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  1. Oooh. A friend has just pointed out that this gives the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen rights to Disney. Would far rather they do a non-terrible version of this than reboot the X-men.
  2. Reading others' comments, it sounds like it's generally pretty great, but as buggy as you'd expect for the first version of a Bethesda release. Graphical issues in several places, most obviously that scope sights aren't rendered, and just show up plain black.
  3. Pity it’s deemed unavailable even to view outside the US.
  4. Destiny 2

    I like this idea of having a raid version that doesn’t get scaled into oblivion every time DLC comes out. By the time I was ready for a Raid, not that I had anyone I knew to raid with, another expansion came out and I could never hit the light level any more.
  5. There are third party Pro controllers, but I don't know if they can do joycons.
  6. That is marvellously completist. But I barely even need 1,2,Alpha,3, let alone every little variant. I CERTAINLY don't have more than I need of them on other formats already, oh no.
  7. So I guess I’m looking at PSVR again. First thing to do is to wait and see if this also needs me to buy a Pro; as I don’t have 4k I hope not.
  8. Apple have got phenomenal cash reserves. But it’s all trapped in Tax, umm, efficient countries. I’m not sure they can use it easily.
  9. If “go to the island, rescue as many dinosaurs as possible, before the volcano destroys everything, while getting saved from Baddie Dinos by Goodie Dinos” is the sun total of their plans then that is one extraordinary bad trailer, and not exactly a great looking movie. Surely the whole “military blokes stealing DNA” subplot of World means there is more here. Surely.
  10. Today's childish giggling is about the way that all Aliens hatch from eggs laid by the Queen. So they're going to be Disney Princesses. Yes they are.
  11. Soul Calibur VI (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

    It seems I completely missed V, somehow. But maybe I should get back in; PC means my DC stick works.
  12. Do I need a third vinyl copy of Introspective sat on the shelf? Umm... maybe? i definitely need less played-to-death Please and Actually.
  13. I am currently bouncing up and down in giddy excitement at the mere concept...
  14. I was being quite negative about this, out of fears for the implication for Fox's films. But I've just thought: ALIEN vs STITCH Make it so, please.
  15. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease Though if I get the original Super Monkey Ball in proper quality in a handheld (the only version ever to get the original's levels was the first GBA release, and yeah, you never knew how hard Expert 7 could be until you tried it on a dpad at 15 frames a second) you might not see me again.