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  1. I’m sorry, but could you elaborate on what you mean by, “the two left handles”? I’m trying picture what you’re saying but can’t figure it out.
  2. Heads up, headphone nerds. The Bowers & Wilkins PX are currently on sale now through June 15. They are available for $300 — a whole $100 off the normal asking price. Shipping is free as well. If you really want to save, you can order a refurbished pair for $230. Personally, I prefer the fit, feel, and sound quality of the P7 Wireless (which I already have), but this is definitely a very compelling deal if you are in the market for a high-quality noise-cancelling headphones such as these.
  3. I'm not sure about all time, but it's certainly one of the best video games made in the 1930s.
  4. I suppose I should mention that I finally started playing Cuphead this past week. I’m not very far along — only just made it to the second island last night — but I can definitely say the game has rightly earned its reputation. I spent a good hour or so fighting Wally Warbles (the bird in the birdhouse) this evening. It was frustrating to die over and over again, but when I finally got that knockout, it felt so good. That’s probably the toughest boss I’ve encountered so far, and it has me a little scared of what’s to come.
  5. My first instinct was to use the voucher to pre-order Super Mario Maker 2 and use the second voucher to buy Splatoon 2. If there are other preorders to be added to this list — presumably around E3 — I might have to wait and see. I really do want to try out Splatoon 2, but hesitate to spend a full $60 on it.
  6. Ever since Cuphead was released on Switch back in April, I’ve been occasionally checking the best-selling games on the eShop to see how it’s been doing. I think it's been at number 1 every time I’ve looked, selling better than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Minecraft, which happens to be on sale at the moment. So yeah, I think it’s probably doing pretty well.
  7. No story mode, but they did have that Endless Mode where you try to beat a bunch of levels in succession. Hey, it’s a real word now!
  8. That was a good Direct. I think I’m more excited about this game now that we have a better idea of what’s in it. It definitely has a lot more content than the original, and the addition of a story mode is nice for us single-player shut-ins. It’s a bummer that you need a Nintendo Online account to access the online features, but that’s not all that unexpected. I’m looking forward to sharing my shitty levels with you assholes. Oh FFS, just get the game. The original was one of the most delightful offerings on Wii U. You can easily forgo the “making” part of the game and just play the levels everyone else has created. You’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of it. EDIT: Here’s a link to the Direct for those of you who missed it.
  9. It looks like Nintendo can't wait until E3 to show us this game. A big 15-minute Direct was just announced for tomorrow afternoon (in American time, that is).
  10. It looks like before I can do anything, I’ll need to get some torx security screwdrivers. I have a set of regular torx screwdrivers at home, but little dimple in the middle of the screws in the Xbox One controller, are making it impossible for me to get it opened up.
  11. Yeah, this is what I was afraid of. I don’t have any real reservations about opening up the controller itself — I’ve disassembled my fair share of consoles and controllers over the years — but it’s just a hassle and not one that I’m particularly excited about. Just to clarify, the issue, isn’t as bad as it could be. The drift usually stops after a few seconds or when I point the stick in a different direction. I’ve seen some videos where the stick is permanently stuck in whichever position its drifting in, no matter what you do. Even though it’s not that bad — at least not yet — It’s still annoying as hell, and I want to do something about it sooner rather than later. More to come.
  12. Yeah, that’s quite an improvement over the original version. Upgrades like this are exactly why I bought an Xbox One X in the first place. Even though the digital version is overpriced at $29.99 (and will likely never go on sale), I may have to buy it at some point. I’ve only ever played Ninja Gaiden II on the PS3. Based on that Digital Foundry video, it’s very different from the Xbox 360 version in more ways than I knew or expected. However, I don’t think the differences are enough to reverse my overall impressions of the game, which I considered to be a marginal follow-up the 2004/5 masterpiece on Xbox. (God, I loved that game.)
  13. Tried this the other night. It didn’t seem to help at all.
  14. Recently, I noticed a strange issue with one of my Xbox One controllers. The left analog stick would get “stuck” as if I were pressing it up, even though the stick itself was dead center in the neutral position. This would result in things like my character walking forward in a first-person shooter, even though I’m not telling them to do so. I looked up the issue on Bing (yes, I know), and it looks like this is not any uncommon problem. I’ve watched a few videos on how to fix the issue, but it seems like short of taking the controller itself apart, this isn’t an easy fix. And even then, there’s no guarantee that the problem will be solved. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, were you able to fix it, and how?
  15. Here's the way I look at it: The console is $50 less than most of the other S bundles out there, and you get digital codes for three games. When they're not on sale, those three games add up to a total value of about $110.00. If I were new to Xbox One and I wanted a cheap way to get into the platform and get my hands on a few games to get started, this seems like a good way to do it. If you already have one or more of those games or they don't interest you, you can always sell the digital codes to someone on Craigslist and make some of your money back. I did this with the first Xbox One I bought in late 2014. That bundle came with digital codes for two Assassin's Creed games, which I sold for $20. Granted, you probably can't ask full price for those codes, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could get $40-$50 selling them all separately. That would bring the total price down to the $200-range (not including taxes, of course), which I think is a pretty good amount of money to spend on a current-gen console.
  16. I have to say, that new Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer is the most spoiler-y trailer Marvel has done for a while. And I’m not just talking about stuff that happened in Avengers: Endgame either. It actually gives you some idea of what this film is about, and some of the events that happen in it! Unbelievable!
  17. I was thinking that this scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming — specifically at the 1:48 mark — is more poignant now after seeing Endgame. 😭
  18. I always enjoy it when they do The Hall of Greats inductions. The latest one from this past week is no exception. Some really strong titles were nominated, and the vote tally for the top three was super close this time.
  19. If you are an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, Turok is only $4.99 this week, thanks to Deals with Gold. I paid twice that and it was well worth it. If you’re interested in this one, now’s the time.
  20. One thing I did prefer about Monster Boy over Hollow Knight was the fact that it contextualized your quest better. The story is fairly straight forward and your objectives are crystal clear from the beginning. You know what you’re doing and why the whole time. Hollow Knight does offer context for your quest, but it’s told through bits of lore scattered around the world rather than in cut scenes with lots of dialog. You have to piece the story together yourself, and I’ve never been very good at doing that. As a result, I spent much of my time exploring Hollownest, not really sure what my end goal was or why. It was only after I looked up a wiki that I finally understood what the story was about and what The Knight’s quest was all about. It also helps that Jin is more of a character —albeit a slightly generic video game hero one — than The Knight is. Jin at least has some personality to speak of, whereas The Knight is just a mute vessel for the player to explore the world. I agree some variety would be nice. I would love to see a straight-up old school platformer like Mario, Sonic, or 2D Rayman from some of these indie developers at some point. Maybe there are some games like that out there, but I have not heard of them. There’s a lot of game out there right now, and its easy to miss stuff. Too many games and all that.
  21. Thanks for the impressions, Romier. I will be curious to hear your thoughts on the game at hour 50 versus hour 5. The handful of reviews I’ve looked at seemed to imply that the game gets repetitive after a while — like maybe it would have been better to make this a 20-hour game instead of 60. Still, the fact that it borrows a lot from other games I enjoyed (The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc.) might make it worth my while down the road. I like so many of the systems that are supposedly in this game that I can’t ignore it.
  22. Oh man, I bet you love that one scene from Doctor Strange.
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