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  1. Let's hope this is the start of trend. There are so many 360 games that would benefit greatly from X enhancements.
  2. The Top PlayStation Trophy Hunter is Now Bagging 300 Platinums A Year Ethan Gach, writing for Kotaku: We ought to get this guy to post in this thread.
  3. For those of you who played the demo, check your messages on your Xbox. I just received a code for a 2019 McLaren Senna, which I believe is the super car on the game's cover art. I'll have to give it a spin when I get home tonight.
  4. I'm still surprised that all new BC games aren't getting X enhancements right away. It was my understanding that this didn't require any extra work to do. Was I incorrect about that? Is there some other reason why games aren't being updated with X enhancements? This is something I would love to see a games journalist ask someone at Xbox about.
  5. Thanks! I could have probably posted a lot more, but I had to stop somewhere. Those HD textures look really nice. My guess is that if the remake of Resident Evil 2 does really well, we're going to see a remake of RE4 sooner rather than later. By the way, this week's epsiode of Frame Trap has a segment about Resident Evil 4. It's brief at only about 8 minutes long, but worth checking out. Brandon Jones has been doing another playthrough of the game on his own time and talks about his experiences here. Some of his thoughts echo my own. The video below will start at the beginning of the segment.
  6. I took a break from my run through the Resident Evil series in September to play a couple other games, but now I’m back to continue my journey through the world of survival horror. We’ve moved on from the classic era with its fixed camera angles to the modern era, with its trademark over-the-shoulder perspective. We start, of course, with one of the biggest and most popular entries in the entire series: Resident Evil 4. Here’s what I had to say about it in the first post: For those of you interested, I dug up our review and discussion thread from 2005, which includes a staff review by yours truly. It’s fun to go back and see our reactions to Resident Evil 4 while we were all in the middle of playing it for the first time. Resident Evil 4 Reviews and Discussion Thread (Staff Review Included) Staff Review — Part 1, Part 2 It’s been nearly five years since I last played RE4. That’s not as big of a gap as the other games I recently replayed, but it’s not an insignificant amount of time either. It’s long enough where I could have forgotten much of what happens in it from both a story and gameplay standpoint. I can think of other games I’ve replayed after a gap of five years or less where I barely remembered anything about them, so much so that the second run might as well have been my first time playing them. Not so with Resident Evil 4. Throughout this entire run, I vividly remembered almost everything about it, including all of the levels, the boss fights, the action set pieces, and the story beats. Nearly every time I walked through a door, I would say to myself, “Oh, it’s this room!” It may have been five years, but it was all still fresh in my mind, as if I had just recently replayed it. Granted, my ability to remember nearly every aspect of this game has a lot to do with the fact that it I’ve played it so many times already. This is the fifth platform I’ve played it on now, and I’ve certainly played it more times than that over the years. Still, I don’t think I would remember so much of it if it wasn’t so masterfully crafted and executed. I could go on, but in the interest of keeping this somewhat brief, I’ll just say that the fact that I’ve played this game so many times over the years, remember just about everything that happened in it, and had such a blast playing it again this time should tell you all you need to know about it. And now for some other random thoughts: I had a difficult time getting used to the controls on this version. I decided to go with the default control scheme on this latest release for Xbox One and PS4. This control scheme follows some of the conventions in more modern games, including using the right thumb stick for aiming and using the right trigger to fire your weapon. The first couple hours were a bit more difficult than usual for me as a result. I’m so used to the original control scheme from the GameCube, that I had a difficult time adjusting. Once I did though, it worked perfectly well and I was able to play the game with hardly any issues. The visuals in this newest release are a mixed bag. It is both the best it has ever looked with a 1080p resolution and a rock solid 60fps, and a disappointment due to a lot of low-quality texture work in many of the environments and the fact that some effects and animations still run at 30fps. Perhaps its time for Capcom to do a full on remaster of this game ala Shadow of the Colossus. Quicktime events. You either love them or hate them. They’ve never bothered me personally. To me, they’re just part of this game’s charm. I can understand why some people don’t like them though. “Whaddaya buyin’?” “Whaddaya selling?” “Ah, I’ll buy it at a high price!” God, I love the merchant. He should be in every game. As I was playing, I kept thinking about Mark Brown’s Game Maker’s Toolkit video about the game’s dynamically scaling difficulty. Every time I died or I did really well in an area, I thought, “Will I notice the game getting it easier/harder?” That’s probably why Capcom didn’t say anything about it pre-release. It’s better not to know. The voice acting in this one is a step above the others in the series so far. Yeah, it’s campy as hell, but every performer is 100% devoted to the cheese, that it totally works. I love it. People describe this game as one big escort mission, but Leon spends a surprisingly large portion of it alone, even after initially finding Ashley. Krauser always confused me. When I played Resident Evil 4 for the first time, he was portrayed as a character that I should already know about, like Ada. However, I couldn’t remember who this guy was or his history with Leon. I assumed at the time that I either missed seeing him in another game, or I did encounter him at some point, but forgot about him completely. After playing the other previous games recently and doing a little research, I now know that this was his first appearance ever in the franchise, so I wasn’t missing anything. It’s still strange that he was introduced like someone I should already know. “Separate Ways” and “Assignment Ada” are decent bonus campaigns that would totally be released today as DLC for an extra charge. When I last replayed Resident Evil 4 in 2013, I didn’t play them. They were the one part of the game that I didn’t remember that well. I don't know why, but The Mercenaries has never interested me, despite how much people raved about it over the years. It's the only part of the game I've never really played at all. Ashley offering herself to Leon at the end of the game was extremely cringe-worthy 2005, and it has not improved since. It was made even worse this time by the fact that my wife was watching when it happened. 😬 Next up is the game that had the unenviable task of following up this ground-breaking entry—2009's Resident Evil 5!
  7. You are running out of ammo a lot more often. I don't think the guns hold as many rounds as in previous games, forcing you to scavenge for weapons more often. Also, I think you're right about the difficulty on Halo 4. The two games 343 Industries has made so far are both way harder than previous entries. Halo 5 in particular is really tough. My first playthrough of that game was on Heroic difficulty, but when I returned to it last year, I bumped it down to Normal, and it was still plenty difficult.
  8. JFo

