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  1. I just unlocked Simon tonight. I defeated him with Bayonetta. I played one match with him on the Luigi’s Mansion stage against Wii Fit Trainer. Seriously, is this game even real? It feels like a fever dream or something.
  2. Dude, seriously. The correct terms is "Character I Play as the Most Because They're My Favoritest." Get with it!
  3. You mean the Smash Ball? OMFG you are such a noob.
  4. Yeah, I know it's a perfect 60fps on PS4. I think I saw that in a Digital Foundry video. Isn't a perfect 60fps a requirement for every PSVR game as well? I remember hearing something about how Sony weren't going to certify any games that had dips in performance for it.
  5. Before I start talking about Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, I just want to say two things. First, SPOILER ALERT!!! Given the fact that this game is still relatively new (released less than two years ago), I'm assuming that there are some people out there who want to play it, but haven't gotten around to it yet. This post will talk about the game openly and without the use of the spoiler tags. You have been warned. Second, as I may have mentioned in a previous post, I did start playing it last summer and got a couple hours in. Specifically, I made it into the Molded-infested basement of the main house, before putting it down to go back and play through the rest of the series. For this play through, I restarted the game from the beginning, so that all the story and gameplay elements would be fresh in my head after a multi-month break. With that out of the way, here is what I had to say about it in the first post: Resident Evil 7 is, by far, the scariest game in the franchise. The opening hours in particular--in which you first enter the guest house, find Mia, and have your first run-in with the Baker clan--serve up some of the most terrifying gaming moments I can recall in recent memory. I was particularly struck by how intense the battle with Mia is at the end of the prologue. Seeing her lumbering towards you with a chainsaw and a crazed look in her eye is a thousand times scarier than all the zombie hordes of Resident Evil 6. It’s a remarkable contrast. I think the shift to a first-person perspective plays a huge part of why this game is so scary. While I love a good third-person game, I think it’s more unsettling to have these horrors look you, the player, directly in the eye rather than at some third-person avatar on screen. I imagine the sensation is even more intense in VR. Despite the shift in perspective, this feels like a classic Resident Evil game. In fact, it’s the closest in tone, pacing, and setting to the original (especially the REmake). I love that it mostly takes place in one central location rather than across multiple places and the events play out across the events of a single night (from what I can tell). Ethan’s only goal is to survive and escape with Mia, in much the same way that the protagonists of the first three games were trying to escape the nightmares of the Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City. I know some folks here have said that this is their favorite game in the franchise now. I can certainly understand why. It's masterpiece from beginning to end and one of the best games I've played in a long time. Do I like it better than the REmake or RE4? I don't know. I think I need more time to dwell on it before making that judgement. What I can tell you is that it ranks in my top three RE games for sure. Some additional random thoughts: I love that the game is patient. It doesn’t feel the need to throw something at the player at all times. You get a chance to breathe, take stock, and plan your next course of action. Of course, once you do relax, something terrible jumps at you from the shadows are reminds you that you’re playing a Resident Evil game. Speaking of terrible things, Jack, Marguerite, and Lucas are the best villains of the series. They're memorable, well-written, and the voice acting for each is superb. I especially like how you get a glimpse of the gentle souls Jack and Marguerite were before finding Eveline in "Sisters". It makes their transformations feel even more menacing and tragic. The DLC for RE7 is really good--among the best the series has to offer. I like how each scenario offers something unique and different than what you find in the main game. My favorite is probably "Bedroom" from Banned Footage. It's a great puzzle to solve and terrifying every time Marguerite returns to the room. My least favorite is "Not a Hero" simply because it's a standard first-person shooter affair without any of the tension and pacing found in the main game. Let's hope this isn't what Resident Evil 8 or 9 turn into. "End of Zoe" is also pretty good, but I had a hell of a time fighting the swamp monster. It felt good when I finally took him down. Joe Baker may be one of my new favorite characters in the whole series now. I like the fact that Ethan is just a normal dude. In fact, he's probably the most regular guy you get to play as in any of these games. He's not a member of S.T.A.R.S., the BSAA , a super spy, or someone with super-human abilities. He's vulnerable in a way that I Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, or Ada Wong never were, making the game even more terrifying. His reactions really sell the horror of the situation as well. It was funny seeing Chris Redfield show up at the very end because to him, all this is just another day on the job. Ethan, on the other hand, will need years of therapy to deal with everything that just happened to him at the Baker estate. Aside from a few low-res texutures here and there, the graphics in this game are amazing. The fact that it runs at a smooth 60fps (on Xbox One X anyway) is even better. The lighting in particular is exceptionally good and does a great job of setting the mood throughout the whole game. If you can, play it like I did at night with all the lights turned off. It's worth it. Now that I'm officially done with the mainline series, I'm going to take a look at the Revelations spin-off series. First up, as you'd expect, Resident Evil Revelations! I'm looking forward to playing this one again, especially since this time it will be on a console and not a handheld. It should make the experience a lot better.
  6. Really amazing news. I played a little bit of the first game since it was included with Orta, but I would like to see more of the second. Like you said, Romier, hopefully they turn out well.
  7. The I'd love to see Capcom do a Mega Man Legacy-like collection with the first three RE games. Put them together on a single collection and give us the best possible combination of elements from all the releases they can. It’s a shame that they aren’t playable on modern consoles at the moment. It seems like a wated opportunity.
  8. Nope. You'll have to unlock all the characters. It's always been this way, going back to the very first Smash on N64.
  9. JFo

    The Easy Allies thread

    Talk about about going down a rabbit hole...
  10. JFo

    The Easy Allies thread

    Big day for the Allies.
  11. Yeah, I think I’ve heard of this one.
  12. So, this happened Thursday evening. As with RE4, the time indicator is not an accurate read of how long it actually took me to finish the game. It was probably more like 12 hours when all was said and done. I chose the Mia path and, according to the game’s achievements, unlocked ending 1. Last night I checked out some of the Banned Footage DLC: Nightmare and Bedroom. I didn’t finish either one yet, unfortunately. I made it to 3:00 am on Nightmare before being killed by the Molded, and I had to go to bed before I could finish Bedroom. So far, this DLC is a little different from what I expected. Between the two of them, I much prefer Bedroom. I’ll be looking at the rest of the DLC before posting my full thoughts. I’m really interested to see the other stories that were touched on in the main game, but not really explored in depth.
  13. Well worth it at that price. Great game that goes in very unexpected places. Great soundtrack too.
  14. Agreed with everything you said. Furthermore, I just want to reiterate that it is never necessary to manually quit apps on iOS to prevent the device from slowing down. Force quitting an app that's unresponsive is another matter, but the idea that all those apps listed in the multi-tasking screen are consuming precious system resources is flat-out wrong.