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  1. The usual complaint about it is that it’s boring, yes, but while I’ve not watched it in years I remember enjoying the Banner stuff far more than the Hulk bits - both the dogs bit and the ending take place at night and I struggled to see what was going on, while the bright sunshine of the desert sequence didn’t do the limits of the CG skin textures any good.
  2. It does seem odd that they’re shocked the writer of Tromeo & Juliet used to be in the outrage business, and if I see a single dog from the DC fanboys whose studio still puts Johnny Depp and Jared Leto in movies I may be indelicate with my reply. But i gather this is removing him as the director and public face of the film, not dropping his perfectly good script, so yes it’s a hasty PR move.
  3. According to the report I heard on Radio 4, Fox have indeed given up on trying to buy the rest of Sky, because every time they had to put a fresh bid in to counter Comcast they needed the Disney Board's approval as well, and the carve up seems to have been settled - Comcast get to go for 100% of Sky (which they want as their in-road to the UK comms market) and Sony get to pick up the film side of Fox in order to release that Original Unwrecked Trilogy box set and shove Galactus in the next Avengers.
  4. Up to 67% in Canada, but up to 50% in the UK. Seems reasonable, but didn't spot anything I need to leap on.
  5. iainl

    A thread about Lego

    Whisper it, but the DB5 is quite a boxy car. "But it's the one James Bond drives!" you say. And I say "That doesn't stop it from being a terrible alternative to the E-Type".
  6. Last time I played NMS, I'd foolishly switched from my perfectly good ship to a "better" one that I found broken, then realised I couldn't find any of the resources I needed to repair it. So if I go back I'll probably be starting from scratch -again-. And just like you fear, last time I fired up Elite I tried doing some Combat missions, forgot my mappings, and ragequit with my ship half-dead, in a combat zone I couldn't jump out of, having accidentally clipped the wrong craft so EVERY AI craft in it had downed tools in the middle of a war to concentrate on the far more important task of wasting me, with a bounty on my head, and staring down the barrel of a 5 million credit rebuy if I do blow up. So yeah, I've been playing other things instead.
  7. iainl

    Post Your Gaming PC

    Dontdoit.gif - You know you want that Dell and money left for an arm...
  8. iainl

    A thread about Lego

    I like it more than Daniel does, but when it comes to Creator Expert vehicles it would be behind the London Bus, Ferrari F40 and Caterham 7 for me.
  9. There is, but I wonder how much of that is out of context soundbites because it’s a trailer.
  10. Knowing me I'll wait until the regular disc comes to Fopp rather than take up shelf space with cardboard extras I don't need, but it's great to hear I'll be able to retire my ancient US DVD. Mind you, if I'm honest I almost entirely love it for the score, and I've got that on vinyl already (I really should digitise it some time).
  11. I'm not entirely sure the film has anything new to say about Elizabethan politics yet, but I can't knock their casting...
  12. iainl

    Apple Discussion Thread

    Great news about Photoshop. I've been finding mobile/web Lightroom is rapidly approaching useful for most regular tasks other than managing my library as well; the ability to do at least a first pass during my lunch break has been great while taking shots around the office grounds.
  13. iainl

    The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray) thread

    Wow, that Bergman set is amazing.
  14. iainl

    The HDR thread

    Just posted this to the Xbox One thread as well, but it's relevant here - Xbox One has DV support (for Netflix for now; maybe UHD discs later) in beta: https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/12/17563670/microsoft-xbox-one-dolby-vision-support