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  1. Dimness

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    Song of the Sea - This movie makes me want to embrace Irish Whiskey. It's really that depressing.
  2. I knew Superman was the bad guy, because I thought the trailer gave that away.
  3. Dimness

    Netflix members...

    This... I'm not crying... it's allergy season...;
  4. I'm still trying to play the first one the old-fashioned way, and man am I struggling. Then I looked online and found there's an optimal way to play the sequences, and it's not Cutman stage first...
  5. Just got done watching the introductory two-parter episode of ST:TNG . . . . . Yikes.....
  6. Dimness

    Netflix members...

    First season Futurama is kind of okay, second season was good, but they started knocking them out of the park the rest of the way. I think I can be patient enough with this series.
  7. Dimness

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    Ready Player One - I had fun with this one, and it is really nothing more than a nostalgia ride. I have no problem with that. The Wailing - A slow burn Korean horror film that more or less is undone by the fact that the main protagonist misses a lot of check marks. He's very unlikable, and he's functionally incompetent plot and story wise. The Magnificent Seven (2016) - I still like the original one better, but this one wasn't too bad. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (Rewatch) - They really don't make them like they used to. It still holds up pretty well. Although, I have to admit, the dubbing in this one sill stands out like a sore thumb. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (Rewatch) - Add another one to the they don't make them like they used to. I like this film a lot, but it is really kooky compared to the westerns that came before. The weirdest comparison I can think of is Batman Begins is the template for a lot of comic book movies, but then Guardians of the Galaxy comes out. That's what this film feels like compared to other westerns. The Others (Rewatch) - I've always had a thing for Nicole Kidman. She's classy sexy in this one. It's not that scary once you know the twist, but it's still pretty good from an atmospheric perspective. This film also stars Dr. Who and a pretty foxy looking Catelyn Stark.
  8. Dimness

    The Investing Thread

    I currently have a 401(k) with my company (managed by Merrill Lynch), but it has a weird "employer" match. We do a end-of-year profit share, which is supposedly more beneficial, but I've heard some consternation from the more experienced employees in the company. I also have a dusty Roth IRA my dad opened for me which I've never put money in. I'm thinking of throwing money in there, but I wonder if I can change the investment make up of it (I think it's all money market currently). I've given some thought to FANG, but I might opt for the ANG part instead considering I'm not too fond of Facebook's ecosystem in general. I like that Amazon is essentially a part of "normal" every day life, Netflix will do fine post-Disney, and Google is, well, Google. VOO, for those that don't know, is the Vanguard 500 Index Fund. It tracks the S&P 500, and it is an ETF, which makes it a very attractive prospect for me. I plan on buying a share of VOO every other month. I've given some thought to "dividend" stock investing (I put that in quotes because technically any stock can pay dividends, but some are more consistent about it than others). One aspect I'm debating is whether I want to do a DRIP (dividend reinvestment) or collect the cash as passive income. As far as my research goes, the best dividend stocks are in "boring" companies that have been paying healthy dividends for a long time. I'm looking at Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and possibly Wal-Mart. May be Disney (I'm still iffy on this). Thank you guys for some of the bits and pieces of information. I'm still on the fence about Robinhood. It's perfect for a beginner like myself, but I wonder what'll happen when I get better at this thing, or if I need customer service.
  9. I've only seen one episode of Next Generation, and I've never seen DS9. Which do I fix first?
  10. Dimness

    The Investing Thread

    Skip the next paragraph or two/sob story to get to the point. Fellers, I'm getting old. Long story short, after I got laid off several years back, I was in pretty bad shape. I was working at a pretty famous Lexington, KY restaurant (Windy Corner Market), and I thought I was on my way to developing a career in food service. Then I got let go. In combination with getting kicked out of medical school, I was not in a very good place. Did I contemplate suicide? No, but if death was coming for me I knew I wasn't going to fight back. I finally got a job and got back on my feet, but I was very unhappy with my lot in life. It was then that I decided to go back to school. I had two thoughts: it was going to be accounting or marketing. As of right now, I think I backed the right horse. I have taken all four of the sections of the CPA exam, and I have passed the hardest 3 on my first try, and I'm awaiting the result of the 4th this coming September 11th. I'm doing pretty good now I think (working out now so listen to my progress on the losing weight thread... when it happens). I'm in an occupation with very excellent long-term growth prospects. I am working in a public accounting firm, and I am tracking audit at the moment. Tax was a great learning experience, but the lifestyle was too spiky for the time period. I now earn a very good income (beats the shit out of $10 an hour). If (and that's a big if) I pass my last CPA exam, I will get a pretty nice bonus (although to be honest, it'll cover the cost of my study materials). I am looking at investing. After some cursory research online, I am looking at this investment strategy. I am looking at utilizing two investment vehicles. Betterment This is going to be my Ronco Rotisserie Chicken cooker method. I'm going to set it and forget it. I'm going for a conservative to moderate model (leaning moderate), and this is going to be extremely-long term method. I'm thinking a $50 a month at this point. Robinhood This is going to be my grilling method. I'm going for long-term here, and I'm looking at 80/20 stock/bond ratio. I'm very sold on Vanguard 500 Index ETF (VOO) for my stock pick and something very boring like Coca-Cola. My bond I'm thinking long-term (VBLTX). Do you guys invest? If so, what are you guys doing? I've heard to avoid r/wallstreetbets like the plague.
  11. Dimness

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    Mission Impossible: Fallout - What everyone else said. I wonder if the Max the lady was referring to is the same Max from the first movie. Ghostbusters 2 (Rewatch) - It's okay.
  12. This is sounding more and more fun, but I've started Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It might be a while before I'm playing this one.
  13. I'm probably still going to get it on the Switch.
  14. Dimness

    Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    I do. To be honest, I'd almost go with the simpler, the better. I'd go to an Asian grocery store and buy a simple model. Most households I've seen use some complicated thingamajig, and it always drives me nuts because those things require a long time to take apart and thoroughly clean.