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  1. Celeste Taught Fans And Its Own Creator To Take Better Care Of Themselves Nathan Grayson, writing for Kotaku: You know a game is special when it can have this sort of impact on the people playing it.
  2. If the PS5 doesn't have, at the very least, some sort of backwards compatibility for PS4, I will consider it a major black mark for the console.
  3. “High Definition Vinyl” Is Happening, Possibly as Early as Next Year Marc Hogan, writing for Pitchfork: I heard about this on a podcast yesterday. I’m not sure if this has already been mentioned here or not, but I thought I’d share in case it hadn’t. Any thoughts on this? The extra storage capacity and improved amplitude sounds like it could be a win for vinyl enthusiasts. I’m not sure analog purists are going to take kindly to having their music digitized before having it pressed though. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that this is another empty audiophile marketing gimmick designed to part enthusiasts with more of their money in the same way that (in my opinon) 24-bit digital audio is.
  4. Yep, that looks quite a bit better, doesn't it?
  5. While we're on the subject, I would greatly appreciate it if they could add Metal Arms: Glitch in the System to the list.
  6. Not from me, but I'm sure Romier is with you on that.
  7. No love for Kabuki Warriors here????
  8. I should note that there are no strawberries to find in Chapter 6 "Reflection".
  9. I guess I lied. This game has pulled me back in and I’m in the process of gathering all the collectibles. So far I’ve collected all the strawberries and B-side cassettes through chapter 4. I also found the Crystal Heart on chapter 4. Some of these collectables are extremely well hidden, so I’ve resorted to YouTube to find them. I’ve not attempted any of the B-side levels yet though. I’m too scared. 😱 It is fun to go back to the first few levels after completing the main quest. They seem so much easier now. I still die, of course, but I can really tell that my skills have improved greatly since I started playing it. Interestingly, I’ve been playing the game in handheld mode on the Switch quite a bit these past few days. I would have thought that using the analog stick to move would have made the game harder, but it doesn’t (at least not for me). I think because the stick is shorter than the one on the Pro Controller, so it doesn’t have as much travel. It makes pulling off some of these difficult jumps a bit easier. My thumbs still hurt though.
  10. And done! Well, sort of. I made it to the summit and "finished" the game but there's still a ton I could do if I were really motivated. I can go find all the strawberries, complete the B-sides (and C-sides), and a few other side quests but I think that's all the fun my poor thumbs can handle. Here's my final stats for those interested:
  11. I actually still need to finish this game. I got sidetracked by some other titles and still have two more chapters to complete. I should get on that. I feel the same way. Super Meat Boy is fun and all, but I wouldn’t call the story or any of its characters relatable.
  12. I'm down to the last two shrines in the game now. I gave up on finding the last 6 on my own and consulted a wiki to find them. I am hoping to cap this part of the game off sometime tonight so that I can move on to the DLC.
  13. The Retro Gaming bug

    Probably. I looked up the specs and found this TV weighs 165 lbs (74.8 KG). My brother had a TV like this a long time ago and I always hated helping him move it. It was one of the worst parts about being related to him. 🙂 It could be worse though. Apparently the 36-inch version weighs in at a whopping 230 lbs (104.3 KG)! 😮
  14. The Retro Gaming bug

    Congratulations on the free TV. I am so glad I don’t have to help you move it. Those fuckers are heavy.