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  1. Aside from some very strange problem where my controller doesn't work with a micro SD installed, it's been flawless.
  2. Loving this game, and really tempted to rebuy on Switch.
  3. Silly question: physical copy or download this game?
  4. I spend my work day in public accounting. When the day is over, I watch sports, cook, play video games, listen to music, and watch fictional movies with superheroes, wizards, ghosts, and what not. After giving some thought to what Bill Maher said, I will still spend my work day in public accounting. When the day is over, I will still watch sports, cook, play video games, listen to music, and watch fictional movies with superheroes, wizards, ghosts, and what not. He could've said the opposite thing, and nothing would change. If getting older has done anything to me, it's I have a better appreciation for the simple pleasures I had as a ten year old.
  5. Okay, at some point I'll be creating a spreadsheet of televisions I'm looking at, but I wanted some new input before I get started on this project next week. A few things. Minimum Television Size I'm coming from a Panasonic 2010/2011 plasma that was 1080p and 50 inch. It's worked amazingly well, and will continue to be my driver for the time being. I'm assuming with my next upgrade I'm looking at 65 inch (because for some reason 60 inch doesn't exist)? This would be the same size as my 4:3 big screen from the olden days of Mitsubishi rear projection. HDMI 2.1 I'm assuming the sensible thing to do would be wait until televisions with this spec start rolling out. Operating System This has caused me some consternation as I was kind of hoping for a "dumb" television, but smart televisions are the norm now. Are there particular operating systems I want to avoid? And how unfounded are the fears of intrusive ads on my television? HDR It looks like LG is the only television manufacturer to have both HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Will I miss out if I get a television that supports only one or the other? That and I've never purchased an LG device ever. Miscellaneous Burn in is still a thing? Have I missed anything besides reading reviews? I'm using this forum and Rtings.com as my base of operations.
  6. Solo: A Star Wars Story - It wasn't bad. It wasn't good either. And that's probably the most disappointing thing about it. Han Solo is my favorite movie character of all time, and they got the blandest actor to portray him. Annihilation - This is sort of what I'd expect from something that strikes me as cosmic horror/sci-fi light. That's not a bad thing. I liked it. I was kind of hoping for something mind-blowing, but it's not a bad effort. If I had one nit to pick, it's this: Bird Box - This wasn't bad either, and this too struck me as cosmic horror/sci-fi light. If you had to go for the angle this does a pretty good job.
  7. And now for the final season. I really enjoyed Star Trek: TNG, and some of the best episodes rank up there with the best television episodes (the opposite also applies). But there's no doubt in my mind I would love to see a Trek series in this current "golden age" of television which I feel got kick started by the Sopranos (not sure I would pay for CBS to see Discovery). Season 7 Descent Part II - I expected more, but this Lore episode was kind of dull. Liasons - Bizarro world episode about strange alien culture. Unfortunately, I feel like I've seen a television episode somewhere that lampoons this concept. Interface - His episode is far sadder in concept than execution. This episode is never addressed ever again unfortunately. Gambit, Part I - This had potential, but it seems wasted. Gambit, Part II - See previous episode summary. Such a waste. Phantasms - I liked this Data episode. His dreams (or nightmares) seems weird enough to be entertaining. Dark Page - Lwaxana Troi episode that would've been an all-time great... if it wasn't a Lwaxana Troi episode. Attached - Picard and Crusher should've bone a lot more. Force of Nature - This whole warp drive is causing damage to the space environment should've been explored a lot better. Inheritance - I'm finding it hard to believe that for every great Data episode, there are bland ones like this as well. Parallels - It's a great parallel universe story, and it manages to make Worf super entertaining as he either comes in first or last place in a Batleth tourney. The Pegasus - John Locke used to be in charge of Commander Riker. Great episode as it makes the Federation not all goody two shoes. Homeward - It's hard to picture Worf's brother as anybody but a mob boss. Sub Rosa - A ghost making out with Crusher sounds like the kind of erotic fan fiction that would be disappointing. I was right. Lower Decks - This is as close to common folk as one would get in the Star Trek universe. It kind of sucks that Sito kind of died. Thine Own Self - I feel like we've seen this episode before. Masks - A bizarre episode that had potential, but it got a little too campy. Eye of the Beholder - I think I just don't like Troi episodes. I think she does well in the movies and cameos in Voyager, but I just don't enjoy anything where she's the focal point. Genesis - This could've been an awesome action episode, but it was boring. Journey's End - It's hard to take this episode seriously when I can't help but think of the Martians from Futurama. Firstborn - It's kind of sad how Worf's kid turns out. Bloodlines - I don't believe in a future where contraception does not exist. That and the twist at the end wasn't that impressive. Emergence - AI really doesn't scare me, and this episode didn't sway my opinion one bit. Preemptive Strike - I really like Ensign Ro episodes, and this one is her best. I really want to see if she shows up in DS9. Something tells me no as I think Star Trek writers aren't exactly the best at continuity details. All Good Things - Finally Q is super interesting. But the depressing part of this episode is.. what if in the new series Picard has space dementia? And that's it. I will probably start DS9 at some point, but I am focused on spending my free time with Dragon Quest XI right now.
