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  1. Ah, much better! I found one battle I didn't complete in the Light Realm (the first map). Also, it turns out that you have to do the individual fights with Galeem and Dharkon on the final map in order to get 100% completion, not just the battle where you fight both of them at the same time in order to get the True Ending.
  2. And done! It feels real good to have finally finished "World of Light" with one caveat... That 0.49% I haven't completed is going to bug the shit out of me. I can't figure out what I might have missed. My guess is that there are a couple fights I didn't do. I could try to go back and find them, but some of the maps are so big though that it would be hard to pinpoint exactly where they are.
  3. What I like most is the care and attention that went into adding Joker to the game. I’m not familiar with Persona 5, but from watching the reactions from people who are on YouTube, you get a sense that they got all the little details right. He wasn’t just haphazardly thrown into the mix. By the way, I started up World of Light again yesterday. I cleared out most of the battles on the final map. I’m now sitting at over 37 hrs. of playtime on it (and by “it” I just mean World of Light) and have cleared 602 spaces. I’m almost at the end. A few more battles and I should finally be finished.
  4. That's why you go to the 2:00 AM showing of it and don’t tell her about it. Problem solved! #fatheroftheyear
  5. PROOF THAT LUCASFILM HAD THE ENTIRE SEQUEL TRILOGY PLANNED FROM THE START!!!!!! The only thing wrong is the episode number.
  6. Here’s the Digital Foundry analysis of the Switch port of Cuphead. Overall, it’s more or less a perfect conversion from the Xbox One/PC version. 1080p docked, 720p handheld with a smooth 60fps in performance in both modes. Again, I’m very interested in seeing how well this sells on Switch. My gut says this is going to sell amazingly well.
  7. My guess is that if the price of Sony's (and Microsoft's) next gen console launch at $499, both companies are going to intentionally leak it to the press in the months ahead of the official announcements. That way they can set expectations for the public so that when price does appear on stage, gamers are not surprised or angered by it.
  8. Additionally, Ian McDiarmid voiced Palpatine/The Emperor in his episode(s) as well.
  9. A list of OT and prequel trilogy characters that appear in Star Wars Rebels (off the top of my head): Darth Vader Emperor Palpatine Grand Moff Tarkin C-3PO R2-D2 Lando Clarissan Princess Leia Mon Mothma Darth Maul Bail Organa Obi-Wan Kenobi Yoda Wedge Antillies It’s a small galaxy, indeed. Still, good show though.
  10. As glad as I am to hear this, it's somewhat sad that we've reached the point where, “We promise not to fleece you after buying the game,” is being touted as a selling point.
  11. I broke down and bought a trio of Pro Controllers tonight. I bought them at Best Buy and Target. BB had two in stock, and Target had one, which worked out perfectly. I got both stores to price match Amazon as well, where they are being sold for $56.99 instead of $69.99. ($13 off). I had one already, but my two boys are getting more into Mario Kart 8 and want to play multiplayer with their old man. We’ve been getting along fine using the one Pro Controller I already have (for me) and the two Joy Cons (for the boys). However, the older boy has been wanting to use the Pro instead the last few rounds and has been pretty upset when I wouldn’t let him use it. I don’t blame him. Using the Joy Cons on their side isn’t a great experience, even for someone with little hands. Not it only that, but I have the earlier version of the Joy Cons with the wonky connectivity issues in the left one. You have to point it at the Switch in just the right way, otherwise it won’t register the input. It’s not uncommon for it to just disconnect altogether in the middle of a game either. Anyway, now the three of us all have a Pro Controller, with an additional one in case Mom wants to play as well. So family game time can perhaps be a little more fun for everyone.
  12. How about an uncompressed version in 1080p with a DTS-HD MA 5.1 soundtrack that you can download directly to your computer? https://thedigitaltheater.com/star-wars-episode-ix-2019/
  13. Cory Barlog’s talk at GDC 2019 is worth watching for so many reasons. Check it out.
  14. Hello, vinyl nerds. Ima leave this here. Hollow Knight (Original Soundtrack), Limited Edition 2X LP Vinyl - Picture Disc
  15. Okay, I have the Void Heart and the Pure Nail now. I think I’m ready to end this game. The question is do I just try to kill the Hollow Knight, or do I try to take on the Absolute Radiance as well? I guess we'll see how it goes. Oh, and if you didn’t understand any of that, no worries. I’m not sure I do either.
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