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  1. jubjub75

    British TV shows are the BEST!!!

    Finished s2 of Line of Duty last night. Absolutely terrific! Can't wait to start s3 this weekend. I love how many surprises they cram in and how characters pop back up periodically.
  2. jubjub75

    British TV shows are the BEST!!!

    We finished Line of Duty s1 yesterday and started s2. This is up there with The Wire and Breaking Bad as "Best Show Ever". Terrific, terrific writing with tons of great (but believable) twists. I have been genuinely shocked more times in seven episodes than a lot of shows during their whole run. I LOVE this show! For those in the US, it's on Hulu until the end of February.
  3. jubjub75

    British TV shows are the BEST!!!

    I NEVER read up on shows before watching them. I like going in fresh. My wife, on the other hand, will be reading Wikipedia about the show WHILE watching it. Drives me nuts. The events at the end of episode 2 caught me completely off guard! Can't wait to see what's next!
  4. jubjub75

    British TV shows are the BEST!!!

    Recently watched (and loved) Bodyguard, and as a result started Line of Duty last night. The first two episodes are incredible. I know I'm late to the party on this
  5. This thread is making me reminisce hardcore and remember the HOURS I spent on the first two on the original NES. Thanks for taking me down memory lane! It's also making me want to get a Switch. I've had a on/off relationship with Nintendo over the years and skipped a lot of their systems, so missed quite a few of the Zelda games. Might be a good time to get caught up
  6. jubjub75

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    Man, I nailed the top but was off towards the bottom. It was fun, and congrats to Joey!
  7. I hate to break the news to you, Carlos, but there's only 8 episodes It was very well done, I thought. Definitely non-essential, but it looked great and had enough twists and turns to keep me hooked. Plus I thought it got stronger as the season went on. It's still weird to see "Jim" as a CIA Operator, but it didn't bother me most of the time.
  8. jubjub75

    Dragon Quest 11

    I played (and loved) all of the Dragon Warriors, but have never played a Dragon Quest. This one looks really cool, but I'm not sure about the time commitment at this point in my life. I'm still working on the Horizon Zero Dawn expansion and haven't yet started the Uncharted 4 DLC. Sitting down to play video games for long chunks of time is tough when trying to adult on a semi-regular basis, and unfortunately, adulting usually has to win
  9. jubjub75

    Netflix members...

    Most of the reviews I've seen said it gets better after the first episode. I'm intrigued
  10. jubjub75

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    This is going to be tight! I need Ant-Man and Mission Impossible to flip spots, which appears possible at this point. When does it end?
  11. jubjub75

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    With Skyscraper opening this weekend and MI: Fallout getting good reviews, we could be in for an exciting few weeks! It's make or break time
  12. Thanks for the input, gents! Maybe I was just expecting too much for some reason. And @foogledricks - I'll need to see pics of you with and without, just for verification
  13. I saw the movie twice, in two different theaters, and both times I thought the surround mix was lacking. The whole movie sounded very front-heavy. The first theater was Dolby Atmos, and I actually went and complained that the system was not working correctly. The second theater was a XD screen (they tout the sound without giving it a specific name), and I thought it sounded very similar. Did anyone else notice this?
  14. jubjub75

    2018 Summer Movie Challenge

    So far we're all looking like geniuses...
  15. jubjub75

    2018 TV Discussion

    I heard somewhere that Fox was clearing out the schedule to resurrect Last Man Standing. Eww. Just Eww.