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  1. Dragon Quest Builders

    So I got the Switch version because I was drunk when I purchased it I sobered up the next day, and I realized I loved this game and don't regret it Seriously, this is an awesome portable buy.
  2. You know, I never got the Old Hunters DLC. I might play this again.
  3. A thread about Lego

    The second I preorder it the Y Wing, I will probably be short on funds for the Millenium Falcon.
  4. This about sums it up for me. I've read some reviews from people who love the movie and use the quote, "let the past die, kill it if you have to." when referring to the subversion of expectations and institutions in Star Wars. The irony is that the quote belongs to Kylo Ren, the villain. I'll probably pick up the movie at some point, but something tells me I'm really going to hate the subplot with Finn and Rose even more. And I might finally get to see the third lesson on why the Jedi order had to end.
  5. Debating on whether or not to get a PS4 Pro from TRU store closures.
  6. Stephen Hawking has passed at 76

    I think it's time I read his book. I''m surprised I haven't put it on my to do list.
  7. A thread about Lego

    Tax season is almost over. I'm running on fumes at the moment, and I still can't find the damn Millenium Falcon.
  8. I'm getting the Amiibo.
  9. I think that's my favorite gaming experience. Period.
  10. Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    Are you talking about Ghost Protocol?
  11. Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    The Cloverfield Paradox - Zhang Ziyi has barely aged. But beside that point, this movie didn't need the Cloverfield name. It felt like a higher budget SyFy movie. Anastasia (1997) - Man, I sort of miss Don Bluth movies, but this one is a shoulder shrugger. Meh. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - I don't have to like Tom Cruise personally, but the man sure does make entertaining movies, and this one was a lot of fun.
  12. Will watch... after my test exam on Tuesday.
  13. Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    I respect artistry and fine craftsmenship, but this guy is at the bottom of the list of people I want to have a beer with. He's way too method for me to handle.