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  1. I’m not entirely averse to going all-download on a device. But. A box that can play my 360 games, but asks me to buy them all again has less value to me. A box that can’t play my films from disc has a LOT less value for me - being ready for when I go 4k was a big part of why I wanted one.
  2. Sure - in your situation it’s great, without a PC. Mind you, I’m replaying Hitman on Xbox and loving it.
  3. Start over. So I’m definitely not doing that.
  4. I am NOT buying another copy of Elite Dangerous. Definitely not. No way. Oh God.
  5. iainl

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    The strange February release date is spring half term, though. So not entirely ridiculous. 2 in particular is just a gorgeous, gorgeous looking thing.
  6. As someone who didn't know US comics at all (the only ones I read as a kid were Beano / Whizzer & Chips and then straight to 2000AD) I had pretty much zero reference for how important he was to the medium when we met him, but he was just a lovely man to talk to - warm, charming and with time for everyone at the table.
  7. There's apparently some weird limitation on the drive's ability to read handle other discs as well, according to the SingStar team that couldn't bring the ability to play songs from old discs over to the PS4 release the way the PS3 version can.
  8. I rather suspect the only reason that we don't have PS1 compatibility on PS4 is that they made the ludicrous decision to save what must have been several pennies by making the only Blu-ray drive line on the planet that doesn't have the right laser for also reading CDs. It was annoying enough to do that so we can't play music discs, but then having to say this isn't going to win them many fans:
  9. Disclaimer: "As good as Rez" is an unfairly high bar at the best of times, and I'm not a massive fan of that particular brand of Trance.
  10. I’m a very shallow man. My issue with Child of Eden was purely that the music wasn’t as good.
  11. Hmm. After the initial “ooh, it’s Britain, all the street furniture is like real life” excitement I’m less keen than I expected with this. It’s More Horizon and I’ve played quite a bit of 2 and 3 recently. But at the same time, that’s an impressive version of Skye they have there.
  12. FWIW I would go for the X over a dedicated Windows Box if I were you; for not-games stuff you’re too committed to keeping a Mac running and so it would be purely a games box; the value proposition is with the console then.
  13. Ooh, I’d like Ori - will get that on Game Pass then. Cunning to currently be having a “multiplayer for all” weekend that finishes the day before they put Plunkbat on there.
  14. Settings > Notifications, no? As far as I know I'm not getting them.
  15. That’s some broken UI - no dlc in the game pass versions, no.