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Those are all really good picks. I played Samus Returns when it came out last fall and it's a really excellent remake of Metroid II.
  9. JFo

    Luigi's Mansion 3 [Switch] - 2019

    This was also my biggest gripe with the game. I enjoyed the single setting of the first one a lot more. Still a great game and one of the first 3DS titles I owned when I finally bought one in 2014.
  10. I went from not even wanting an Xbox One at the start of this console generation, to buying one begrudgingly because I was able to get it for such a good price, to the Xbox One X being my preferred gaming platform. So, yes, I agree with the premise of that article as well. If Phil Spencer can bring great first-party exclusive games to the platform in the next few years, that will be the final piece of the puzzle.
  11. JFo

    Nintendo 64 Classic

    Also, Pilotwings 64. and Battle for Naboo. And if you’re looking for third-party games, I’d love to see Rayman 2 on there as well.
  12. JFo

    Nintendo 64 Classic

    This would be a dumb one to put on an N64 collection, don’t you think? 😉 In lieu of this, I’d say, put Yoshi’s Story on it.
  13. JFo

    Attachment Limit

    Dear @Starhawk, Thanks! Seriously though, you guys do read this part of the forum, right? 🧐
  14. Tomb Raider’s grisly death animations are outdated Mark Brown, creator of Game Maker's Toolkit, writing for Polygon: I think Brown is spot-on. These excessively violent death animations make sense in other genres, but not here. Should Square-Enix continue with this iteration of Lara Croft, I hope they are removed.
  15. John Linneman of Digital Foundry has posted a video analyzing Mega Man 11. The video is a half-review, half-analysis, of the game, which he adores. Hearing him rave about it gets me excited to eventually play it myself at some point, hopefully soon.