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  1. Just a quick update on my progress. I finally made it to Chris' campaign on CODE: Veronica last night. I defeated the last boss on Claire's campaign on my first try. I decided to play it safe and stock her up with a ton of ammo, weapons, and health recovery items, which certainly helped. Then I realized that Chris would receive all the inventory Claire left behind in the Item Boxes. So, I reloaded my previous save, put a bunch of those items back in the Item Box, and proceed to die like three or four times fighing that stupid boss. Oh well, at least I'm set up now for the rest of the game. Or at least so I think.
  2. I hadn't heard about it. It makes sense though. It seems like it would be one of the easier titles to port over. While they're at it, how about an HD remaster of New Super Mario Bros. Wii as well?
  3. Marge: “Homer, these boys sound very nice, but they’re clearly nerds.” It will be interesting to see what the resolution on the Xbox One X is. It would be nice if there were a performance mode option as well, but I suspect we won’t see anything like that on either high-end machine. And also what is up with Rockstar not putting either Red Dead on PC? I’m not a PC gamer, so it doesn’t affect me, but there's clearly a lot of interest in it from what I can tell. It seems like they’re leaving money on the table.
  4. I never relalized the PSP did so well. In my mind, I always thought it kind of flopped. Maybe if you compare its sales to the original DS, it looks that way, but 82 million units sold is nothing to scoff at.
  5. JFo

