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  1. Some seriously weird geometry going on in those Spider-man posters.
  2. Oh bugger. That's exactly what I feared, yes. Not expecting to see Alien get followed by the sequels any time soon, then.
  3. Less Kill Bill than The Villainess, I suspect:
  4. Obviously I hate it, because I'm the sort of person who still buys physical products like Blu-rays and vinyl records. But I fear that's the case for the Big Experience games they demoed it with, and it doesn't matter how many times you say it's for "everyone" when they quote 25Mbps for a recommended performance; that's way beyond the average for just about every nation outside a few major cities. Most of all, I wouldn't personally have unveiled my new cloud-based expensive stuff ownership system the same week I emailed every Google+ owner to remind them all of their content will vanish at the end of the month because I was bored of hosting it.
  5. Oooh, Edith Finch please. I honestly doubt I could tell the difference between MvC3 (that's already on GP) and Infinite anyway. Didn't have a single clue what I was doing with it, and rapidly retreated to the safety of SFIV.
  6. Really hope "Arcade" is just a Vol. 1 because I'll happily take the rest of the Gradius games as well as Gyruss, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Time Pilot, Commando, Gyruss and probably about half a dozen others.
  7. Vulcan Venture AND Salamander? Nemesis actually called Nemesis rather than Gradius? Unless they get this horribly wrong I'm in.
  8. Really? Because I'm inferring from the name that it's less fast than the Radeon Pro Vega 56, and that was about GTX 1070 Mobile speed - I'd guess it's going to end up about 1060ish. Which is fine, really.
  9. I loved it - we've known from her announcement that they're introducing her to the MCU because she's crazy-level powerful, so I went in expecting two hours of pixels punching each other. To find out we've got a remarkably small-scale, emotionally-led human drama was a complete delight. During the "why do we fall, Master Bruce?" bit I practically punched The Patriarchy in the face.
  10. Pale redheads are usually from the Celtic Nations. Of course Hollywood makes us play the bad guys.
  11. This is a very long list of games THAT ARE NOT PROJECT GOTHAM ONES.
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