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  1. A thread about Lego

  2. I bought none of them last year. My Pepper is a 1st pressing mono because a: I’m a hipster twat, but mostly b: I stole my Dad’s my Dark Side is similarly ancient.
  3. People complaining about $70 for the variety pack clearly don't have a child in possession of the Robot Wars Haynes Manual, pricing up £500 death machines. I'm going to die.
  4. One of the best things about the main game is the desert off-road slidey stuff, so I’m trying not to think too hard about the fun to be had on ice, now you mention it.
  5. The only reason I don't see myself buying the Thingy Mountain expansion any time soon is that I can't see myself ever getting to the end of the ridiculous quantity of things to do I already have.
  6. When I bought it before Christmas, it was under £25 for the game plus the Hot Wheels expansion at CD Keys. It's worth every penny, too; simply phenomenal game even though I'm running on Low settings with my GTX 770. But as the guy in the video mentions, even on a monster PC you have to knock the settings down a touch from the highest if you want 60fps. Not so much as you'd see in movement, but it's there.
  7. Forza Horizon 3 with all the assists on (or just not taking the grip-free hypercars out)? It’s got open-world messing about down to a tee.
  8. Thanks - I was thinking of the scanning; didn't occur to me that you wouldn't go further than that, but the space requirements must be OBSCENE.
  9. I believe the Japanese market is going to be offered 8k and/or HFR 4k broadcasts of the Tokyo 2020 games, but right now the only markets for 8k are for mastering cinema and photography; Dell has that ludicrous monitor out already and no doubt people want physical hardware to iron out the current challenges in driving it.
  10. If what you want is a mediocre 2D Lemmings thing then it's not as awful as I suggest there. But it's about as much a Pikmin game as Mario Party is a direct sequel to Super Mario 64.
  11. On the one hand, I'm not looking forward to being asked for full price for an official PC patch to the game. On the other, the stack of unofficial patches isn't exactly ideal; there are a bunch of things I seem to have trouble with.
  12. The sooner we get a real Pikmin 4, the sooner I can wash the taste of the TERRIBLE 3DS version away. It's an abomination.
  13. Having just got Nex Machina on PC, it’s a pity that’s not coming. Wonderful game.
  14. I do wonder what will happen with the B8. The amount it dropped this year simply can’t be sustainable- I’m interested to see if the corner cutting is part of a plan to launch it closer to the current B7 price, rather than what they launched it at. As it stands with this year’s TVs, the only reason I’d consider the Sony XE900 was because it comes in 49” and I’m not sure I can fit a 55” in the house.