  8. I've fallen in and out of podcasts, and I'm recently back in. Been listening to Business Wars, and I won't be the first or last person to make this bad observation: I think the host sounds like Casey Kasem.
  9. Well, I've decided to make a 2019 goal: to have a 4K television by early summer/early October (my birthday). I'll start researching now.
  10. I completely thought of a much different genre...
  11. This past Christmas, I finally can remove something off my bucket list: I had moonshine for the first time. The company kind and the distilled in the mountains in the backyard kind.
  12. I'm surprised there's no mention of Ocarina of Time being the scariest Zelda game with the screaming Redeads.
  13. I finally went with the Unifi with the following: Unifi USG Unifi 8 150W Unifi nanoHD Unifi Cloudkey and a new modem to top it off: Netgear CM600 I hope this works.
  14. And my Surface Pro 3 is officially dead. I don't care that the laptop was lagging like crazy in its final years, or that battery life off the charger was abysmal. But if I can't even turn it on with it being plugged in, I will not consider anymore products from this line. Any laptop should work on a charger as a bare minimum.
  15. The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - It's alright, but it feels like I might enjoy it more were I British and enjoyed fascination with British view's of bureaucracy and absurdity.
  16. What this guy said, but if I had to be brand specific. amFilm for screen protector, Samsung for microSD, and RDS cases.
  17. A Wrinkle In Time - Holy shit that was boring...
  18. Season 6 Time's Arrow Part II - This felt like a Doctor Who episode. Realm of Fear - Barclay episodes are hit or miss. This one is a miss. Man of the People - This season is just not doing it at this point. Another boring Troi episode. Relics - I felt bad this entire episode given how I couldn't stop thinking about how James Doohan's life ended. Schisms - This was just a bizarre episode. True Q - Not gonna lie, I had a crush on Olivia D' Abo since Conan The Destroyer. Rascals - Wow this was an awkward episode. A Fistful of Datas - Worf in the wild, wild west. Chain of Command Part I - I'm convinced at this point Cardassians are the best thing Star Trek writers can come up with for bastard villains. Chain of Command Part II - Man, the bad guy from Robocop and Total Recall still can't stop playing a dick. Ship In A Bottle - I love how meta this episode is. It's a very subtle amount of self awareness. Aquiel - Geordi sort of gets game... finally? Face of the Enemy - I really hate Troi episodes. Tapestry - I vaguely remember seeing this episode when it premiered (or syndication). I liked it then, and I liked it now. Birthright - Not a bad Worf story, and the Data B story was pretty good too. It's kind of nice to see Klingons acting in a way that's not all warlike and aggressive (I have no idea how they became space-faring). And the biggest surprise is that Klingons and Romulans can bone and have kids. Starship Mine - Okay, now it's two actors from this series that later show up on Voyager as completely different characters. The concept of "cleaning" the Enterprise was very interesting, but it wasn't used to its full potential. Lesson - Picard finds duty winning over romance. I hope with the new Trek series we get to see what happens when he chooses the bedroom over the bridge. The Chase - This is an episode that doesn't feel like it has been followed up on. Frame of Mind - Why are Riker episodes generally super good? Suspicions - This finally makes the Ferengi much more interesting. Sure he's money grubbing still, but at least it shows that Ferengi can think about the money making. Rightful Heir - I don't think this ended correctly. Kahless should've been killed. Second Chances - I really feel bad for lieutenant Riker. Timescape - This was an enjoyable, but forgettable episode. Descent Part I - Lore controlling the Borg. Not as interesting as it sounds.
  19. Season 5 If I were being honest about where I would rank TNG for television shows, it's top ten/top fifteen. But there's no doubt in my mind that one episode out of this season ranks as my top five/top ten episodes of series television period. Redemption Part II - It's kind of laughable that the Duras kid was seriously considered at one point. Darmok - This is a batshit crazy episode about communication between cultures doing things so dramatically different... and it works. Ensign Ro - At this point, I wonder if the Cardassians will ever redeem themselves. I guess DS9 will have to answer it. Silicon Avatar - It takes an indifferent crystalline entity to stop Riker from getting laid. Otherwise, a scientist lady seeks vengeance on that same entity. And Data lands one hell of a figurative gut punch of all time. Disaster - This wasn't bad as Picard is stuck with kids and Worf delivers a baby. The Game - Wesley Crusher saves the day... again. But holy shit is Ashley Judd cute in this one. Unification - I don't think it's a hot take when I say this was very underwhelming, even with Spock. A Matter of Time - I did not know that guy was Max Headroom. New Ground - I'm not as annoyed with the kid that played Alexander, but this was a meh episode. Hero Worship - This should've been better, but it's okay. A kid acts like Data to cope with serious trauma. Violations - This is kind of mild, but you kind of wish would've tackled this episode a little better. This era would've handled mind rape much differently. The Masterpiece Society - Counselor Troi episodes are just boring. Conundrum - I feel like Rick and Morty used the premise from this episode and played it for laughs. Power Play - I kind of enjoyed the cookiness of this when three random aliens take over Data, Troi, and O'Brien. Ethics - I'm more shocked at how medicine isn't more advanced at this point. The Outcast - Yeah this episode would never get made today. Cause and Effect - Groundhog Day The First Duty - Uh, wasn't that guy in Voyager? And the best part is Wesley Crusher is knocked down several pegs. Cost of Living - Another Lwaxana Troi episode... The Perfect Mate - This episode has some great philosophical implications about free will. It also features sexy Famke Jansen pre Xenia Onatopp. Her Klingon growl is somethings else. Worf's reaction is priceless. I almost forgot about the holodeck line. Imaginary Friend - Kind of creepy I, Borg - Guinan and Picard sell this episode. That look on Guinan's face when Hugh tells her the Borg are lonely too hits you pretty hard. The Next Phase - This episode isn't that remarkable, but the thought of being kicked into space scares the shit out of me. The Inner Light - I thought that was Brian Doyle Murray, but the actor's name is actually Richard Riehle. Anyways, I feel like science fiction is at it's best when it isn't too sciency (not a word, I know). This is the episode I mentioned earlier. I haven't been wowed like this in a long time. That ending is perfect. Time's Arrow Part I - And we end the season on this note. It's okay, but every episode is a disappointment after the last one.
