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  1. Dimness

    Beer: The kind someone else brews

    Call me nuts, but I love it when you buy a product, and there's a million ways from Sunday on how to fix it. May be it's a generational thing, but I feel like I've been around a lot of younger people who just don't like fixing things. I was completely indifferent to this growler (it looks cool as hell) in terms of buying, but I'm sold now that I know I can take care of it for life.
  2. Dimness

    The Headphones Thread

    My choices so far B&W P7 B&O H6 2nd Gen B&O H7 B&W PX I'll keep updating this list. Edit: I'm still skeptical of the move to completely wireless headphones, but that's why my views are outdated.
  3. I randomly love to add lyrics to music that has none, and I added the words "chop chop chop the onions" while playing Overcooked with my sister. Her 3 year old son will occasionally run around the house while we cook (in real life) and sing, "chop chop chop the onions". Yes, I highly endorse Overcooked.
  4. Dimness

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    Westworld (1973) - It's a movie that stars Thanos Sr., some guy that could pass for Pedro Pascal's Caucasian dad, King Roland, and Yul Brynner. It's not bad, and it's weird hearing the modern day West World theme in its original incarnation along with the strange, dystopian 70's sci-fi sound.
  5. Dimness

    The Headphones Thread

    I'm going to keep an eye on this.
  6. I am looking forward to one sequence, and that's Pink Elephants.
  7. Dimness

    The Last of Us II - Gameplay Reveal

    Welp, easy purchase for me.
  8. I really enjoyed this past Sunday's episode. It just hit me in the feels for some reason.
  9. Dimness

    Rate the Betheda Conference...

    Bethesda, thanks for reminding me that Andrew W.K. exists. 🙂
  10. Dimness

    Elder Scrolls VI - Announced (way in the future)

    Analysis by people with too much time on their hands says High Rock. I'm on PTO so that's my excuse.
  11. Dimness

    E3 2018 Press Conference Schedule

    Which stream are you guys using? I'm just following along on Youtube.
  12. Sweet, looks like I'll be getting this one.
  13. Dimness

    Happy 15th Anniversary, LCVG!

    Wow, didn't know Wind Waker came out that year. It was a good year.
  14. Dimness

    Kingdom Hearts 3 [PS4/XB1] - Delayed to 29th January 2019

    It's not a bad series, and it's just cool to see an overlap of two things that don't mix normally. I'm just curious to see if they shoved Star Wars into all this. But the thing that hasn't aged very well is the anime trope of pretentious junior high level philosophical teenage bullshit that was all the rage (pun intended) in anime like NGE and games like Final Fantasy 8 (that's a five/six year I don't want to think about). May be KH1 is alright, but KH2 and the portable console spin-offs were just overkill. Seriously, why mess with a simple concept of Final Fantasy characters teaming with Disney characters to beat the shit out of bad guys? The return on investment of looking into the lore of Kingdom Hearts is terrible. I hope they simplify Kingdom Hearts 3 from a story/plot/lore standpoint.