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  1. As a huge Terminator fan... HUGE.....This is my sentiment as well. The trailer seems like a mashup of Terminator Salvation and the last movie. I'm still watching at the theater anyway... Like I've done for all the previous terminator films because I'm a sucker.
  2. And Halt and Catch Fire. and The Martian and Blade Runner 2049, etc...
  3. wait what? Hulu finally does 5.1? Edit: I totally missed it:
  4. Pete Holmes should be the next batman.
  5. I hope they don't screw up the sound mix on those. And can someone explain why somebody thought Godzilla 1998 in UHD was necessary?
  6. Does this help? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqHJFEnbZLQ
  7. So I take it there's been no re-issues at all, bummer.\ Which ones are the hits?
  8. So what's the latest word on Disney's UHD subpar audio mixes? Have they gotten better? Have they fixed any of their previous releases?
  9. Hah yeah this ^ some are at the front, some are mixed with the bluray section, some are in their own section, some are on the short end of the shelving panels.
  10. Man there's something about the games industry that takes it up a notch from the Tech industry. Perhaps it's the money involved, or the supply of pool of fresh grads is bigger since it's games and mostly about art/assert creation rather than engineering. I do see that cycle totally in the Tech industry, where they burn out fresh college grads in 2 years, rinse and repeat. And it some past companies I have heard "we prefer college grads because we can mold them to our culture".
  11. Who gave Keith a Netflix show? its funny cringe like Tim and Eric.
  12. More depth is provided in The Dropout podcast: http://abcradio.com/podcasts/the-dropout/
  13. Well that's a nice damn trailer. It did it's job - I will see this movie at the theater.
  14. Looks passable - certainly will entertain the kids.
  15. I never played R-type... but I played the shit ouf of Axelay for the SNES.
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