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  1. might have to grab Virtua Racing. At this point, my personal branding is required to say the magic words SCUD RACE and how it’s never had a home port.
  2. iainl

    Bond 25

    Yes, he got co-producer on Spectre. Deserved it for Quality of Street as well, by many accounts.
  3. iainl

    Bond 25

    I note that, as with the Boyle Exit announcement, Craig appears to be basically co-producing this now. February half term week sounds stupid, but I guess they're just too scared of going up against Fast & Furious 9 at Easter.
  4. Absolutely- but it’s not the version people remember, unless they’re weirdos like me who played on PC until PCs got too fast to cope (engine is locked to framerate, and assumes you can only manage 30fps so not even locking to 60 will save you).
  5. It occurs that all the wipEout titles use CDDA audio, so it’s a piece of cake for them to disappoint a bunch of people by replacing those expensive licensed tracks with the Cold Storage ones from PC; I’d imagine those are a lot cheaper.
  6. I never knew Porsche Unleashed was released on anything other than PC - curious! Best. NFS. EVER.
  7. Pretty limited definition of "playable" when it comes to Gran Turismo, though.
  8. The more I think about this, the more I wonder why the people so excited didn't buy a PS TV; it could run PS1 games, worked with wireless Dualshock pads so you had analogue pads and no cables, did a whole load of other things this can't, and was being sold off near the end of its life for a fraction of the cost of this thing. Is it really just because it doesn't come in a box that looks like a tiny PS1?
  9. I'll be just running them on my PS3, I suspect. Analogue pads for wipEout 3:SE and GT2, wireless controls and the games I'd put on here rather than a bunch of JRPGs that I never played the first time around.
  10. iainl

    Soundtracks, Soundtracks, Soundtracks

    Currently having fingers crossed there will still be a clear one left at Invada when I get paid at the end of the month.
  11. iainl

    Apple Discussion Thread

    All seems to be working well on the SE so far. Not noticed a lot of difference, mind you.
  12. iainl

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    The second Dragon should be pretty neat in HDR; such a great looking film.
  13. True enough. I bought a US copy and all the hard drive paraphenalia just to be able to run it back on the PS2.
  14. If I buy both you won’t judge me frivolous, will you? I might at least wait for the PC release to go cheap.
  15. iainl

    Apple Discussion Thread

    I'd like a Mini with acceptable specs at an acceptable price. But I think I just need to get my head around the fact that computer hardware is vastly more expensive than it used to be. I can't find even a Windows laptop I'd be happy with for much under £1000 either.