Klingons are very ugly, but K'Ehleyr proves me wrong. Peak Performance - Roy Brocksmith plays an alien Roy Brocksmith Shades of Gray - Simpsons did it.
  13. And Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as William Birkin. But seriously, it looks like him.
  14. Season 1 Encounter At Farpoint - Awful. Just awful The Naked Now - Data gets laid. Data 1 Wesley Crusher 0 Code of Honor - Let's pretend this never happened. The Last Outpost - I can't take the Ferengi seriously Where No One Has Gone Before - How in the world did Voyager not reference this show? Oh, episode was okay. Lonely Among Us - I don't remember this one. Probably not worth remembering anyway. Justice - On a planet with jailbait and half naked women, Wesley Crusher displays a lack of game. Pun intended. The Battle - It's okay, but I still can't take the Ferengi seriously. Hide and Q - Worf gets his ass kicked. And it'll happen many more times. Wesley dies... only to be revived by Riker. Haven - Troi's fiance dumps Troi for a blond. Datalore - I like Data as a character now, and this is the first solid episode of the season. Angel One - Riker gets laid. But definitely not the first time the way he operates. 11001001 - This one's okay. Too Short A Season - Meh again. When The Bough Breaks - This episode was a missed opportunity for Data. He probably should've asked, "Have you tried sexual relations?" Otherwise it's kind of boring, and they should've just left Wesley behind. Heart of Glory - Worf episodes are sort of weird. I sort of get his whole attachment to Klingon culture. But where's the Russian in him? The Arsenal of Freedom - It feels like I'm watching an episode of the 60's Star Trek. Symbiosis - Cocaine's a hell of a drug. Skin of Evil - Yar dies in the worst possible way. Poor Data. We'll Always Have Paris - Picard sees an ex. There's not much more than that. Conspiracy - This episode is okay. The Neutral Zone - Romulans and 20th Century cryos. I liked the Texan one, but the financial adviser (or lawyer?) guy acts too close to reality.