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  1. Hooray, my Switch has a delivery date. Boo, it's not on release day.
  2. Mr Robot - Discussion

    I finally got to the first episode of the season. I think I laughed too hard at the shirt.
  3. Time To Build A New PC

    The more I research this, the more I'm liking what Ubiquiti has to offer. However, I'm also seeing that the HD looks like overkill, and the Pro may be the way I go.
  4. I love Amazon Prime

    My last few Prime shipments have not fallen within their two day window. I think they've given up on it.
  5. Dead Space 4 - Rumored to be cancelled

    I can't remember where it was, but there was a farming route, and you could put together some super fun weapons. Gotta say I loved the crafting in 3.
  6. Time To Build A New PC

    I found this, and it seems to explain what a Ubiquiti setup looks like. Total Ubiquiti Set Up
  7. The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray) thread

    I think I'm in another dimension if The Breakfast Club is getting a Criterion Collection.
  8. Time To Build A New PC

    So it's time to upgrade one of the oldest pieces of equipment in my computing experience, the router. I'm currently running a Linksys EA4500. Ever since we've cut the cord, it's just been a hassle to run all our home devices at the same time. I am looking at the following. ASUS Rog Capture GT-AC5300 ASUS RT AC-88U The latter seems to get a lot of recommendations and choice selections while the former looks to be a beast if you're willing to pay for it. We have the following: 2x Gamers Heavy downloading Heavy streaming Any thoughts on which of these two to get, or is there a better choice?
  9. Dead Space 4 - Rumored to be cancelled

    Loved Dead Space, and the sequel was fun. The third a huge meh.
  10. I love Amazon Prime

    One of my recent orders was missing an item, and I got online with their live chat. I think I talked to an A.I. Anybody else have that eerie experience?
  11. Been watching Suzy Lu play this, and I'm pretty sure I will get this sooner rather than later. Looks just as fun as the first.
  12. UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Oddly enough, I couldn't get a straight answer on Google, but what's the word on UHD in terms of physical longevity? Do they have the "scratch resistance" that Blu-Ray's have? In my personal experience I've never had a movie skip which would leave me to believe it wasn't just marketing bullshit. Will they face the same oxidation problems that old CD's and some DVD's get? I do have some older music and movie discs that just won't play anymore.
  13. Soundtracks, Soundtracks, Soundtracks

    William Shatner mask should not be that hard to find...
  14. I'll be getting this for PC. I'm assuming everyone else is PS4?