    Hollow Knight

    I’m very interested in this game, and I like Metroid-vanias, but I’m not sure if I want to get into one that's over 30 hours long. I feel like a good game in this genre is best suited to a 10-hour campaign. If it’s good enough, I’m sure Hollow Knight is worth it though.
  6. Two more games I can cross off my Xbox BC wish list: I loved Tomb Raider Legend back in the day. It was my first Tomb Raider game and one of my first 360 games. I only recently played the two follow up games, and thought those were good as well. It's nice to have the whole trilogy on Xbox One at long last.
  7. The thing that confused me at first is the fact that they’re calling it the 500 Million Limited Edition console—like they’re only going to make 500 million of these things, so you better order yours right away.
  8. Hey, I had that same issue of Nintendo Power (it was my second). Old habits die hard, I guess. Technically, this is the best order to take the robots in if you want to use another’s weapon on them: My biggest problem with the Nintendo Power’s recommendation is that Metal Man was—for me at least—one of the harder bosses to beat with just Mega Man’s gun. The same goes for starting with him, obviously. Once you get the Metal Blade though, you’re in business for the rest of the game.
  9. Nope, always start with Bomb Man. I remember reading a Nintendo hints and tips book (not published by Nintendo) long ago that recommended fighting the robots in an order that was completely wrong. If I remember correctly, they told you to start with Guts Man and end with Elec Man. Imagine how surprised I was when I discovered that Cut Man’s weapon lays waste to Elec Man in three hits or how Elec Man’s weapon can similairly take out Ice Man. That first game is tough, but knowing the right order to fight the robots makes things remarkably easy. For the record, here’s how I take on the robots in each game (more or less): Also, I’ll just leave this here.
  10. I’m on vacation this week and just happened to have some free time at home alone. I decided take a break from my Resident Evil series replay to dive back into one of the most-beloved video game series from my childhood: the NES Mega Man games. I’ve had the Legacy Collection sitting on my Xbox One’s hard drive for a while, but haven’t played through any of the games until now. I thought I might share some quick thoughts on each game. I tried to play each one as legit as possible, but I will admit to using save states throughout each game so that I didn’t have to endlessly replay stages over and over again. Mega Man This is the least impressive of the old NES games. I’m always surprised by how sloppy the controls feel. Its brutal difficulty doesn’t help matters any, especially with modern HDTVs. The Rock Monster at the end of the first Dr. Wily stage was always tough, but the aditional input lag from a modern television combined with the lag from a wireless controller do not make it any easier. Still, I have a certain fondness for this game. It’s short, to the point, and if you know what you’re doing, can be finished pretty quickly. Favorite Weapon: Elec Beam Favorite Song: Ice Man Mega Man 2 The best in the series as far as I’m concerned. It does just about everything right. The graphics pop of the screen like no other NES game. It has the best music tracks as well. Every song is a 10/10. The controls feel tight and responsive. The levels are challenging without being unfair. The bosses are iconic. It’s the complete package from beginning to end. Favorite Weapon: Metal Blade (of course!) Favorite Song: Bubble Man Mega Man 3 This game is nearly the equal of Mega Man 2, but it’s held back because it feels a bit over-stuffed. The Doc Robot stages—the ones you play between the 8 robot masters and the Dr. Wily castle—are a drag to play. They’re long, overly difficult, and I hate that you have to fight all the bosses from the second game again, and there are two per stage. It picks up toward the end though, and there’s enough good here to elevate it to nearly the top of the pile. Favorite Weapon: Needle Canon Favorite Song: Snake Man Mega Man 4 I think its safe to say that, from here on out, the NES games never quite reach the same heights again. Capcom does its best to breathe new life in the Mega Man formula, with mixed results. The Mega Buster is a cool addition, and some of the levels bring some unique new challenges such as quick sand and auto-scrolling. There are even a few branching paths to explore if you wish. Still, this game does not live up to the legacy of the earlier games. Favorite Weapon: Pharaoh Shot Favorite Song: Pharaoh Man Mega Man 5 Of the three games in the second trilogy, this is probably my favorite. I’m not sure why. The only real complaint I have after replaying it is that some of the level design feels cheap with several instant death traps that are very difficult to avoid (I’m looking at you, Crystal Man stage). Definitely be sure to collect all the MEGAMANV letters in each stage though so you can get Beat. If you do, you’re in for the easiest Dr. Wily fight in the series. Favorite Weapon: Beat Favorite Song: Star Man Mega Man 6 This game is pretty much going through the motions. It’s what you would expect from the sixth installment. The new Rush adaptors are pretty cool, but I could do without seeing the animation of them attaching to Mega Man every time I select them. I’m also not exactly sure why I should bother to collect the BEAT letters either. Beat doesn’t seem to be very useful in this game. Also, the music is more or less forgettable. There are a couple good tracks here, but nothing truly memorable. Favorite Weapon: Silver Tomahawk Favorite Song: Knight Man
  11. Oh, for Christ sakes, would you two get a tiny car that you both shouldn’t be able to fit inside of at the same time?
  12. Oh, yeah, that was something I did notice this time out. It saved me on a few occassions, but I had difficulty performing it reliably, partly because I had no clue how I was doing it. It’s the A button, I guess, on GameCube, based on what I’m reading on GameFAQs now. Thankfully, the game is extremely generous with its health items. Not only are there a lot of green herbs and health sprays, but there are also way more red herbs than there were in RE2. I needed them on those last two fights with Nemesis. Although, that’s partly my fault. On the very last boss fight, I forgot I had the rocket launcher and forgot to use it on his final form. I’m thinking it might have made things a bit easier. Whoops!
  13. Time to talk about Resident Evil 3: Nemesis... Here’s what I had to say about it in my first post: One of the biggest problems for me when trying to remember how I felt about this game was trying to separate it from Resident Evil 2 in my mind. Having just replayed both, I can see why. First, they’re both PSX titles released roughly a year apart ('98 and '99, respectively). Second, they take place during the same time and same place (for the most part). Finally, they follow similar story arcs with Leon, Claire, and Jill all trying to escape the zombie apocalypse of Raccoon City. Now, I did remember that 3 was Jill's game and that obviously had Nemesis, but I had forgotten that Raccoon City didn’t get nuked until the third game. In my memory, it happened at the end of both games. Replaying it obviously cleared that up for me, and I can see how both games are different from one another more clearly now. Overall, I'd say this is a solid entry in the classic-style RE games, worth playing if you get a chance. I think a remake of this game could be incredible with today’s technology. Hopefully, Capcom agrees and has plans to do just that, assuming that the RE2 remake sells well. Once again, here is a grab bag of random thoughts in no particular order: This game is hard—harder, I think, than the other two PSX games. I not only died more often in this game, but had to go back and reload earlier saves because I got myself into situations where I didn’t have enough ammo or healing items to complete my goal. Additionally, the bosses seemed like they took a lot more hits to go down. Perhaps I’m imagining this, but Jill feels quicker, more nimble than the characters in the previous games. Having the quick-turn ability is a big help in this regard. I liked the fact that you got to revisit RPD—if only briefly. Rather than spend a lot of time in one or two big areas (i.e. the Spencer Mansion or RPD), this game takes you to several locations which you only visit for a short time. You don’t spend too much time at any of them. As a result, I think the game feels a lot more linear overall. You can tell that the creators want to take the series in a more action-driven direction, but they’re bumping into the limitations of the fixed camera angles, which aren’t always best for the player in this regard. The fixed cameras work fine for puzzle solving and exploration, but they do not work great on boss encounters. This is definitely a late-generation PSX game. The graphics are probably the best of the PSX trilogy. I’m especially appreciative of the GameCube version, which I think is a noticeable step up in visual quality, especially if you have a set of component video cables. As always, Type-C controls on GameCube are the way to go (for me) Next up... Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X on GameCube.
  14. JFo

    Gamecube Sucks

    This one's pretty good.