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  1. DAMN. That is one lineup. Might have another go at Superhot (I gave up when it got frustratingly difficult just as it was being irritatingly arch) but mainly I've been meaning to try Outer Wilds and Void Bastards.
  2. Nice little bonus to see them putting the 3D disc in the Alita box - normally those that still care for such things are expected to buy both the 3D and UHD releases separately.
  3. Unless the performance has persuaded them that concentrating efforts on a new film every two years is more productive than diverting to TV.
  4. Well, that's not a pair of massive spoilers, then.
  5. For the duration of the film I had no concerns about what was going on with the time travel and they obeyed the rules they explicitly set out. Anything beyond that boils down to the Looper "I don't want to talk about time travel because if we start talking about it then we're going to be here all day talking about it, making diagrams with straws" quote. If the writer thought one thing, the director another and the actor a third, then welcome to Blade Runner. Nobody says that's a bad film due to the ambiguity.
  6. Pattinson's excellent. One of the most interesting actors in Hollywood today. I still kind of want them to cast half the rest of the Twilight people as well, though, because I'm weird. It'll be fun! Stewart as Barbara Gordon, Billy Burke as the Commissioner, Michael Sheen as Joker, the whole lot!
  7. Glad to hear 'tate mode is coming; will pick the Arcade set up next time I'm buying a Switch game. Well, except that Wargroove is currently a higher priority because I'm terrified of what the Xbox version is doing to my OLED and Finn's fallen -hard- for that game. But after that, anyway.
  8. Excuse me while I go cry about it a little.
  9. Don't worry, I went to look at reviews for the Arcade one and the rest of the internet is predictably angry about everything. Chiefly because you only get one version of each title, not the choice to play the variants - so Nemesis is specifically Nemesis without Gradius there, Contra etc don't give you the choice of playing the much easier Japanese release rather than the US one. Also, none of the vertical-screen arcade titles have tate modes, which is a bit of a bugger on Switch.
  10. I'm literally not buying it if it's the US cut. Yes, I am sulky, but all that exposition winds me up something rotten.
  11. Given that my views about the longer, rubbish US cut of The Shining are even stronger than those about the longer, rubbish cut of Aliens I really hope they don't make it the only option.
  12. We're STILL waiting for book 6, The Winds Of Winter. I shouldn't really be reading any of this TV talk, but we're way past it being possible to avoid them all. Dany's entire story has been one of her going "oh, I'm a sweet innocent dreamboat who's ever so sad that actions have inadvertently led to loads of people dying, yet again" so I'm not shocked that she's started to own it. My single biggest concern with both book and show is that for the longest time she might actually turn out to be "The Goodie", and if anything I've a hope this shows they're not going to fall for that easy out. The whole story of A Song of Ice and Fire is one of the dangerous and corrosive nature of power. Whether that's an inflexible Ned refusing to treat those interested in him not getting killed with the respect their advice deserves, the number of ruthless tyrants getting killed by their own family members, or seeing the power standing next to you as the big threat, rather than the terrible threat of climate change coming over the hill. What I don't see them doing anything about, sadly, is the audience power fantasy that is Hitgirl: Agent 17 and her disguise-switching stabby stabby ninja skills.
  13. Just needs Envy for maximum points.
  14. Unusual, but then so's Spiders Man. Though I guess that's licensed from Sony Pictures rather than Fox/Disney, so I've got nothing.
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