  20. I finally got around to watching this, and I'm 3 episodes in. I'm at the point where the two cops interrogated Brendan. Uh, why wasn't there an attorney present during his questioning? And that interrogation doesn't feel right. I'm sure some internet digging will help, but man this feels bizarre.
  21. Season 4 I think TNG, like a lot of shows deserving of attention, hit their stride around season 3 or season 4. It really shows. There's still some clunkers, but man the highs are definitely high. Season 4 was very good, but there are head scratches in this one. The Best of Both Worlds Part II - I like the idea of the Borg more than I like the execution. I actually enjoyed Riker with the four pips of a captain. Family - This episode hit me in the feels twice. First, you get to see Picard just break down and be vulnerable in the face of his brother, who he feels has bullied him all his life. And then there's Wesley. I forget that at heart he's really a kid who lost his dad, and that speech from his father really did it. Brothers - Brent Spiner does a pretty good job playing 3 roles in this one. Data, Evil Data, and their creator/father. Suddenly Human - It's fairly obvious in the Star Trek universe no one has heard of the classic genre known as heavy metal. Remember Me - I vaguely remember seeing this when it debuted (or syndication). It's okay as Beverly Crusher occupies a shrinking universe. It's kind of boring to be honest. Legacy - In case you're wondering, that's not Linda Hamilton or someone related to her. The resemblance is uncanny though. Reunion - Worf's ex girlfriend is not that bad looking to be honest. How Worf didn't get court marshaled for taking vengeance is just kind of mind boggling. Future Imperfect - Riker has a son. This is statistically possible. Best part of this episode is Admiral Picard... with a beard and mustache. Final Mission - That captain they hang out with is super stupid. It's okay. The Loss - Futurama did the 2D beings a bit better. I'm not sure where this episode went. The sub plot with Counselor Troi should've been a gold mine, but it wasn't. Data's Day - I kind of like Data narrating his day. And Keiko and Miles O'Brien have no chemistry whatsoever. And then there's the person who, surprise, is not a Vulcan but a Romulan. I don't know what to think at this point. The Wounded - If it was any other actor besides the warden from Shawshank Redemption, I would've believed the captain that the Cardassians (who kind of strike me as pretty big assholes) were plotting something. Devil's Due - When you live in a universe where Q exists, how in the hell do you not suspect aliens (when strange shit happens) as the very first suspect? Clues - I love the sexy of girls in garters, but I'm not quite sure what to think when Whoopi Goldberg does it. I guess she has nice legs (or it could be her body double)? First Contact - Riker doesn't even try, and he gets laid. Sure there's a point about the Prime Directive, but it's overshadowed by random alien lady wanting to get it on with Riker. Galaxy's Child - And on the opposite end of the spectrum from Riker is Geordi. This episode merits some discussion given the era we live in. Identity Crisis - This could've been better. The Nth Degree - This is what happens when you take the awkward out of Barclay, and he could easily pass into super villain territory. Qpid - Out of all the weird allusions/references to have, Work breaking the shit out of a lute definitely feels like an Animal House homage. And it's nice seeing Vash again, who's sort strikes me as someone who could realistically pass as a younger love interest for Picard. The Drumhead - Not sure courtroom drama works so well, but damn isn't Picard magnificent as always. Half A Life - Would it be too hokey (and self aware) for the crew of the Enterprise to point out Lwaxana Troi sounds an awful lot like the ship? This is actually not a bad episode. I kind of like how Lwaxana feels about the guy that has to kill himself because custom dictates it. The Host - I don't remember much to be honest. The Mind's Eye - Man, Star Trek went really dark with Geordi's torture scenes. In Theory - This is a bizarre episode. Not sure why a human thinks a relationship with someone as emotionless as an android would be a good idea (or a Vulcan, but that's another discussion for another day), but how does "friends with benefits" not cross her mind? Redemption Part 1 - The only thing not surprising is how creepy Gowron's eyes are.
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